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📢 | Information development, remote work support system "IDEye" further evolved


Information development, remote work support system "IDEye" further evolved

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■ About information development
Information Development Co., Ltd. has been providing IT services centered on system operation management and system development to customers in a wide range of industries such as finance, public interest, and aviation for about 50 years since its establishment.

The second smart glasses special campaign was held October 2, 2021 Information Co., Ltd. → Continue reading

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IT service management

IT service management (British: Information Technology Service Management) is a customerneedsIt refers to all management activities that provide appropriate IT services that match the above.そのThatOperationMechanism for maintenance and continuous improvementIT service management systemCall.IT service managementThe abbreviation forITSMso,IT service management systemThe abbreviation forITSMS.


Companies that provide IT services are required to have various complicated requirements such as achievement of their own business goals and compliance with laws and regulations necessary for business activities, in addition to the needs of customers.The mechanism required to properly manage these and provide various IT services to customers is called IT service management.In general, IT service management is organized in the following five levels and a mechanism is provided.

ISO / IEC 20000 Part1It is a certification standard for IT service management and is a standard that companies that provide IT services should meet.
ISO / IEC 20000 Part2It is an implementation standard for IT service management and is a reference example for satisfying the certification standard.
A checklist that outlines IT service management.
ITILTo carry out IT service managementbest practiceDocumented.
RunbookProcedures, operation instructions, and runbooks for each business created individually by companies and organizations.

IT service industry

What is IT service? Customers who use ITAdvance Your CareerTo helpIT functionIs a collection of.Information societyIn IT and business, there is an inseparable relationship,CompanyNew tobusiness model,MarketIt has become an entity that produces itself, and the importance and complexity of the services required are increasing, and the content is becoming more sophisticated day by day.Some advanced IT services can no longer be handled by a single company, and companies that specialize in IT services,Data centerWith the birth of, the IT service industry was born.

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