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💴 | What is the invoice system?What should I prepare for, what should I be careful about, and what is the impact of freelance?


What is the invoice system?What should I prepare for, what should I be careful about, and what is the impact of freelance?

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In addition, there is a transitional period for the introduction of the invoice system, and even invoices issued by tax exemption companies are not immediately excluded from the purchase tax credit after the introduction of the invoice system.

The "invoice system" scheduled to be introduced from October 2023, 10.With the introduction of this system, the scale of sales ... → Continue reading


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Deduction(Kojo) refers to deducting a certain amount of money from a certain amount of money.deductionAlso called.

Deduction from wages

WorkerWill be paid towage(Salary, bonus, various allowances, etc.)Labor Standards ActAccording to the provisions of Article 24, "in principle, the entire amount of wages will be paid", but wages paid under the provisions of other laws will be paid after deducting specific amounts such as taxes and insurance premiums.

Absence deductions are not stipulated in the Labor Standards Law.

Insurance fee
  • Dormitory fee (when living in a company dormitory or company housing)
  • Union dues (if you belong to a labor union, etc.)


Deducting taxes and insurance premiums from wages is also called "deduction", but originally deduction is money.Consumption loanIn, the loan amount is obtained by deducting the interest for the period in advance, and the entire loan amount is repaid at the end of the period.[1]

Tax deduction

TaxIn, deduction refers to the amount of tax that can be slightly exempted from the tax amount that should be paid because it meets certain requirements (because the tax burden increases due to medical expenses, mortgages, insurance premium payments, etc.). Income deduction, special deduction, etc.Taxation standardIt is roughly divided into those that are deducted in the middle of calculating and those that are deducted from the amount calculated by multiplying the tax base by the tax rate, such as tax credits.[2]

income tax

Corporate tax

Corporate taxHas the following deductions:

  • Deduction of loss carryforward
  • Income tax deduction for interest dividends
  • Tax Special Measures ActSpecial deduction by
  • Deduction of corporate tax amount due to correction in case of disguise accounting
  • Foreign tax credit

consumption tax

consumption taxHas the following deductions:

  • Purchase tax credit
  • Tax credit for refund of consideration for sales, etc.
  • Tax credit for bad debt

Inheritance tax / gift tax

inheritance taxとGift taxHas the following deductions:


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