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📢 | Collaboration with Iwashita Foods! "Iwashita New Ginger-filled Chinese cabbage pickles" released on September 9, perfect as a companion or garnish for rice ...


Collaboration with Iwashita Foods! "Iwashita New Ginger-filled Chinese cabbage pickles" released on September 9, perfect as a companion or garnish for rice ...

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It is a product jointly developed by Iwashita Foods and Pickles Corporation.

Pickles Corporation (Headquarters: Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, President Masahiro Miyamoto) and Iwashita Foods Co., Ltd. → Continue reading


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Pickles Corporation

Pickles CorporationIs located in Tokorozawa City, Saitama PrefectureVegetables OfpicklesIt is a company that manufactures and sells.


Tokai picklingsubsidiaryAlthough it was established as a company, it has the largest market share in the pickling industry, surpassing Tokai pickling.[3]..The shipping destination has a business relationship since the time of establishmentSeven & i HoldingsGroup accounts for 2021% in FY2 / 28.7[2].. Known for the "Rice is Susumu" brand.

The main products are pickles such as kimchi, but they also sell amazake and seasonings using "Pine lactic acid bacteria" that they discovered in 2012. In October 2020, the theme park for fermented foods "OH !!! Fermentation, Health, Food Magic !!!" was opened in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture.


Changes in consolidated management indicators

From the 34th, 39th, 44th, Securities Report, FY2021 / 2 Financial Results (Consolidated)[2][7][8][1]
Fisical yearSales (millions of yen)Ordinary income (million yen)Net income (million yen)Net assets (million yen)Total assets (million yen)
2006/216,563205△ 374,82211,486

Changes in the ratio of shares owned by Tokai Pickling

Fisical yearNumber of shares owned (thousand shares)Ownership ratio (%)

By Pickles Corporation in December 2014Tender offerTokai Pickling applied for and decreased by 140 million shares[5].. On February 2020, 2, off-auction sales of shares owned by Tokai Pickling were carried out, resulting in a decrease of 25 shares.[9].

Comparison with other companies in the same industry

Pickles Corporation[Annotation 1]Tokai pickles[Annotation 2]Akimoto food[Annotation 3]Bigo pickles[Annotation 4]
Sales (million yen)46,02022,10015,20019,100
Net income (million yen)1,8321,4612063
Total assets (million yen)25,94927,4816,2521,888
Number of employees (persons)418897402692



Affiliated Company

PR activities

Offer program


  • Hanawa --CM character,2019 Appeared in "Rice is Susumu Kimchi 10th Anniversary"
  • TRF -CM character


  • Seibu Dome --A large advertisement is posted on the roof of the outfield on the 3rd base side, and when a home run ball hits directly, a prize will be given to the player who released a home run from Pickles.
  • Saitama Broncos --Uniform back sponsor


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注 釈

  1. ^ As of the end of February 2021.Only the number of employees is as of the end of February 2.
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  3. ^ Sales and number of employees are as of March 2019[10]..Net income and total assets as of March 2020[11].
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  5. ^ Tsukemono Foods Co., Ltd. (liquidation completed in May 37), which was ranked 2021th in the pickle industry, established a pickle manufacturing and sales division through a stock split on December 5, 2017, and acquired shares on the same day.[14].


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外部 リンク

Iwashita food

Iwashita Foods Co., Ltd.(Iwashi Shokuhin)TochigiTochigi CityA food company headquartered in.酢漬Centered onpicklesIs a manufacturing and sales company.A typical product is "Iwashita New Ginger".GingerPickled,LuckyIn the field of vinegar pickles such as pickles, it has the largest share in Japan.also,AsiaWe are expanding overseas centering on.

1999 (11) celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding.


  • 1899 (Meiji32 years)-founded.
  • 1945 (20) --In Tochigi CitypicklesEstablished a specialized factory.
  • 1955 (30) --Incorporated and established "Iwashita Shoten Co., Ltd."
  • 1962 (Showa 37) --Changed the company name to "Iwashita Food Industry Co., Ltd."
  • 1965 (40) --The head office was moved from Kawai-cho, Tochigi City to Numawada-cho, Tochigi City.
  • 1971 (Showa 46)- ChugokuScallions輸入Start.
  • 1973 (Showa 48) --Agricultural picklesYESObtained a certified factory.
  • 1986 (Showa 61)- CIIntroduced. Changed the company name to "Iwashita Foods Co., Ltd."
  • 2001 (13) --Established Soshima Factory (currently Oyama Factory) as a factory specializing in scallions.ISO9001: 2000 certificationTo get.
  • 2003 (15) --Established "Iwashita Museum".
  • 2007 (19) --Renamed "Iwashita Museum" to "Iwashita Memorial Hall".
  • 2014 (26) --The "Iwashita Memorial Hall" is closed.
  • 2015 (27) --Renamed "Iwashita Memorial Hall" to "Iwashita New Ginger Museum".

Main product

New ginger series

"Iwashita New Ginger" isTaiwanIt uses the "main island ginger" (Pentaojan) produced by about 30 farmers.SproutRepeatedly sprinkle soft soil when it comes out, generalJapanIt is elongated and has a crispy texture than ginger. Kunio Iwashita, who was the president at the time of 1978, visited Taiwan to search for ingredients.In-flight mealI liked it by saying it.I found it difficult to cultivate in Japan, so I am refrigerating and transporting it.[2][3].

  • Iwashita New Ginger
  • Iwashita's new ginger slice
  • Iwashita New Ginger Volume Pack
  • Iwashita New Ginger Pickup
  • Iwashita's easy new ginger
  • Iwashita New Ginger Cup Type
  • Iwashita's new ginger as a snack
  • Iwashita's new ginger plum shiso flavor that became a snack
  • Ginger time
  • Veggie ginger on salad
  • pinkGinger ale

Rakkyo series

  • Iwashita's ripe pearl spicy scallions
  • Iwashita's delicious scallions
  • Iwashita Tamari Scallions
  • Iwashita's two-stage scallions
  • Iwashita black vinegar scallions
  • Iwashita salt scallions
  • Rakkyo with plenty of honey from Iwashita
  • Iwashita's sweet scallions
  • Iwashita's sweet scallions
  • Iwashita flower scallions
  • Iwashita flower scallions sweet and sour sauce
  • Iwashita flower scallions spicy tailoring
  • Iwashita's spicy scallions edible pack
  • Iwashita Flower Rakkyo Eating Pack

Rakkyo day

Curry and riceAs a garnishFukugami picklesNext toLuckyHowever, according to the company's survey, the number of people who add scallions to curry rice is decreasing, and the number of young people who do not add anything is increasing.In addition, in daily life, scallions are rarely talked about, and the existence itself is being forgotten.[4]..So the company has been around for a long timeChinese medicineHowever, I want many people to know about the scallions that are used, eat them, spend their time well, and use them in my daily life.2012 From (24), 6 are lined upMay 6[5]The"Rakkyo Day"Was enacted as[6].

On the day of the anniversary, the best-selling scallions of the yearMeiji JinguIn addition to holding a ceremony to pray for the health of those who dedicate to the scallions and love their gratitude and scallions.[4], Free distribution of scallions products in various parts of Tokyo[4].

Iwashita New Ginger Day

Iwashita New Ginger celebrates its 30th anniversary2017 (29),May 11The"Iwashita New Ginger Day"Was enacted as.

In this season when the footsteps of winter are approaching, the purpose is to warm the body with "Iwashita New Ginger" which can be used for various dishes and can be eaten deliciously and easily. "Iwashita New Ginger" uses ginger (pentaojan) that is grown in a long and unique shape by a unique cultivation method, and because its appearance resembles the number 11, many new ginger lined up on the table. Was likened to November 11th.[7] [8]

Since the anniversary was establishedThe Iwashita MuseumIn November, an event is being held to commemorate "Iwashita New Ginger Day".

The Iwashita Museum

2015 May 6The predecessor of the "Iwashita Museum" and "Iwashita Memorial Hall" was opened inMuseum.

  • Location-Honcho, Tochigi City
  • free entrance
  • Opening Hours-From 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Closed days-Tuesday, New Year holidays (excluding holidays)


At the Iwashita New Ginger Museum and the Iwashita Online Shop, "Iwashita New Ginger" in the shape of Iwashita New GingerPenlightWas on sale.It is pink with a total length of about 35 cm and shines.Later, a renewal version with a strap that says "NEW GINGER" also appeared. Started selling in June 2015, gained popularity and sold about 6 bottles[11].
However, improper use became a problem, and the president who saw the situation seriously decided to discontinue sales, and finally ended sales on October 2016, 10.[12]..The stock and 2500 additional orders are rented out during live performances at the Iwashita New Ginger Museum, and are also exhibited and used as trees.

There are many celebrities who profess to be fans of Iwashita's new ginger, especially former female professional wrestlers.Manami ToyotaHas professed to be a fan of Iwashita products such as new ginger on his Twitter account, and broadcast on April 2019, 4.Ariyoshi reflection meeting』(Nippon TV), It is said that sales of Iwashita products doubled immediately after the broadcast.In addition, this is the relationship, and she is the highest advisor to the women's professional wrestling organization.Ice ribbonI'm in charge of sponsoring a big match[13]. Also,Chiba Lotte MarinesPitcherDaiki IwashitaIwashita Foods signed a sponsorship contract in the 2019 season because they have the same surname.[14].

2021 year 4 month,Choshi Electric RailwayIn collaboration with "Bad stick Started selling "Iwashita's new ginger taste".It was realized from the desire to liven up Choshi Electric Railway, where the number of tourists has decreased sharply due to typhoon damage and corona damage. Operates the decorated "Pink New Ginger"[15], A departure ceremony was held by both presidents at the Iwashita New Ginger Museum on the release date.[16].

There are many cases where competitors imitate the packaging of the main product "Iwashita New Ginger", and Iwashita Foods has repeatedly requested the suspension of use of the product name and design since 2003, from November 2019. Had switched to a warning letter and sent it to competitors, but Iwashita Foods was unavoidable because it did not respond to design changes, and from September 11, 34, the purse-type packaging that had been on sale for 2021 years was released. It was revealed that it will be changed to a flat bag and will be a package depicting "Iwashita-chan", the official character of Iwashita New Ginger Museum.[17].


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外部 リンク


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