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📢 | Ayaka Sayama from Kanagawa Prefecture has started the Kanagawa Rubber Project to disseminate the charm of the local area to the whole country.


Ayaka Sayama from Kanagawa Prefecture has started the Kanagawa Rubber Project to disseminate the charm of the local area to the whole country.

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This is a project in which a Kanagawa company and Ayaka Sayama collaborate to convey the charm of Kanagawa.

Dualis Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Daisuke Takahashi) is a talent from Kanagawa, Ayaka Sayama ... → Continue reading


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Ayaka Sayama

Ayaka Sayama(Ayaka Sayama,1993 May 5 -) isJapan Ofactress-モデル, OriginalGravure idol.

KanagawaBackground[1].G-STAR.PROBelonged to. VOTE MAKE NEW CLOTHES image model, belletia paris image model


2009 In mid-February, when I was in the third year of junior high schoolHarajuku StationWas scouted to the current office[Note 1]Debuted as a gravure idol[3][4][5]. July of the same year,@mistyThe first gravure was released prior to magazines and DVDs.

After graduating from high school in March 2012, he devoted himself to performing arts activities.[6].. April 4, the second generation "HEIWAInaugurated as "Image Girl"[7].. Aug. 7,Fuji TVDrama "GTODebuted as an actress.

Released on January 2019, 11Weekly playboy』I graduated from a gravure idol with the No. 48 traditional Chinese bookbinding gravure.[8].

On February 2021, 2, he reported on his Twitter that he would leave his office (G-STAR.PRO) at the end of February of the same year and that he would be active as a freelancer in the future.[9].


The second daughter of four siblings, with an older sister and younger brother who are two years old, and a younger brother who is older.[10].

Hobbymarathon,yoga,triathlon,Kickboxing,GymI go.Special skill isTongue twister,English Classes[11].Kiki Sake MasterObtained (Sake Sommelier) qualification at the age of 20[12].

Also known as a gravure that can play sports[13], Completed in May 2017[14].

My chest has been big since I was in elementary school, and by the time I was in 6th grade, my height had stopped growing and my body shape hadn't changed.[15].


TV drama

TV program

Web tv



  • 2nd generation HEIWA image girl (2012)[16]
  • Glico Dairy "Dororich" (2013)


  • Completed the Kasumigaura Marathon (April 2013, 4)
  • Kujukuri Triathlon[17] (2016 May 9) Team CHINTAI Gracia members (all in charge: Ayaka Sayama, swim in charge:Hikaru Aoyama, Run:Ayaka Onuki, Biker:Sayaka Hoshijima)[18]
  • Kujukuri Triathlon Ambassador (September 2017, 9)
  • Honolulu Triathlon Completed (May 2017, 5)
  • Tokyo Boys Collections 2018 in Budokan (February 2018, 2)
  • NIKE WOMENS TOKYO 10K RUN (March 2018, 3)
  • NIKE WOMENS TOKYO 10K RUN (March 2019, 3)


  • NHK Radio "No Good Radio Angel's Words"

Smartphone app

  • for Android (April 2011, 4,Kodansha)
  • Ayaka Sayama AYA Aya -Gravure Kingdom- (September 2011,NEC BIGLOBE)
  • Good job alarm (November 2011,Lion)
  • Dream Call (December 2011,)



This item includes some computers andBrowsing softwareCharacters that cannot be displayed withHeart mark)contained(Details).
  • Pure smile (November 2009, 11,Take Shobo)
  • Umbrellas (February 2010, 2,Saibunkan Publishing)
  • Gokkun ♥ 100% freshly squeezed "raw" Ayaka ♥ (May 2010, 5, Advance Agency)
  • Angel and Little Devil (August 2010, 8,Crocodile books)
  • Aya Color (December 2010, 12,SMD)
  • Setuna no Koibito Ayaka Sayama ~ The Miracle of High Teen 17 ~ (March 2011, 3, MBD Media Brand)
  • Girl doki! (June 2011, 6,Line Communications)
  • Aya Chu (September 2011, 9, Takeshobo)
  • Colored sigh (December 2011, 12,E-Net Frontier)
  • Ayadikar (May 2012, 5,Gakken Publishing)
  • 19 -JU-KU- (August 2012, 8, Line Communications)
  • I don't like it (November 2012, 11, Takeshobo)
  • Ah Kore-Super Extra (January 2013, 1, Line Communications)
  • Aya Doki ♡ (February 2013, 2, E-Net Frontier)
  • Sex appeal (May 2013, 5, Saibunkan)
  • Ayanti (August 2013, 8, Line Communications)
  • Ayaka Natsuiro (September 2014, 9, Shinyusha)
  • Mischievous girlfriend (December 2014, 12, Line Communications)
  • Hot Milk (March 2015, 3,Air control)
  • Bare skin (June 2015, 6, Line Communications)
  • Innocent Honey (October 2015, 10, Guild)
  • Fragrant skin, colorful season (January 2016, 1, Line Communications)
  • Guidance of love (April 2016, 4, Takeshobo)
  • Everywhere (July 2016, 7, Line Communications)
  • Every Princess in Bali (November 2016, 11, Air Control)
  • Two people getting closer (April 2017, 4, Air Control)
  • Ayaui Everyday (July 2017, 7, Line Communications)
  • I like it (November 2017, 11, E-Net Frontier)
  • Je t'aime (March 2018, 3, Takeshobo)
  • Last Gravure (January 2020, 1, Air Control)


  • hi movie Setuna no Koibito Ayaka Sayama Blu-ray R version (January 2012, 1, MBD media brand) --BD version of DVD of the same name
  • NICE IDOL (FAN) MUST PURE !!! vol.3 (September 2012, 9, NI (F) MP editorial department) --DVD magazine.Chapter 24 "Ayaka Sayama Gravure Shooting Making"
  • Ayaka Sayama Premium Blu-ray BOX (May 2013, 5, Saibunkan) --A set of 31 BD versions of the DVDs "Umbrella" and "Sex Appeal".Also includes a long interview


  • Ayaka Sayama, I'm here. (December 2018, 12,Fantastica)
  • At a hot spring inn, Ayaka Sayama, who misleads me with a yukata, is a world like that. (December 2018, 12,Fantastica)
  • Ayaka Sayama and I, who are too close to each other, just flirting with each other on the sofa or in bed.Such a world. (December 2018, 12,Fantastica)


Photo album


Trading cards

  • "No.1" Official Trading Card Ayaka Sayama (October 2011, 10,)
  • Bomb Card Limited "Ayaka Sayama" (September 2012, 9,Movic)


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注 釈

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