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📢 | About the start of the mixed cargo and passenger loading business using the night highway bus (Osaka-Sendai line)  


About the start of a mixed cargo and passenger loading business utilizing the night highway bus (Osaka-Sendai line)  

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In this project, Kintetsu Bus and Miyagi Transportation will load the luggage in the luggage space at the bottom of the body of the "Forest" and transport it to the bus garage in Osaka / Sendai, and Fukuyama Transporting and South Tohoku Fukuyama Transporting will deliver it on the same day. I will deliver it to the destination.

Kintetsu Bus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Koji Shiokawa), Miyagi Transportation Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture ... → Continue reading


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South Tohoku Fukuyama Transporting


GarageA car is a carvehicleStopStorageTo keepFacility.

Garage in the United States

19st centuryLatter half,The United States of America(In the United States)(I.e.,CarriageIs commonTransportationExpensive by the meansAutomobileEven though I bought the, the place was a stable[1].

Popularization of automobilesA car garage has been set up with the car, but even if there is a garageWarehouseSince it is often used like, it is said that many houses store cars outdoors after all.[1].. The Ashi City, which disposes of garage items,(English: garage sale)To say[1].

The American garage is firmly shut off from the outside,ス タ ジ オ,Workshopな どHobbiesOften used as a place for[1].. garageBandAnd garageLockSuch words in the garagecultureOriginated from[1].

In the USAbarnWas often diverted to a garage, but the mainstream has changed to a built-in garage where the house and the garage are integrated.[1].. Storage space for garagesPrivate room(Away) For use in cars,toolTo keep things safe,Crime preventionThere is a background that a highly efficient garage is needed[1].

Garage in Japan

Japanese law"The owner of the car, etc. secures a storage place for the car,道路Should not be used as a storage place for cars”obligationAttached (Law on securing storage places for cars). This "storage place" corresponds to a "garage" in a broad sense.

Certification of parking space

PrivateOrdinaryRegister a carIf straight from the place of origin距離At 2KilometersRegistration is not possible unless the "storage location" of the car is secured within. In addition, when reporting the use of light vehicles, you must notify that the storage location is secured. These procedures and documents relating to "securing a storage place for automobiles" are generally called "garage certification".

However, for registered vehiclesfor businessVehicles do not require garage certification, as they are registered after the location, area, and ground of the storage location are reported upon actual application when applying for a business permit.

Use as a storage location when applyingland Of所有If the person is not a garage certification applicant, the owner's description and certification stamp are required on a separate "use consent form" (official name is "vehicle storage place use approval certificate"). ..

Necessity of village and garage certification

MunicipalitiesDepends onvillageIn some cases, you can register without garage certification. However, even in villages, there are areas where garage certification is required. Also,Law on securing storage places for carsBy2000 (Heisei12 years)May 6Since it is based on the village at the time, after thatCity-townThere are some local governments that do not require garage certification.

The application destination is the storage location (user'sAddress(Not necessarily the same as the ground)Police station.

  • Area where garage certification is unnecessary even at the time when it was a village and a city/town that did not require garage certification
    Other than the above2000 May 6At timevillageThe area that wasCity-townEven now, garage certification is not required.


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism OfKoichiro YamamotoChiefProposes to omit the garage certification in the vehicle registration procedure.[2]

Great East Japan EarthquakeIn the disaster areaPolicemenOmit the field survey of the garage,(I.e.The original shed inhome,EvacuationThe garage certificate was issued on the same day by recognizing the destination as the garage[3].

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications The2012 May 8, Simplification of garage certification procedureNational Police AgencyRequested to.[4][5]

Various garages

It is the entrance to the garage(English edition)Has various shapes and mechanisms, and opens and closes the door ((English edition)) May be provided.


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