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📊 | Skylark HD opens its first store in the United States, a shabu-shabu restaurant in Chicago

Photo "Syabuyo" opened in Chicago.Consider increasing the number of stores and developing franchises

Skylark HD opens its first store in the United States, a shabu-shabu restaurant in Chicago

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Shabuha is a buffet style, and features all-you-can-eat meat, vegetables, sushi rolls, ramen, delicatessen, and desserts.

Skylark Holdings (HD) opened a shabu-shabu dish "Shabu-ha" in Chicago, USA on September 29th ... → Continue reading

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Skylark group(British: SKYLARK GROUP) Is "Gust""Bamiyan""JonathanSuch asfamily restaurantchainRunRestaurant industrysystemCompanyIs. Also,Skylark Holdings Co., Ltd.(British: SKYLARK HOLDINGS CO., LTD.) Controls the Skylark GroupPure holding company. Skylark Restaurants Co., Ltd.(British: SKYLARK RESTAURANTS CO., LTD.) Is a subsidiary of Skylark Holdings.


Western foodFamily restaurants "Gusto" and "Jonathan"JapaneseChains "Aiya" "Yumean",ItalianRestaurant "Grache Gardens",Chinese cuisinechain"Bamiyan”And so on.2000 eraFrom around the time of other restaurant companies and food business companiesWe are implementing a management strategy that takes advantage of economies of scale.The total number of stores operated and under the Skylark Group is 2021 as of the end of September 9.[1].


Founded as a food supermarket

1962 ,TokyoKitama-gunHoyacho(CurrentNishitokyo)ofHibarigaoka housing complexToYokokawa Tadashi-Ryo Chino-Yokokawa Kiwamu(Kiwamu) ・Norio YokokawaYokokawa family (4 brothers of Yokokawa)GroceriesHandleSupermarketFounded "Kotobuki Foods"[2][3]..場所が悪いとされ「誰がやっても潰れる店」と週刊誌で取り上げられていたが、実際に交通量調査をして商機があると判断し開店したIt was said that the location was bad and it was mentioned in the weekly magazine as "a store that collapses no matter who does it", but after actually conducting a traffic survey, it was judged that there was a business opportunity and the store opened.[2].

yet"convenience storeAs a "food handyman" in an era when there was no such word, "Kotobuki Foods" gained support as a supermarket rooted in the community, such as listening to the needs of residents and selling food in small lots and gaining popularity. Successful[3].Kiyose4th store,KokubunjiOpened the 6th store in Japan, and the number of stores increased one by one, and management got off to a good start.[3], I once said with four brothers, "I think I can be the best supermarket in Japan."[4].

But at that timeHigh economic growth periodLargeParking LotOf a large store equipped withGeneral supermarket(GMS) advancement progresses in various places,Kokubunji StationSeiyu's advance into the market hit the management of Kotobuki Foods directly. Judging that "I can't beat Seiyu", I decided to close the supermarket[5].

While searching for a shift to another business format, I felt the low level of the Japanese restaurant industry at that time, and entered the restaurant industry thinking that "being the best in Japan in the field of food is the dream of four brothers". Decided[5]..経営研究団体ペガサスクラブのManagement research group Pegasus ClubAmericaParticipate in the inspection,Big boy,Denny'sVisited[5]..The four brothers disagreed on whether it was a family restaurant or fast food.McDonald'sWas also considered for introduction to Japan[5]But,licenseAbandoned because it was said that the contract would cost 3 million yen.Settled down in a family restaurant[6].

Already in the United StatesmotorizationPay attention to the fact that suburban restaurants are flourishing.日本でもマイカーブームが急速に進み始めているところに商機を見出し、マイカーで移動するファミリー客をターゲットとしたWe found a business opportunity in Japan where the car boom is starting to progress rapidly, targeting family customers who move by car.RestaurantsWas devised.

Skylark opened

Major bankTanashi because I couldn't get a loan fromAgricultural cooperative(CurrentTokyo Mirai Agricultural Cooperative) Get a loan[6],New residential areaDevelopment was progressing asTokyoFuchu-shi OfKoshu Highway(National Route 20) Purchased land along the downside[7].

1970 May 7, Suburban type in Japanfamily restaurantPioneeringSkylarkThe first storeNationalOpened a store[6]..At the time of opening, the exterior of the store was American, with a large triangular roof and glass windows stretched to the ceiling.The store name is "Kunitachi Store", but the location is 5-chome, Nishifucho, Fuchu City.[8]..The store still exists as "Gust National Store" as of 2021.[8].

The company name and store name include "Hibarigaoka housing complex", the place where Kotobuki Foods was founded, and the bird in Fuchu City, where the first store is located.LarkIs[9]By the way[6]LarkEnglishFirst name"skylark"Was adopted[6][10]..創業時は「スカイラーク」とWhen it was founded, it was called "Skylark"KatakanaIn the notation, later because the image is solidhiraganaChanged to notation.

The menu at the time of opening is the most popular Western-style restauranthamburger"Hamburg &" which developedFried Shrimp""hamburger&Deep fried oystersThere was such a thing.The hamburger and fried shrimp that appeared on the same plate was the first in the restaurant industry at the time to be unprecedented, but it was well received by customers. In the "hamburger menu," the process of serving on a heated iron plate, which was carried out by competing restaurants at that time, was abolished, and the dishes were served on ordinary meat dishes.

SkylarkTama areaIn addition to the Kokubunji store, which had its headquarters and initially functioned as a central kitchen,Koganeishop,MusashinoThe store also opened[11][12].MitakaThe store is localMotorcycle gangIt became a hangout and was the leader of the runaway tribe.ChofuThe son of a greengrocer and the founder had a direct interview.[11].. Before the opening of the first store, "SantamaRadially from Kokubunji, where the headquarters is located, as a "30 store plan"HighwayPlanned to open a store alongside, "Operation Koshu Kaido" in 1970, "Operation Koshu Kaido" in 1971Ome Highway"Strategy", 1972 "ItsukakaidoIt was a location strategy called "operation", but it was said that the Itsukaichi-kaido road at that time did not work because the road flow was not good.[12].

Skylark Group Growth Period

Regarding the background that the four Yokokawa brothers decided to enter the restaurant industry and felt that "the level of the Japanese restaurant industry is low" through inspections in the United States, Yokokawa said, "If you go to a delicious restaurant, the price is high and the restaurant is cheap. It's awkward and dirty, and I don't even say hello. We aimed to make the store clean and neat and not sell expensive things. It's clean, good service and fast. "[12]..In fact, it is specializedchefI didn't have oneMitsui GroupMembership clubMitsui ClubI was asked to give guidance to Yoshikatsu Bamba, who was a chef of[11][12]..Bamba was later invited to Skylark andManaging directorHas become[12].

The basics of operation as a family restaurant have been solidified, and we will consider increasing the number of stores by taking advantage of this business model, but at that timeStartup companyIt is not easy for Skylark to obtain a loan from a local bank, and the owner has a long-term lease contract with the owner of the land, and the owner bears the store construction cost, and the Skylark side includes the normal land lease fee and the store usage fee. Develop a leaseback system that pays extra rent.This attempt was not easy in practice, but efforts were made by inviting land owners to the Skylark store to show how it was prospering and to sign a contract.

1974 IsSaitama-Kanagawa-Chiba30 stores each in "Capital Area100 store concept[12]Announced. 1976年に埼玉県Saitama Prefecture in XNUMXHigashimatsuyamaToCentral kitchenBefore making the "Kanto 300 store concept"[12][13].

1981 , The first large chain of family restaurantsPOS systemTheNECIt was jointly developed with and introduced at all stores.これにより、既存の手書き伝票による利用客からのオーダー受けが客席におけるAs a result, orders from customers using existing handwritten slips can be received at the audience seats.Handy terminalIt was completed by pressing the button of, and the sales history management of the menu, inventory management and ordering were systematized, and efficient store management became possible.The success of this systemization has given momentum to reforms to low-cost operations and increasing the number of stores by dealing with a small number of people.

1980 eraIn the middle, a novelty that was not found in chain restaurants until thenJapaneseThe menu "Mugitoro Gohan Set" was announced.In line with the healthy tastes of the worldTororoBecause it adopted, it became a popular menu mainly for families.Since then, Skylark has been actively working on the development of Japanese food menus, such as "mushroom porridge" and "chicken."mashWe have created hit products such as "steak" and "tuna bowl" that make full use of our central kitchen.

Responding to changes in the times and diversifying consumer needs1980 Coffee shop "in AprilJonathan1st store (NerimaTakamatsuOpen)[14].1982 Has opened a restaurant with a novel concept, such as the early American casual restaurant "Yesterday".Yesterday has been chained, but now it's all closed or converted to Gusto.

1986 Chinese food in AprilBamiyan1st store (TsurukawaStore) opened.After that, he continued to grow as a leading company in the restaurant industry by developing new business formats such as Japanese restaurants "Aiya" and "Yumean".1993 , Skylark GroupRestaurant industryAmong them, the first table service restaurant to open 1,000 stores.

Large-scale conversion to Gusto

1992 ,Bubble burstIn order to overcome the slump at that time, Gusto, which was originally an experimental store brand for high-end routes, was launched in Tokyo as a new low-priced business format.KodairaThe first store was opened in.なおこの1号店はのちに閉店し、隣に新しくバーミヤン小平仲町店This first store will be closed later, and next to it is the new Bamiyan Kodaira Nakamachi store.[15]Is built.

The store name of "Gusto" isSpanish-ItalianMeans "taste""gusto"(Gust)EnglishI read it.

Unusual in the hall at that timeセ ル フ サ ー ビ ス Ofdrink bar,Wireless call bellIntroduction of.In the kitchen, we introduced a conveyor oven that was being tested in super kitchens.In addition, due to problems such as price and performance, it is not made in Japan, but in the United States(English edition)The one made by the company was adopted.In addition, by changing the way food is served and starting work with printers at each position, it is possible to operate with fewer employees and suppress the soaring labor cost rate, which was a concern in Skylark. Achieved a low price.The clothes of the clerkjeansToPolo shirt,Button Badges,sneakersIt became a casual style.

1993 Of the 720 "Skylark" stores at that time, 420 stores were converted to Gusto in about a year. 「おいしい料理を、ポピュラープライスで、自宅のダイニング感覚でお食事を」を"Delicious food at popular prices, like dining at home"ConceptIn addition, due to the drastic reduction in the average customer price, around 1993, a boom called "gustoization" and "gusto phenomenon" was caused in the industry.

However, efficiency improvements such as the introduction of self-service lead to leaving the audience seats, and the menu gets tired and the customer base deteriorates.1994 By that time, business performance had already fallen.On the other hand, Tasuku Chino, the president at that time, who was opposed to the level down of services such as excessive self-reliance from the beginning, felt a great sense of crisis, reviewed the basics of services and cooking as a "brush-up campaign", and the price is also city. It was divided into type and local type.

1998 42 inches called "Gust Vision"Plasma displayInstalledSatellite broadcastingEtc. were aired.this is2007 The operation was terminated.

2001 May 1Is handled by JCM Co., Ltd., which sells and maintains parking lot equipment.Multimedia terminal"Plus eTokyoMusashinoGustoSekimaeTrial introduction to the store[16],2002 Introduced to all Gusto stores by April[17]. this is2005 Operation has ended[18].

2003 January,HachiojiTeramachiOpened the store.Achieved 1000 stores for the first time as a single-brand family restaurant chain.

Skylark Group Business Reform

2006 In June, centered on the Yokokawa family, the founderManagement buyout(MBO) and announced that it will be unlisted[19].Bubble periodIt was an MBO to survive the wasteful investment of the founder brothers and various private businesses of the founder brothers.[19][20].. Chairman Kiwamu Yokokawa, who announced the MBO, was planning to relist in the financial results for the fifth year after the MBO.[21]..With a total cost of over 2700 billion yen, it became Japan's largest MBO. The reason for conducting an MBO is "Since the food service industry market is shrinking, competition is intensifying, and Skylark's business performance is also deteriorating, we will radically restructure our business by consolidating stores and creating new business formats. It is necessary, and because of that, it may not be possible to meet the demands of more than 5 shareholders, such as putting pressure on profits in the short term. "

MBO firstNomura HoldingsOf a corporationWholly owned subsidiaryIsNomura Principal FinanceOf a corporationsubsidiaryIsSNC Investment Co., Ltd.But in 2006May 6からMay 7For 32 daysTakeover bid(TOB) was carried out. With 94.38% share application, TOB was established,May 7SNC Investment became the largest shareholder in the delivery of shares.この後After thisMay 9Delisted onMay 10ToAct on Special Measures for Industrial Vitality Regeneration(May 7By granting money based on (plan certification)Stock exchange, And SNC Investment made Skylark a wholly owned subsidiary.After receiving investment from the founder and employees2007 May 7SNC Investment SkylarkAbsorption merger, The new Skylark was born.

2006 May 12, Skylark Chairman Kiwamu Yokokawa in 2007May 1He was appointed president and announced the appointment of chairman.現職の社長Incumbent presidentYasutaka ItoVice Chairman of Skylark and Bamiyan CompanyCOOInaugurated as Bamiyan, whose profits are deteriorating, tried to rebuild, but the business performance did not recover, and the next day2007 May 8As a result, Ito resigned as Vice Chairman and COO of Bamiyan Company and retired as Special Advisor.これにより、横川竟が会長兼社長兼As a result, Kiwamu Yokokawa becomes chairman and president.CEOBecame a one-man system.同年10月1日付で機構改革・人事異動を行うと発表、これまでのAnnounced that structural reforms and personnel changes will be carried out on October XNUMX, the same year.Company system(Canceled the transition to a holding company) and shifted to a functional organizational management system with 10 new headquarters, and abolished the chairmanship, and Kiwamu Yokokawa became president and CEO.

Dismissal of the founder and disappearance of "Skylark" store

Yokokawa Kiwamu's reconstruction plan hit a deadlock due to soaring raw material prices.Suntory,ITOCHU CorporationAlthough I made a promise to increase capital from[22], SNC Investment seeks to dismiss Yokokawa.UnionAlso agreed with the investment company and obtained the consent of the loan banking group, which was a condition for Yokokawa's dismissal.The vice president of Nomura Securities requested the four founding brothers to resign as president of Kiwamu Yokokawa, but Kiwamu Yokokawa refused this, saying that it was "different from the promise at the time of MBO".[22].

2008 May 8,Extraordinary general meeting of shareholdersとboard of directorsWas opened with Nomura Principal FinanceCVC Capital PartnersProposed by Kiwamu Yokokawa to dismiss PresidentMakoto TaniKiwamu Yokokawa was dismissed as president after a resolution was resolved to assume the post of managing executive officer.[22]..The founder brothers are also retiring from Skylark's management at the same time.また同時にAt the same timeOsamu OnizawaThe director (President of Jonathan's Co., Ltd.) also resigned at his own will, and moved to a reconstruction plan led by shareholders such as the Nomura Group.

Nomura Principal Finance announced that it will convert all existing "Skylark" to "Gust".2009 May 10, Kawaguchi Shingo store which was the last "Skylark" (Saitama Prefecture)Kawaguchi city) Closed, all "Skylark" stores, which have been the main brands since the company was founded, have disappeared.[23][24].

In addition, the founder who was dismissed from SkylarkYokokawa KiwamuIt is,2013 Tokyo on June 6stHachioji CityTakakura TownでTakakura Town CoffeeThe first Hachioji store[25]Opened, next time2014 Co., Ltd. on April 4Takakura Town CoffeeEstablished[26]And chain development.

Musashino Forest Coffee

2015 OctoberUnder the umbrella ofNiluxHowever, Japan's first Skylark seriesCoffee shopThe first "Musashino Mori Coffee" store横 浜 市South wardMutsukawaOpened in.従来すかいらーくが運営していたPreviously operated by SkylarkOhashi Cafe GustRefurbished and changed business format[27].

In the city centerCafe Theconvenience store OfcoffeeIt tends to be pushed by women, but in the suburbsSeniorThe "Coffee Shop", which has a full range of meal menus and services, is gaining popularity, and the store area is about 300 m30. Mainly targeting women in their 50s and XNUMXssofaIt is assumed that guests will stay for a long time. 1杯580円(税抜)のコーヒーを数種類と400円の「ブレンド珈琲」を用意し、従来のファミリーレストランのWe prepare several types of coffee for XNUMX yen (excluding tax) and "blended coffee" for XNUMX yen, which is a traditional family restaurant.drink barProduce a difference with, and in the mealpancake,sandwichWomen's favoriteMENUEnrichbreakfastThe menu has also been strengthened. The target annual sales of the first store is 1 million yen, which is 50% higher than Gusto.午後の想定客単価を1円とガストよりも高く設定するとともに、客の滞在時間を長めに設定し、食事やIn addition to setting the estimated customer unit price in the afternoon to 7000 yen, which is higher than Gust, and setting the customer's staying time longer, meals andDessertAim to increase orders.Approximately 3,000 stores that are struggling out of 150 stores such as Gust and BamiyanYumeanIn addition to "", after transferring to NiluxShabu leaf, "Musashino no Mori Coffee", etc.[28].

Become a pure holding company

2015 から2016 As "to enhance the group management and enhance the competitiveness of the group"Company splitbyHolding companyThe transition to the system was made.Established "Skylark Split Preparation Co., Ltd." on September 2015, 9 as a split preparation company. As of January 17, 2016, the split preparation company took over the Skylark restaurant business in the form of an absorption-type split.The trade name was changed to "Skylark Restaurants Co., Ltd." and the transition to a pure holding company of Skylark was completed.[29].

2018 On July 7, the holding company Skylark changed its name to "Skylark Holdings Co., Ltd."[30].

Review of 24-hour business

Skylark Group2020 On January 1, all stores were closed 20 hours a day and shortened late night business hours.Work way reformAnnounced measures[31][32]..The Skylark Group has announced a policy to implement this measure from January to April 2020.[32], Strangely in April 2020New CoronavirusBy governmentEmergency declarationWith the announcement, a request was made to the restaurant to shorten the business hours, so it was decided to cancel the business during the midnight hours.

Strengthening infection control

New coronavirusTo prevent infection and reduce the work load of the clerk2022 By the end, about 2,000 stores will introduce serving robots.It will be introduced in a total of about 1,000 stores, including some of the main business formats "Gusto" and all "Syabuyo" stores. By the end of 2022, it will be introduced to "Bamiyan" and other stores, and is expected to reach about 2,000 stores.Deployed at more than 3,000% of approximately 6 stores in Japan[33].

Chronological Table

  • 1962 4 month - Yokokawa Tadashi・ Ryo Chino ・Yokokawa Kiwamu(Kiwamu) ・ Norio Yokokawa's four brothers, Hoya-cho, Kitatama-gun, Tokyo (at that time)Hibarigaoka housing complexEstablished a grocery store Kotobuki Foods Co., Ltd.
  • 1969 July --Reorganized into Kotobuki Foods Co., Ltd.
  • 1970 July-In Fuchu, TokyoSkylark Opened the first store (Kunitachi store).Later changed to hiragana notation.
  • 1974 November-Changed company name to Skylark Co., Ltd.
  • 1979 May-Sambo Japan Co., Ltd. (currently Sambo Japan Co., Ltd.)Jonathan) Established.
  • 1980 --Changed the trade name of Sambo Japan Co., Ltd. to Jonathan Co., Ltd.
  • 1982 --Opened "Yesterday" as the Skylark Yesterday Division (currently all stores are closed or converted to Gusto, etc.).
    • August-Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 1984 October-Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 1985 December --Established Aiya Co., Ltd.
  • 1986 September-TokyoMachida-shiToBamiyanThe first store (Tsurukawa store) opens.
  • 1987 April-Established Bamiyan Co., Ltd.
  • 1992 September-TokyoKodairaIn addition, the first Gust store (Kodaira store) opened (currently closed and a new Bamiyan is built next to it).
  • 1996 April-Changed the trade name of Jonathan Co., Ltd. to Jonathan Co., Ltd.
  • 1999 July-Merged with Bamiyan Co., Ltd.
  • 2000
  • 2002 November-Kiwamu Yokokawa retires as chairman.
  • 2003
    • March --The founder, the Yokokawa brothers, retires as a director.Yasutaka ItoWith the presidentChief Operating OfficerAlso serves as an inauguration.
    • December --Announced the transition to a holding company system, and later postponed the period indefinitely due to licensing issues.
  • 2006
    • March-Kiwamu Yokokawa is chairman and chairmanChief executive officerReturn to (CEO).New business developmentIn charge of.株式会社Co., Ltd.Tomato and associatesBecame a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • September-corporationKobushi Sushi HeadquartersBecame a consolidated subsidiary.
    • June-Acquisition of shares by the founder (MBO) ・ Announced delisting plan.
    • September 9-Delisted from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 2007
    • January-Kiwamu Yokokawa became president of Skylark on January 1, and concurrently serves as chairman.Yasutaka Ito became Vice Chairman and COO of Bamiyan Company.
    • July 7-SNC Investment Co., Ltd. merged with Skylark Co., Ltd. and changed its trade name to Skylark Co., Ltd. at the same time.
    • August-Yasutaka Ito took responsibility for failing to recover Bamiyan's business performance, retired as Vice Chairman and COO of Bamiyan Company on August 8, and became a special advisor on September 8.As a result, Skylark will become a one-person system of Chairman, President and CEO of Kiwamu Yokokawa.
    • Announced that it will carry out structural reforms and personnel changes on October 10.これまでのSo farCompany systemAbolished (suspension of transition to a holding company) and shifted to a functional organizational management system with 10 newly established headquarters.In addition, the chairmanship will be abolished, and Kiwamu Yokokawa will become president and chief executive officer (CEO).
  • 2008
  • 2009
    • March-Started developing "China Café Gusto," which also handles Western food.
    • October-The last Skylark, Kawaguchi Shingo store (Saitama Prefecture)Kawaguchi city) Is closed.これにより、すかいらーくは全て消滅As a result, all Skylark disappeared.[24].
  • 2011
  • 2012
    • January-Merged with Jonathan's Co., Ltd.
    • February 2-At about 1 restaurants in the groupCredit cardpayment,iD-Edy-Transportation electronic money[Note 1]Supports payment by[37].
    • August 2- Priest sushiHeadquarters cancels capital and business alliance with parent company "Skylark"[38].
    • April 4-Became a wholly owned subsidiary of BCJ Holdings 20 Co., Ltd.
    • June 6-BCJ Holdings 1 Co., Ltd. merged with Skylark Co., Ltd. (formerly SNC Investment Co., Ltd.) and changed its trade name to "Skylark Co., Ltd."
  • 2013
  • 2014
    • July 7-BCJ Holdings 1 ​​Co., Ltd. merged with Skylark Co., Ltd. (formerly BCJ Holdings 5 Co., Ltd.) and changed its trade name to "Skylark Co., Ltd."
    • October 10-Relisted on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 2015
    • August 9- Company splitEstablished the split preparation company "Skylark Split Preparation Co., Ltd." in order to shift to a holding company structure.
  • 2016
    • January 1-The split preparation company took over the restaurant business from Skylark through an absorption-type split and started operations.On the same date, the trade name was changed to "Skylark Restaurants Co., Ltd."Skylark will shift to a holding company structure.
  • 2017
    • November 11-Bain Capital sells all of its shares.
  • 2018
    • July 7-Changed the company name to "Skylark Holdings Co., Ltd."
    • September 9-From the end of August to the beginning of September "Uoyaji"of横 浜 市Provided by home delivery or takeout at 2 storesUniからVibrio parahaemolyticusDue to food poisoning caused by food poisoning, we refrained from operating all the remaining stores from the same day.[40].
  • 2019
    • July 7-Disposable plastic straws are abolished at all Group stores.
    • September 9-All Group stores on siteNon smokingTo carry out.
  • 2020
    • August 1- Work way reformAnnounced that all stores will be closed 24 hours a day as part of.


For low-priced routes that narrowed down the menu items from the founding period, we corrected the trajectory while leaving some menus and raising the quality grade, and from the monotonous menu composition to the Skylark of yesteryearfamily restaurantThe lineup of Western-style and Japanese-style menus reminiscent of the times was expanded, and light meals were strengthened with the introduction of Gusto burgers.

2005 In addition to the conventional gust, the gust store was renewed in the style of a specialty store such as hamburger gust and chopstick gust.The interior, which used a lot of primary colors, has been changed to a type that uses wallpaper with calm tones (excluding resort areas and special stores), and the store sign logo, pole sign, etc. have been changed to a simple design, and the drink bar facilities Implemented renewal.A new long type partition has been introduced to partition the audience seats in the store (excluding some stores), and improvements have been made such as being able to eat without worrying about the line of sight of the next seat.

2008 In December, the price of the menu was raised due to soaring raw material prices, and many of them were set so that the fraction of the main unit price was 12 yen.


Fried egg hamburger

It has been a popular menu since Gusto's founding period (1992), and it is also a menu that can be called the representative of Gusto.The price at the time of establishment is 380 yen.すかいらーくグループのSkylark GroupCentral kitchenMade of,Aussie beefThe hamburger patty used is used.このハンバーグパティ(以下、パティ)はチルド0 - 5℃で冷蔵保冷され、作りたての風味を冷凍加工で損なうこともなく鮮度・品質を重視し、グループ会社の配送会社・This hamburger patty (hereinafter referred to as patty) is refrigerated at chilled XNUMX-XNUMX ° C, and the freshness and quality are emphasized without damaging the freshly made flavor by freezing, and the delivery company of the group company.Japan CargoIt is also one of the strengths of the Skylark Group, which has an in-house integrated system for delivery by chilled trucks.

The fried egg hamburger is made by lightly baking 150g of burger on the front and back surfaces with a griddle cooker, then placing it on an iron plate and baking it in a conveyor belt where the belt conveyor slowly flows inside the oven.Domi sauce is also seasoned at Skylark's own factory "Central Kitchen", and the domi sauce warmed in a water bath is placed on a hot iron plate and served with fried eggs and garnished potatoes baked using an egg ring in a griddle cooker.The hamburger steak that was offered at the time of Skylark's founding was offered at the same price as the fried egg hamburger at the time of Gusto's founding, at 380 yen (excluding tax). The price has been raised to 2008 yen (excluding tax).

After that, the manufacturing method was changed when the equipment was enhanced.[41]Although it had been offered for a long time, it disappeared from the menu in 2016 with the introduction of the Teritama hamburger steak (549 yen (excluding tax)).

However, due to the revision of the grand menu in late November 2020, the provision of the Demi-tama hamburger was discontinued, and the Demi-glace specification Demi-tama hamburger (11 yen excluding tax <599 yen including tax>) was introduced.It was a de facto price increase revival.

Mushroom porridge

1980 eraA popular menu from the heyday of Skylark.It was also introduced in Gusto from the founding period.

Mushroom porridge soup stock packs are delivered after processing the seasoning in the central kitchen.It is put in an iron casserole container and heat-treated, and a specified amount of rice is added, and after boiling, beaten eggs are added to make it half-cooked.

It has been a standard menu for a long time, supported by a wide range of age groups, but it will be used as an ingredient when it is renewed in 2019.shrimpWas added and became "this porridge with shrimp"[42]Therefore, the original mushroom porridge has disappeared.

However, with the revision of the grand menu in November 2020, the provision of this porridge with shrimp was terminated, and the porridge menu disappeared.

From drink bar to premium cafe

The basic concept has not changed since the company was founded, and it can be used in a self-service manner.drink barAs a pioneer in popularizing family restaurant operators, it has been improving quality and introducing freshly ground coffee machines, but as a new initiative, the stores were gradually renewed in 2005 and the name "Premium Cafe" was used. All stores have begun offering upgraded and evolved drink bars.The coffee beans have also been changed to 100% high quality Arabica coffee, and freshly ground premium coffee with a blend of 12 Arabica coffees can be used.We are making changes to differentiate ourselves from our competitors' drink bars, such as the introduction of a dedicated espresso machine, the provision of 100% orange juice, and the daily provision of cold tea.

Strengthening the delivery / takeout department

At a chain store in Gust BamiyandeliveryWe carry out "room service" of the business type.The delivery fee is free, and we accept orders from 1,500 yen or more (1,000 yen or more depending on the time of day).テーブルサービスレストランを利用しないユーザー向けに、より手軽にレストランの味を提供する目的で価格帯もFor users who do not use table service restaurants, the price range is also available for the purpose of providing the taste of the restaurant more easily.convenience store OfBox lunchThere is a wide range of items from affordable price-conscious to elaborate restaurant menus.

In "room service," customers place telephone orders on the homepage or menu leaflets posted to their homes.If you register as a free member the first time you use it, you will be able to place a simplified order from the next time you use it.Since it uses a container that does not need to be collected, which was developed for delivery, it has a special menu that is different from the menu in the store and a menu structure with some arrangements changed.Room service delivery time is available from 10 am to 11:30 pm (time may be reduced in some order areas).

About 5 dedicated home delivery motorcycles are prepared at delivery-compatible stores, and about 1 to 2 light passenger cars dedicated to home delivery are prepared depending on the store, and a dedicated driver is hired to use the washing area, cleaning work, and home delivery area in the store during free time. Do the work by posting the menu leaflet to, visiting the office, hoping for one of the in-store floor or kitchen.

またNew coronavirusAs the infection spreads, we plan to expand takeout as well as many other restaurants.[43].

Medium-term 5-year plan Business plan and M & A

2004 The main business goals of the medium-term five-year plan announced each time are group sales.2009 It was stated that it would aim to become a 1 trillion yen corporate entity by the time.We will continue to aggressively implement the strategy, and the existing Skylark Group division will have about 5,500 billion yen, and the rest will be "growth" due to mutual effects with the affiliated ventures acquired through M & A. The success or failure of closing and business conversion of unprofitable departments that will be promoted by implementing MBO in the future is another majorRestaurant industryWas watched.

Table service restaurant business
The table service division has determined that it will be difficult to expand the market in the future due to the growing market, but it will further improve it, led by the strong Italian business division (Grache Gardens).
Prepared food business
Growth is expected among group companies such as rice, Hachifuku, and Flo Prestige.Half boardWe will further strengthen the division to develop menus and improve product appeal over competitors in the ready-to-eat division.
Quick service business
Further strengthening of the fast-growing quick restaurant division in central Tokyo such as S Gust and S Bamiyan,Dominant store openingWill continue energetically in the future.By the way, "S" means Speed.

Deployment of China Café Gusto

2009 May 1, The average customer price is about 100 yen cheaper than Bamiyan,saladAlso handles Western food such asChina Café GustoAnnounced to deploy.一部のバーミヤン店舗を転換し、同年Converted some Bamiyan stores, the same yearMay 3The first store was opened in Kagoshima.その後、同年Then the same yearOctober,China GustoIt has been renewed as.

From Skylark in Gusto

2020 Around this time, some stores have started a complex business format with Yoshi because it is a karaage specialty store of the same Skylark Group.While the number of in-store food and drink customers is decreasing due to the expansion of the menu to cultivate a new customer base and the refraining from going out due to the new coronavirus, the company is aiming to attract take-out-oriented customers by introducing a preference because it is strong in take-out.At the store, they offer fried chicken and set meals as an in-store food and drink menu, and at takeout, they offer single items and bento boxes.

Currently developing chain stores

  • Gust
  • Bamiyan
  • Jonathan
  • Shabu leaf
  • Yumean
  • Steak gust
  • Like
  • Gracce Gardens
  • Aiya
  • Musashino Forest Coffee
  • Uoyaji
  • chawan
  • Tonkara Tei
  • Yumean Shokudo
  • La Ohana
  • Bamiyan Yoga
  • Delivery / takeout specialty store Gust
  • Grand buffet
  • Festa Garden
  • Papageno
  • Grand China
  • Buffet Ex Blue
  • Comb leaf
  • Tomato & Associates
  • XNUMX ribs
  • Flo Prestige

Chain stores that existed in the past

  • Skylark
  • Skylark grill
  • Skylark Gardens
  • Hamburger gusto
  • China Cafe Gust
  • Ohashi Cafe Gust
  • Donburi Gust
  • S Bamiyan
  • J's Garden
  • Jonathan bread
  • Yesterday
  • Marco
  • Soba Kappou Yumean
  • Yakiniku Hotaruen
  • Bildy
  • Rice and Hachifuku
  • Delica Hachifuku
  • Carnival buffet
  • Night Birds


  • Skylark 25 Years History / Skylark XNUMX Years History Compilation Committee Edition 1987 Published in December
  • Japanese restaurant industry 2005 edition Shibata Shoten Monthly cafeteria editorial department ISBN 4388153052
  • People who created the restaurant industry-19 people who were ahead of the times Japan Food Service Association ISBN 4785502738
  • Saburo Shiroyama"The Hunger of the King of Dining Out" published by Kodansha in 1982-It is said that "Sunset" in the work is modeled on Skylark.


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