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🎗 | Mentalist DaiGo “Complete Resurrection” Declaration Can we regain the trust lost in the “200 million yen donation”?

Photo (Official website of DaiGo)

Can the trust lost by the mentalist DaiGo "complete revival" declaration "200 million yen donation" be regained?

If you write the contents roughly
Finally, not only his own posts but also his reactions are attracting attention.

[SALLiA "As it is trending"] "Life that I don't need is light for me. Homeless ... → Continue reading

 Daily Gendai DIGITAL

This is the website of the No. 1 evening newspaper "Nikkan Gendai".We will respond to everyone's "I want to know!" By slashing into the fact that the big media does not write in a hurry, hitting the article with the true intentions, anger, and questions of the masses from the reader's perspective.Popular serials such as columns for entertainers and athletes are also squeaky.

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