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📊 | LUMINE EST Shinjuku / Korean Cafe "Kum Coffee" first landed in Japan


Lumine est Shinjuku / Korean cafe "Kum Coffee" landed for the first time in Japan

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Authentic Korean coffee has succeeded in expanding its business dramatically from 2020 to 2021 while various food and beverage and cafe formats went bankrupt.

Korean wave village, which runs Korean roasted meat and Korean food KollaBo (collaboration), has recently become a popular brand in Korea, “Kum Coffee… → Continue reading

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2021 (2021 years old)AD(Gregorian calendar)by,Normal year starting from Friday.Reiwa3 years.

This item describes 2021 from an international perspective.

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GlobalNew coronavirus infectious disease epidemicDue to the influence of such factors, the following schedules may change.



Global pandemic of new coronavirusThis has had various effects on movie shooting and movie theaters, and the release has been postponed one after another from the previous year.

Live-action movie
Anime movie




Summer Olympics and Paralympics

Summer olympic-Paralympic Japanese flag Japan OfTokyoHeld in (1964 competitionSecond time since then).Global epidemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19)Under the influence ofModern olympicIt was postponed for about a year for the first time in history.



Nobel Prize

The event of fiction

  • October
    • First mannedMars explorationHad a missionNASACrew of the spacecraft "Mars 1"(English edition)Discovered a white polyhedron. All of the crew members surveyed by a radar from the immediate vicinity were hit by a huge tornado generated from a polyhedron, killing three people. The remaining one is unknown after sending a message to the earth. (movies"Mission to mars])[133][134]
    • Suma sparrow(I.e.Joined the garden "Enoshima Dinoland" as a keeper. (Comic"Dinosan])[135][136]
  • summer - Thailand-ChumphonIn the mountainous area ofMalaysiaAnd the declaration of conquest2041 A monument with a date of 100 meters or more in height suddenly appeared. This monument is named "Champhon Chronolis". First appearance of chronolis. (novel"(English edition)])[137]
  • Android "RT600" is released. (game"Detroit: Become Human])
  • The first interstellar expedition led by Robert Helmas uses a spin-digi driveJupiter moonからWolf seat XNUMXth starorSixty-first star of CygnusAim to travel. Then this is<West> campSenate Bliss Wagoner, who was considered to be a rebellion against and was in command of the plan, is executed. (novel"Space city"series)[138][139]
  • The huge radio system behind the moonBD+36 degree 2147 starReceives a 120 MHz radio signal that appears to have originated from the planet. During the eight months of observation, fragmentary words and spellings are identified in the signal. After that, BD+8 degree 36 star is named “Ra”, and the planet that is the source of the signal is named “Isis”. (novel"(English edition)])[140]


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