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📢 | Tsubaki Oshima, a manufacturer specializing in camellia oil Appeared in the Amazon "Japan Store" seller story


Tsubaki Oshima, a manufacturer specializing in camellia oil, appears in the Amazon "Japan Store" seller story

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The seller story introduced on Amazon's "Japan Store" introduces the stories of small and medium-sized distributors all over the country engaged in manufacturing that makes the best use of local industries and traditional industries.

From Japan to the world and to the future A rich and beautiful life with camellia oil Oshima Tsubaki Co., Ltd. (Minato, Tokyo ...) → Continue reading

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Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts(Dento Kogei) has been passed down for many years.TechnologyAnd techniques were usedArt,CraftsThat thing. Crafts made using traditional craftsTraditional craftsThat.

Features of traditional crafts

  1. Requires skill
  2. Handicraft
  3. Used in everyday life
  4. Has a long history for generations

Problems with traditional crafts

  1. Lack of young successors
    It used to be serious because it takes a very long time to learn the technique. However, this problem is improving due to the recent trend of quest for purpose of life. Young successors have visited many traditional and local industries, and they have become a source of motivation for their lives, regardless of labor wages.
  2. Lack of raw materials
    Domestic products are expensive and are overwhelmed by foreign ingredients. Domestic raw materials have lost their competitiveness due to the strong yen over the years, and the supply itself may have diminished.
  3. expensive
    Considering the labor costs of Japan, which is a developed country, it becomes a competitor.Developing countryIn comparison with industrial handicraftsQuite expensiveThere is no choice but to become. However, in the current Japanese market, where Asian handicrafts have penetrated to a certain extent, popular products are made in developing countries, and luxury products are made in Japan and Europe.
  4. Innovation and reduced awareness of challenge
    Traditional crafts have changed over a long period of time through improvements and ingenuity, but in recent years they have been protected by subsidies from the national and local governments.The craft itself has also fallen into a state of protection

Protection from the country

To protect, nurture and develop traditional industrial techniques from ancient timesLaw on Promotion of Traditional Craft IndustryWas made. Based on thisMinister of Economy, Trade and Industry Traditional craftsTo specify.

The conditions for designating traditional crafts are as follows.

  1. It is a craft used in daily life
  2. Handicraft
  3. Technology and raw materials have been passed down for over 100 years
  4. It is established as an industry in a certain area

As of January 2012, there are 1 traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry nationwide, and subsidies of more than 207 billion yen are invested annually by the national and local governments.

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