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📊 | LaLaport Fukuoka will open in April 22, "Food Marche" will be set up

Photo Image of "Food Marche" centered on food supermarkets and grocery stores

LaLaport Fukuoka will open in April 22, "Food Marche" will be installed

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As a food supermarket, Nishitetsu Store will open "Leganet DAILY ENTERTAINMENT SQUARE", which proposes the enjoyment of food.

Mitsui Fudosan, Kyushu Electric Power, and Nishi-Nippon Railroad are developing a large-scale commercial facility "Mitsui Shopping Park ..." at the site of the fruit and vegetable market in Fukuoka City. → Continue reading

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Nishitetsu store

Nishitetsu Store Co., Ltd.(Nishitetsu Store)FukuokaChikushinoBased inFresh produce,Daily necessitiesHandle mainlysupermarketA company that operates restaurants such as "Nishitetsu Store," "Leganet," "Spina," "Ankuru Yume Ichiba," and "Uncle Fujiya," a liquor discount store.CGC GroupMembership.


West Japan RailwayIt was established in 1969 as an independent company from the trading department of (Nishitetsu).The location of the head office at that timeChikushiChikushino Town (currentlyChikushino), The store is Nishi-Nippon RailroadChikuho Electric Railway OfstationIn addition to opening stores directly or adjacent to, some stores were built on the site of a bus office or turnaround office.

In 2005, the same group company was absorbed and merged.Nishitetsu Tammy and Tammy in 2001Grand Store Saito(The surviving company is Grand Store Saito) was merged and Tammy was with Nishitetsu.IzutsuyaCo-funded company, Grand Store SaitoIwatayaNishitetsu acquired an affiliated company.Tammy revolved around clothing specialty stores and restaurant FCs.

Furthermore, on March 2008, 3,Home centerEtc.Dykes NishitetsuWas absorbed and merged, but later all the stores operated by the former Dykes Nishitetsu were closed. From May 2008, 5Nishitetsu GroupIC card "nimocaCorresponding systems were introduced one after another, and on March 2012, 3, the introduction was completed at all stores except Spinna Hospital. (After that, hospital stores are also available, and as of April 9, 2017, it is not available at all Ankuru Yume Ichiba stores and most Ankuru Fujiya stores.)

On April 2009, 4, due to a company split, the same Nishitetsu Group Co., Ltd.SpinnerInherited the supermarket business of.

From 2014, we will develop a small urban store "Leganet Cute"[2], Opened the first "Terraso store" in March[3].

On January 2014, 1, the headquarters (headquarters) was moved from Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City to the 27nd floor of Leganet Asakura Kaido (former Asakura Kaido store) in Chikushino City.[4].

On April 2017, 4, the same Nishitetsu Group operates supermarkets, liquor stores, etc.Ankuru FujiyaWas absorbed and merged, and on October 2021, 10, within the same groupNishitetsu PlazaThe rights business in the restaurant management business, convenience store store management contract business, and related businesses was split and absorbed.[5]


It has supermarkets, liquor stores, specialty stores, restaurants, etc. in Fukuoka and Saga prefectures.

Store brand

It has multiple store brands due to repeated integration within the Nishitetsu Group.

Nishitetsu Store
Main brand. 27 stores (12 stores in Fukuoka City, 3 stores in Kitakyushu City, 4 stores in Kurume City, 7 stores in Fukuoka Prefecture, 1 store in Saga Prefecture).
Mainly groceries, but some stores also handle miscellaneous goods and clothing.Initially it was the same "Nishitetsu Store" as the company name[6].
Sunazushop(KitakyushuKokurakita Ward) IsChacha Town KokuraMoved in as a tenant of, and the machines and service counters related to nimoca in Chacha Town are located at the Nishitetsu store.
Togo store (Munakata City) Is the original "JuscoDazaifu store (currently Leganet Dazaifu) (Dazaifu City) Is the original "KotobukiyaIt is a store.
14 stores (8 stores in Fukuoka city, 1 store in Chikushino city, 1 store in Yanagawa city, 1 store in Fukutsu city, 1 store in Dazaifu city, 1 store in Ogori city, 1 store in Nakama city).We also handle some slightly expensive products, but there is little difference from the Nishitetsu store.[7].
Leganet Tenjin (Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City)Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) StationbuildingSolaria stageInside, Reganet Chihaya (Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City)Chihaya StationbuildingFresta ChihayaI move in as a tenant of.Leganet Minami Nagazumi (Minami-ku, Fukuoka) and Leganet Iikura (Sawara-ku, Fukuoka) have former Dykes storesBusiness format conversion(Iikura has taken the form of being integrated with the adjacent Nishitetsu Store).The Leganet Asakura Kaido (Chikushino City, Fukuoka Prefecture) is a conversion of the Nishitetsu Store Asakura Kaido store.Leganet Yanagawa (Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture) is a conversion of the Nishitetsu Store Yanagawa store.Reganet Hakomatsu (Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City) is a conversion of the Nishitetsu store Hakomatsu store, which had been closed due to a fire. On September 2014, 9, Reganet Jigyo (Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City) opened. On May 26, 2015, "Reganet Dazaifu", which was converted from Nishitetsu Store Dazaifu, opened.As a large facility centered on Reganet, there is "Reganet Garden Fukutsu" which opened on December 5, 1.[8].. In March 2018Ohashi Nishitetsu famous shopping streetThe Nishitetsu Store Ohashi store has moved to the 1st floor and reopened as Leganet Ohashi.
Reganet Marche
The first store (Nagazumi store) opened on December 2014, 12.A store that is more compact and enriches daily necessities while taking advantage of the characteristics of Leganet in urban areas and residential areas around the city.Attached to stores with a sales floor area of ​​19 to 1 square meters (Leganet is 500 to 700 square meters, Leganet Cute is 1,000 square meters or less)[9].
Reganet Cute
The first store (Terraso store) opened on March 2013, 3. "Small urban store", traditionalconvenience storeIt is an intermediate store size between the supermarket and the supermarket. By April 2014, 4 stores (Teraso store, Hakata Bus Terminal store, Akasakamon store) were opened in Fukuoka city, and after that, 3 store was opened in Fukuoka city and 1 store in Kitakyushu city, as of July 2016. There are 7 stores.Leganet is a coined word taken from the Spanish word "legaro (gift)" and the English word "planet (planet)".[10].
Former Nishitetsu Tammy brand.After being merged with our companyEmax KurumeOnly one of them.
Spina / Spina Mart (SPINA)
originallySpinnerA supermarket brand that was run by. Ground only in Kitakyushu City on April 2009, 4Nippon Steel Group OfConsumer cooperativeDue to the circumstances of the transfer from the company, which corresponds to the company, the store is only open in Kitakyushu city.In the spinner management era,Middle cityWas also open.
However, the Anoo Chuo store was opened after the Nishitetsu store was integrated, and the Totsu store was originally open under the name of "Nishitsu store", but was changed to "Spina" when it was refurbished.
SPINA Razolier
The Spina Mart Takami store was renovated on February 2018, 2 and became the first store of the same brand.[11]..As a high-class supermarket brand of the group, we will open the meat workshop and fishery workshop as a sales floor where it is easy to communicate with customers so that we can directly answer requests and inquiries, and at the same time, we will consolidate the sales floors of related products and develop thematic products to the dining table. In addition to proposing ideas for, each department will set up a corner specializing in specific items.La Solier is a combination of the Spanish word "Razo" (bond) and the French word "Lier" (tie).
Ankuru Dream Market
A supermarket that was once run by Uncle Fujiya, Inc. 2017 stores as of April 4, 1.IC cards such as nimoca cannot be used.
Ankuru Fujiya
A liquor discount store that was once operated by Uncle Fujiya, Inc. IC cards such as nimoca can only be used at some stores.Only the Takamidai store will open after the Nishitetsu store merger.[12].
It took over the store operated by the former Nishitetsu Plaza.Original brand Hakata Yari UdonyaDoutor Coffee Shop,Mister Donut,Ringer hatEtc. are operated under a franchise agreement.again,Kashii Kaen,Marine World UminonakamichiIt also operates restaurants in Nishitetsu facilities such as.
It took over the store operated by the former Nishitetsu Plaza. Only one store.
It was run by the former Dykes NishitetsuHome center..There were three stores in Fukuoka Prefecture, including the Babayama store (Kitakyushu City), which was closed before the merger, but it was abolished due to the closure of the Iikura store in March 3.

Stores that have already closed

  • Hakozaki store (Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
  • FC Wakahisa store (Minami-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
  • Kasugahara store (Fukuoka)Kasuga City)- Kasugabaru StationAdjacent to, I was able to enter from the station building.It was dismantled due to the elevated construction and is now a vacant lot.
  • Shingu store (Fukuoka prefecture)Kasuya-gunShingu Town) --Initially, the store name was "Big House".
  • Amagi store (Fukuoka)Asakura City) --Different from the existing Ankuru Yume Ichiba Amagi store
  • Mikunigaoka store (Ogori City, Fukuoka Prefecture) -After closing, the building will be.
  • Yame store (Fukuoka)Yame city)
  • Yamato store (Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
  • Okawa store (2nd generation) (Okawa city, Fukuoka prefecture) -The first Okawa store still exists as the Meijicho store
  • Bonnur store (Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture) -Omuta Nishitetsu famous store in the street
  • Kiyama store (Miyaki-gun)Kiyama)-OldDaieiStore renovation)
  • Iikura store (Sawara-ku, Fukuoka) [Integrated into Leganet Iikura]
  • MujiNishitetsu Kurume Store (Kurume City) --Nishitetsu StoreGood product planLicensedEmax KurumeA store was set up inside.Currently, the same Nishitetsu-affiliated general store "IncubeIs in the store.
  • Trendy miscellaneous goods (Minami-ku, Fukuoka City) Ohashi Nishitetsu famous store
  • Lulu Plus (Minami-ku, Fukuoka City) Ohashi Nishitetsu Famous Store
  • Store in the Government Complex (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City) Operated by the former Nishitetsu Tammy
  • Doutor Coffee Shop Nishitetsu Fukuoka Station Store / Yakuin Station Store (Chuo-ku, Fukuoka) Former Nishitetsu Tammy management ・ As of March 2009, 3Nishitetsu PlazaHowever, due to the company's restaurant business absorption-type split on October 2021, 10, the Nishitetsu Store will be operated again.
  • Bell (Chuo-ku, Fukuoka) --In the Solaria Stage, former Nishitetsu Tammy store, for womenlingerieSpecialty store.
  • Dykes Nagazumi store (Minami-ku, Fukuoka) [Converted to Leganet Minami Nagazumi]
  • Leganet Higashinaka (Fukuoka CityHakata Ward) --Large shopping mall "Quiz Mall Hakata" closed on June 2010, 6
  • Spina Ohata store-* Former "Kyowa store" store (closed on August 2011, 8)
  • Spina Aoyama store-* Former "Kyowa store" store (closed on August 2011, 8)
  • Dykes Iikura store (Sawara-ku, Fukuoka, closed on March 2012, 3) [Converted to Leganet Iikura]
  • Spina Okura Store (Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu City) --The first Spina store, which originates from the supplies department of Yawata Steel Works.
  • Maehara store (Fukuoka prefecture)Itoshima) --Closed on October 2013, 10.
  • Matoba store (Minami-ku, Fukuoka) --Closed on January 2014, 1.
  • Tsuyazaki Store (Fukutsu City, Fukuoka Prefecture) --Closed on February 2014, 2, the site was dismantled and reopened as "Reganet Fukutsu" on December 28, 2014 after rebuilding.
  • Sangamori store (Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu) --Closed on March 2015, 3[13]
  • Yakabe store (Fukuoka prefecture)Yanagawa) --Closed on March 2015, 3[14]
  • Nakao store (Minami-ku, Fukuoka) --Business suspended due to a fall accident on the outer wall of the store building on January 2017, 1.[15]
  • Fashionable(Minami-ku, Fukuoka City) Former Nishitetsu Tammy management in Ohashi Nishitetsu famous store street
  • Leg character(Chuo-ku, Fukuoka) Operated by former Nishitetsu Tammy in the Solaria Stage
  • Ankuru Fujiya Chikugo store (Fukuoka prefecture)Chikugo)
  • Nishitsu Tammy Shop Yakuin(Chuo-ku, Fukuoka) Former Nishitetsu Tammy management Closed on October 2017, 10
  • Ankuru Fujiya Nakaminami Store (Fukuoka City)Hakata Ward)
  • Leganet Tenjin Terminal Shop(Chuo-ku, Fukuoka) Closed on January 2018, 1
  • Ankuru Yume Ichiba Saga Main Store (Saga Prefecture)Saga City) 2019 May 5Closed-The building is a Saga housewife's shop → Hello (Maxvalu KyushuAfter being absorbed in), it became an annoying dream market.On the siteSuper MorinagaOpened.
  • TSUTAYASpina Totsu store (Kitakyushu City)Hachiman East Ward) 
  • Leganet Marche Okagaki store (Fukuoka)Onga-gunOkagaki Town) 2020 May 3Closed-Old "Fresh 8 (Fresh XNUMX)Dream MartSystem) ”store
  • Spina Chiyo store (Fukuoka)KitakyushuHachiman Nishi Ward) 2021 May 7closed[16]
  • Ankuru Yume Ichiba Karatsu Store (Saga Prefecture)Karatsu City)

Image character

  • Nice[17]There are two types of image characters, Uncle Toankuru.


  • "Tsuki no Ichi" and "West" were held on the 1st of every month, and "Nishitsu Day" was held on the 24th of every month. From April 2015, 4, "Tsuki no Ichi" was held on the first Tuesday. , "Nishitsu Day" was changed to the 1th Tuesday, but it was canceled in 1.
  • The TV commercial narrations for "Point 5x Day," "Nishitsu Day," and "Dokhan Tsuki no Ichi," which were once broadcast, are all local talents.Seiichi YoneokaWas in charge.
  • Earn 200 point for every 1 yen excluding taxmember card"Nice card" is issued.The admission fee was 100 yen, and until January 2006, 1, it was 31 point for every 105 yen.In addition, at stores that support nimoca, star nimocadepositSold only for (500 yen).At Ankuru Fuji and Ankuru Yume Ichiba stores, it is called "Ankuru Fujiya Card", but the functions are the same as "Nice Card" except for the name.It is not available at restaurants.
    When the points of the Nice card reach 500 points, a "500 yen shopping voucher" will be issued by the cashier of the card issuing store.
    However, at the above nimoca compatible stores, points can only be given to either the Nice card or nimoca.
    In addition, there are products that are "member price" with a Nice card or nimoca, and products with bonus points.
    In the case of nimoca, only Star Credit, JMB nimoca, arecore nimoca, ALL IN ONE nimoca will be eligible for point addition, point multiplier increase, member price, etc.
    In addition, Leganet Higashinaka did not handle Nice cards, probably because the store opened just before the introduction of nimoca.
  • Until now, the number of stores that can be used twice a month was limited, but since March 2, almost all Nishitetsu store stores have held a "self-discount coupon" day every Thursday, where customers can discount themselves (Yakuin). The store, Leganet Tenjin store, and Uncle Fujiya cannot be used), and it was canceled from April 2010.
  • At Nishitetsu Store, Leganet, and Spina brand stores, the image song "my store" is played in the in-store BGM. From July 2013, you can also listen to it on the official website of the Nishitetsu Store.Initially, there was only the "Nishitetsu Store" version (two types, male version and female version), but as of April 7, it has been unified into only the version sung by men, and the new "leganet version" and "spina version"・ "Instrumental version without songIs being added[1].
  • The cash register system used to beToshiba TechAs of April 2021, 4,Teraoka SeikoAdopting the cash register[18]..The investment amount is 10 billion yen, and it has also announced that it will introduce the system at 52 stores (at that time) in the company, aiming to halve the waiting time at the cash register and reduce the number of employees by 3%.[19].
  • Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta LineSightseeing train THE RAIL KITCHEN CHIKUGO cooking businessNishitetsu PlazaIt is inherited and entrusted.


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  • Ankuru Fujiya --A company that operated a supermarket within the same Nishitetsu Group.
  • Spinner --A company that operated a supermarket within the same Nishitetsu Group.
  • Markow ――For a while, a supermarket in which Nishi-Nippon Railroad had a 10% stake.

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