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📊 | Apparel business has changed! What is the shocking near future of moving from "cost reduction" to "free procurement costs"?

Mitsufuji has transformed into a company that manages biometric information, starting from a traditional textile manufacturer.

Apparel business changed completely! What is the shocking near future of moving from "cost reduction" to "free procurement costs"?

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In recent years, the demand for renewable fibers has increased from the viewpoint of SDGs, and the trend of not necessarily natural fibers has increased, and such technological development has been a tailwind.

So far, the southward policy of trading companies and apparel companies, that is, repeated relocation of production areas every five years wandering around places with low labor costs ... → Continue reading

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Natural fiber

Natural fiber(Tennensen,British: natural fiber) IsfiberThe shape ofArtificialA general term for things that are not specifically made.Natural fibers are even moreVegetable fiber-Animal fiber・ Classified as mineral fiber[1]..Even if physical or chemical manipulation is applied, if it is simply a fiber in the state it was in the original plant, it is classified as a natural fiber.[1].


Vegetable fiber

Animal fiber

Animal fibers and silk are classified as animal fibers.[1].

Mineral fiber

Only asbestos is classified as a mineral fiber.[1].


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