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📢 | Aroma and refreshing coffee roasted in the "Ishigama Roasting Machine". "U.COFFEE ...


A fragrant and refreshing coffee roasted in the "Ishigama Roasting Machine". "U.COFFEE ...

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UCP has a large number of high value-added commercial coffee brands and solutions to meet such needs, and supports the provision of attractive coffee menus.

UCC Coffee Professional Co., Ltd. (Headquarters / Minato, Tokyo ...), which develops commercial service business in the UCC Group → Continue reading


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Added value

Added value(Fukachi,British: added value) Is

  1. 生産Newly added value by. Raw material cost, fuel cost, from total production valueDepreciationAmount after deducting. Add value without depreciationGross value added, Add value after depreciationNet added valueThat.
  2. It is commonly used to mean "unique value added to a specific person / place / facility or some product / service".

This article describes 1.

Added value in the economy

In the economyvalueIs the price of a good, but depending on the production activity生産The price of the itemPlace of originThe reason why the price is higher than the price of etc. comes from the idea that value is created and added by production.

Added value in the economy is created by producers such as companies through production activities.Production amountFrom raw materials purchased by producers such as the companyfuelIt is often regarded as the one obtained by subtracting the intermediate input such as.wage,profit,interest, Rent,rentIt is divided into. The sum of the added value added at each production stage is equal to the price of the final product.

Marx EconomicsIn the labor theory of value, the source of value is the dropped labor. The special value in use that creates value is the labor force, but the value of labor force products isReproductionIt is defined by the amount of labor required for. Wages are defined by the cost of reproducing the labor force. However, since the labor force can work more than the amount of labor required for its own reproduction (necessary labor), the unpaid labor (unpaid labor) portion is the capitalist's share. thisSurplus valueThat.

Modern economicsThen, both the labor force and the means of production such as land, buildings and machines are the factors of production necessary for production and cannot be distinguished.The added value produced is distributed to wages, profits, etc. according to each marginal product capacity. (If the production function is yield invariant with respect to scaleEuler's theoremEnsures that the allocation is proportional to the marginal product. )

Added value in engineering

Added value in engineering often means that it is better for the user than before, based on some process. For exampleWind-power generation,Solar powerInWind,LightからElectricalIs generated. In such a case, it is considered that the process of power generation has added value to natural phenomena for those who use electricity.

Added value in other situations

When the word added value is generally used other than the above, it is a unique value that is different from the added value in the economy and industry mentioned above.ServicesOften refers to the case accompanied by.For example, not only those who work only for the compensation as wages, but also those who get a sense of accomplishment of the labor, it is the added value of the labor provider, and the recipient is monetary. If you get satisfaction beyond the value, you can say that it is the added value of the consumer.However, it must be continuous, not ad hoc.

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