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📢 | Osaka Labor Association x IBM Skills Build's first event!


The first event of Osaka Labor Association x IBM Skills Build will be held!

If you write the contents roughly
Also, how should we face the future of the super-aging society that will come in the future while making full use of IT technology?

Because of the uncertain future of Corona, a talk set that delivers "self-improvement" to those who are looking for a job ... → Continue reading

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Information technology

Information technology(Journey,British: information technology, abbreviation: IT) Is情报Is the science and technology for acquiring, processing, preserving, and transmitting[1].

米 国 OfITAABy definition,ComputerBased onInformation system,In particularApplication softwareAnd computerhardwareSuch asResearch,Design,development of,Implementation,Support[2]Ormanagement[3].

The term "IT" is a term that has become widely used since the beginning of the 2000s (for example,IEEEIs abbreviated as "IT society"Information theory(British: information theory) Is a specialized group of[4]),インターネット,Mobile phone, And so onInfrastructureAnd varioussoftware,ServicesIt is used as a term that broadly refers to information, especially computer-related technology.

Incidentally,communication[5]As a concept to consciously includeInformation and communication technology"(Johotsu Shingijutsu,British: information and communication (s) technology[6], Abbreviation: ICT) Is also used.

Constructed using information technologyシステム TheInformation systemOr it is called an IT system.

Engineering, scholarship, technology related to information technology

Specific examples of IT utilization


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