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📊 | Mourning Takayuki Fuse President of Kirin Brewery (4) “Intensive policy” that regained the top share for the first time in 11 years


Mourning Takayuki Fuse President of Kirin Brewery (4) “Intensive policy” that regained the top share for the first time in 11 years

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In 2020, Kirin Brewery regained the top share for the first time in 11 years.

As we have already seen, the characteristic of Mr. Fuse's fighting style is the "concentration policy".Kirin Beer has a similar approach ... → Continue reading

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Leading share

Kirin Beer

Kirin Holdings > Kirin Beer

Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.(Kirin beer,Kirin Brewery Company, Limited) IsJapan OfBrewingIs a company. As a general company name notation,Katakana OfKirin Brewery Co., Ltd.Is also used.[2]

The current company isKirin Holdings Co., Ltd.(Of the former Kirin BeerReorganizationEstablished by)beer,Low-malt beerTo manufactureBusiness subsidiary.Corporate group TheMitsubishi GroupBelong to.


1870 (Meiji3 years)ノルウェーsystemAmericanWilliam CopelandBut,JapanFirst for the massesbeerThebrewing-Sale officialCompany"Spring Valley Brewery(SPRING VALLEY BREWERY, Copeland Beer) ”is the origin of the Japanese beer businessPioneerIs a strategic company.

After a number of changes, in 1907 (Meiji 40)Mitsubishi ZaibatsuNewly established as "Kirin Beer", a Japanese national company under the umbrella.After World War IIGradually increased production,1954 (Showa(29 years), to secure the top share in the annual output, to solidify the position of domestic beer companies.Asahi beerof"Asahi SuperdryUntil the rise of ", we kept the top position. 2009(HeiseiFor 21 years, Asahi Beerbeer-Low-malt beer-Third beer) It is in the top position of “sales volume” and is fiercely competing for market share in new product launch battle, but Kirin has the top share in Happoshu and third beer In 2009, the market share of beer shipments for Kirin beer was 21%, which was 37.7% of Asahi beer, but returned to the top position for the first time in 37.5 years[3].

The product composition of beer is diverse and the product lineup is the best in the industry. As of February 2010, 22 classic beer brands (license(Including products) are manufactured and sold.

2007 (19)May 7, "Kirin Beer (former)" of the conventional business holding companyKirin HoldingsChange the trade name toPure holding companyBecame. Regarding the manufacturing and sales of beer and other alcoholic beverages, a business subsidiary that was established in 1998 (Heisei 10) and was in charge of common operations of the group and renamed "former Kirin Holdings" which has been preparing for a pure holding company system. Transferred to Kirin Brewery (new). From July 2007, 19 (Heisei 7), this item describes "Kirin beer (new)" of the operating company.

2012 With the arrival of (24), we will carry out “manufacturing and sales separation” as part of further group reorganization. The sales department that remained at the head office was split, and the company that was doing the merchandising business in the group was integrated into this and separated as a new company.[4].. This was a temporary integration consideration partnerSuntoryWhen applied to the group, it corresponds to "Suntory Liquor (first generation)", which is manufactured by this company, and "Suntory Beer & Spirits", which is sold by the new separated company.[Annotation 1][Annotation 2].

2013 (25) of group companiesKirin BeverageCo., Ltd.MercianAlong with the corporation, it was transferred from Kirin Group Office Co., Ltd. to a subsidiary of Kirin Co., Ltd., which changed its trade name as a domestic integrated beverage business company.

2019 (ReiwaOn 7st July, the parent company Kirin Co., Ltd. was absorbed into Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd. and became a direct subsidiary of Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.[5].


The first Kirin beer

  • 1870 --Spring Valley Brewery opened.
  • 1888 -"Kirin BeerReleased.
  • 1907 - Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.Established.
  • 1918 -Kanzaki factory completed (later Amagasaki factory → closed in 1996).
  • 1919 -"Giraffe black beerReleased.
  • 1923 -Toyo Brewing Co., Ltd. merged to form Sendai Factory.
  • 1926 -Yokohama factory completed.
  • 1928 May 3 - Carbonated drink"Giraffe lemonReleased.
  • 1932 -"Giraffe stoutReleased.
  • 1933 -Established "Musco joint sales company" to conclude a sales agreement.
  • 1938
    • Completed Tomita Bottle Factory.
    • Hiroshima factory completed (closed in 1998).
  • 1943 -The trademarks of each beer maker are abolished, and the label of each company is unified to beer (household/commercial use).
  • 1949 -The beer distribution system was abolished and direct sales were restored. The shipping restrictions will be lifted, full-fledged free sales will resume, and the trademark of "Kirin Brewery" will be restored.
  • 1954 -Released "Kirin juice".
  • 1957 -Tokyo factory completed (closed in 1998).
  • 1960 -"Giraffe can beerReleased.
  • 1965 -Head office in TokyoChuo-kuKyobashiMoved to.
  • 1966 --Fukuoka factory completed.
  • 1972 - Kirin Seagram Co., Ltd.(Current:Kirin Distillery)Established.
  • 1976 --Launch of "Kirin Tomato Juice".
  • 1977 -Head office in TokyoShibuya WardMoved to Jingumae.
  • 1979
    • April-Tochigi Plant completed (closed in 4).
    • October --"Kirin Mets" released.
  • 1985 -"Kirin draft beer (bottle beer)Released (also known as "blue label").
  • 1986
    • May-Completed the Chitose Factory in Hokkaido.
    • September-Draft beer with 9% malt "Heartland beerReleased.
    • October-Tea drink "Afternoon teaReleased.
  • 1988 -The heyday of the dry beer boom, "Giraffe dryWill be released. Also, 100% malt draft beerKirin fine maltIs also on sale.
  • 1989 -"Kirin beer"Giraffe lager beerThe name was changed to "Kirin Draft Beer"Kirin Fine DraftWas renamed to. In addition, 100% malt all malt dry beerKirin malt dry <raw>Draft beer that sticks to the tasteKirin Fine Pilsner <raw>Will also be released.
  • 1990 -The most squeezedWortIt was used"Kirin Ichiban Shibori Draft BeerReleased. Also, "Kirin Fine Draft"Giraffe draftWas renamed to.
  • 1991 -
    • Yumi MatsutoyaCo-sponsored "DAWN PURPLE TOUR 1991-1992". Sponsored a concert tour of Matsutoya for the next 10 years.
    • The soft drinks division was split and integrated into "Kirin Lemon Co., Ltd." "Kirin BeverageLtd.Established.
    • "Kirin Premium BeerReleased. Heat-treated beer that uses Ichiban Shibori.
    • Heat-treated beer sold only in autumnGiraffe autumn tasteReleased.
  • 1993
    • Hokuriku factory completed (closed in 2010).
    • Anheuser-BuschLicensed fromBudweiserProduction and sales of (Before thisSuntoryHad a license agreement. In North America, with a reverse license, Anheuser-Busch manufactures and sells beer such as Kirin Ichiban Shibori).
  • 1995 -Head office moved to Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
  • 1996
    • Kirin Lager Beer does not heat from the heat treatment methoddraft beerQuality, and increased the alcohol content from 4.5% to 5% (however, the commercial Kirin Lager Barrel was first made into beer for the general public in 1995). The taste is also refreshing and lighter than before. However, since the lager is characterized by its weight, past lager users have been separated one after another. In addition, even after the hit of Kirin Ichiban Shibori Draft Beer, which is a substantial successor product, was sold side by side.Kirin draft (former Kirin draft beer)Was discontinued.
  • 1998
    • Kirin Lager Beer will change its taste for the first time since it became a draft beer. The richness and bitterness were enhanced and the Lager-like character was restored.
    • Kirin's first Happoshu "Kirin Tanrei <raw>Released. It will be a big hit this year.
    • Three Kirin Group companies,Japan national football teamOfficial sponsor's sole contract.
  • 2000
  • 2001
    • "Giraffe classic lagerReleased. The original Kirin Lager beer, which is the original heat treatment method for Lager beer, is back for the first time in 5 years. Initially only bottled beer.
    • Can Chu-HiIce result juice”(Later“FreezingReleased)
  • 2002
    • Low-malt beer"Tanrei Green LabelReleased.Suntory dietTogether with that, it was the pioneer of Happoshu that was sugar-free.
    • Low-malt beer"GiraffeReleased. Next year, a black happoshu "Giraffe raw blackWas released.
  • 2005 -Beer flavoredalcoholBeverageGiraffe nodogoshi <raw>Released.
  • 2006
    • May 5 -Kirin Beverage'sTOBTheMay 6And acquired 55,002,370% (97.07 shares) of the total number of issued shares of Kirin Beverage (53,392,016 shares).
    • May 7 -Kirin tops beer-related drinks with shipment statistics announcement. The difference with second place Asahi Breweries is 0.3 points. It reported that it was good that "Nodogoshi" was doing well. Asahi Breweries' “Gubinama.” was also strong, but one step later it was overtaken.
    • May 10 -
      • Yakult HeadquartersJointly withKirin Yakult Next StageWas established. The health and functional food business of both companies will be integrated and sales will begin on the channels of both companies (2007 (19)May 1Transferred most of Kirin Well Foods to the new company and completed business integration).
      • InformalStock exchangeWill acquire all shares of Kirin Beverage and make it a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • May 11 - MercianAnnounced a capital and business alliance. In addition, it announced that it will acquire 50.12% of the issued shares of Mercian by a friendly TOB. After the TOB was established, it was planned to make it a subsidiary and concentrate wine and processing liquors on Mercian and shochu and Chuhai cocktails on Kirin. The treatment of whiskey, brandy, etc. has not been announced at this time.
    • May 12 -Made Mercian a consolidated subsidiary due to the success of TOB.
  • 2007
    • 100th anniversary of foundation. Beginning with "Kirin the Gold" in March, a large number of new beer products are introduced. In addition, we introduced two new products of heat-treated beer since the "Classic Lager". The beer, Happoshu, and new genres released (excluding limited items) are as follows.
      • Grand Ale (chilled beer, unfiltered)
      • Kirin the Gold (100% malt, heat-treated beer)
      • Nippon Premium (100% malt, heat-treated beer)
      • Ichiban Shibori Stout (100% malt, draft beer)
      • Round Black (Happoshu)
      • Good quality materials (new genre, liqueurs)
      • Sparkling hop (new genre, liqueurs)
    • January 1-Transferred the health and functional food business of "Kirin Well Foods" to "Kirin Yakult Next Stage" by company split. Kirin Well FoodscancerIt was pointed out by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare that it contained a component with a promoter action, and it was voluntarily collected.AgaricusIt is decided to handle only the collection work of products etc.
    • 2 month - HeinekenBegan licensed from Heineken Japan Co., Ltd. and its joint venture, and started domestic production of canned beer only.
    • May 4 -As a reorganization of the meat-related business within the Mitsubishi Group,YonehisaAll stocks of Sequentially from May 5stMitsubishi CorporationAnnounced to transfer to.

Second generation Kirin beer

  • 2007
    • May 7 -Shifted to a pure holding company system, and Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.Kirin HoldingsLtd.Company name changed to. Overseeing the domestic liquor business (new)Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.(Formerly Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.), engaged in the pharmaceutical businessKirin Pharma Co., Ltd.The two business companies and the business support between the groupKirin Business Expert Co., Ltd.Company split into Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd., which was operated as a holding company for the holding company, was renamed Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. Beverages,RTD) Was transferred to the new company, and from the subsidiary Mercian,RTD, Shochu, plum wine, Western sake (excluding some products), synthetic sake was transferred to the new company, conversely the wine sales business of the old company was transferred to Mercian.
    (*Since then, only the history of Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. (new company) is described. In addition, the history of the entire group and the history of each operating subsidiary isKirin HoldingsSee. )
    • May 8 -Released Kirin Cocktail Sparkle. Entered the canned cocktail market.
    • May 10 -New genre sparkling hop released. At the same time, we launched the industry's first bottle container as a new genre.
  • 2008
    • May 2 -Launched Kirin ZERO, a health-conscious sparkling liquor.
    • May 4 -Sold under the Mercian brandRTDAt the same time as the renewal, all products (“honshibushi” and “gyutsutsuto squeezed”) were transferred to the Kirin brand.
    • May 4 -Some shochu (part of "Shiramizu", "Hitara" and "Hino no Mugi" products) sold under the Mercian brand were transferred to the Kirin brand at the same time as the renewal.
    • May 6 - Ministry of the Environmentof"Eco firstCertified as a system.
  • 2009
    • March-"Kirin Ichiban Shibori Draft Beer" is renewed to 3% malt all-malt draft beer.
    • May 4 -The world's first non-alcoholic beer-taste beverage that achieved 0.00% alcoholGiraffe freeWas released.
    • May 6 - GuinnessStarted selling. othersDiageo Moët Hennessy(British) Joint venture withKirin Diageo Co., Ltd.Was established.
    • May 8 -Relocated the head office to the Harajuku head office building in front of Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (without changing the location of the registered head office).
    • May 10 -Overseas production by Diageo Moët HennessyWine(Johnnie Walker,White horse,IW HarperAnd other 13 brands) were imported and sold from the company.
  • 2010
    • May 1 -In 2009, the company was announced as the first leader in nine years since 2000 in terms of beer shipments (taxable basis).[3][7].. However, Asahi Breweries tops the sales volume, and the first “unusual phenomenon” occurs where the ranking varies depending on statistics.[3][7].
    • May 2 -Group companyKirin BeverageMoved headquarters function to Harajuku headquarters building.
    • OctoberMid-Kirin Lager beer, the second time to change the taste of draft beer. Better bitterness and drink response with more hops.
    • October -Made Mercian Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 2011 May 3 -Occurred this dayGreat East Japan EarthquakeByMiyagiSendai cityMiyagino WardKirin Beer Sendai factory in Shikoku was damaged. It was announced that 15 of the 4 beer tanks installed outdoors collapsed, but the catastrophic damage such as brewing equipment was avoided. AlsoIbarakiToride cityAt the Kirin Brewery Toride Factory in Tokyo, part of the building was confirmed to have been damaged due to the earthquake.
  • 2012
    • May 1 -Divided the sales department and integrated it with Kirin Merchandising Co., Ltd.Kirin Beer Marketing Co., Ltd.Established[4].
    • May 7 -Transferred wine, plum wine, and shochu distributors to Mercian. Products previously sold under the Kirin brand will also be sold under the Mercian brand.
  • 2013
    • January 1-A domestic integrated beverage company (Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd.) that launched all the shares of the companyIntermediate holding company)GiraffeTransferred to a stock company and transferred to the company.
    • October -Head office functions of Kirin Group companies in TokyoNakanoRedevelopment area ofNakano Four Seasons City(The main office on the registration has moved to Nakano by May).
    • November 11-Kirin Co., Ltd. corporate site and Kirin Beverage Co., Ltd. Mercian Co., Ltd. website is integrated into our website, Kirin Co., Ltd. website is consolidated.
  • 2014
    • Mainly based on the Spring Valley pub brewery (brewery restaurant) in the Yokohama factory, which is operated and inherits the achievements and philosophy of the original William CopelandCraft beerLaunched the brand "SPRING VALLEY BREWERY" and established its operating subsidiary, "Spring Valley Brewery".
  • 2015
    • March 3-Pub Brewery "SPRING VALLEY BREWERY TOKYO"LOG ROAD DAIKANYAMAOpened in. A pub brewery in Yokohama (Yokohama factory) that has been around for a long time has been reopened[8]
  • 2016
    • August 10- Brooklyn BreweryAnnounced a capital alliance. Announced that it will become a 24.5% shareholder in Brooklyn Brewery and will collaborate to sell Brooklyn branded products in Japan and Brazil.[9].
  • 2017
    • February 2-Brooklyn Brewery joint venture with "Brooklyn Brewery Japan" established.
    • September 9-Spring Valley Brewery Opens Third Store京都Opened in[10].
  • 2019
    • July 7-Kirin Co., Ltd., the parent company, was absorbed and merged into Kirin Holdings, and became a direct subsidiary of the company.
  • 2021
    • March 3 --The canned products of the craft beer "SPRING VALLEY Toyojun <23>" provided at the pub brewery "SPRING VALLEY BREWERY" have been manufactured at Kirin Brewery factories nationwide, including the Yokohama factory, and supermarkets nationwide. Released at convenience stores, etc.[11].. "496" is one of the perfect numbers. Since the sum of the natural numbers from 1 to 1 is 31, it includes the meaning of "beer that you will never get tired of even if you drink it every day for a month".[12].

Origin of brand name and label design

ブ ラ ン ド 名

There are various opinions about the origin of the name "Kirin", but according to the records at that time,Heita GoroIt is known to be due to the proposal of.

"UnicornIs a fantasy ancient holy beast (sacred beast) that is said to be auspicious, and because it was named after a lot of animal names were used in overseas beers at the time of naming, it is easy to be accepted by the Japanese. There is a theory that it was introduced as a name.

There is also a theory that it comes from "Karin", the name of a close friend of the founder Copeland.

Label design

  • The first label that was introduced when "Kirin Beer" was launched was Kirin, who was about to start running in the morning sun. Manufactured during Spring Valley BreweryBock beerThere is a theory that "Kirin", a holy beast of China, was combined with the goat of the symbol mark of (a high-concentration beer that emphasizes the aroma of fruit and the flavor of malt) as a hint.
  • The design adopted thereafter was 1889 (Meiji22 years)GrabberSuggestion (heDazaifu TenmanguuguIt is inUnicornIt was said that it was designed by (I liked the statue), and it became the prototype of the label design of the current lager beer and classic lager. It has been passed on to the present except during the war.
  • Of beer and some soft drinkslabelIn the picture of the Kirin used inKatakanaThe letters "ki," "ri," and "n" are designed. According to the company, the origin of hidden letters is "the theory that the designer at that time designed with playfulness" and "the theory of anti-counterfeiting", but the clear reason isGreat Kanto EarthquakeIt is unknown because the material was lost atTaisho eraHas been confirmed to be introduced in some of the product labels[13][14].
    *Kirin's beard was involved in the foundingGrabberThe beard is said to be the motif.
  • If you look closely, there is a slight difference in the Kirin that is currently used. Here, I will touch on the pattern of the Kirin, which has a pattern on the body, not the silhouette.
    • The hair pattern is clearly drawn on the kirin of the bottle product. The hidden letters "ki", "ri", and "n" are also clearly written. (This is also used in beer barrels and some can products.)
    • Kirin, a can product, has a simpler hair pattern than bottle products, but most of the Kirin products from 1998 (Heisei 10) have well-written hidden characters. This is the Kirin of carbonated drink NUDA. (In the case of bottle products, this may be used when the Kirin is small.)
    • Canned products before 1998 (Heisei 10) have a more simplified pattern and do not contain hidden characters. Even now, if the Kirin is quite small, it may be used (this was also used in some bottle products at the time).
    • Other than that, 1995 (same design as in 1994, but also changed Kirin when the side note was changed)-Kirin lager of cans up to 1997 had a hair pattern, 1998 It was simplified to the same extent as the previous can product, but the Kirin with hidden characters was used.
  • The design of the Kirin is1889 (Meiji 22) is a lacquer craftsman from Hiroshima prefecture.Hexagon purple waterProduced by[14].

Kirin Harajuku Former Headquarters Building

The Kirin Harajuku old head office building is located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.JingumaeThis is the headquarters building of Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Kirin Brewery”) located at 26-1-XNUMX. Bill isMeiji streetYamanote LineOnce on a hill sandwiched betweenGentle fieldThe area is about 1,800 tsubo, but the building area is only 500 tsubo, and the rest isJapanese gardenHas become[15].

This building was completed and became the headquarters of Kirin Brewery1976 (ShowaIn 51, Kirin Brewery celebrated its 70th anniversary at the time, and this building, which was being built by another company, was purchased and renovated as the headquarters building.[15].. This building is originally luxuryApartmentIt is designed and built as a specification, and the layout of the building and the internal structure with plenty of room are derived from this situation.[15].

1995 (Heisei(7 years) once the headquarters function is Chuo-kuShinkawaThe building will be used as an office for Kirin Brewery's pharmaceutical business.

However2009 (21) The head office of Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. was relocated here in August.2010 (22) In FebruaryKirin BeverageThe head office of the company was also moved to this building[16].. this is,Giraffe groupBetween beverage groups withinSynergy effectBased on the management strategy of aiming to achieve the above, when the two companies head office functions were adjacent to each other, the equipment and design inside the Kirin Harajuku former head office building were also refurbished significantly.[16].

However, the head offices of the Kirin Group's major domestic subsidiaries will be consolidated in one place, and the building is a little narrow for its purpose, so2013 Headquarters function in (25)Nakano OfNakano Central Park SouthMoved to[17].. Along with this, the building was sold together with Kirin Holdings headquarters in Shinkawa.[18],2015 In March, Giju no Kai, Harajuku Rehabilitation Hospital opened.[19].

Corporate slogan, catchphrase

  • "One vote of the debate! Beer is Kirin" (1949)-A catch copy selected by recruiting employees in line with the restoration of the brand name of beer that had been suspended since the war.
  • "Quality-oriented Kirin Beer" (around 1950-1984)
  • "Everyone in the house is a giraffe giraffe" (1960s)
  • "Kirin somehow" (around 1971)
  • "Kirin beer as long as I live" (1970s)
  • "The medium is good (Kirin beer medium bottle)" (1970s)
  • "There are various beer worlds" (1977)
  • "Basic, Kirin Beer" (1980s)
  • "It's time to wash your mood, Kirin Beer" (1980s)
  • "Cheers for the 21st Century KIRIN" (1984-1989)
  • “One label has romance. Kirin Beer” (1985)
  • "BEER'S NEW ~How delicious can you be~" (1989)
  • "Larger has a taste. Kirin Lager Beer" (1989)-A catch phrase when Lager Beer, which was the product name of "Kirin Beer", was renamed to "Kirin Lager Beer".
  • "Umami ga Ichiban." (1990)-"Kirin Ichiban Shibori" is the original catch phrase.
  • "Fresh tomorrow KIRIN" (1993-2002) --In the sound logo, "Kirin Ichiban Shibori" in January-February and December 1997 Corporate CM until April-July[Annotation 3], July-August "Kirin Lager Beer"Nagano OlympicsA combination version with the logo mark.
  • "Crisp taste, Daigo taste. Kirin lager beer" (1994)
  • "Lagager is raw. Taste is raw. Kirin Lager Beer" (1996)-A catch copy of Kirin Lager for improving the quality of non-heat treated lager beer.
  • "The 21st century is coming to beer" (1997)-"Yummy! Kirin" was also used in the morning edition of December 1997, 12.
  • “There is Kirin Lager Beer in this country.” (1998)
  • "Good! Kirin" (1999-2002)-Since 2000, the sound logo is no longer displayed.
  • "I'm happy, one after another. KIRIN" (2003-2006)-The sound logo is published on every product.
  • "The times change, the lager doesn't change, Kirin Lager Beer" (2006 -)
  • "KIRIN with a delicious smile" (2007 -)-Sponsor credit changed to "KIRIN Kirin Beer". Group companies such as Kirin Beverage have unified this slogan. The sound logo was displayed at the end of the commercial until 2008, but from 2009, "Kirin![Annotation 4]The sound logo has been renewed at the beginning of the commercial (in advertisements such as newspapers, Budweiser, Heineken, Alkaline ion water, Koiwai, Tropicana,VolvicNot used in).
  • "Parent. Child. People continue. Kirin Beer" (2008 -)
  • "NIPPON ICHIBAN Let's enjoy Nippon." (2009 -)-The most squeezed catch copy.
  • "Gatsun! It's Beer. That's Beer. Kirin Lager Beer." (2010)
  • "KIRIN to the world where joyfulness connects" (February 2019 -)-Newly established as a corporate slogan common to the Kirin Group including Kirin Beer on February 2, 2019. By the way, the corporate logo has also undergone minor changes, and a Kirin illustration has been added to the left of the "KIRIN" logo.[20].
*Although it is not a corporate slogan or catchphrase, since October 2006 all alcoholic beveragesCMAtDrunk driving is prohibited by law.The subtitle "] has been added to the sound logo. However, since 2007, the common sound logo will be used for Kirin Beverage (excluding Alkaline Ion's water, Koiwai, Tropicana, and Volvic brands). doing[Annotation 5].

Catch copy of each area

Kirin Brewery has established branch offices all over the country and is conducting campaign activities tailored to that region.



Headquarters function

Main office
TokyoNakano4-10-2 Nakano Central Park South (Nakano Four Seasons City

The former Harajuku head office, which used to exist, was originally an office that was in charge of the pharmaceutical business, and since the new Kirin Brewery (Kirin Brewery) devoted itself to liquor due to the transition to the holding company system,Kirin PharmaAfter going through the head office, a group company such as the Kyowa Hakko Kirin business unit lived in,2009 (Heisei21 years)October, The sales headquarters of Kirin Beer itself was relocated to Harajuku (the registered head office remains in Shinkawa, Chuo-ku).2013 (25)OctoberAfter relocating the head office/registered head office to Nakano, the Harajuku head office building and Shinkawa building were sold, and the former Harajuku head office building remains.SagaHeadquartersKyusyu"Harajuku Rehabilitation Hospital", a medical facility by a general incorporated association that develops medical facilities centered on2015 (27)OctoberOpened in.


List of current factories[21][22][23]
Factory name工場
Year of operationAddressEating and drinking facilitiesRemarks
Hokkaido Chitose Factory311986 HokkaidoChitoseKamicho 949-1HaubeOnce a factory specializing in soft drinks,LemonIt was called "Factory".
Sendai factory141923 MiyagiSendai cityMiyagino WardPort 2-2-1Kirin Beer Port SendaiFounded in Sendai in 1919Toyo brewing(Fuji Beer) was acquired, and the company's factory became the third factory of the Company from 1923.[24].. Moved to current location in 1983[24].Sendai coastal railwaySendai Nishiko StationからPrivate railwayIs understood.
Toride Factory241970 IbarakiToride city188-1 Kuwahara
Yokohama factory281926 Kanagawa横 浜 市Tsurumi kuRaw barley1-17-1SPRING VALLEY BREWERY YOKOHAMA (Spring Valley Brewery Yokohama)
Kirin Beerport Yokohama
Headquarters factory (Yamate factory, former Spring Valley Brewery) relocated due to the Great Kanto Earthquake[11].
Nagoya Factory121962 AichiKiyosu CityTerano Hanagasa 100BREWER'S HOUSE
Shiga Factory171974 ShigaInukami DistrictTaga TownLarge Toshimanji Inukake 1600
Kobe factory111997 HyogoKobe CityKita2-1-1 AkamatsudaiBeer restaurant on the hillOperated as the successor to the Amagasaki Plant (described later).
Okayama Factory151972 OkayamaOkayama CityHigashi Ward678 Mantomi, Seto Town
Fukuoka Factory611966 FukuokaAsakura City3601 Umeda UmedaKirin Beer Farm

Kirin beer has a deep connection with rail freight, and in 1984 (Showa59) February"59" timetable revisionUp to most factoriesLeased lineOwn the product orPrivate freight car(JNR Hoki 9800 freight car) Was carried by rail freight, but now only Sendai factory.

All of the sales bases have been moved to the new company, Kirin Beer Marketing, after the spin-off, and only the bases related to product development and manufacturing currently remain in Kirin Brewery. The headquarters function of both companies will be located in the city of Nakano Shiki.

Factory that once existed

Former headquarters factory (now Yokohama factory)

  • The current Yokohama factory isGreat Kanto EarthquakeThe former head office factory (formerly Spring Valley Brewery, Yamate-Amanuma, Yokohama-shi = present-day Chiyosaki-cho, Naka-ku) that had collapsed at[27].. For this reason, Kirin Brewery officials have explained that the Yokohama Factory is “the most existing beer factory in Japan that has the most tradition” and “it has taken over the first beer factory in Japan”.
  • The former head office factory is now a park called "Kirinen"Yokohama City Northern Elementary SchoolThe Kirin Garden has a memorial for the Kirin Brewery Kaigen Memorial and the Cultural Remains Japan's First Beer Factory (Established in Yokohama City), and two beer wells remain in the schoolyard of the elementary school. There is.
  • It is said that the reason why Copeland decided to use the site of the former head office factory in Amanuma is because of the taste of Shimizu that flows from the hillside.[27].. The etymology of Spring Valley also comes from there.
  • From the advertisements at that time, there were three types of top-fermented fermentation (Pale Ale, Porter, Ginger Ale) and bottom-fermented fermentation (Lager beer, Bavarian beer, Bock beer). It was confirmed that there were 3 types. The product names used to be "Bavarian beer," "Lager beer," "Yokohama beer," etc., but the Japanese at the time were not familiar with foreign languages. Therefore, until the birth of the "Kirin" brand, it was called "Amanuma Biazake" after the place name of the factory. Also, the road next to the factory was called "Biazaruke Street."
  • The former Spring Valley Brewery had no refrigerator. Therefore, Lager beer, which has to keep the fermentation temperature low, was prepared in the cold season from October to March, and was stored in a side hole on the brewery site in the summer, and shipped mainly from summer to autumn. ..
  • The Yokohama Factory has a building that recreates the former Spring Valley Brewery and opened in 1991.There was a craft beer brewing facility that was made with reference to materials from the Meiji era (later modernized and scaled up as a brewing facility in the factory).In addition, there is a beer restaurant (pub brewery) "SPRING VALLEY BREWERY YOKOHAMA" that serves craft beer brewed with the facilities there.
  • In the fall of 2005 (Heisei 17), to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Kirin Beer today, Copeland brewed "Lager Beer" (Amanuma Biazake) was restored at the Yokohama Plant for the first time in about 135 years, and 2006 (18). Held a tasting campaign limited to visitors to the Yokohama Factory. In the spring of 2007 (Heisei 19), it was presented to the winners of the campaign as bottles, though not for sale.
  • At the Yokohama factory and Yokohama branch, the founder Copeland's death date (February 2) and June[Annotation 9] In front of his cemetery (foreigners' cemetery in Yokohama), he offers the latest beer and holds a pre-grave festival to pray for the growth of the company.[27].. From 2006 (Heisei 18), Lager beer, which is a restored version of Copeland's brewing, has also been provided. All of Copeland's funerals in 1902 (Meiji 35) were managed by Japan Brewery, the predecessor of Kirin Brewery and the predecessor of Kirin Brewery.

Group Companies

Outer edge/affiliated companies

  • Mitsubishi Group
  • Yonehisa(Ham maker, also handles bread, etc. Transferred to Mitsubishi Corporation due to reorganization within the Mitsubishi group)
  • Meijiya(Sales were outsourced at the beginning)
  • R&K Food Service(Royal holdingsAlthough it is a joint investment with the company, it became a consolidated subsidiary of the company in 2006)
    • Transferred business rights from Kirin Dining (← Kirin Food Service), which was a direct restaurant subsidiary, to the beer hall and pizza restaurantShakes], operates a coffee shop "Cafe Sebor", etc.
  • Yahoo brewing(Local beerMaker.We have a business and capital alliance and are entrusted with the production of some products)
  • OB beer(Korea under Japanese ruleWas established as Showa beer by the investment of Kirin Beer. Of the Kirin beer by the end of the warStakeWas one of the major shareholders whenDoosanManagement rights were transferred to, and it has long been one of Doosan's core businesses. Currently in GermanyAnheuser Bush InbebUnder the umbrella )
  • Weihenstephan

PR activities


1995 ThanJapan national football teamformulasponsorTo serve. Originally, the aforementioned Kirin Harajuku headquarters buildingYamanote LineAt that time across the trackJapan Football Association(JFA) was moving inKishi Memorial GymnasiumFrom the edge that it was facing each other,1978 It was triggered by the sponsorship of the "Japan Cup" held by JFA. Japan Cup1985 "Giraffe cup footballThe name of the tournament was changed, and we continue to sponsor until now. Also2001 FromJapan national soccer team,2007 Has also served as the official sponsor of Japan Futsal Beach Soccer National Team and has become a full category sponsor.[28].

Japan Olympic CommitteeWas also the official partner of the company, but in order to concentrate on supporting soccer, which had been supported before the professionalization of soccer in Japan, the contract was terminated during the full fiscal year (2008).[29](afterwards,Asahi beerchange to). Until 2007 (Heisei 19)Japan Basketball National TeamWas also a sponsor of.


Kirin Art AwardHeldKPO Kirin Plaza OsakaExhibitions atContemporary ArtWas making a contribution to.2007 (19)May 11Subsequent art and culture supportKirin HoldingsCo., Ltd. is the main subject[30].

Performing artAs an event sponsor ofShizuokaShizuoka CityIs held every autumn atStreet performance World Cup in ShizuokaThe Shizuoka branch office (former Shizuoka general branch office) has sponsored since the second time.

Successive Campaign Girl

1990 From (Heisei 2) to 2003 (Heisei 15)Campaign GirlWas elected.

CM character

TV programs

Credit providedWas "KIRIN" until 2006 (Heisei 18), but from 2007 (Heisei 19) it has been displayed as "KIRIN Kirin Beer".Currently, it is displayed as "(Illustration of Kirin) KIRIN".The offer guide says, "I will send it by providing Kirin Beer and Kirin Beverage."Also, rarely of group companiesMercianThe product commercials of may also flow.

From October 2013 (March 25) to March 10, the only programs that are provided at all times except for one company/leading program are only news programs, and other programs are provided widely as irregular sponsors. It was

In the program provided by the first (largest), it is credited as "KIRIN to the world where joy is connected".
Provided by one company
2 minutes offer
1 minutes offer
Offering period is 30 seconds
NTV series
  • news zeroCow catcher(Every day → every other day). From October 2020SUBARUIt was offered every other day.In the main story,Asahi beer(every other day),Suntory(Wednesday) was also offered[Annotation 41].
  • The! Astro Boy! DASH!!(April 2019-, Asahi Breweries of the same trader is also offered in another part. In the past, Kirin Beverage was also offered. From October 4, 2020, color notation with carpet.) *COUGH・ Including UMK.
  • news every.(April 2020-) Initially a national sponsor in the second half of Monday, and from October of the same year, a national sponsor in the first half of every other day will be treated as a PT.[Annotation 42].
  • Ariyoshi's wall(October 2020-) Color notation with carpet, second half national sponsor.In some cases, a collaboration commercial will be broadcast.
TV Asahi series
  • News station * National sponsor from Monday to Thursday in the latter half of the year.However, it is treated as PT.It used to be offered only on Mondays for 30 seconds, but there was a call for "Kirin Beer".However, due to the reorganization in April 2017, it will be dropped on Monday.Continued to be provided on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.After that, it will be reorganized in April 4 and will return on Monday.Continue to provide on Wednesdays and Thursdays, both move to the first half or middle of the program[Annotation 43][Annotation 44].
    It descended on March 2007, 3, and after April 26, "Sunday Western TheaterMoved to ", then returned to the present. October 2012-December was temporarily dropped.
  • Saturday Station * The frames for the first half and the second half are exchanged irregularly.However, it is treated as PT.
  • Potsun and a house(Asahi Broadcasting TVProduction) * The first and second half are replaced every other week.
TBS series
TV Tokyo series
  • Complicated SUMMERS 2 After passing the PT frame at 18:2017, the ban on the proposal was lifted from April 4.
Fuji TV series
  • Saturday Premium * Color notation.The first and second half are replaced every other week.

Many others

Radio provided programs

On the other hand, most of the programs offered on the radio were advertised on spots from October to March of the following year because there were many contracts provided by sponsors of professional baseball broadcasts by day of the week, but it is unknown at some point After I started publishing, radio commercials began to play all year round. However, underage drinking and the drunk driving of drivers have developed into social problems, and it is now required to review the advertisement development of beer commercials as well as TV. In anticipation of that, some broadcasting stations are switching the provided programs from professional baseball broadcasts to music programs. Also, there was once a local beer radio commercial that was streamed by region.


デ ィ ズ ニ ー

Native celebrity


sports newspaperOn the first page of the page, at the latest1980 eraUntil the beginning of the Kirin Beer bottlecrownWas designed with a picture of, and an advertisement of "quality standard" was placed on it.

beer bottle,Aluminum cans・For distribution段 ボ ー ルRegarding the shape of the box etc., other companies in the same industry (Asahi, Sapporo, Suntory) basically use a common standard, but Kirin Brewery uses its own standard product. The reason is that in addition to weight reduction and cost reduction, the purpose of beer bottles is also to "protect the traditional "neck shoulder"".[33].. For general-purpose aluminum cans, the “1995 diameter can” with a narrow upper diameter was adopted for the first time in Japan from around 204.[Annotation 48] In addition, the wide-mouthed can with a wide mouth (Kirin's name is "wide-mouthed can") was adopted by other companies in the 2000s, while Kirin has been using It was adopted for the first time in Japan at the "Factory" and "LA1997", and in 2.5 it was used in all products except 1998 ml cans. In order to develop a package of our own standard in this way, we have established a "Packaging Technology Development Center" in-house to continuously reduce the weight of bottles and cans and reduce CO135 emissions.[34].

There was a legend that beer at banquets and entertainments inside affiliated companies of Mitsubishi is limited to Kirin. As well).


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注 釈

  1. ^ Suntory implemented this reorganization at the same time as the 2009 holding company system transition. For the sake liquors other than wine, which were completely independent within the group, we decided to make a “separation of sales and sales”, but as with Kirin, the manufacturer, Suntory Liquors (first generation), continues to be the distributor.Asahi beerThe main business is "manufacturing and sales together", but in Ryukyu/AmamiOrion beerIntroduced "manufacturing and sales separation" for the group's sake brewers, including this, has made it clear to the product that Asahi Breweries will sell more.Sapporo beerWill continue to maintain "manufacturing and sales integrated" after the transition to the holding company system.
  2. ^ In the case of the Suntory Group, the organization was reorganized in October 2014, and the beer division of the manufacturing division of Suntory liquor (first generation) became independent as Suntory Beer.Suntory Beer & Spirits in the sales division has taken over the business rights from Suntory Wine International in the wine division, so the manufacturing division will be a beer, wine and other three companies, and the sales division will be a one-company system of Suntory Beer & Spirits. became.Due to this change in business content, in January 26, Suntory Liquor (first generation), which is a manufacturing division other than wine and beer, became Suntory Spirits, and Suntory Beer & Spirits, which is a sales division, became Suntory Liquor (second generation). ) Has been changed to each company name.
  3. ^ Used in two patterns, cherry blossom viewing and baseball.
  4. ^ The 30-second version is the same as the corporate slogan, "Giraffe makes you smile and smile!" In addition,2011 May 3Occurred inGreat East Japan EarthquakeDue to the influence of, he was refraining from all advertising activities until the end of March of the same year,May 4After resuming, the "Kirin!" part was replaced with a silent version.
  5. ^ After that, the sound logo was moved backward from the cow catcher of "NNN News & Sports" (alternative final news due to the year-end and New Year holidays of "NEWS ZERO") broadcast on January 2014, 1, and the CM material was renewed accordingly. It was.After that, the commercials have been renewed one after another at other stations since dawn.The sound logo has disappeared from January 1 on radio programs.
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