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📊 | Daiwa Lease / Branch Chigasaki 3 Open to complete 3 commercial facilities


Daiwa Lease / Branch Chigasaki 3 opens to complete 3 commercial facilities

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It is connected to "Branch Chigasaki" and "Branch Chigasaki 2" by a connecting bridge, and is a complex facility that enriches people's lives together with existing facilities.

Daiwa Lease opened "Branch Chigasaki 10" in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture on October 22nd, and public x private Photoshop ... → Continue reading

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Complex facilities

Complex facilities(Fukugoushisetsu) is a general name for a facility consisting of multiple types of facilities in the same building or site. The type of facility varies depending on the case, and there are multiple commercial facilities (shops, restaurants, entertainment facilities, etc.), multiple cultural facilities (halls, libraries, etc.), public facilities / cultural facilities, commercial facilities / offices / residences, and multiple facilities. There are various sports facilities.


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