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📢 | Sendai's first solo exhibition!13th Anniversary Thanksgiving "Kiitos Festival ..." at "Izumi Park Town Tapio" in Izumi Ward


Sendai's first solo exhibition!13th Anniversary Thanksgiving "Kiitos Festival ..." at "Izumi Park Town Tapio" in Izumi Ward

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Sendai Royal Park Hotel's "Luxury Twin Pair Accommodation Voucher" and Tapio Shopping Voucher worth 50,000 yen are worth more than 3,800 people in total.

Izumi Park Town Tapio (Izumi-ku, Sendai City / Operated by Mitsubishi Estate Property Management Co., Ltd.) will be in 2021 10 ... → Continue reading


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Sendai Royal Park Hotel

Sendai Royal Park Hotel(Sendai Royal Park Hotel)Sendai cityIzumi kuLuxury hotel in Teraoka.Mitsubishi EstateGroup ofRoyal Park HotelsIs one of.


Mitsubishi EstateDeveloped byIzumi Park TownIn the town center area of ​​Mitsubishi Estate GroupRoyal Park HotelsAs one of1995 (7)May 4Opening of business.Hotel Metropolitan SendaiIt is counted as one of the luxury hotels along withThe Westin SendaiHas maintained a certain position even now when it opened.Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress are also used.There are 1 guest rooms on the 7st to 110th floors above the ground.In addition, there are 6 banquet halls.

Europe OfManor House(Country house) Is the image[1], The building is arranged so as to surround the Western-style garden on the south side, and the carriage is on the north side of the building (Pouch).

2008 (20), in the adjacent landSendai Izumi Premium OutletandIzumi Park Town TapioHas opened (both are Mitsubishi Estate Group).

Restaurant / equipment

  • Garden restaurant Vincennes *
  • Michinoku Shunsai Genji Kaori *
  • Teppan-yaki Nanatsumori
  • Chinese Cuisine Katsuraen *
  • Lobby Lounge Fontaine

The restaurant marked with * has a private room where you can make various plans and eat.


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