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📊 | Co-op home delivery, the end of corona special demand !? DX strategy that holds the key to growth now

Photo Co-op Delivery in the first half of 2021 was better than expected.

Co-op home delivery, the end of corona special demand !? DX strategy that holds the key to growth now

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In May 21, the Coop Tohoku Sunnet Business Alliance also released "Coop Chef," a web service that allows you to order all the necessary ingredients at once by selecting a recipe.

It is said to be the fastest growing food retailer in the food retail industry, driven by the demand for home-cooked meals under the spread of the new coronavirus infection. → Continue reading

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Coop Tohoku Sunnet Business Union

Consumers' Co-op Federation Corp Tohoku Sunnet Business Union(Seikatsuki Ryodo Kumi Airen Gokai Cooperative Co-op Tohoku-san Net Jigyo Rengo)HeadquartersTheMiyagiSendai cityIzumi kuPut inTohoku regionOf 7Consumer cooperativeA business alliance consisting of.


The abbreviation used was "Sunnet Business Union",2014 Due to the reorganization on March 3, "Corp Tohoku" is currently used.

Participating unions

The union that once participated

here,merger,Bankruptcy(Or to the co-op in the neighboring prefectureBusiness transferDissolution andVoluntary withdrawalincluding.


  • 1992 (Heisei4 years)- Iwate Cooperative,Miyagi Co-opVoluntary organization byCorp Tohoku SunnetFormed.
  • 1993 (5) --Established "Sunnet Product Department".
  • 1994 (6) --Established "Sunnet Clothing Department".
  • 1995 (7)- Consumers' Co-op Federation Corp Tohoku Sunnet Business UnionHeld the establishment general meeting of.Ministry of Health and WelfareMore established approval.Joint purchaseStarted joint planning.
  • 1998 (10) --Sunnet Port Distribution Center started operation.
  • 2001 (13) --Akita Prefecture North Co-op (XNUMX)2015 Bankruptcy) Join.
  • 2003 (15)- Japan Cooperative FederationStarted joint purchasing of jointly developed products nationwide.Akita Prefecture North Co-op closes all stores and specializes in group purchasing.
  • 2004 (16)-(Business transfer to Miyagi Consumer's Cooperative in 2019) Joined.New day delivery center started operation.
  • 2006 (18)- Corp Aomori, Akita Citizens' Consumers' Co-op (currentlyCorp Akita) Join.Group purchasing dry set center operation.Introduced a new system for joint purchase.
  • 2009 (21) --The Living Center is in operation.
  • 2010 (22) --Joint purchase unified freezing set center started operation.
  • 2012 (24)-, Joined.
  • 2013 (25)- Coop Aizu, (Business transfer to Miyagi Consumer's Cooperative in 2019) Joined.Withdrawal from Aomori Prefectural Government Consumers' Co-op.
  • 2014 (26) March 3-Reorganized by establishing a new store business headquarters for the purpose of expanding the business of the co-op in the Tohoku region and improving profitability.
  • 2017 (29) May 5-Operates the Yokomachi storeYokomachiAnnounced the conclusion of a business alliance with[1][2].
  • 2019 (31/First year of Reiwa)
    • (31) April 3- Miyagi Consumer CooperativeTakes over the businesses of the Co-op Co-op Fukushima and the Fukushima Prefecture South Co-op.The name of the retail store in Fukushima Prefecture by Miyagi Cooperative is"Coop Fukushima'Was taken.
    • (First year of Reiwa) July- SmartphoneIntroduced payment "CooPay"[3].


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