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💹 | [Korea] Samsung invests about XNUMX trillion yen in new semiconductor factory in the US [IT] to produce cutting-edge products

Photo Samsung Electronics announced an investment plan at the Governor's Office in Texas on the 23rd (local time) (provided by the company)

[Korea] Samsung invests about XNUMX trillion yen in new semiconductor factory in the US [IT] to produce cutting-edge products

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According to the electronic newspaper on the 24th, Samsung Electronics has begun to make adjustments to manufacture 4 to 5 nanometer products originally designed by Google, Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook), and Tesla.

Samsung Electronics, a major Korean semiconductor company, sent a foundry to Taylor, Texas on the 23rd (local time). → Continue reading

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5 nanometer product

Samsung electronics

Samsung electronics(Hangul삼성 전자; HanchaSamsung Electronics; RRSamseong Jeonja, British: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.) Is South KoreaTechnology company and the world's largest manufacturer of comprehensive home appliances, electronic components, and electronic productsSamsung groupIt is a core company.2019 Sales and market capitalization in Asia are the largest as a single private company in Asia,Smartphone-Flat screen tv-NAND flash memory-DRAM, Small and mediumOLED displayNo. 1 in the world market share[3][4][5].2020 R & D expenses are the highest in the world[6].2021 The corporate brand power in the world is 5th in the world, and it is the 14st in Asia for 1 consecutive years.[7].


Samsung Electronics has 2010 sales South Korea OfGDP22% ofMarket capitalizationIs 25% of the Korean stock market (foreign shareholding rate is around 50%)[8]), Receiving more than 20% of South Korea's export value[9], Assets are koreanational wealthIt is the largest company in South Korea, approaching one-third of the total.

A company that symbolizes KoreaFortune global 500Then, the 12th place in the world company ranking (2018)[10].. Brand rankings from a British research firm show a brand value of $ 923 billion[Note 1]4th in the world (2018)[11].. 100th in the "26 Reputable Companies" survey conducted by an American consulting firm targeting global companies (2018)[Note 2][12].. Hong Kong-based communications marketing company and research firmNielsen[Avoid ambiguity]In the "Top 1000 Brands in Asia" jointly researched and announced by, ranked first for seven consecutive years (7)[Note 3][13].

With 30 employees, it has 65 production corporations and 130 sales corporations all over the world, and manufactures a wide range of electronic devices from home appliances to industrial products and military products.


From founding to around 1980

1938 OfKorea under Japanese ruleSamsung Electronics' parent company, Samsung Electronics, was founded in Japan, and its main business was food and clothing.

1969 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in January, and was established in December to enter the electronics industry.1970 Was established in January to produce white goods and AV equipment.They are,Saccharin smuggling caseSamsung General's attempting to rejuvenate fromLee Byung-chul(Lee Byung-chul)Sanyo Electric OfToshio Iue,NEC-Sumitomo CorporationLed by the cooperation of[14][15]The decision was made targeting the rapidly expanding demand market in South Korea at that time.

1977 To enter the semiconductor business by acquiring Korean semiconductors1980 Acquired Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute in March. From around 3, local sales corporations were established one after another overseas,Portugal,AmericaA factory was established in.

From around 1980 to the 2000s

Semiconductor business

1983 In February, founder Lee Byung-chul said, "There are few resources.South KoreaThe only way to make a second leap is to develop products that meet the natural conditions of Japan and require high value-added and advanced technology. "DRAMEntered the business. Announced the "Tokyo Declaration" aiming for Japan to lead in semiconductors, and the Tokyo branch of Samsung Electronics was opened in the same year, from JapanSouth KoreasemiconductorStarted importing manufacturing equipment[16]..Manufacturing technology has been a partner since the 1970ssharpReceived support from.Next time1984 ToMicronWith the support of design technology transfer, after a development period of 6 monthsMicronToshibaDeveloped the third 3k DRAM in the world following[17].. In the same year, the company name was changed from Samsung Electronics Industry to Samsung Electronics by merging Gwangju Electronics.

It will soon succeed in developing 256K DRAM. Meanwhile in JapanToshiba(Toshiba's DRAM division was later acquired by Micron) in 1984Fujio MasuokaIs the first in the worldNOR flash memoryDeveloped, developed the world's first 1985M DRAM in 1, the world's first in 1987NAND flash memoryWas actively developing next-generation memory, such as developing[18]However, due to the shortage of old-generation memory caused by the shift of top companies such as Toshiba and Micron to next-generation memory, Samsung, which dared to focus on 256K DRAM, made a huge net profit of 1988 billion won in 3200 alone. , The company expanded at once[19].. This management decision was made by Vice Chairman of the Samsung Group, the third son of Lee QiLee Kun HeeSo, after Lee Byung-chul died in 1987, Lee Kun-hee became the second chairman of Samsung Group. In 2, it succeeded in developing the world's first 1992M DRAM, and in 64 it secured a 1993% share of the DRAM market, surpassing Japan's Toshiba, which had only 13.5%, and finally became the world's largest share. It has maintained the top position ever since. In 12.8, it was the number one NAND-type flash memory in the world.

In 1988Mobile phoneThe foundation, which has become the main product since the 1992s, was also developed around this time, such as the development of a 10.4 inch TFT LCD monitor in 2000. However, many Samsung products at that time were inferior, and in businesses other than semiconductors, they were not successful in the global market, so in 1988, Lee Kun-hee, who became the new chairman, emphasized quality over quantity and pursued change and reform. Declared the philosophy "2nd founding". In 1993, it issued a "new management" declaration.

Relationship with Japan

  • 1986 ,ToshibaTsuyoshi Kawanishi General Manager Semiconductor Business Division[Note 4]Is the mediator of the managing director in charge of international affairsVIPWe received a welcome visit to a semiconductor factory under construction, and in return, the world's largest capacity at that time 1MegabitDRAMState-of-the-art under developmentOitaTour the factory[20]I'm letting you. In 1986, Samsung Electronics also developed a 1-megabit DRAM and became the manufacturing manager in charge of the production line at the Toshiba Oita Factory.scoutAnd is constructing a manufacturing factory with the same equipment as the Oita factory.[18].
  • 1987 Established research institutes in the United States and Japan in May1988 Semiconductor business sales 9 millionDollarRanked 18th in the semiconductor manufacturer sales ranking.
  • In 1988, Japanese semiconductor companies accounted for 10 of the top 6 semiconductor companies,1991 Bubble burstDue to the deterioration of funds due toRestructuringThen, Samsung Electronics received the backup of the Korean government, Toshiba,Matsushita Electric,Sanyo Electric,sharp,NECFromRestructuringHighly paid Japanese engineersHead huntingJapanese technologyAdviserAcquires the latest technology as a result of accounting for 77 of the foreign engineers[18].
  • 1992 , Toshiba and Samsung Electronics will conclude a joint development of flash memory and a contract to provide technical specifications and product information.1993 , Samsung Electronics will develop Korea's first 6MB flash memory.1995 , Toshiba and Samsung Electronics to collaborate on joint development of 64 megabit flash memory technology[18].
  • 1994 In March, NEC and Samsung Electronics signed a joint development and information provision agreement for the world's largest capacity 3-megabit DRAM at that time.At that time, the manufacturers that developed 256 megabit DRAM were in the world.Hitachi, Ltd.And NEC only.1994 In August, Samsung Electronics declares "world's first" 8-megabit DRAM development[21].
  • 1993 ,Semiconductor manufacturing equipmentIs a manufacturerDainippon Screen,TOWAInvested in local subsidiaries (DNS Korea and Towa Korea, respectively) to acquire semiconductor manufacturing equipment technology. Since the 2000s, the company name has changed while making both companies subsidiaries through a capital increase.2012 Will merge the two companies.Current SEMES[22].
  • MITITo continue the leading edge of Hinomaru semiconductor1996 In addition to the 10 Japanese manufacturers, Samsung Electronics will be accepted into the consortium "Semiconductor Advanced Technologies" that started in Japan in view of the trend of the global semiconductor industry.However, as a result, it will not be the revival of Japanese manufacturers, but will lead to the internationalization of Samsung and the acquisition of advanced manufacturing technology, and if Japanese manufacturers such as NEC withdraw from semiconductors one after another after the 2000s, many engineers will flow to Samsung again. become[23].
  • In 1991, the semiconductor manufacturer's sales ranking was 14th with $ 7 million.1995 83th place with $ 2 million2002 から2016 Up to usaIntelIt is second only to second place.
  • Japan's last DRAM makerElpidaHowever, when the company went bankrupt in 2012, the business conditions of the remaining three major DRAM companies (Samsung Electronics, Hynicks, and Micron) picked up, especially.2017 I like the unprecedented view of the DRAM industry, and in 20172018 Samsung Electronics' ranking is No. 1.

From the 2000s to the present

1990 eraThe position of Samsung Electronics in Korea until now was only one of the major companies, but due to the breakthrough in the semiconductor business mentioned above, etc.2000 eraSince then, the scale of business in South Korea and its impact on the Korean economy have become overwhelming, and it has grown into one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world.

In particular1997 OfAsian currency crisisBecame an opportunity to grow Samsung Electronics into a powerful company, contrary to the crisis of the national economy. Due to the currency crisis, 30 out of 16 large Korean companies have collapsed, and Samsung Electronics will be injected with public funds from the South Korean government.bankruptcyAlthough it was pushed to the brink, Samsung Electronics became a global company as a semi-governmental and semi-private company for the future of South Korea due to extensive structural reforms and efficient management plan execution to avoid bankruptcy. Accelerated the growth of[24].Internet bubbleAfter the collapse2000 - 2003 Samsung Electronics also recorded a net profit growth rate of 5%.

In addition, Samsung Electronics was a next-generation industry in the first half of the 1990s, with huge profits gained from semiconductors from the 2000s.LCDWe made large-scale investments in the business and mobile phone business, and increased our share in the global market for various products. AlsoMarketingActivity andcommercialThe activity is carried out on a large scale. For example, in 1996 through the “TOP Sponsor Plan”OlympicBecame an official partner ofNagano Winter OlympicsHas been the official sponsor of the Olympic Games and has been the Olympic sponsor since 2000s[25].

2009 In addition, Samsung Electronics is based on salesGermany OfSiemensAnd the USHewlett PackardThe world's largestIT・Became a home appliance manufacturer[26][27].. Samsung's share in 2009 is the world's number one in flat-screen TVs and semiconductor memory[28][29]Mobile phone is second in the world[30], Also ranks high in white goods. In the same year,2020 Vision 4,000 aiming to achieve sales of 2020 billion dollars[31].. In order to achieve this, we will improve the quality of life such as medical/biotechnology, environment/energy, convenience/healing centered on software and solutions in existing information/communication, AV business (Infotainment) centering on set/parts. Lifecare is included in a new business domain to transform into a "21st century business structure."

2010 Produced in-houseExynosMicroprocessorTheSmartphoneMounted on. NewerCPUStarted original development of core (mongoose).TexasAustin,CaliforniaSan JoseR&D was being carried out based in Japan, but it was announced that development will be discontinued in 2019.[32].

SonyAnd Samsung Electronics jointly manufacture LCD panelsS-LCDKoreanChungcheongnam-doWas established in2011 , Sony end the joint venture by selling all the shares of the joint venture to Samsung[33].

  • 2018
    • In May, the Korean prosecutor's officeSamsung biologics OfFinancial resultsStarted investigating allegations. By June 2019, 6,Evidence obliterationThree vice presidents of Samsung Electronics were arrested one after another on charges of instructing[34].
    • In August, it announced that it will invest 8 trillion won in the total of capital investment and R&D expenses for the three years to 2020. In addition to existing memory and organic EL panels, it was suggested that the company would also start developing new businesses such as communication infrastructure equipment, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and automobile parts that support next-generation communication standards (3G).[35].
    • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,NEC5GOfficially announced that it will partner with the technical development and sales of base stations for[36].
  • On September 2019, 9, we closed the Huizhou factory, a smartphone manufacturing base in China. Declining share in China and increasing manufacturing costs were problems. By the time the smartphone is closedIndia,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euWas being distributed to factories in countries with low manufacturing costs such as[37].


  • 1969
    • October -Established Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
    • October -Sanyo Electric in Koreajoint ventureEstablished Samsung Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. (merged with Samsung Electronics in 1977).
  • 1970
    • January --Established Samsung NEC as a joint venture of NEC in South Korea.
    • October -Trial production of monochrome TV "P-3202".
  • 1973
    • ? Moon --Established Samsung Electro-Mechanics (currently Samsung Electro-Mechanics).
    • December --Completion of Samsung Home Appliance Factory.
  • 1974 -Samsung Electronics Tokyo office opened
  • 1975 -Established Samsung Japan Co., Ltd.
  • 1977-Samsung Electric Co., Ltd. absorption merger.
  • 1978 October -Established a local sales corporation "SEA" in the United States.
  • 1980
    • March --Acquired Korea Electronics Co., Ltd.
    • October -Completion of the first local production corporation "SEP" in Portugal.
  • 1982
    • October -Established a local sales corporation "SEG" in Germany.
    • September-Completion of Portugal's first local production corporation "SEP".
    • December-Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute changed its trade name to Samsung Semiconductor Research Institute.
  • 1983-Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Tokyo branch opened
  • 1984
    • October --Renamed to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
    • ? Moon-Merged with Gwangju Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • 1984
    • 11 month - United KingdomEstablished a local sales corporation "SEUK" in Japan.
    • December --Established a local production corporation "SII" in the United States.
  • 1987
    • May-Overseas laboratories (USA, USA)Santa Clara, Tokyo, Japan).
    • 9 month - AustraliaEstablished a local sales corporation "SEAU" inCanadaEstablished a local sales corporation "SECA" in Japan.
    • October-Completion of a local production corporation in the United Kingdom and start of production.
    • ?Month - Lee Kun Hee(Lee Kun Hee) becomes the second chairman.
  • 1988
    • ? Moon-Merged with Samsung Semiconductor Communications Co., Ltd., Declaration of Second Founding "Become a top-class company in the 21st century".
    • 10 month - FranceEstablished sales company "SEF" atThailandEstablished a local production corporation "TSE" inMexicoCompleted the local production corporation "SAMEX" and started production.
    • Merged with Samsung Semiconductor Communications in November.
  • 1989 October - MalaysiaEstablished a local corporation in.
  • 1992
    • 2 month - CzechoslovakiaEstablished a local production corporation at that time.
    • 7 month - Chugoku・ Established VTR production corporation in Tianjin.
  • 1993 --Chairman LeeFrankfurtDeclaration of "new management" From quantity to quality management.
  • November 1994-Established Mugunghwa Electronics, a factory for people with disabilities.
  • March 1996-USATexasAustinStarted construction of a semiconductor factory in Japan.
  • 1997
  • 1998- Samsung japanEstablished.
  • October 2000-Established Communication Technology Research Institute in China.
  • 2004
    • October
      • LCD panel manufacturing company as a joint venture with SonyS-LCDEstablished.
      • Established Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology, a joint venture between Toshiba and optical disc equipment.
    • December-Samsung Electronics and Sony conclude mutual patent use agreement.
  • 2007 November --Withdrawal from the Japanese market for home appliance sales. Manufacturing and sales of mobile phones for SoftBank Mobile will continue.
  • 2008
    • April-Responsible for multiple illegal activitiesLee Kun HeeChairman and CEO resigned.
    • November-Headquarters moved from Taepyeongno, Jung-gu, Seoul to Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul
  • 2010 3 month - Lee Myung-bo OfpardonLee Kun-hee returns to chairman
  • 2016 November-Audio equipment and in-vehicle infotainment-related companiesHerman InternationalWas acquired for about US $ 80 billion.
  • 2017 2 month - The Federation of Korean Industries (Federation of Korean Industries)Submit a withdrawal notice to.


Main businesses and products


TV / audio


Consumer electronics


Samsung Electronics in Japan

Japanese corporation

Headquartered in Tokyo in JapanSamsung japanExpand, Samsung Electronics andSamsung groupThe company is engaged in import / export and Samsung-related business. Sales in 2018 are 3,855 billion yen.

Also, Samsun Nihon Research Institute[39]It has multiple bases such as Nagoya branch office and Nagoya branch office. In addition to Japanese research institutes, not only Korea but also the United KingdomPoland,Italy,Israel,Russia,India, China, America,BrazilWe have research laboratories in 18 countries around the world[40].

In terms of production, in addition to the Korean factory, it owns factories in more than 11 countries around the world and is developing a global strategy.

However, sales of Samsung home appliances in Japan were extremely sluggish, and withdrew from sales of white goods around 2000. After that, it continued to sell AV equipment such as flat-screen TVs, but in November 2007, Samsung Electronics announced that it would withdraw from the Japanese market for home appliances.[41].. Profit is low in Japan, and it is thought that this is because management resources are concentrated in the US and European markets.[42].. However, it sold corporate products, personal LCD monitors, HDDs, SSDs, electronic components, semiconductor memories, etc. in Japan. The Samsung mobile phones sold in Japan were treated as Samsung Telecom Japan, not Samsung Japan.

Due to the organizational restructuring carried out in 2012, the handling of parts such as semiconductors and LCD panels was left to Samsung Japan, and the finished products such as mobile phones were renamed from Samsung Telecom Japan.Samsung Electronics JapanTransferred to[43].. Currently, Samsung Electronics Japan sells smartphones, wearables and their peripherals.[44].

Galaxy Studio / Showcase

From 2016, Samsung Electronics' latest smartphonesVREtcSamsung GalaxyLaunched "Galaxy Studio", where you can experience the world view of free of charge. So far, it has been held at more than 50 locations throughout Japan, and a cumulative total of over 200 million people have visited.[45].

After January 2018HarajukuIt has been decided to continue with "BANK GALLERY", and the name will be renewed as "Galaxy Showcase" to further enhance the content.[45].

Main booth

S Pen Gallery

S pen[Note 5]You can use to decorate SELPHY. The image is output to the monitor and can be shared with a QR code. The decorated finished work will be printed and presented as a gift.[45].

Portrait pool

Decorate the image with the S pen on the selfie you took, and when you immerse the terminal in the aquarium, the image will appear on the underwater display. You can experience while enjoying the waterproof performance of your smartphone. The drawn image can be handed over by email[45][46].

Galaxy Fitness

Wearable terminalWear and challenge the bicycle race. Measure calories burned and heart rate, and compete for points in a ranking format. Besides, you can enjoy tennis and swimming[45][47].

VR attractions (pulsars, skeletons, mountain bikes, kayaks) 

Wearing "Galaxy Gear VR", 360 degreesvirtual realityAn attraction zone where you can experience 4 attractions. In "Pulsar", where you can enjoy VR content while the chair rotates in all directions, you can experience a transcendental flight or a time slip in the dinosaur era. In "Skeleton", you can experience downhill on ice. In "Mountain Bike", you can experience "Future Ride" where you can enjoy aerial driving in the city of the near future.[45][48][49].

Gear VR 4D Theater

An attraction where you can enjoy a shooting game using "Galaxy Gear VR" and a controller, using a chair that sits in groups of four as a spaceship. Eight people form a team and enjoy space battles[45][50].

Galaxy Virtual Studio

You can experience "Galaxy Studio" online virtually. Turn 360 degrees, Samsung ElectronicsSmartphoneYou can check your design from various angles. Also, of Samsung ElectronicsWearable terminalYou can also experience virtual[51].


In the original sound, "Samsung Jonja(= Samsung Electronics:삼성 전자) ”. In Japan, it is called "Samsung". This is believed to be based on the Roman alphabet in Japanese, as there were already several companies claiming to be Samsung when they entered Japan. ChugokuIn, the company name is written in kanji and "Samsung Electronics(sān xīng di àn zi, Sun Cindiens) ".

Related company


Relationship with the Olympics

1988 Seoul OlympicsStarted to be involved in the Olympics as a local sponsor of. afterwards,1998 Nagano OlympicsAs a worldwide official partner (wireless communication equipment category), it contributes to the Olympic movement. Also,2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsIn limited countries including Japan Galaxy edge S7"Olympic Games Edition" was sold specially[52].. At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, "Galaxy S21 5G Olympic Games Edition "was sold.


Currently, Samsung Electronics is aiming for "green management" by setting a goal of reducing sales-based greenhouse gases by 2013% compared to 2008 and improving the energy efficiency of products by 50% by 40. In 2009, Samsung Electronics announced the "Green Management" vision "Planet First", and presented its core promotion issues such as reduction of greenhouse gases when using products and business establishments, and expansion of sales of eco-friendly products. did[53][54].

Especially in domestic officesGreenhouse gasBy introducing reduction equipment, greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 2010% compared to 2008 based on the first half of 31. The Liquid Crystal Display Division will open on July 7th.Sulfur hexafluorideOf CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) businessUnited NationsWe are implementing initiatives for sustainable greenhouse gas reduction, such as obtaining approval.[55].


Samsung has been strengthening design management since the early 90's. A design center has been set up in the head office building, and the number of designers, which was two at the time of establishment, increased from 2 in 2005 to more than 510 as of 2010. Samsung reviews the design every two years. In the first year, we analyze trends, plan product strategies, and in the second year, create new designs.[56].


"Samsung," the company name of Samsung Electronics, means "three big, bright, and shining stars." The number "three" in the company name means "big and strong" in Chinese, and "star" includes the company's prayer of "bright, high and shining."[57].. Samsung's logo design emphasizes flexibility and simplicity,SpaceThe ellipse, which symbolizes the world stage, is slightly slanted to express a dynamic and innovative image. It is a common color of SamsungblueAs a color that gives a sense of stability and trust, it has the intention of becoming a company that is familiar to customers, and symbolizes a sense of responsibility to society. The English logo design expresses the customer-oriented intention through technology and the image of a high-tech company in a modern sense.[58][59].

Patent proceedings with Apple

Since 2011, with SamsungApple OfLawsuitA battle is taking place and Samsung Electronics' products are from AppleiPad,iPhoneSamsung Electronics is suing for infringing its design and patent rights.But on the contrary, Samsung Electronics has also filed a lawsuit alleging that Apple products infringe Samsung Electronics' patents.[60].. About this issueSteve Jobs"Android kills, because it's a stolen product," he said with anger.[61].

In the US District Court for the State of California on August 2012, 8, Apple won a patent litigation victory that could be called "the best scenario Apple could have expected."[62], Samsung ordered to pay $ 9 million[62]However, he appealed and decided to pay under the conditions described below.Samsung is described by the US and European media as a "fast follower," while Apple also describes it as a "pioneer" or a "creative follower." We had a difference in individuality between the two companies[63].. As the CEO said, "We are a fast follower who concentrates resources on our areas of expertise and aims at the global market," Samsung said, "Even if the products of rival companies are excellent," good things are good. " Start development immediately. It was a business structure that took off the latecomer business in a short period of time and quickly took off the market share. "[64]..At the trial, Samsung confessed that it developed a smartphone inspired by the success of the iPhone, and said that the iPhone is influenced by the design of Sony products, and Apple is not much different from Samsung. Claim.On the other hand, Apple explained that Jobs was secretive about the reason why Samsung products with similar concept and appearance were called "copycat", such as "Never talk about this development team". Was[64].

The Apple Samsung trial in the United Kingdom was noted in part after Apple lost the case and posted an apology on the top of the Apple website saying "Samsung does not imitate."Meanwhile, Judge Robin Jacob, who was in charge of the Apple Samsung trial, has since been appointed as Samsung's patent officer.[65]

2015 May 12Announces Samsung has agreed to pay Apple $ 5 million in damages[66][67].

Labor problems

Samsung has many factories,Han Gyore Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,India,IndonesiaAccording to interviews with 136 Samsung Electronics workers in Samsung Electronics, the Samsung factories in these three countries worked workers at almost the minimum wage, or at an amount that did not reach the minimum wage.The work was long and there was almost no break.An official of an international labor organization said, "Samsung's management is between global companies."Competition towards the bottom"A method of pursuing" was adopted.Samsung's factories have applied a method of working workers beyond the country's lowest line, and since it has spread to other companies, it is called "samsung labor".[68].


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