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🎗 | Electrician Business Cooperative and Ichiyokai donate to Hachinohe City Library

Photo (upper photo) Chairman Norio Yamako of Hachinohe Electric Works Cooperative Association (second from left) (lower photo) Chairman Noriko Komai of Ichiyokai who received the letter of appreciation (left)

Electrician business cooperative and Ichiyokai donate to Hachinohe City Library

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The association has been donating since 08, and picture books purchased with the donation are lined up on the shelf named "Ichiyokai Bunko" in the museum.

The Hachinohe Electric Works Cooperative (Chairman Norio Yamako) and the Hachinohe City service group Ichiyokai (Chairman Noriko Komai) announced on the 24th that the city map ... → Continue reading

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