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📢 | November 11th of this year is the watchword of #loved ones and Pocky! !!Viewer Participation Online Event & Twit…


On November 11th of this year, #loved ones and Pocky are the watchwords! !!Viewer Participation Online Event & Twit…

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Generation Z influencers (Eito Konishi, Ryosuke Sota, Karen Ishikawa, Yuna) will be appointed as Pokipuri cheering party ambassadors.

The 23rd "Pocky & Pretz Day"!On November 11th of this year, #loved ones and Pocky are the watchwords! !!Viewers ... → Continue reading

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Sho Ishikawa

Ishikawa Karen(Karen Ishikawa[3],2003 〈Heisei15 years>May 3[3] -) isJapan OfInfluencer,talent,YouTuber.HokkaidoSapporoBackground[1][3].. Height 153 cm[3].. Blood type is B[3]..Member leader of the unit group "Five Emotion".Platinum productionAffiliation[3].


Under the name of "Niki Shorin"[4][5], Belongs to the local theater company "Fruit Basket"[4]..In addition to performing on stage, appearing in movies and TV dramas[3][4].

After that, he belonged to Platinum Production, from November to December 2019,AbemaTVYouth romance reality show by high school students broadcast onI like it today."ofGuamAppeared in[3][6].Sena GotoA couple was formed with, and it is extremely popular as a "senakare" couple.[6].. From March 2020, as "Senakare"YouTubeOpen channel[6]..The number of subscribers exceeded 1 in just one week[6].

Ishikawa As an individual, in addition to modeling activities, he is expanding the range of activities such as singer activities and commercial / drama appearances.[6].. In November 2020, launch his own fashion brand "Flying Belle"[7].


"I like it today.The popularity and reputation as a "Sena Kare" couple with Sena Goto, who was established as a couple in the Guam edition, is very high.2020 OctoberIt boasts a huge popularity that sets it apart from the others, such as shining first in the "Today's Favorite Best Confession Ranking" broadcast around the time.[8].

2020 May 3, Started YouTube as "Senakare" with Sena Goto[Video 1].

Also, as "Senakare"2020 OctoberSince then, he has appeared in many commercials.After that, there are many opportunities to work as "Senaka", such as working as an advertising model with two people, such as events related to today's favorite, "Today's favorite spring break special edition", "Today's favorite club after school challenge edition", etc. Also appeared in two people, and also appeared in many fashion shows.

after that,2021 May 1Report the catastrophe.The reason for the catastrophe was, "As each other's work gets busy, the time we can meet decreases, and before we know it, we become a family-like relationship that rejoices in each other's growth and decided to return to our best friend. . "

In the event of a catastrophe, I have rarely mentioned the catastrophe of a couple I like today.Yusuke InoueAlso commented on his own Twitter. I updated Twitter on the 24th and said, "Did you say goodbye to'Senaka'? Unfortunately, it's a decision made by the two of us. It's amazing that it's been a year and three months in high school romance! I've only been in high school for two months. I hope that Sena and Karen will continue to be important friends, so I hope they will be happy in different ways in the future. " On the 2th, on his YouTube channel, he urgently delivered live with the title "[Emergency live delivery] Today's favorite couple. Thank you Sena-kun and Karen-chan."He expressed his feelings that the existence of a couple called "Senakare" was special and important for both himself and the watcher, and with the feeling of regret, he once again thanked and aleed the two who were the signboard couples he liked today. sent.

Once again, it was decided to show the size and influence of the existence of a couple called "Senakare".

Even after the catastrophe, they were on good terms, and they appeared on the YouTube channel they like today, and also appeared on the "Today's Favorite Club Graduation Project", showing that they were on good terms.


  • My hobbies are karaoke, Korean dramas, and watching idols.[3]
  • Special skills are making pork soup, funny face, goat barking[3]
  • Longing for entertainerAAA OfUno Miyako[6]


TV program

TV drama


  • I like it today.(AbemaTV)
    • Guam (November 2019, 11-December 11, 12)[6]
    • Spring Break Special Edition (March 2020th-March 3th, 16)[14]
    • Today's Favorite Club After School Challenge (April 2020, 4-August 6, 8)
    • Today's favorite club graduation project (February 2021, 2-March 1, 3)
    • Spring Break Special Edition (March 2021, 3, March 22)
    • High 3 members gather!Today's favorite graduation online fan meeting! (March 2021, 3)
      * Live broadcast, MC with Sena
    • Today's Favorite Club Cultural Festival Project (August 2021, 8-October 2)
  • Showdown Rakugo(Twitter / YouTube, July 2021, 7 --August 28) --As Suzuka Ono[15]




As "Senaka"
  • Rohto Pharmaceutical Acnes Senaka Online Date Edition (July 2020, 7-)[19]
  • Rohto Pharmaceutical TONE my LIP Transfer Student Secrets (September 2020, 9-)[20] * Also in charge of CM songs[21]

Music video


  • "Super Sherique girls" (Sherique Official Ambassador, September 2020-) [23]

Video distribution




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Ryosuke Sota

Ryosuke Sota(Sota Ryosuke,1997 <9>May 10 -) isJapan OfAn actor,モデル.Shimane I'm fromBlood Type TheO..Belongs to Arrows Entertainment.


February 1997, 9 (Heisei 10),Shimane MatsueBorn in.

2016 year 4 month,Hiroshima Institute of TechnologyEnrolled in. Enter the university Mr. Con when you are in the second year[1].. 2020年3月に卒業Graduated in March XNUMX[2].

From 2018 year 7 month 5 dayTikTokStart posting and gain popularity.

From July 2020, 1, "Not cheated by the moon and wolves』Appeared in[3].. Instagramのフォロワーが18万人ほど増え、街中で声をかけられることが増えたというInstagram's followers have increased by about XNUMX, and more people are being called out in the city[4]



TV drama


Entertainment shows

Delivery drama

Delivery variety show

  • Hiroshima Harajuku conversion plan. (February 2019, 2-November 17, HOME Poruporu TV)[24][25]



  • Munekyun Warning (August 2019, 8, Hitomachi Plaza North Building 2th Floor Multimedia Studio) --Guest[28]
  • Blue Sky Highlights ~ from The leading chair is my chair (February 2021th to 2st, 11, Mixalive TOKYO Theater Mixa)-The role of Rain Sound
  • Yowamushi Pedal SPARE BIKE Hen ~ Heroes !! ~(March 2021-3, 19, Sankei Hall Breeze, Osaka / March 21-2021, 3, Nippon Seinenkan Hall, Tokyo)-Starring Sakamichi Onoda



  • Umi no Pol Festival in STU48 (November 2019, 11, Onboard Theater STU2 Onboard Hiroshima International Ferry Port)[30]



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