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📢 | Traditional Kanazawa foil for trendy gold leaf hair and gold leaf nails (* 1).A new craft developed with a beautician. 202 ...


Traditional Kanazawa foil for trendy gold leaf hair and gold leaf nails (* 1).A new craft developed with a beautician. 202 ...

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We wanted Kanazawa foil, which is a genuine traditional craft, to be incorporated into hair and nails, and we were the first in the industry to develop Kanazawa foil exclusively for hair / nail.

Hakuichi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, President: Tatsuya Asano) will start on October 2021, 10 (Thursday) ... → Continue reading


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Gold leaf

Gold leaf(Kinpaku) isFriA small amountSilver,copperと と も にhammerIt is made into a foil by tapping it with a cloth and spreading it very thinly.1200 BCBy the timeAncient egyptIt is believed that production began at[1].

CurrentlyBrass"Western gold leaf" consisting of is also popular.Gold leaf in the original sense was distinguished as "pure gold leaf", but because it is misunderstood that the label of pure gold is manufactured only with pure gold, those made only with gold are referred to as "pure gold leaf", silver and The alloy of copper is called "(book) gold leaf".Unless otherwise specified, this gold leaf will be described below.


Among the gold leaves, the most used standard, No. 94.43, is made by extending 4.9% of gold, 0.66% of silver, and 0.0001% of copper to a thickness of about 1 mm.Therefore, about 10 square meters of gold leaf can be made from XNUMX cubic centimeter of gold.Such a bigMalleabilityAs a result, high-quality shine and luster can be obtained over a wide area using a small amount of pure gold, so it is often used for surface decoration.Chest of drawers-folding screenSuch asFurnitureKind,FusumaSuch asJoineryKind,lacquerwareCrafts such asBuddha statue,Buddhist altarWorks of art, such asKinkakuji TempleIt is widely used for the exterior and interior of buildings represented by.Also, as a craft technique, for using gold leaf for lacquer ware, etc.Deposit-Makie, Buddha statueMajesticin order toKirikaneEtc. have developed.

DentistryIn the field, gold leaf is packed directly into the teethDirect gold repair methodThere is also a treatment method such as.

It is also edible.variousCuisineToSprinkleIn addition to sprinkling on the shape, it is the main production area in Japan.IshikawaKanazawaThen, I put the gold leaf spread out in a planeSoft cream,Yokan,Castella,Kuzukiri,sushiand so on.It has almost no taste or texture because it creates a luxurious appearance.[2].. Described below#safetySee also

A famous by-product of gold leaf manufacturing isOil blotting paperIs.When spreading the gold bullion, the foil stamping paper used to sandwich the bullion isSebumIt has come to be diverted because it absorbs well.Used for gold leaf manufacturing for over 10 yearsFoil stamping paperIs "Furuya paperIt is also called ", and is also treated as a luxury item.

Manufacturing process

The gold leaf manufacturing process is divided into "Nobun" and "Uwazumi" performed by Sumiya and "Foil making" performed by Hakuya. To be[3][4].


  • Withdrawal
    • Money matching - CrucibleHeat gold, a small amount of silver, and copper to 1300 degrees.alloymake.
    • Withdrawal --Three-hundredths of gold alloy in rolling millMmExtend to 6CentimeterCut into corners.
  • Supernatant
    • Clear ――Using clear paper, spread the money in 4 steps.
    • tailoring --Cut the supernatant, which has been stretched to 1000/3 mm, into approximately 20 cm squares and send it to a foil shop.

Foil shop

  • Foil
    • Withdrawal --Cut the supernatant into small pieces of about 12 pieces and sandwich them with paper for foil stamping.
    • Before hitting --Bundling and fixing foil-making paper with small pieces sandwiched between them, and hitting with a machine.Foil stamping paperTransfer to and beat the foil to 10000 to 2 mm per 3.
    • Unplugged work ――Select the finished foil according to quality and transfer it to a separate wide book.
    • Foil transfer - bambooCut it to the specified size with a frame made ofEdgeworthia chrysanthemumSandwich between.

Through these steps, 100 sheets are generally sold as one unit.


Gold leaf with rim

Made of Japanese paperFoil stamping paperGold leaf manufactured using.The luster is soft and can be formed when it is struck.latticeCharacterized by the traces of the shape.It is expensive because it takes time and effort to manufacture.

Cut gold leaf

Glassine paperGold leaf manufactured by.It has a strong luster and has no irregularities on the surface.It is inexpensive because the manufacturing process is mechanized and can be produced efficiently.

Alloy ratio

Gold leaf is generally alloyed with silver and copper mixed in a certain proportion.commissionThe name is decided by.The name and the percentage of gold, silver and bronze are shown below.[5].

TypesGold (unit:%)Silver (unit:%)Copper (unit:%)
Five coat colors98.910.490.59
No. XNUMX color97.661.350.97
No. XNUMX color96.722.600.67
No. XNUMX color95.793.530.67
No. XNUMX color94.434.900.66
Three steps color75.5324.460
light blue59.7440.250
Fixed color58.6841.310


In the field of art, not only gold leaf but also gold leaf such as cut foil, gold sand, and gold paint are used.[6].

  • Gold leaf-used for folding screen paintings in the field of art[6]..The part where the gold leaf overlaps is called the foil foot.[6].
  • Kirihaku-A finely chopped gold leaf that is used in folding screen paintings along with the gold leaf.(I.e.Used for expressions such as[6].
  • Kinsunago-Gold leaf powdered in a folding screenhazeUsed for expressions such as[6]..In the latter half of the Edo period, it was also expressed that blue gold, which has a high silver content, and red gold, which has a high copper content, are used properly.[6].
  • Gold paint-Gold leaf powder and melted with glue[6].

Production area


In Japan's gold leaf production, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture is the exclusive production area that accounts for 99% of the total production.Edo PeriodFoil stamping at the beginningShogunateWas monopolized by, but at that timeKaga DomainAfter the moonshine continuedlicenseSuccessful acquisition, high humidity climate suitable for foiling work, Kanazawa City,Wajima City,Nanao CityConsume a large amount of gold leaflacquerware,Buddhist altarThe main reason is that the production area of ​​was nearby.


GermanyThen.BavariaMiddle Franconia OfSchwabachIs a major production area and has a history of 500 years[7]. AlsoFrance,イタリアBut it is manufactured.


ChugokuThen.Jin DongFrom the era (317 --420)Jiangsu OfNanjingManufactured in Japan and has a history of about 1700 years[8]. AlsoThailand,Myanmar[9][10],IndiaBut it is manufactured.

安全 性

Money is (aqua regiaWith the exception of)Strong acidBecause it does not react with such things, the edible gold isStomach acidIt does not react with digestive juices such asexcretionWill be done.This is,(IonizationIt is the basis that the edible pure gold (not done) has no effect or toxicity on the human body.Also, a small amount of silver contained in gold leaf is not dissolved by gastric acid.

Both gold and silverFood additiveApproved as a manufacturing agentColoringIt is used for the purpose of.Also, for both gold and silverDentistryIt has been used for a long time as a material for materials (so-called gold and silver teeth), and its safety has been proven (it seems that it is used as a filler in dentistry. For details, seeDirect gold repair methodSee).


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