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📊 | "Nutanix Cloud Platform" adopted by Oita City, provided by Net World

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"Nutanix Cloud Platform" adopted by Oita City, provided by Networld

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Currently, about 400 virtual terminals are operating in the agency at all times, but Nutanix's dedicated management tool "Prism" is used to efficiently monitor the entire environment.

On December 12nd, Net World will be a terminal in the agency as part of the modernization of the information infrastructure promoted by Oita City, Oita Prefecture. → Continue reading

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Terminal emulator

Terminal emulator(Tanmatsu emulator) ・Terminal imitation program[1]IsTerminalWorks assoftwareIs.When it comes to terminal emulators, DEC VT100 OfEmbroideryOften refers to software that does.As another nameTerminal emulator, And especiallyGraphical user interface (GUI) What to use in the environmentTerminal windowSometimes called.Character user interfaceI will provide a.


The terminal emulator has the functions of a dedicated terminal.Personal computer (PC) orUnixWork stationSoftware to replace with.Usually emulates a character-based video terminal, but a graphic terminal (xterm Tektronix 4014There are also those that emulate) and printers.

The computer that runs the terminal emulatorWindow systemIn many cases, this can be used to run multiple terminal emulators on a single computer at the same time.This is a function that cannot be realized with most dedicated terminals.

TCP / IPTo connect a terminal emulator viaSSH,telnet,rloginAnd other functions are used. rlogin and Telnet will cover all communication content, including passwords.Plaintext(encryptionSend and receive in the state that is not done).For very limited uses, it's not necessarily bad, but it's too dangerous to connect over the Internet.Therefore, in recent years, SSH connection is common.

Until around 2015WindowsSince the SSH client for was not officially provided, many terminal emulators integrated the SSH client.CurrentlyOpenSSH in WindowsIs provided,PowerShell,command promptIt can be used from command line tools such as.

Terminal to emulate

Screen control, keyboard control, printer control, etc. in an actual terminal, etc.Input/outputThere is no unified standard for processing.Currently, most of the connection destinations that use terminal emulators are Unix, so use Unix.De facto standardHas becomeDECCompanyVT100And many of its higher-end emulators. The VT100 terminal emulator and its functions are called "VT100 compatible".

If the connection destination is a mainframeIBM 3270,Fujitsu,Hitachi, Ltd.Terminal, the connection destination is IBM AS / 400IfIBM 5250Will be emulated.Genuine emulators are available from each manufacturer, but there are also third-party ones.Many mainframe terminalsRS-232Simple likeSerial interfaceIt wasn't intelligent, but then serial connections andEthernetConnection is also possible.

Many terminalscharactorAlthough it can only handle graphics, there are also graphic terminals that can handle graphics.For example, the Tektronix 4014 emulated by xterm is one example, which can handle both characters and graphics.in Japan,Yamaha OfYIS(YGT-100) is also well known.again,Computer graphicsIn the early days of, many mainframes had a dedicated graphic terminal as an option.

Actual terminal emulator


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