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📢 | A new model lineup of desktop PCs with short delivery times has been added from iiyama PC.  

Photo iiyama PC adds a lineup of new models of desktop PCs with short delivery times

A new model lineup of desktop PCs with short delivery times has been added from iiyama PC.  

If you write the contents roughly
Specifications and prices are subject to change or sales may end without notice.

UNITCOM Inc., which operates the personal computer studio Goodwill (Representative Director: Taizo Hashida, Headquarters: Naniwa-ku, Osaka City ... → Continue reading


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Out of print

Out of printWhat is (out of print, out of print)?bookTheReprintTo stop[1]..In turn, it is also used for goods whose production has been discontinued or terminated, making it difficult to obtain from general distribution.

When the book is out of print, the actual book will no longer be distributed, so it will be newly published except for the stock.bookstoreThen you will not be able to purchase it.Even if I order it, it will not be available.Secondhand bookstoreThere are many out-of-print books that can be purchased[2].

the sameInfomationAndCopyrightBooks that have been out of print due to others, such as acquiring publishing rights set by othersReissueMay be done[1]..Even if it runs out of stock as a paper bookE-bookOr only when there is an orderPrintSome books can continue to be purchased through on-demand publishing[3].

Reasons for out of print

The main reasons are as follows.

  1. When it is judged that sales will not increase or there is no possibility of further sales increase.
    • In the most casesInfomationRelinquishes publishing rights under a contract with the author and is out of print.
  2. By the intention of the author.
    • Kaoru TakamuraHas the idea that even a work that was once released to the world will not be regarded as a product at the time of writing and will continue to be raised after that, and when it was made into a paperback, the whole story was greatly revised <revised version>, and at the same time The published version is out of print.
  3. When it is discovered or regarded as a problem with the content of the book after publication.
    • Abe Kobo"" Was originally published as Abe's manuscript, but after publication, it was out of print due to the problem that Abe's wife had modified the deceased without permission.
    • Kaoru KurimotoAuthor'sGuin SagaIn some cases, such as Volume 1, a revised version was released with the content of the first edition pointed out as an out-of-print, and "Mrs. Chatterley's lover], It was once out of print (banned), but in some cases it was later released and republished.
    • Hiroshi HirataWritten manga "Bloody sword method』.Buraku Liberation AllianceIt was collected and out of print one month after its publication in response to the protest.
    • 2005 Published inJTB publishing"JTB Can Books Korean railwayJourney in JapanHenDespite being a book that was published2012 becomeSea of ​​JapanNotation of "Tokai" which is the Korean name of[4]In response to this, complaints flooded in, and the version with the "Tokai" notation was out of print and recovered.Later, it was revised to the notation of the Sea of ​​Japan and then republished.
    • Yuki SuetsuguMost cartoon works of. In 2005Flower of edenWhen traces from other people's works were discovered in multiple titles such as "", all the books of the last works up to that point were out of print (serialized at that time, ""Silver』Including).
  4. PublisherbankruptcyIf it disappears.
    • In this case, since the publishing right setting contract is often canceled, all the books published by the publisher are naturally out of print.Of course, this does not apply to books for which a publisher has been found that will take over the publishing rights and continue printing and publishing.
  5. Related to booksScandalIf happens.

Out of print and copyright

In a state similar to out of printOut of stock reprint undecidedThere is something like that. It is the same as out of print in that there is no publisher stock and no plans for reprints, but it differs from out of print in that the publishing rights are maintained without being abandoned. For this reason, most printing plates and the like are stored without being discarded. For exampleIwanami library,Iwanami ShinshoAs a general rule, there are no out-of-prints, so all books that are not in stock at the publisher are "out of print undecided".

WorksmoviesOut-of-print books may be republished by other publishers if they become a hot topic again, or if there are many requests and the publishers are also interested.

However, the contract between the publisher and the author may be ambiguous, or the publisher may want to retain the publishing right in anticipation of a renewed popularity in the future, so the distinction between the two is clear from the outside. It is not uncommon not to do so. For this reason, in general, even if the out-of-stock reprint is undecidedVirtually out of printIt is often regarded as.

Obligation to publish

The copyright law imposes a "publishing obligation" on publishers, and if this is not observed, a "request for extinction of publishing rights" may be made.

Article XNUMX The publisher shall have the following obligations with respect to the work for which the publication right is intended. However, this does not apply if there is a special provision in the setting act.

(I) Obligation to publish the work within six months from the date of delivery of the manuscript or other original product or equivalent, which is necessary for copying the work from the copyright holder.

(Ii) Obligation to continue publishing the work in accordance with customs

(Request for extinction of publishing rights)

Article XNUMX When a publishing right holder violates the obligation set forth in Article XNUMX, item (i), the copying right holder may notify the publishing right holder and extinguish the publishing right.

(2) In the case where the publisher violates the obligation set forth in Article XNUMX, item (ii), even though the copy right holder has notified the performance of the publication for a period of three months or more, the performance will be performed within that period. If not, the reproduction right holder may notify the publishing right holder and extinguish the publishing right.

In industries other than publishing

Music / video software industry (so-calledRecord industry), then,Out of printThe term "(haiban)" is used. Discontinuation involves not only disposal of inventory but also waiver of copyright, which is completely synonymous with out-of-print books.

In the world of manufacturing, following the publishing world, the term "out of print" is used to mean that the production of an item is permanently or semi-permanently stopped. This has the same meaning as a product that has been discontinued (produced) and sold. In addition, the end of inventory and production of parts is also called "discontinued number" because the part number is deleted. It is often confused with the term in the record industry and is often mistaken for "out of print."

Automobile,オ ー ト バ イIn the used industry such as, the model was discontinued and the successor model did not appear, and the genealogy was cut off and the model was abolished.Out of print car(Zeppansha) "may be called. There is a demand for more value than "mere used cars" for some popular models, and there is also a market specializing in out-of-print cars.

Audio equipment,Video equipment,Optical equipmentEtc.Industrial productsIn the second-hand industry, the model has been discontinued, and the model that has been discontinued due to the loss of genealogy regardless of the successor model or version upgrade model is called "Out of print model(Out of print) "may be called. Mainly luxuryPure AudioAnd luxurySingle-lens reflex cameraThere is a demand for more value than "mere used models" for some popular models such as, and there are not a few markets specializing in out-of-print models.

Plastic modelIn the industry, product molds are rarely discarded, and it is not uncommon for products that have been discontinued to be restored later due to restarting at the same manufacturer or moving to another manufacturer. Therefore, there are few cases where plastic models are premiumized even when production is discontinued.

On the other hand, in the toy industry, there are few cases where products that have been discontinued are revived. Therefore, some of the toys that have been discontinued are traded at a high price among collectors, and at specialty stores that handle products for collectors, the price is higher than the list price (PremiumMay be sold at a price).


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