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📢 | Milk soap WEB limited video "Sa, wash away." Special movie release notice


Milk soap WEB limited video "Sa, wash away." Special movie release notice

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Milk soap is a corporate message to support people who do their best
This is a compilation of a series of advertisements that are being advertised all over Japan.

October 2021, 10 Milk Soap Kyoshinsha Co., Ltd. https://www.cow-soap.co.jp/… → Continue reading

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Milk soap kyojinsha

The original notation is "Milk stone soap Kyoshinsha"is.The page name given to this article isTechnical limitationsorArticle name restrictionsIs inaccurate due to.
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Milk Soap Kyoshinsha Co., Ltd.(Gyunyu Soap) is makeup石 鹸-shampoo-CosmeticsManufacture and sale ofJapan OfToiletryCompany.The location of the head office isOsakaOsakaJotoImafukunishiXNUMX-chome.Generally, "Milk soapIs widely known.


"Cow brand (COW BRAND)A daily necessities maker known for its soap.Besidesshampoo,rinse,Bath additiveEtc. are also sold.

CM song "Milk soap good soap"(SongwritingTokio Miki) Is known as "milk soap".Its roots are Tomijiro Kobayashi Shoten (currentlyLion), Invented by Takakichi Terazawa and manufactured by Konkodo.[2]..Later, as a product of Sato Sadajiro Shoten, it was commissioned from the store to produce and sell.1928 Constructed a factory (currently on the land where the head office is located).After that, it took over the trademark from Sadajiro Sato Shoten and started production and sales as its own brand.Osaka at that time was also the center of the Japanese soap industry, and there are still multiple manufacturers' factories.

Our main product, cosmetic soap "Red box(Akabako) "is based on the traditional" kettle-cooking method "(made by putting raw materials in a kettle, heating them, and using the ingredients gathered in the upper layer).[3]..Since it takes a lot of time and effort to depend on the eyes and skills of the craftsmen, we searched for other manufacturing methods for a while, but as a result, we did not change them, and we continue to maintain the "Kamadaki manufacturing method" until now.In addition, "Red boxThe English name of "" was "Toilet Soap" at first, but1967 The name has changed from "Beauty Soap".

By the way, the old company name and the "Kyoshinsha" in the current company name are "employees and society.TotalToSusumuIt means "mu".Currently "milk soap"Red boxとBlue boxIs on sale[3], Once for the whole countryWhite boxWhen,Kyushu regionLimitedGreen boxWas also on sale.

Trademark "牛Is also used in "The business is like the steps of a cowIs taken from the maxim[3]..This means that cows are serious and familiar animals from the corporate philosophy of providing products that are loved and pleased by everyone under solid management, in the sense that they should not move forward or backward, but move forward persistently. It was adopted because it is.

Midori-kaiIs a member company ofSanwa GroupBelongs to[4].


  • 1909 (Meiji 42) May: Nara Jiro Miyazaki in OsakaHigashi Ward(CurrentChuo-ku) Established as Kyoshinsha Soap Factory in Shimizutani.
  • 1928 (Showa 3): Osaka CityHigashinari WardConstructed and operated its own factory in the current head office of Imafukucho (currently part of Joto Ward), and started production and sales of its own brand.At the same time, the "Cow Brand Red Box", which is still on sale, is now on sale.
  • 1931 (6)May 12: Changed the trade name to Kyoshinsha Soap Co., Ltd.
  • 1943 (Showa 18): Changed the trade name to Kyoshinsha Oil & Fat Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 1963 (Showa 38): Joto-ku, OsakaNakachaya(CurrentlyTsurumi kuA new factory (Yasuda factory) was constructed in (a part of), and the highest production equipment and the latest manufacturing technology were introduced.
  • 1965 (40): Opened Tokyo branch office (currently Tokyo metropolitan area branch office).
  • 1967 (Showa 42): Changed the trade name to Milk Stone Soap Kyoshinsha Co., Ltd.
  • 1994 (6): Changed the symbol mark and logo on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the founding[5]..The first corporate message "I want to respond to my commitment.Is adopted.Taking this opportunity, it is printed on both the "Cow Brand Red Box" and "Cow Brand Blue Box" packages.Dairy cowThe position of was changed from the upper right to the upper center.
  • 2008 (20): Next year (XNUMX)2009 ) Minor changes to the symbol mark and logo toward the 100th anniversary of its founding.In addition, the second generation corporate message "The kindness that never changes.Adopted.
  • 2013 (25)May 2: 85th anniversary of the release of "Cow Brand Red Box"following yearOn the occasion of the 105th anniversary of its founding, the package was significantly changed for the first time in about 20 years.May 3Announced that it will be released in Japan.At the same time, the Yasuda factory was opened to the press on the day. Although it will be the 10th generation, the corners of the back color will be changed to rounded ones, and the lower center, which was written as "milk component combination", will be changed to the company's main product "red box" became.In addition, the "Cow Brand Red Box Bus Size" that has been released so farMay 3It was abolished to the limit and it was decided to release "Cow Brand Red Box 125" as a successor product, but this was named because it weighs 125 g.[6][7].

Other officers

  • Senior Managing Director Kazuhiro Yoshimoto
  • Managing directorDirector Kimio Kawakami
  • Director Yoshiyuki Miyazaki
  • Director Yasuo Okazaki
  • Director Masao Kurahashi
  • Director Shinya Miyazaki
  • Director Norihiro Wada
  • Statutory Auditor(Full-time) Hiroshi Fukui
  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member Hiroshi Fujiwara
  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member Mitsumitsu Hikita


Related company

  • --Headquarters: Joto-ku, Osaka [2]

Overseas subsidiary

Main products


  • Solid makeup soap
    • Cow brand red box
      • When the background color of the box was changed to pink in the design renewal in 1974, sales decreased significantly.Consumers and retailers also commented that the color of the red box seemed to have faded, so sales were recovered by returning the background color to red in a short period of time.
    • Cow brand blue box
    • Cow brand Additive-freeSoap
    • Kewpie baby soap
    • Cow Brand Natural Soap (rice bran, olive, rose)
  • Body Soap
    • Milky body soap series
    • Bouncia Body Soap Series
    • Kewpie whole body baby soap series
    • Cow brand additive-free body soap
    • Aloe Body Soap (In the past, rinse-in shampoo was also sold as the Aloe series)
  • Face wash
    • Natural cleansing soap (honey, tea, charcoal)
    • Skin Life Series [Quasi-drugs] (Medicated cosmetics are also on sale as an acne care brand. In the past, bar soap type and medicated spots essence were on sale)
    • Cow brand additive-free facial cleansing foam
    • Additive-free face wash series
  • Makeup Remover
    • Additive-free makeup remover series
  • shampoo rinse
    • Kewpie baby shampoo series
    • Additive-free hair care series
  • hand soap
    • Additive-free hand soap (only foam type released)
    • Medish Series (Medicated Hand Soap and Tooth)
  • Bath additive
    • Hot water story series (formerly sold independently, but now moisturizing milky lotion baths and luxurious foam bathing charges are on sale)
  • For gifts
    • Cow brand series
    • ミ モ ザ
    • Milky soap series
    • my friend
  • shaving
    • Milk brand shaving cream (initially "milk brushless shaving cream". Later "brashless" was deleted and changed from "milk" to "milk brand" in 1974)


  • Bar soap
    • White box
    • Green box (Kyushu region only)
    • Milk baby soap (inherited to Kewpie baby soap)
    • New type(Although it was on sale for a long time, it was discontinued around 2010. There was a time when hair care was also on sale)
    • Florida sandalwood (sold for a long time, but discontinued around 2010)
    • Florida Violet
    • Charm (transparent beauty soap)
    • My Hope Soap
    • Moislan (weakly acidic soap)
    • Aloe soap
    • Material heart series (tea, sake lees, soybeans)
    • Medish medicated soap (discontinued at the end of March 2014)
    • Bride (released only in public baths. It was once released to the general public. It will be discontinued in 2018)
  • Facial wash
    • High charm
    • Skin pier (also body shampoo)
    • (Hair care, body soap, and makeup remover were also on sale, and later only the facial cleanser "face wash pack foam" was available. Discontinued at the end of September 2014)
  • hand soap
    • Handy creamy wash
    • Clean family hand soap
    • Ururua (hand soap with cosmetic solution)
  • Body Soap
    • My Hope Body Bubbles (Japan's first body soap)
    • Milky Sopy Series
    • Courier Medicinal Deodorant Body Wash (Discontinued at the end of March 2016)
  • shampoo rinse
    • Milk active shampoo (later renamed "milk shampoo" → "milk brand shampoo")
    • Milk Shampoo Special (later renamed "Milk Brand Deodorant Shampoo". There were two versions of the package)
    • Milk Hair Rinse (later renamed "Milk Brand Hair Rinse")
    • Milk brand lotion rinse (first direct type rinse. First use of "milk brand" name. Later shampoo will be released)
    • Milk brand cream rinse
    • My Set Tonic Oily Shampoo (First "My Set" Brand Product)
    • My Set Protein Shampoo & Rinse
    • My Set Special Shampoo Yellow (later renamed "Milk Brand Yellow Shampoo")
    • Day-up series (including styling products)
    • Eden (soap hair care series)
    • Tea shower
    • Narity
    • Moore Super Conditioning
    • Yuanna series (including styling products)
    • Street tonic shampoo (discontinued at the end of September 2016)
    • Shawaran series (Styling products, cosmetic soaps, and tonic shampoos that were only sold in public baths were sometimes sold)
  • Bath additive
    • Aroma resort
  • More
    • Milk brand shaving foam
    • Loveju series (hair care, body care, face care brand)
    • One-day series (hair care, body care, face care brand)
    • Mint Nick Series (Hair Care / Body Care Brand)
    • Air freshener "soap scent"

Many others


Sponsored programs


BothAsahi Broadcasting RadioProduction program


tv set

Programs that have been offered for 90 seconds or more1986 OctoberAlthough it was completed by, in principle, the reading provided at that time was "Rich lathering milk soap'[8]was.Provided by one companyIn the program, it screams "mo-mo-"Dairy cowCryOpening catchWas used as.

But,1973 OctoberSubsequent program "Challenge the singing imitation star !! (At that time: Challenge the soap bubble singing battle star !!)"When"Bubbles HelloWas not used in "Soap Bubble Special Pink Lady Typhoon").Instead, in "Challenge the Shabondama Imitation Battle Star !!", the dairy cow mark on the top of the stage was projected up in front of the opening mouth.

Program provided by one company
Programs provided by multiple companies

* The program itself continues even now

Hitchhiking charge

The following three programs are not official sponsors, but after the endHitchhikeWas in charge of.

Interruption of CM broadcasting

In addition to the above programs, milk soapAsahi BroadcastingProduction/TV Asahiseries OfNationwide netHe was a sponsor of many programs, mainly programs.However1999 , Undertook advertising activities for many yearsAdvertising agency-Mannensha[15]Was closed due to an application for bankruptcy, the company itself was sluggish, and the advertising effect was reduced.[16]By the end of December,It's morning! It's raw travel salad』(Asahi Broadcasting Production) sponsored.Taking this opportunity, he withdrew from the sponsorship of national online programs and stopped broadcasting spot CMs.

Resumption of CM broadcasting

Broadcasting of spot CM resumed in 2005.As for TV commercials, in 2005, we broadcast commercials for the "Milky Body Soap" series and "Bouncia" series only in the spring and region.CurrentlyInfomercial[17][18]Other than that, it is not produced in principle, but some commercials including this commercial are "Milk soap townYou can see it at the "COW Theater" in.

On the radioSTV radio-FM Iwate-Tohoku Broadcasting-FM Sendai-Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.-Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.-FM Tokyo(TOKYO FM) ・J-WAVE-Bay FM-Broadcasting System of Niigata-Shizuoka broadcasting-CBC Radio-Tokai Radio Broadcast-ZIP-FM-MBS Radio-Asahi Broadcasting Radio(ABC) ・FM Osaka-FM COCOLO-RSK Sanyo Broadcasting(RSK radio)・China broadcasting-RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System(RKB Radio)・Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting(KBC Radio)・Kumamoto BroadcastingIs broadcasting a corporate commercial as a spot.

In addition, on Asahi Radio Broadcasting, a local station for milk soap, from the middle of 2013, "Good morning personality Yozo Michigami" "Sports topic" (Hanshin TigersMichigami said, "The day after he won the official game.Rokko gratedJoined the sponsor of the famous corner) known for singing enthusiastically[19](Transition to "ABC Weather Forecast" at 2021 o'clock from April 4, 1).By the way, in the same station, "Sports topics" → "ABC weather forecast" and "Spot frame"Red boxBroadcast a 20-second commercial.This commercial uses the same dairy cow bark as the one-company-provided program on TV (described above) and a part of "Milk Soap Song" (described later).

Infection with new coronavirus is expandingFrom 2020, as part of infection prevention measures, we are also broadcasting a radio commercial that emphasizes the importance of washing hands with soap.

CM song "Milk Soap Song"

Immediately after the opening of a terrestrial commercial radio station in Japan1956 From TV and radio, corporate commercials and "Red boxAn original song that has been used for a long time in commercials.Lyrics and compositionTokio Miki.. Only No. 1 is used in commercials, but in reality, up to No. 3 are made.Also, the lyrics in the current commercial are slightly different from the original lyrics.[20]..There are two versions of the commercials currently on the radio (mentioned above) that do not use "Milk Soap Song" and a shortened version that connects the first and last passages of the first lyrics.

Distribution of curtains with company name to public baths

Of the same traderKaoAlong with, all over JapanPublic bathToGoodwillIt is also known to distribute.

Regarding milk soap, we focused on the fact that the public bath, which is also a customer of our products, functions as "the best social gathering place in the town."1955 Around that time, we began to distribute curtains with the company name to public baths.Currently, "Hokkaido type", "Tokyo type", "Osaka type" and "Kyoto type" are available based on the fact that the design of the curtain differs from region to region.We also manufacture "counter-type" curtains for suburban public baths.[21].. In addition,2007 Until then, we had to produce and distribute curtains with different designs twice a year (summer and winter).[22].

In Japan in recent years, due to the long-term recession, soaring crude oil prices (which are the fuel for public bath kettles), and the widespread use of indoor baths that are close to 100%, there are a number of public baths that have fallen into business deterioration or business closure.However, for milk soap, while changing the pace of making goodwill once a year, we continue to distribute new goodwill.

Video distribution

Good bath day (November 11)

Corporate video


Related item

  • Lion (company) --Milk soap was originally sold by Lion when it was founded (at the time of "Tomijiro Kobayashi Shoten").AlsoBell mark movementThey have a common history of participating in.
  • Tokio Miki --Lyrics and composition of the CM song "Milk Soap Song"
  • Monster hunter portable - Capcom OfPSPuseGame software.2010 OctoberIn collaboration with the released "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd", the original soap "Yukumo Soap" (not for sale) in the form of the character "Iru Dharma" that appears in the game for the first-come-first-served bonus at the official fan club "Monhan Club" Distributed[25][26].
  • UNIQLO - 2012 からcollaborationCollaboration with blue T-shirts Red Steteco is on sale.The blue T-shirt is "our symbol markDairy cow"Mark" and "Beauty Soap" are on the chest and ventral side, corporate message "Keep the same kindness" and "Milk soap" are on the back side, and "Our symbol mark, the dairy cow mark" is near the neck. Is written small in[27], Red Steteco has "Dairy cow mark, which is our symbol mark" and "Beauty Soap" written alternately.[28].
  • Monsavon-formerly a French cosmetics manufacturerL'OrealA subsidiary of the company. Launched its own milk soap (savon au lait) from 1925. Since 1936, he has sponsored a radio amateur throat show.The parent company is L'Oreal →Procter & GambleCompany → (Sara Lee) Company →UnileverIt is changing with the company[29]..It became a subsidiary of Unilever2011 .
  • Kidzania Koshien - HyogoNishinomiyaA large experience facility in.Exhibited the "Soap Factory", a pavilion where you can experience making soap with milk soap.
  • Kidzania Tokyo - TokyoKoto WardA large experience facility in.Following the affiliated KidZania Koshien, we exhibited a pavilion "Soap Factory" where you can experience making soap.
  • Joto --Joto Ward, where the head office of milk soap is located,Joto Police StationWith the illustration of "Momo-chan" in collaboration withSnatchPrevention cover (BicycleManufacture and distribution (things to be attached to the front basket).
  • Ogasaka Ski Mfg. Co., Ltd. - ノ ノ ー ボ ーOf the brand "SCOOTER"2016-2017The collaboration model "COWLIFE THRUSTER" was sold as a model[30].
  • Luncheon(NHK general TV) --The pattern of the manual work of craftsmen engaged in the manufacture of bar soap at the Yasuda Plant in Tsurumi-ku, Osaka, and the interview closely related to lunch.2021 May 2Broadcast to.Public broadcastingInstead of the company name, it was introduced as "a factory in Tsurumi, Osaka, where solid soap is made by the kettle-making method that uses natural fats and oils."

The following people are all professional athletes who have a sponsorship contract with us.2016 May 2Introducing the activities and recent status of contract athletesCOW SPORTSWe have set up a site called "" separately from our official site.


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