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📢 | "Children's Music Festival" will be held for the first time in 2022 Golden Week!The world's largest child ...


"Children's Music Festival" will be held for the first time in 2022 Golden Week!The world's largest child ...

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The Sony Music Foundation and Suntory Foundation for Arts will be able to experience a great deal of emotional experience for children by bathing in a lot of high-quality music at once, and the future of children who will lead the next generation will be enriched. I hope that.

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Sony Music Foundation (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Michinori Mizuno) and Suntory Arts Foundation ... → Continue reading


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Sony Music Foundation

Sony Music Foundation(Sony Ongakuzaidan,British: Sony Music Foundation) IsMusic,Opera,danceTo improve the spread ofInternational ExchangeEfforts to promote, activate creative development, develop human resources, etc.Japan OfcultureEstablished with the purpose of contributing to the development ofPublic interest corporation.


Main activities

concertSponsorship, planning and production contract

  • ® ~ Mom's tummy is a special seat ~
  • ~ Classic ® from 0 years old ~
  • Concert for KIDS ~ Classic ® from 3 years old ~
  • Special concert series for children
  • Japanese Red Cross Society Blood donation charity concert

Holding and cooperation of international competitions, etc.

Artist recognition

Note:CommandとcelloIt consists of two departments.

Holding seminars on music, opera, dance, etc.

  • Holding seminars, etc.

Subsidies for the study of artists

30th Anniversary Project (2014 plan)

  • Premium concert for teens
  • Lecture & Concert
  • OboeFestival
  • 30th anniversary project

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