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📢 | Japan Championship Rice Bowl changes the game method New history as a championship deciding match of the adult X-League


Japan Championship Rice Bowl changes match format New history as a deciding match for the X-League championship

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Participation in the 75th Rice Bowl by Prudential Life will be contested on December 12th at the semi-final held at Yanmar Stadium Nagai and Yokohama Stadium in Osaka City.

The 75th Rice Bowl by Prudential Life Boasts a history of 75 years and is the pinnacle of American football in Japan ... → Continue reading

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75 times Rice Bowl by Prudential Life

Nagai Athletics Stadium

Nagai Park > Nagai Athletics Stadium

Nagai Athletics Stadium(Nagairikujokyogijo) isOsakaOsakaHigashi Sumiyoshi Ward OfNagai ParkInAthletic field.Football fieldAlso used as.The facilities are owned by the city of Osaka, and each facility in the parkDesignated administratorAs an exciting park create (Yanmar HoldingsA wholly owned subsidiary) is the representative company, Seirei Kosan, Yanmar Holdings, Osaka Sports Midori Foundation,Times 24, The "Wakuwaku Park Project Team", which consists of a total of 6 organizations from the Osaka Youth Hostel Association, manages the operation.[5][6].Japan Professional Soccer League(J League)Cerezo OsakaIs used as a home stadium.

From 2014Naming rightsWith the introduction ofYanmar Stadium NagaiThe name (Yanmar Stadium Nagai) is used[7][8](# Facility naming rightsSee).


Yahataya Park(Minato-ku) Was insideOsaka City GroundRelocation and new construction[9] In the form of 1964Osaka Central Bicycle RacetrackOpened near the site of[10].. In the same yearTokyo Olympics Soccer5th to 8th place ranking match, the first round of the so-called "Osaka Tournament"JapanversusRepresentative from YugoslaviaAnd the same final match against YugoslaviaルーマニアWas made[11] Starting withNational High School Soccer ChampionshipUsed as the main venue ofUtsubo Football StadiumBoth were also used as the main soccer stadium in Osaka.

1992 9 years after September52th National Sports FestivalComplete renovation work for (Namihaya National Athletic Meet) started (during this time, athletics, etc. were completed the following yearNagai Second Athletic FieldEtc.).1996 Renovation work was completed in May.As planned, the next year's Namiya was used as the main venue for the national polity.afterwards2002 FIFA World Cup,2007 World Athletics ChampionshipsInternational big events such as are held.

Equipment outline

It has a 400m x 9 lane track and a 107m x 71m grass field.Japan Athletics FederationType 1 official recognitionInternational Athletics Federation (IAAF) Class 1 certified athletics stadium and ballpark[2] It was designed with the following design concept, which is based on the image of "Osaka, an international city open to the world".[3].

  • Flying to the future ――A large arc-shaped roof inspired by the wings of a bird flying toward the 21st century
  • Memorial symbol --Contrast the colonnade of the stand that draws a strong straight line with the gentle curve of the roof
  • Dramatic space --A dynamic watching space covered with a film material that transmits light and a three-dimensional truss

The stand is a one-layer type all around, and the main stand side and back stand side are covered with an arched roof integrated with lighting equipment. Two large-scale visions (the south side was installed in 2 after the renovation. The north side was originally an electric sign after the renovation, but it was finally renovated after the J1996 / Fukuoka match in October 2015.[12] (Passed on to a large-scale vision).

The management office, training center, locker room, etc. are located on the 1st floor of the main stand, and on the 3rd floor.Youth Hostel(Osaka Municipal Nagai Youth Hostel) Is added.

Main events and competitions held


サ ッ カ ー

Domestic competition

International competition

Used by Cerezo Osaka

J-League Cerezo Osaka (C Osaka) has this stadium as its home stadium.

However, from the 1994-1996, 2002, and 2007 seasons, Nagai No. 2 Athletics Stadium (currently Yanmar F) and from the 2010 seasonNagai StadiumIt is used together with. After 2011, it will basically be held at Nagai Sports Ground (at that time, Kincho Stadium / Kincho Star) (however, in the 2014 season, Yanmar Stadium will be mainly used), and after 1 after returning to J2017, it will be Yanmar S. Almost half of the two places of Kinchosta were held.

On June 2019, 2020, a large-scale renovation of the Nagai Stadium was carried out from 2021 to 6, and the stadium was put into service.Emperor's Cup JFA 101th All Japan Soccer Championship2nd roundGainale TottoriAfter the war, the home game of C-Osaka will be completely transferred to the Nagai Stadium (Yodoko Sakura Stadium).[18][19][20]..All home games sponsored by Cerezo in 2019 and 2020 during the renovation work use Yanmar S.

C The number of home games held in Osaka isCerezo Osaka performance list by year # Number of visitors by yearchecking ...

Still moreJ League club license system(FY2014[21]), The toilet regulation "Every 1000 people have 5 Western urinals and 8 or more men's urinals"[Note 1] This is required as B grade, but it is insufficient, and sanctions and guidance (submission of improvement proposals in documents) are received from the J League at the same time as obtaining the J1 license.

Other ball games

Facility naming rights

Osaka City has Nagai Park, Yahataya Park, including Nagai Athletics Stadium, for the purpose of securing new financial resources, promoting sports, improving citizen services, and revitalizing the local economy.Tsubasa Park5 facilities[Note 3] Recruitment of naming rights partners (facility naming rights holders) from November 2013 to January of the following year[22]..Of these, two facilities in Nagai Park are engaged in the manufacture and sale of diesel engines and industrial machinery, and are also the parent company of Cerezo Osaka.YanmarProposes a naming rights fee of 2 million yen (excluding tax) for a total of 1 facilities and obtains preferential negotiation rights[23]..As a result of subsequent negotiations with the city of Osaka, a five-year contract was signed from March 2014, 3, regarding the Nagai Athletics Stadium.Yanmar Stadium NagaiFor Nagai No. 2 Athletics Stadium,Yanmar Field NagaiIt was decided to give each facility nickname[7][8][24]..The naming right itself is March 2014, 3J1Opening season ・Sanfrecce HiroshimaIt was used from the war, but the shavings as "Yanmar Stadium Nagai" are in Section 4 on April 12, the same year.Gamba OsakaBattle (Osaka Derby) Was[7][24].

After adopting the naming rights, the above names will be used, but FIFA (International Football Federation) Sponsored soccer international match, IAAF (International Athletics Federation) Some competitions, such as the sponsored athletics international competition, use the name "Nagai Athletics Ground" instead of the naming rights name according to the regulations of the organizing organization.In this case, since the entire Nagai Park will be a restricted area by the host organization, it will be returned to the official name not only at Nagai Athletics Stadium but also at Nagai No. 2 Athletics Stadium.

Use at concerts, etc.

redIndicates that the schedule is scheduled to be held.


Other facilities in the park

Osaka Central Bicycle Racetrack

As mentioned above, the predecessor of this area is the Osaka Municipal Central Bicycle Racetrack (commonly known as:Osaka Central Bicycle Racetrack).

In the current location of Nagai Park1948 ,Osakaas well as the OsakaMunicipalities such as Osaka Prefecture formed the "Osaka Prefecture City Horse Racing Association"Osaka Racecourse(Commonly known as Nagai Racecourse) was opened, but Osaka City started the Osaka Prefectural Bicycle Racetrack in December of the same year (commonly known as: Nagai Racecourse).Osaka Suminoe Bicycle Racetrack) Held a bicycle race with better results than expected[27] By being influenced by that1950 May 3, 1m per lap, capacity of 500 people (including 55000 special seats and 600 spectator seats)Bicycle race trackWas completed next to the racetrack[25]. Also,Korakuen Bicycle RacetrackAt the same time, a 12-car race (usually 9 cars) was also held.

The organizer is Osaka City,Fuse City(CurrentHigashi Osaka CityPart of),Suita CityMet[28].

By the way, Osaka City is now in Nagai Park1951 In November, using the Osaka Racecourse, the cityNagai Auto Race GroundWas also opened, but it was abolished in just five months due to the surrounding environmental problems caused by the explosion and poor management (see the relevant item for details).

With each round, it achieved good results, and the profits from one event reached more than 1 million yen, making it one of the best in the Kansai region.Due to its good location, ticket sales and visitors will be the highest in western Japan, if it still exists.KorakuenIt was also said to be comparable to (closed)[29]..Then it will be held in OsakaSpecial bicycle raceIs now being held intensively at this bicycle race track, and the national competition bicycle race (currentlyJapanese Championship Bicycle) 3 times, All-Star competition bicycle race (currentAll-star bicycle race) Was held twice[28].

1955 May 1At that timeMinister of Agriculture and Forestry-Ichiro KonoIn response to the proposal that "horse racing should be held only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays", the Minister of International Trade and Industry at that timeIshibashi TozanWas discussing whether it could be held only on Saturdays and Sundays at the keirin race track in the Kinki area, triggered by the announcement that "the bicycle race and auto race will be synchronized".May 2At that timeGovernor of Osaka Prefecture-Bunzo AkamaBut the same yearMay 4Suddenly announced the abolition of Osaka prefectural horse racing and bicycle racing.It is estimated that sales of bicycle races, which had a surplus of 1 million yen a year due to being held on weekdays, and horse racing, which had a slight deficit, could be halved by holding only on Saturdays and Sundays. Based on[30], Osaka city and surrounding cities all opposed, but in the end in the same yearToyonaka Bicycle RacetrackWas abolished.further,1959 The city's intention is to abolish the Osaka racetrack, which had been in the red, and to abolish this racetrack and develop the site as a park.[31] Receive1962 The opening commemoration "Osaka Prefecture Bicycle Race 3th Anniversary National Selection All A Class Conquest Bicycle Race" (sponsored by Fuse City), which was held for 16 days from March 6th, was finally abolished.[26]..In addition, this last event alone recorded sales of 4 million yen, 7,000 visitors, and daily sales of 10 million yen.[28].

The 12-year bicycle race revenue was 22 million yen in Osaka City, 4,300 million yen in Fuse City, and 6 million yen in Suita City.[32].

Directions and Parking



  1. ^ In the case of Yanmar Stadium, it can accommodate about 47800 people, so 240 Western urinals and 384 men's urinals are required in calculation.
  2. ^ It was held at this stadium as an alternative to the renovation work of Hanshin Koshien Stadium.The title was also "Daily Koshien Bowl in NAGAI".
  3. ^ Nagai Athletics Stadium ・ Nagai No. 2 Athletics Stadium ・Osaka City Central Gymnasium-Osaka pool-Tsubasa Tennis Center5 facilities.
  4. ^ Canceled due to typhoon.The transfer performanceKyocera Dome OsakaMade in.
  5. ^ Canceled due to poor physical condition.There is no transfer performance.


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  • Kinki Bicycle Race Management Council "Kinki Bicycle Race 1968 Years History", XNUMX.

外部 リンク

Events and tenants
Former base:
Nagai Second Athletic Field
1994-First half of 1996
Cerezo OsakaHome of
Second half of 1996-May 2021
2010 From the second halfKincho Stadium (Nagai Stadium)Combined with
Next base:
Yodoko Sakura Stadium
February 2021-
National Stadium
Japan Athletics Championships

80 times
Next generation:
National Stadium
Hiroshima Big Arch
(Hiroshima city
National Athletic Meet
Main stadium

Namihaya National Athletic Meet
Next generation:
Yokohama International Stadium
(横 浜 市
Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium
(Kobe City
Japan Athletics Championships

91 times
Next generation:
Todoroki Athletics Stadium
(Kawasaki City
Helsinki Olympic Stadium
( Finland-Helsinki
World Athletics Championships

Next generation:
Berlin Olympia Stadion
(German flag Germany-Berlin
Kumagaya Sports Park Athletic Field
Japan Athletics Championships

96 times
Next generation:
Ajinomoto Stadium
(Chofu City
Paloma Mizuho Stadium
(Nagoya city
Japan Athletics Championships

101 times
Next generation:
Restoration Miraif Stadium
(Yamaguchi City


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