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📢 | Japan's first preserved flower vending machine installed in Osaka City "naocan" will be held on October 10 (Wednesday) Oh ...


Japan's first preserved Buddha flower vending machine installed in Osaka City "naocan" will be held on October 10 (Wednesday) Oh ...

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The appeal of preserved flowers is that they can be stored for a long time without any hassle.

Naokan, who has been manufacturing and selling preserved Buddhist flowers at shrines and temples in Kansai, is not face-to-face in Ikuno Ward, Osaka. → Continue reading


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preserved flower

preserved flower(English: Preserved flowers) is a material in which fresh flowers and leaves are submerged in a special liquid to remove water. Due to the unfamiliarity of "preserved", for a whileBlizzardThe false name "flower" has also spread.In addition to the above in Englishflower preservation , floral preservation Also called.


1991 ToFranceAnnounced patent preservation technology, which became widespread as it was used by floral designers.However, it is not that Vermont is the origin of preserved flowers, but that it is a pharmacy.GlycerinThe hobby of purchasing and producing has existed since the Showa period.


Strong Points

  • It is suitable for events because it does not need to be watered.The absence of short-term deterioration does not make the viewer feel stressed.
  • It has a fresh texture and softness that is comparable to living plants.
  • light.
  • Maintain its shape for a long time in a suitable storage environment.
  • There is no need to worry about pollen allergies, and it is easy to use for visiting hospitals.
  • Wedding bouquetCan be used as.If you order a fresh flower bouquet and make it a preserved flower after the wedding ceremony, you can save time by using the preserved flower even at the wedding ceremony.


  • The selling price is high because it requires processing.
  • It is more easily damaged than fresh flowers.
  • Sensitive to humidity and strong UV rays.
  • If you touch the cloth for a long time, the dye of the flower will transfer.
  • Due to the nature of the material, the expression is biased toward the composition in which the flowers are arranged without gaps.However, real artificial flowersDried flowerWhen combined with, the expression method expands.

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