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📊 | Calm Design / Seven Park Amami's new format "GOOD SOUND COFFEE Amami store"


Calm Design / Seven Park Amami New Business Format "GOOD SOUND COFFEE Amami Store"

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For sweets that are indispensable for coffee time, we offer homemade Basque cheese cake that is gluten-free.

Calm Design, which designs and produces stores and manages restaurants, will open in Matsubara City, Osaka Prefecture on November 11th. → Continue reading

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Basque cheese cake

Basque cheese cakeOrBasque cheesecakeIs a rich flavor with a black charcoal on the outsideCheesecake.Spain OfSan SebastianBaked cheesecake based on the recipe of the restaurant La Viña, which is not available in the Basque region under the name "Basque cheesecake". In Japan, it has been known as Basque cheese cake since around 2018.


Baked cheese cakeIt is a kind ofキ ャ ラ メ ルThe inside is characterized by being soft while being covered with[1][2][3]..It has less acidity as a cheesecake, and the taste is "Baked cheese cakeRare cheesecakeThe best of both worlds[4]Is said.Cream cheese,egg,sugar,Wheat flour,Fresh creamWell mixovenBake, then refrigerate[1][2][3][5][6].. However, some recipes do not use flour[7].. It has a rich cheese flavor,WineSometimes eat together with[1].. Although it is a baked cheesecake because it is baked, it has a mouthfeel that melts and melts inside, ``It is neither baked nor rare texture.[8]It is said that.Black tea,coffee,Wine,cognac,whiskyMay be eaten with[5].


La Vina

Basque CountryDoes not have a cake known in the local language as "Basque cheesecake" or "Basque cheesecake"[1].SpainNorth,Guipuzcoa Province OfSan SebastianIt is inRestaurantsThe outside is baked black at La VinaCheesecakeIs called "Basque cheesecake" in Japanese[1]..At La Vina, two large pieces are placed on a plate and served.[9].. La Vina has published how to make this cake and is well known locally[1].. Locally as "tarta de queso", which simply means "cheesecake"BarAre often offered at restaurants such as[2].

Introduction to Japanese confectionery stores

2016 in Japan,Plan・Do・See Co., Ltd.It started to be offered as "Basque cheesecake" at a restaurant operated by. The company's pastry chef was developed to reproduce the cheesecake that he ate in San Sebastian in the Basque Country in Spain in Japan.[10].. Even now,Plan・Do・See Co., Ltd.It is offered at each restaurant of the restaurant and has become a signboard menu[11].. Online sales will be held for a limited time in 2020. It became popular enough to sell out in a few minutes[12].

2018 year 7 month,TokyoMinato-kuThe Basque cheesecake specialty store, Gustà, opened and the cake using the La Vina style recipe became known as Basque cheesecake.[3].. With the opening of a specialty store, Basque cheese cake has gained attention in Japan[13].. OtherKoto WardThe cake shops that serve Basque cheesecake, such as the Kaorine confectionery shop in Japan, were featured in the media[7].

Spread as convenience sweets

2019 years,convenience store OfLawsonHas decided to market Basque cheese cake as a convenience sweet by its own development[14].. From early February to mid FebruaryGunmaIt was sold on a trial basis in Japan and was well received by female customers.[15].. On March 2019, 3, we started selling Basque cheese cake nationwide under the abbreviation ``Bastie'' and sold 26 million pieces in 3 days[16].. In developing, "a product that is a bit different from the classic products such as rare cheese and baked cheese[17]It is said that it aimed at. Strictly speaking, the chef Celica Fujisawa describes "Basque" as having a similar "soft texture and texture" to the dessert that is served in Basque.[18]..This was the fastest-selling confectionery of Lawson's convenience stores until then, Premium.Roll cakeIt became a big hit product[19].. It gained popularity mainly among women, and sold 2 million pieces in the first two months of sales.[3][19].. In August 2019, we also launched "Premium Bastie" with fresh cream added.[20].. By September 2019, sales were 9 million, by the beginning of December it was 2600 million, and by the end of December it was 12 million.[21][22][23].. In 2019ChristmasIn season, we changed recipe to improve shelf life to reduce food loss[24].

Lawson's sales of sweets were favorable as of November 2019, 11, with ``about 15% increase from the same period last year[25]It was decided to do. One of the reasons for Lawson's profit increase in the March-August period of 2019 is believed to be this Basque cheesecake hit[26].. Lawson developer, Hitomi Tojo, is alreadyWestern confectioneryIt was analyzed that the timing of the Basque cheese cake, which had begun to be popular in stores, was quickly released at convenience stores.[27].. The development of Basque cheese cake is Lawson's "strategy to differentiate with products not found in other companies"[28]Is evaluated as a typical example.

Other companies have started selling Basque cheesecake after the Lawson hit.[22].Seven-ElevenBegan selling Basque cheesecake half a year later than Lawson.[29]It was described as a follow-up to show that.FamilyMartAlso launched Basque cheesecake as a limited product in Minamikyushu[22][30].

It has been pointed out that the Basque cheesecake hit was a catalyst for boosting the retail Western confectionery market including convenience stores.[31].Hotel New Otani Makuhari OfbuffetBasque cheese cake comes into the lineup of,Sake OfBrewer Fermented food OfSweet SakeBasque cheese cake is now available at various stores[32][33][Annotation 1].. As a result of this fashion, new cheese-based confectionery has come into circulation.[35].


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  1. ^ Nishinomiya Sake Promotion Liaison Committee from August to September 2019 (Hyogo PrefectureNishinomiyaThe sake brewery and the city (of which are members) held a publicity event with a popular vote of confectionery using sake, and the 4 sake breweries exhibited at the antenna shops. A sake brewery in Kurakake-cho exhibits a cheesecake with koji amazake in cooperation with a Western confectionery store.[34].


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