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📊 | Watami / All-you-can-eat yakiniku "Kamimura Ranch" opened for the first time in Chiba Prefecture


Watami / All-you-can-eat yakiniku "Kamimura Ranch" opened for the first time in Chiba Prefecture

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"Kamimura Ranch" is a yakiniku business where you can enjoy all-you-can-eat Japanese beef at a reasonable price.

On December 12th, Watami Kamichiku will open its first all-you-can-eat yakiniku restaurant in Chiba Prefecture, "Kamimura Ranch Yachiyo Narita Kaido" ... → Continue reading

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Watami Co., Ltd.(English name:Watami Co., Ltd.) IsJapanBased onRestaurant industryIt is a Japanese company that develops business.

Group history

  • 1984 (Showa59 years)
  • 1985 (60)October --Kanagawa Prefecture, the second izakaya "Tsubohachi" Odakyu Yamato Ekimae storeYamatoOpened in.
  • 1986 (61) May-Yokohama City, Kanagawa PrefectureNaka-kuToWatami Co., Ltd.Established.
  • 1987 (62)
    • October --Watami Co., Ltd., trade nameWatami Food Service Co., Ltd.change to.
    • October --Started the izakaya business by taking over the entire business from Watami Shoji Co., Ltd., which operated directly managed stores as a franchisee of okonomiyaki HOUSE "Karahenki" and izakaya "Tsubohachi".
  • 1988 (63)October --Izakaya "Tsubohachi" Aobadai store opened in YokohamaAoba-kuOpened in.
  • 1990 (Heisei2 years) March-HeadquartersTokyoOta-kuNishikamataMoved to.Since then, although there have been relocations within the ward, it will continue to be based in Ota Ward until 2021.
  • 1992 (4)
    • April --- As a new business format of our own brand, the first restaurant "Watami" Sasazuka store is opened in Tokyo.Shibuya WardOpened in.
    • April --- Canceled the franchise agreement with the "Tsubohachi" headquarters and signed a memorandum of understanding to gradually change the "Tsubohachi" store managed by Watami Food Service to a "Watami" store.
    • October --The first signboard change from the izakaya "Tsubohachi", the izakaya "Watami" Nakano South Exit, opened in TokyoNakanoOpened in.
  • 1993 (5) October --The signboard has been changed from the izakaya "Tsubohachi" to the izakaya "Watami".
  • 1994 (6)October ――Okonomiyaki HOUSE “Karahenki” changed to a restaurant “Watami”.
  • 1996 October (8) --Registered over-the-counter shares with the Japan Securities Dealers Association.
  • 1998 (10)
    • July-Established PMS Co., Ltd.
    • October --Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    • November --Established TGI Friday's Japan Co., Ltd.
  • 1999 (11) July --International Environmental StandardsISO14001Obtained certification.
  • 2000 (12)
    • March --Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    • April --PMS Co., Ltd. changed its name to Japan Retail Maintenance Co., Ltd.Invested by Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan Co., Ltd. and Mos Food Service Co., Ltd.
    • July --Established Watami (China) Co., Ltd.
  • 2001 (13)
    • April-Opened the restaurant "Watami" Dotonbori as the first store in the Kinki region.OsakaOsakaOpened in.
    • September --Acquired ISO9 international standard certification for "Watami" and "Wamitei" services.
    • November --Watami (China) Co., Ltd. opens a restaurant "Watami Hong Kong" Humphreys Avenue as the first new overseas store.
  • 2002 (14)
    • February --Established Watami Handmade Kitchen Co., Ltd.
    • March --- Opened the restaurant "Watami" Nakasu Kawabata Ekimae store as the first store in the Kyushu region.FukuokaFukuoka CityOpened in.
    • April --Established Watami Farm Co., Ltd.
    • April --japanese dining table Machida store opened as the first "Gohan" store in TokyoMachida-shiOpened in.
    • September --nippon no syokutaku Takadanobaba store opened in Tokyo as the first "Gohan" storeShinjuku wardOpened in.
    • 10 month - Keikyu ExpressAirport lineOtorii StationMoved into the completed "Otorii Keikyu Daiichi Building" at the east exit and moved the head office.
  • 2003 (15)
    • January-Ishokuya "Watamin family”Keisei Okubo store as the first storeChibaNarashino-shiOpened in.
    • April-Watami Farm No. 4 FarmGunmaTakasakiOpened in.
    • July-Opened the restaurant "Watami" Shizuoka Miyukicho as the first store in the Chubu region.ShizuokaShizuoka CityOpened in.
    • August --Established Watami Direct Franchise Systems Co., Ltd.
    • August-Hon-Atsugi store opened in Kanagawa prefecture as the first charcoal-grilled Dainingu "Wataminya" storeAtsugiOpened in.
    • October --Watami Handmade Kitchen Co., Ltd. merged with Watami Food Service Co., Ltd.
    • November-Opened the Hon-Atsugi store in Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, as the first rice liquor store "Natural House".
  • 2004 (16)
    • April-Watami Farm No. 4 FarmHokkaidoSetana-gunSetana Town(CurrentKuon-gunSetana Town) Established.
    • April --Established Watami Medical Service Co., Ltd.
    • April-Kashimada store opened in Kanagawa prefecture as the first restaurant "Wamitei"Kawasaki CityKoku-kuOpened in.
    • May --Renovated the restaurant "Watami" and opened the Shinjuku Nomura Building store in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo as the first talk room "Za / Watami".
    • April-Watami Farm No. 6 FarmChibaAwa-gunShirahama(CurrentMinamiboso) Established.
    • September --Opened Kawasaki Tachibana Street store in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture as the first seafood restaurant "Watami Market".
    • July --Japan Retail Maintenance Co., Ltd. changed its name to Watami Ecology Co., Ltd.
    • July --Career Vision Co., Ltd. changed its name to Watami University Co., Ltd.
    • September-Opened "Watami" Hiroshima Tenmanya-mae store as the first store in the Chugoku regionHiroshimaHiroshima cityOpened in.
    • October --Opened the Ofuna East Exit store in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture as the first PREMIER "Watami" store.
  • 2005 (17)
    • January --Established Watami (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and opened the "Watami Shenzhen" Manzojo store as the first store in mainland China.
    • April --Watami Food Service Co., Ltd.Watami Co., Ltd.Change the trade name to.
    • 5 month - (Chinese version)Established Watami & Mercuries Co., Ltd. in Taiwan as a joint venture with Watami & Mercuries Co., Ltd.
    • July --Akabane East Exit Ekimae store opened in Tokyo as the first restaurant "Handmade Kitchen"KitaOpened in.
    • August-Watami Farm No. 8 Farm in Chiba PrefectureSawara(CurrentKatori) Established.
    • September-Established Watami Bio Koken Co., Ltd.
    • October --Watami Medical Service Co., Ltd. opens "Revita Kishiwada" as the first building of an in-house developed condominium for the elderly (residential pay nursing home).
    • October-Opened the "Watami" Koriyama Ekimae store as the first store in the Tohoku region.FukushimaKoriyamaOpened in.
    • November-Opened the "Za / Watami" Niigata Ekimae Higashi-Odori store as the first store in the Hokuriku region.NiigataNiigataOpened in.
  • 2006 (18)
    • January --Completed the withdrawal of PREMIER "Watami".
    • February --Established Watami Food Service Co., Ltd.
    • February --Sangenjaya store opened in Tokyo as the first DINING & BAR "japago" storeSetagayaOpened in.
    • March-Hokkaido's first store, "Za / Watami" Kotoni-Sakaemachi DoriSapporoOpened in.
    • March --Ochanomizu Ekimae store opened in Tokyo as the first yakiniku restaurant "Charcoal Dan"Chiyoda WardOpened in.
    • April --R's Nursing Care Co., Ltd. and Watami Medical Service Co., Ltd. merged.Watami careLtd.Company name changed to.
    • April-Watami Farm No. 4 FarmKyotoKyotango CityOpened in.
    • May-Watami Farm Teshikaga Ranch in HokkaidoKawakami DistrictTeshikaga TownOpened in.
    • May --Watami Farm Co., Ltd. merged with Watami Bio Koken Co., Ltd.
    • May --Completed the withdrawal of the restaurant "Handmade Kitchen".
    • July-Opened the Tokushima Ryogokubashi store as the first store in the Shikoku region.TokushimaTokushimaOpened in.
    • October-It was discovered that part-time employees were not paying wages by rounding down less than 10 minutes of their working hours.Kita OsakaLabor Standards Inspection OfficeReceive a correction recommendation from.After that, similar non-payment of wages was discovered at 41 stores nationwide (DetailsSee).
  • 2008 (20)
    • February --Watami Shoji Co., Ltd. changed its name to Watami Handmade Merchandising Co., Ltd.
    • February --Watami Ecology Co., Ltd. changed its name to Watami Eco Focus Co., Ltd.
    • February --Completed the withdrawal of the yakiniku restaurant "Charcoal Dan".
    • May-Completed the withdrawal of the seafood restaurant "Watami Market".
    • June-A former clerk who reported the above non-payment of wages to the Kita-Osaka Labor Bureau sued Watami for being dismissed for retaliation.[1].
    • July --Acquired all shares of Takushoku Co., Ltd.
  • 2009 (21)
    • January-Completed the withdrawal of the rice liquor "Natural House".
    • March --Watami Eco Focus Co., Ltd. changed its name to Watami Ecology Co., Ltd.
    • March --Takushoku Co., Ltd. changed its name to Watami Takushoku Co., Ltd.
    • May 6 ――Yutaka Kuwahara, President and Representative Director of Watami Food Service Co., Ltd., concurrently serves as President and Representative Director, and Miki Watanabe is appointed as the newly established Chairman and Representative Director.
    • November-Feast kitchen "Anoya" Minamikamata store opened in Ota-kuMinamikamataOpened in 2-chome.After that, the store in Minamikamata, Ota-ku will be used as an experimental store for a new format together with the head office.
  • 2010 (22)
    • April --Ayase store opened in Tokyo as the first directly managed restaurant "Charcoal Shun"Adachi-kuOpened in.
    • April-Watami Farm No. 4 FarmOitaUsuki CityOpened in.
    • August --Opened the Gotanda East Exit store in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo as the first store of the new format "Amazing Sake Bar Washoi 8".
  • 2011 (23)
    • May 2 --Miki Watanabe, recommended by the Democratic Party of JapanTokyo Governor ElectionTo run for[2], Resigned as Chairman of the Board.However, he was not selected for the governor of Tokyo.
    • March --Watami Handmade Merchandising Co., Ltd. merged with Watami Farm Co., Ltd.
    • March --Renovated the restaurant "Watami" and opened the Nakameguro store as the first Japanese restaurant "Watami" in Tokyo.MeguroOpened in.
    • July --Watami Farm Kitaso Collection Center in Chiba Prefecture富 里 市Opened in.
    • August --japanese dining "Gohan" was renovated and the Shinjuku Sanchome store was opened in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo as the first BARU & DINING "GOHAN" store.
  • 2012 (24)
    • March --Entered the wind power generation business.
    • April-Watami Farm No. 4 FarmHyogoTamba cityOpened in.
    • April-Watami Farm No. 6 FarmNaganoTomiOpened in.
    • July --Opened Ochanomizu Ekimae store in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo as the first "Tasty shop" in JAPANESE BARU.
    • May 7 -1thBlack company award Received the Citizen's Award.The grand prize isTEPCOAlthough I missed it, I got 20071 votes, which is about 10010% of the total number of votes in 50.
  • 2013 (25)
    • March --Completed the withdrawal of the restaurant "Wamitei".
    • May-Watami Farm in HokkaidoAbashiriBihoro TownStarted activities at Bihoro Pass Ranch.
    • July-Miki Watanabe as an official candidate for the Liberal Democratic PartyHouse of Councilors electionRun for and win.
  • 2014 (26)
    • January --The charcoal-grilled Dainingu "Wataminya" was renovated to serve as charcoal-grilled yakitori and handmade food "Charcoal Toriko" at Hanzomon Ekimae store (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) and Yurakucho Hibiyaguchi store (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). , Shiinamachi Ekimae store (Toyoshima-ku, Tokyo) opened 1 stores.
    • February --The Musashi Kosugi store was opened in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture as the first CHINA BISTRO "WANG'S GARDEN" store.
    • May 2 - Sony life insuranceAnnounces that it will transfer about 5% of Watami's issued shares and dissolve the capital and business alliance[3]
    • March --Opened the Ginza Sukiyabashi Main Store in Chuo-ku, Tokyo as the first store of Furabata and "Ginsei".
    • May 5 --Announced that the consolidated final profit and loss for the fiscal year ended March 2014 was a deficit of 3 billion yen (compared to a surplus of 49 billion yen in the previous fiscal year) due to sluggish izakaya business and home-cooking services.[4]..The company's deficit is the first since its listing[5].
    • May 11 --Since the number of unprofitable stores increased, such as the sales of existing stores in the first half of 2014 increased by 92.7% from the previous year, it was decided to close 38 new stores.[6]..As a result, 102 stores will be closed, accounting for about 15% of the total.In addition, Watami announced that it will have an operating loss of about 10 billion yen in the interim settlement of accounts.This is the first time that the company has fallen into the operating deficit since its listing.
  • 2015 (27)
    • January --Watami Ecology Co., Ltd. changed its name to Watami Farm & Energy Co., Ltd.
    • May 2 --We announced a downward revision of the operating income forecast for the fiscal year ending March 2015. 3 billion yenSurplusFrom 13 billion yendeficitWhat.An extraordinary loss of 11 billion yen due to the reduction in asset value was also recorded at the same time.As a result, the net loss, which was expected to be 9000 billion yen, is expected to be 30 billion yen.[7].
    • May 3 --President Yutaka Kuwabara retired as a director to take responsibility for poor performance, and Kuniaki Shimizu, managing director from a part-time job, was promoted as a successor.[8]..Due to organizational restructuring, Watami Food Service absorbed and merged Watami Takushoku and Watami Handmade Merchandising, and changed its trade name to Watami Food Systems.[9][10].
    • May --Opened the first Maruyaki Chicken & Self BAR "GABURI" and Ochanomizu store in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
    • May --Opened the first new business format "Umi no Megumi Shokudo", Higashi Totsuka West Exit Store in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
    • July --Opened the first rotisserie & fried chicken "Trifes" store and Ochanomizu store in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
    • May 8 --The financial results for the April-June period of 2015 areSalesThe increase was 12.5 billion yen, down 345% ​​from the same period of the previous year.Is 9 million yendeficit, Is a deficit of 15 billion yen, both of which have expanded from the deficit of the same period of the previous year and are the worst ever since the listing.Black companiesDue to criticism, "Watami" has been significantly alienated from customers despite the price cut, and the long-term care business, which was the top earner, also fell into the red.Facility occupancy rate dropped from 84.1% in the same period of the previous year to 78.3%[11].
    • September --Opened the first store of the new format "Nippon Maguro Fisheries Group", the Shinbashi store in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
    • November-Renovated the Minamikamata store of "Anoya" and opened the first store of the new format "Port Town Cafeteria" Chabumaru "".
    • May 12 --Watami's long-term care (currentlySOMPO Care Next)Sompo Japan Nipponkoa HoldingsSold to (currently SOMPO Holdings)[12], Absorbed Watami Food Systems.Return to operating company[13][14].
    • May 12 --A female employee, the bereaved family of karoshi, was suing Watami and Miki Watanabe, a member of the House of Councilors who was the founder and representative director at the time. Reconciliation by paying more than 1 yen in solidarity[15]
  • 2016 (28)
    • May 1 ――About 4% of the company's stockShinmei HoldingsAcquired, capital and business alliance[16].
    • June --Opened a new format of fried chicken and sake "Miraizaka" in Shinjuku Gyoen, Nakameguro, and Kitasenju.
    • July-New format "Third generation bird melodyOpened in Musashisakai, Kunitachi, and Sengawa.
    • August --Opened the first Texas-style Mexican "TEXMEX FACTORY" store, Shibuya Jinnan store, in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
    • October-Opened the new business format "Katamari Meat Steak & Salad Bar" Nikusta "" Minamikamata store in Minamikamata 10-chome, Ota-ku.
    • December --Opened an experimental store for the new format "bb.qOLIVE CHICKEN Cafe" in the Otorii Keikyu Daiichi Building, where the head office is located.
  • 2018 (30)
    • October-Opened the first "bb.q OLIVE CHICKEN Cafe" store, Sasazuka store, in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
    • November --Opened the first new format "Shirokuma Store", Omori store in Ota-ku, Tokyo.
    • November --New business format Freshly fried chicken and Terry Ito's special tamagoyaki "Karaage genius" first store in Kamata, Ota-kuKeikyu Main LineUmeyashiki StationOpened a store nearby.
    • November --Opened the first Yakiniku restaurant "Tsuki ★ Riki", Ochanomizu store in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
    • December-Opened the first "Nibosuke Nibosuke" store and Ochanomizu store in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
  • 2019 (31/ReiwaFirst year)
    • May 3 --Dissolved capital and business alliance with Shinmei Holdings[17].
    • May 10 --Miki Watanabe becomes chairman of the board.
    • October --Watami Farm & Energy Co., Ltd. changed its name to Watami Energy Co., Ltd.
  • 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)
    • March-of "Karaoke Manekineko"ManekinekoConcluded a franchise agreement with "Karaage Genius".This will accelerate the development of multiple stores of "Genius".
    • May --Established Watami Agent Co., Ltd.
    • June --Opened the first new business format "Kamimura Ranch" and Keikyu Kamata Daiichi Keihin Side Road Store in Minamikamata 6-chome, Ota-ku.Along with this, the "Nikusta" Minamikamata store will be relocated to the Otorii Keikyu Daiichi Building, where the head office is located, and will become the Haneda Otorii store.
    • October --Ota-ku, near the head office, opened the first store of "Watami of Yakiniku", Otorii Ekimae storeNishikojiyaOpened in 3-chome.
    • December-Opened the first "Watami of Yakiniku" Meieki 12-chome store in the Tokai area.
  • 2021 (3nd year of Reiwa)
    • February --Completed the withdrawal of "Nippon Tuna Fisheries Group".
    • February --Completed the withdrawal of the talk room "Za / Watami".
    • March --JAPANESE DINING Completed the withdrawal of "Watami".
    • March --Concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Tokyo University of Agriculture.
    • March --Completed the transfer of Watami Farm Setana Farm (Hokkaido), Shirahama Farm (Chiba Prefecture), and Usuki Farm (Oita Prefecture). Completed the transfer of "Handmade Kitchen" Kagoshima Center.
    • May --In the consolidated financial statements for the fiscal year ending March 5Sales33% down from the previous year to 116 billion yendeficitAccounted for.Capital adequacy ratioTo 7%,Development Bank of JapanAnnounced that it is requesting a preferred stock investment of 120 billion yen.Receive financial support and plan to change business format[18].

Group business

Restaurant business

The format that does not list the operating company is the format operated by Watami Co., Ltd.

Current stores

"Watami of Yakiniku" (Watami)
2020 OctoberA yakiniku restaurant that opened in Otorii.
"Kamimura Ranch"
2020 OctoberA yakiniku restaurant that opened in Kamata.
Restaurant "Sumishun"
A restaurant that focuses on charcoal-grilled kushiyaki and seasonal dishes.2008 The first store opened in June. Similar to "Wataminya", it is a business format devised as a package of the employee independence system in Watami.[PR 1].
Restaurant & American Bar "TGI Friday's" (TGI Friday's)
A casual dining restaurant with the concept of "good old America" ​​developed by Carlson Restaurants Worldwide in the United States in more than 57 countries around the world.In Japan, it is operated by TGI Friday's Japan Co., Ltd.Watami USA Guam, a local subsidiary, operates stores in Guam, USA.
A Chinese restaurant with the concept of "easily enjoy authentic delicious Chinese food".
Furnace and "Ginmasa" (Ginmasa)
FiresideA relatively high-priced izakaya featuring. Opened in March 2014.
2016 A steak-centered restaurant that opened in October.
Karaage-centered izakaya[19].. Conversion industry from "Watami"[19]..It was named with the hope of continuing to create a future (Mirai) general izakaya and recovering business performance so that it would continue to climb uphill (Zaka).[PR 2]
"Third generation bird melody'
Izakaya specializing in yakitori[19].. Business conversion from "Watamin family"[19]..Named with the desire to make customers "mellow" with bird dishes[PR 2].
Karaage genius
Formerly known as the "genius director"Terry ItoProduced byfriedProfessional restaurant.Originally, the radio program "Let's talk about Miki Watanabe's dream five years from now!" (Miki Watanabe), in which the founder Watanabe appears.Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.), A project after Terry began to appear regularly. Based on "Miraizaka", the feature is that the parents' house offers a set meal with tamagoyaki like Terry of the tamagoyaki shop.Kamata, Ota-ku, TokyoUmeyashiki StationOpened nearby in November 2018.

Stores that have been discontinued

Charcoal-grilled Dainingu "Watamin family"(Wataminchi)
A restaurant business that offers authentic charcoal grilling, homemade oden, and Osaka-style skewers.Operated by Watami Direct Franchise Systems Co., Ltd.It is also a business format in which Watami employees independently develop franchises.The number of stores increased due to the franchise, and at one point it was the largest number of stores in the Watami Group (more than 220 stores). It has disappeared from the official website, and there are no stores (two stores remain for "Sakaba Wataminchi", which was renewed from "Wataminya").
Izakaya "Watami" (Watami)
Izakaya with a comprehensive selection[19]..The basic format of Watami. As a "Izakaya" between "Izakaya" and "Family restaurant", the basic concept is "another rich and enjoyable home dining table".In addition to the traditional Watami (some call it "Red Watami" because of the color of the sign), there are also new Watami (some call it "New Watami") who have increased the number of drinks and items they handle and have renewed the sign and interior. "People"漢字Has one more pointVariantIs used.The color of the signboard is lightOcher) Has also appeared.The only store that calls itself the restaurant "Watami" was the Higashiyamato store (closed on May 2014, 5).Other stores have been reopened to JAPANESE DINING "Watami" etc.
JAPANESE DINING "Watami", Japanese Casual Dining "Watami" (Watami)
In March 2011, the first store was opened in Nakameguro as a renewal from the restaurant "Watami". As of April 3, 1, there are 2014 stores nationwide, forming the core of the Watami Group.
Talking place "Za / Watami" (Za / Watami)
A high-class restaurant business that provides a private dining space where you can drink slowly while talking. (More than 160 stores)
Seafood restaurant "Watami Market"
A restaurant business where you can enjoy new seafood dishes.
Rice liquor "Natural house" (Zennoya)
A business format that provides a new Japanese restaurant space where you can relax and talk with nature as the key concept.
Yakiniku restaurant "Charcoal Dan" (Tadon)
Charcoal-grilled meat restaurant business that is particular about "charcoal-fired meat and sauce".
DINING & BAR "Japago"
japanese dining A business format that inherits the basics of "Gohan" and can be used as both a cafe and a dining bar.
japanese dining "Gohan"
A modern restaurant with the concept of a good old "Japanese dining table".It is also the base of the overseas stores "Watami Hong Kong" (Hong Kong), "Watami Shenzhen" (Shenzhen), and "Watami Taiwan" (Taiwan). Closed in September 2012.
Izakaya "Wamitei" (Nagomitei)
A business format that shifts family-targeted family community restaurants to the izakaya market.Specializing in the living area around the station, it responded to the needs of izakaya on weekdays and the needs of izakaya where families visit on weekends.
Izakaya "Handmade Kitchen"
Charcoal-grilled, stone-grilled, with the concept of handmade and freshly madeLava grillA restaurant business where you can enjoy the taste and aroma of unique dishes such as.It became a hot topic at the izakaya chain store, which introduced the first smoking cessation in the store.
Izakaya "Tachibanauchi" (tight)
Serves charcoal-grilled skewers and seasonal dishes.
Ishokuya "Watami" (Watami)
Izakaya near Watami Headquarters.
Izakaya "Ageshu"
Kushikatsu and dumpling shops with stores in Harajuku and Yoga.
Izakaya "Chicken Fes" (Tori Fes)
A store that offers rotisserie chicken.
Izakaya "Sumiemon" (Sumiemon)
Similar to "Charcoal Season", this restaurant offers charcoal-grilled kushiyaki and seasonal dishes.
Izakaya "Shunpachi"
Similar to "Charcoal Season", this restaurant offers charcoal-grilled kushiyaki and seasonal dishes.
Japanese food "Umi no Megumi Shokudo" (Umi no Megumi Shokudo)
横 浜 市Totsuka kuThe cafeteria in.
Yakitori "Kidoriya" (Kidoriya)
Kyoto CityShimogyo WardYakitori restaurant in.
Izakaya "Izakaya Bar Wataminchi"
JRIshinomaki StationA store that has been renewed from the previous "Wataminya".
Izakaya "Nippon Maguro Fisheries Group"
2015 May 9A store centered on tuna dishes that opened in Shimbashi.
Port town cafeteria "Chabumaru"
A restaurant that offers Japanese and Western menus, including set meals, with a focus on seafood dishes.
japanese dining Reopened from "Gohan".A Western-style restaurant that serves Italian and Spanish cuisine.
Charcoal Toriko Sumi no TORIKO
A new format that opened in January 2014.The main menu is charcoal yakitori and homemade dishes.
Japanese family restaurant.
JAPANESE BARU "Delicious shop"
A Japanese-style izakaya that opened in July 2012.
Italian restaurant "Cara Gente"
An Italian restaurant run by Carlagente Co., Ltd. Withdrew in September 2003.
Pasta Pizza & Salad Buffet "Elena Pasta"
Italian format.Family can enjoy pasta, pizza, salad buffet and dolce. Withdrew in May 2018.
Okonomiyaki HOUSE "Karahenki"
Okonomiyaki store format.It was the main business format at the time of its founding, and was the main supplier at that time.Japanese millingIt was also funded by.
Okonomiya Ichiban "KEI Ta"
Okonomiyaki home delivery business.

Prepared food business

Stores that have been discontinued

Watami Kitchen
In response to a store opening request from Mitsukoshi, Diamond City Mu (currentlyAEON MALL Musashi Murayama) Mitsukoshi / Musashimurayama store opened the first store, and Shinjuku / Keio department store opened the second store.
It cooks and sells prepared foods that use the cooking techniques cultivated in the restaurant industry abundantly, and in the future, the direction was to introduce easy-to-eat dishes cultivated in the long-term care business.
Initially, it was planned to open under the name "Okinakabu", but it was changed to the current name, and the remnants of that image remained in the store logo.However, the difference between the average sales unit price of the department store underground food department and the sales unit price that Watami is good at was too large, so all stores closed in the summer of 2007 and immediately withdrew.

Home-cooking business

Worked by Watami Co., Ltd. ("Watami Takushoku Co., Ltd." until 2015)Food delivery service..The finished products are mainly delivered by the "Magokoro Staff" who are employees.

Agricultural business

In 1998, we introduced vegetables grown with reduced pesticides and reduced chemical fertilizers under contract cultivation with the aim of providing dishes using safe ingredients at all Watami Group stores. In 2001, the group companies started producing organic agricultural products.Currently, in addition to about 40 kinds of vegetables, we are expanding the production items such as dairy farming and dairy product processing, supplying them as ingredients to each Watami Group store, and delivering organic vegetables to Watami Farm Club.

The agricultural business is mainly developed mainly by Watami Farm Co., Ltd.There are 6 farms called Watami Farms nationwide.It has become the largest group of organic farmers in Japan, producing about 250% of the organic vegetables produced in Japan (actual results in 6) on a farm of about 2004ha including the group company farm.

Nursing care business (withdrawal)

In April 2004, Watami Medical Service Co., Ltd. was established.Nursing careEntered the business. In March 2005, we acquired a long-term care company through M & A and made a full-scale entry.

Watami Nursing Care Co., Ltd. has been developing its business.KomsunAlthough he had announced that he would accept some businesses (facility care) due to the cancellation of the certification of a long-term care provider, he gave up.

In addition, we have trademark rights for words and designs such as "Watami's nursing care", "Watami", and "Nursing care" regarding accommodation facilities, provision of food and drink, childcare for infants, nursing care for the elderly, and rental of futons.[20].

2015 year 12 month,Sompo Japan Nipponkoa HoldingsSold to and withdrew from the long-term care business[12].

Environmental business

Performs store construction and maintenance work.It is conducted by a subsidiary, Watami Energy Co., Ltd.

By developing energy reduction systems and recycling systems at Watami Group stores and nursing homes, and recycling activities at our own recycling center, we are working to contribute to the protection of the global environment and the prevention of global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Education business

Performed by Watami University Co., Ltd.We have expanded our business from recruitment and education within the Watami Group to a wide range of support services such as human resource development and education, and we are also providing services to other companies other than the restaurant industry.

International contribution / social contribution

Through the specified non-profit corporation "School Aid Japan", developing countries with the aim of "providing educational opportunities and educational environments for improving humanity to as many children as possible". We are constructing school facilities, improving the school education environment, supporting teaching materials, and supporting children who have difficulty attending school.

School Aid Japan's activities include donations from Watami Group companies and employees, donations from other individuals and groups, donations equivalent to 1% of the total usage of Watami Group's credit card "Fureai Card", and Watami shareholder benefit coupons. Supported by donations by.

Criticism with black companies

President Kuwahara said, "Black companiesIn response to the criticism that "black companies are", black companies are only making noise on the Internet, and it is not a big problem in the general public's view.In the first place, the "definition of black companies" originated from the Internet. Ambiguous and annoying many Japanese employees, shareholders, business partners and their families, they have a negative view of the black company issue.[21]..In response to such an opinion, the media and authors (or groups) who negatively took up the management and sales policy in articles and books of weekly magazines said that it was "false and defamation" and resigned legal action. The company sends notifications, etc. for the purpose of not making correction recommendations.[22].

Fatal accident

To the employees of the company, "Work 365 hours a day, 24 days a year until you dieWe distributed a collection of ideas with the words "", and the employees actuallyOverworked suicide(See below), which is life-threateningScandalBecause I caused it frequently, "Black companiesHas been criticized[23]..There are many companies that are regarded as black companies, even among major famous companies, but Watami is said to be the "leader".[24].

In addition, "Watami's group company"Watami careIt is reported that incidents and accidents are occurring one after another at the facility operated. 2012 (Heisei 24)May 2A 74-year-old woman who was living in the bath at that time was taking a bathDrowningInitially, Watami reported to the bereaved family that he died of illness, but after a judicial autopsy by the police, he was found to have drowned.[25]..Also, the 87-year-old man who was living in a facility in Kanagawa Prefecture at that timeBed soresFrom the deterioration ofsepticemiaLeft unattended untilHospitalizationIt is reported that he died 5 days later.Accidents have also occurred at other facilities, and the residents' families say that the number of staff is small.[26].

On the other hand, Miki Watanabe, the representative of Watami, is official.サイトIn spite of the scandals described below, he argued that the criticism with the black company was "not acceptable at all" and showed a stance of totally denying it.Than the industry averageTurnover,overtime workIt is unacceptable to call the Watami Group a black company based on some information, based on the fact that the time is short and the annual income (including overtime allowance) is high.[PR 3].

Black company award

2012 Black company awardWas nominated for a "black company" and won the "Black Company Citizenship Award" with 49.8% of the total votes cast.

2013 Black company awardIs the only one nominated for the second year in a row, collecting 2% of the votes cast on the web.[27], Won the Black Company Award and the General Voting Award[28].


Since its founding, Watami hasUnionDid not exist[29]..Watami's Human Resources Department told employees who joined the company in April 2008 and joined the company at the same time as a woman who committed karoshi. , The union does not have to exist. "[29].

On May 2016, 5, Watami formed the first union labor union "Watami Members Alliance" for all 16 employees (employees and part-time workers).Union shopAdopt the systemUA ZensenIs supporting[30][31].


Labor Standards Act violation

Unpaid wages to employees

"Watami Food Service", a company under Watami,Part-time jobEmployees' working hours were recorded in 30-minute increments, and wages were calculated by rounding down fractions.Such overtime work hoursRounding,Rounded downIt is,Labor Standards ActIt is an illegal or criminal act prohibited by.

Kita OsakaLabor Standards Inspection OfficeInvestigated "Watami Korien Ekimae Store" and "Za / Watami Hirakata City Ekimae Store" and revealed the existence of unpaid wages.After that, he made a correction recommendation to Watami Food Service and instructed him to investigate whether there was a similar problem at other stores.When Watami Food Service conducted an internal investigation, similar cases were confirmed at 47 stores nationwide.[32]..However, according to the comment released by Watami's president's office, "6 stores including the Korien store"[PR 4]Although we admit that there was a problem in, we have not disclosed the number of stores where similar behavior was discovered by internal investigation.In response to this problem, Watami's president's office said, "Time management was not sufficient."[33]It explains.

A spokeswoman for Watami said, "There should be no truncation of working hours, and some stores have not been thoroughly implemented. We have already changed it at stores nationwide."[1]And paid a total of about 217 yen of unpaid wages to 1280 people.[33].

Disciplinary dismissal of whistleblower

To Kita-Osaka Labor Standards Inspection OfficeWhistle-blowingThe former employee was "dismissed in retaliation for whistleblowers."[1]He insisted that he sued Watami Food Service.According to a former employee, the store manager does not respond even if he asks for improvement of unpaid wages, so after notifying the Watami Food Service side, he notified the Labor Standards Inspection Office, and the Watami Food Service side said, "Go to the Labor Bureau. Such a guy is a threat to the company. "[34]While denying the labor baseretirementIn September 2007DismissalIt is said that it was done.

However, Watami's president's office said, "There is no fact that I was dismissed because of a whistleblower."[PR 4]"The dismissal is limited to unavoidable reasons, and there is absolutely no reason for whistleblowers."[35]It explains.InterviewWhen asked about this issue, Watami's president, Miki Watanabe, said, "It's unfounded. You can't do such a sneaky thing. The improvement gave me the opportunity to grow more. It is impossible to dismiss such a person for retaliation. "[36]Is insisting. January 2009, 1,Osaka District CourtでsettlementWas established, and Watami Food ServiceDisciplinary dismissalWas withdrawn and the agreement was retired, and a settlement fee of 75 yen was paid, and the settlement was made by money.In the settlement clause, the company also acknowledged and apologized for making inappropriate statements during the dismissal.

Overtime work under inappropriate labor-management agreement

At some Watami storesLabor Standards ActWithout going through the labor-management procedures stipulated byovertime workWhat was letting me do2012 OctoberThe company announced its policy to embark on a fact-finding survey.[37][PR 5].

Overworked suicide of female employees

2008 Joined "Watami Food Service" in April (20)KanagawaYokosukaAfter going through the Japanese dining "Watami" Keikyu Kurihama station square store (then Japanese dining "Watami" Keikyu Kurihama station square store"Miraizaka" Keikyu Kurihama station square storeA female employee (26 years old at that time) assigned to[38]Two months later, in June of the same year, he jumped from an apartment near his home in the city and committed suicide.[39][40]..The bereaved family of the woman said, "Long night work and overtime continued."Death from overworkCause ofIndustrial accidentI applied for certification[41]..YokosukaLabor Standards Inspection OfficeDid not admit that the female suicide was due to work[38], The bereaved family asked the Kanagawa Labor Bureau for examination[42]..KanagawaWorkers' compensation insuranceExaminerAs a result of being reexamined by2012 (24)May 2By the way, female suicide isOverworked suicidebyIndustrial accidentOfficially certified as[42].

According to the decision and the attorney-at-law, "I was assigned as a late-night cook.[42]"Women say," Cooking work from 4 am to 6 am every day[43]And "Working until 5 am for one week in a row[41]"Long working hours including midnight work for up to 7 consecutive days"[44]"One month overtime is about 1 hours"[15][42]"The total overtime for the two months from April to June is about 4 hours.[44]"On holidays, early morning workshops, volunteer activities and report writing from 7:XNUMX am"[43]Is imposed and "holidays and breaks are insufficient[41]"Extreme sleep deprivation[45]"I was in charge of unfamiliar cooking work and received a strong psychological burden.[41]"Mental disorder develops" mainly due to[43]"The woman was forced to commit suicide, admitting a causal relationship between work and suicide.[42][43].

The pre-suicide woman's notebook contained a heartbreaking cry for help.[41][46]..Regarding this matter, the female father said, "My daughter was forced to commit suicide due to the harsh working environment. It was a memorial service to my daughter that was recognized as Watami's responsibility. I hope to rehabilitate, and I want you to save people in similar situations as much as possible. "[41][43][45].

The Watami public relations group told the media companies that they once said, "We do not know the contents of the decision made by the examiner and would like to refrain from commenting."[41][42][45],May 2In a written statement on its website, "It is different from our perception and this decision is regrettable."[PR 6][47].

The founder of the companyChairperson of the Board OfMiki WatanabeIs ownTwitterHe mentioned the suicide of a woman and said, "I am very sorry about the accident certification, but I do not recognize that labor management was not done."[PR 7]..And just five and a half hours later, he himselfDirectorServe as "Ikubunkan Yume GakuenTo build a sister schoolバングラデシュVisited.I want to create an educational model in Bangladesh[PR 8]"And so on.Although Watanabe's remarks received a lot of criticism,[48][49]Watanabe responded by saying, "Thanks for many points.[PR 9]".He also said, "I believe that building a school in Bangladesh is expected by her deceased.[PR 9]"And so on.Watanabe not only did not admit the fierce labor of a former female employee officially certified by the Kanagawa Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance Examiner, but also apologized for the irreparable consequences of female suicide. I didn't even mention it[48]..Watanabe's series of remarks was flooded with fierce criticism that he was too ignorant.[48]..After this, Watanabe apologized, "I regret it with all my might. I must apologize to her from the bottom of my heart."[29][49][PR 10].

After this Watanabe's remarkMay 2, Watami deleted from its website a document expressing its view as a company, "It is different from our perception and this decision is regrettable."[47], Newly released a statement in writing, "For work-related accident certification, we will scrutinize the content of the decision made by the Kanagawa Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance Examiner and respond sincerely."[PR 11]..However, Watami refused to respond to the overtime hours and working conditions of the former female employee who committed suicide, and the intention to delete the previous document.[47].

The attorney-at-law has announced that he will request Watami to apologize and compensate the bereaved family and submit a request for recurrence prevention measures.[45].

Watanabe professes to "reflect on his own life"[PR 10], Watami also made a statement that he would respond sincerely.[PR 11]Contrary to such an attitude toward the general public, I approached the bereaved family with the attitude that "I should pay money".[50][51][52]..Despite being recognized as an industrial accident, Watami insisted that the bereaved family "does not immediately violate the company's safety consideration obligations" and refused to give a clear answer to the recurrence prevention measures that the bereaved family had requested.[50]..The bereaved family sought direct negotiations with Watami's chairman, Watami himself, in September 2012 to investigate the cause of the suicide of a former female employee and prevent recurrence.[50]..In response, Watami replied, "Chairman Watanabe is present only once," "Recording is not possible," "Do not negotiate with the agent set up by his parents," and "The labor union cannot be present."[50][51]..When the bereaved family protested, in November 2012, Watami responded to the bereaved family who were the victims of the perpetrator.Nagoya District CourtToCivil mediationI took an unusual response to file a complaint[51]..The purpose of the alleged mediation is to have Watami decide the amount of damages to be paid to the bereaved family.[51]Never admitted that he violated his legal liability or safety consideration obligations[53]..In the mediation, he answered "I will accept it as a valuable opinion" to the question of the bereaved family.[52]..In this mediation, it was revealed that Watami's statement "to respond sincerely" was just a convenience.[52]..For the bereaved family, who are determined to take on a tragic mourning battle and face a battle with Watami, trying to close the case with only compensation is synonymous with trampling the dignity of the life of my daughter, a former female employee. Was never accepted[53].. Mediation broke down in November 2013[52][53].

Watami's actions revealed the uncovered true intention of weathering the incident as soon as possible and restoring the corporate image.[51]..The bereaved family was angry that if Watami did not show any remorse and tried to proceed while refusing to investigate the actual situation, there would be no compensation for damages, apology, or measures to prevent recurrence.[50].

Settlement document signed

2015 (27)May 12,Tokyo District CourtSo, Watami against the bereaved familyPunitive damagesAs "punishing" of 1 million yenPalimony"For all employeesOverworkEstablished measures to prevent recurrence "" ApologyWebsiteIt will continue to be posted for one year. "settlementWas signed[54].

Miki Watanabe ran for the Upper House election in the midst of a whirlpool

Miki WatanabeIt is,2013 (25)23rd House of Councilors ordinary electionCandidate for and obtained official approval from the Liberal Democratic Party[55]..The bereaved family urged the Liberal Democratic Party to withdraw Watanabe's official recognition, raising a sense of crisis that more young people would suffer if a person who had driven a former female employee commit suicide enters the Diet.[55]..The Liberal Democratic Party strongly refused to enter the building as soon as the bereaved family entered the party premises, even though the bereaved family had been allowed to enter the party premises in advance.[55]..The bereaved family was furious and protested[55]..However, Watanabe's LDP official recognition was not withdrawn.

Watanabe was elected as a member of the House of Councilors in the 16th place in proportion to the LDP (out of 18 seats in total) in the Upper House election.

Civil suit by bereaved family

Theoretically, the case of death from overwork of a former female employeeBusiness negligenceIt is pointed out that it is a typical example of, but it is difficult to actually treat it as a criminal case.[56][53]..Even if Watami is found guilty in a criminal case, the fine of 20 to 30 yen is often enough, so the criminal punishment for the death from overwork is virtually dysfunctional.[53].

On December 2013, 25, the bereaved family told Watami Food Service, Watami, and the founder Watanabe that the former female employee committed suicide due to the company's failure to consider safety. On the other hand, 12 million yenPunitive damagesIn a civil suit in the Tokyo District Court[52][57][58]..The bereaved family held a press conference after the complaint and stated that they would like to clarify through the proceedings why the former female employee died.[57].

On December 2015, 27, Watami admitted that "based on the philosophy formed by the founder, we forced our employees to do excessive work" and "Watanabe has the heaviest responsibility".Restitution for DamagesA settlement was reached by paying 1 million yen and posting an apology statement and terms and conditions on the websites of the company and Watanabe for one year.[15][59].

1st oral argument

The first oral argument was held at the Tokyo District Court on February 2014, 26.[60][61]..Mr. Watanabe said at the Liberal Democratic Party subcommittee on February 2, "I regret it. I will make up for it for the rest of my life."[62], Participated in a job fair for students held in Osaka[60][61].

The issue of occupying the audience seats in the second oral argument

March 2014, 26, during the second oral argument at the Tokyo District Court[63], The entrance of the court is blocked by a large number of Watami employees, and the auditorium of the court is occupied, the NPO corporation "PosseThe staffTwitterReported in[62]..The eastern Tokyo labor union and the bereaved families also reported that a similar situation had occurred.[62][64]..The Asahi Shimbun and Mainichi Shimbun also reported that a similar uproar had occurred.[63][65].

On the other hand, he was absent from the first oral argument.[62], Watanabe, who first appeared in the second oral argument this time[63],Facebook"It is contrary to the facts"[62].. "There are many requests for hearing from both sides, and as a result of discussions on the spot, it is a fact that the plaintiff side (2): the defendant side (1) divided the hearing seats and accepted them."[62][64].

Watami's public relations also said, "The staff of each related department voluntarily lined up for hearing just before the time." I have stated that it is not a thing[62][66].

2st oral argument

In the statement of opinion of the second oral argument, Mr. Watanabe stated that he could not accept the plaintiff's offer and clarified the appearance of the dispute in court.[63][62][64]..Watanabe bowed in court, saying, "We take moral responsibility very seriously. We sincerely apologize."[63][64]..In response to this statement by Watanabe, the bereaved family said that Watanabe said,Harmful rumor"I don't think it's a sincere apology. I just want to weather the case as soon as possible, return the business to normal business, and recover profits."[64]"Originally, what should be stated in the first oral argument. It's a company that can't take for granted. Apologies are just a convenience."[65].

Watanabe stated that he wanted to end the dispute as soon as possible, and Watanabe and the defendant had a statement of opinion and a statement of opinion that totally denied the plaintiff's allegations, which were the bereaved family.Preparation documentSubmitted[67]..The defendant also denied the fact that he was certified as an industrial accident such as overtime hours.[67]..As a result, the plaintiffs will be forced to start over from the proof of the basic facts, and it is predicted that the trial will be prolonged.[67]..In the briefs submitted by the defendant, there were discriminatory expressions related to the calculation of the award and words that made the bereaved family upset.[67].

Fire accident at the izakaya "Watami" Sakuragicho Noge store

Around 2010:22 pm on April 4, 26, a fire broke out at the izakaya "Watami" Sakuragicho Noge store on the 5th floor of the Shiratori Building, 2-59 Hanasakicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. burnt.All the people in the building were evacuated and no one was injured.The Isezaki police station says that when an employee put a pot on fire and took his eyes off, it burned into an exhaust duct with oil and dust.In addition, "Watami" was closed on the same date.After that, the store was renovated and reopened on May 4 as "Charcoal-grilled Dainingu Wataminya".[68]

Food poisoning due to norovirus

  • November / December 2007
    Izakaya in Yatsu, Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture"Watami" Ageo Monsherry storeで、11月30日および12月1日に飲食した客33名(5グループ)が、下痢や嘔吐などの体調不良を訴えた。鴻巣保健所の立ち入り検査および病院の検査において、一部の客と従業員3名からノロウイルスの陽性反応が検出されたことから、同店は12月12日から3日間の営業停止処分となった[69][PR 12].
  • November / December 2009
    Paid nursing home for the elderly "Rest Villa Machida Onoji」で、4月29日より入居者・職員らに下痢や嘔吐などの症状があり、5月1日までに男性10人、女性18人の合計28人が発症した。東京都町田保健所の立ち入り検査の結果、4人からノロウイルスの陽性反応が検出された。東京都福祉保健局より、5月3日から7日間の給食提供業務停止の行政処分となった[70][PR 13].
  • November / December 2010
    Izakaya in Saijohonmachi, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture"Talking place Za / Watami" Hiroshima Saijo station square storeSo, 2 men and women between the ages of 18 and 22 who ate and drank on the night of February 60 complained of vomiting and diarrhea, and the Seibuazuma Health Center determined that they had food poisoning.The store has been banned from business for the time being from the night of February 14nd.Also, an izakaya in Chuo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture."Talking place, Watami" JR Sannomiya elevated storeOn January 1th, 18 people suffered from food poisoning.[71].
  • 2010(Heisei 22)/ 9
    In Setagaya Ward, Tokyo"Talking place Za / Watami" Sangenjaya station square store..According to the Living Health Division of Setagaya Health Center, 2010 customers complained of food poisoning caused by norovirus due to the banquet food served on September 9, 10.Although it could not be detected in the store by the on-site inspection on the 20th, the virus of the same gene sequence was detected in multiple meal groups, so the business was suspended for 13 days from the 30th.On Watami's official website, a document about administrative disposition from Setagaya Ward was issued on the same day, and it is clarified that the disposition will be taken seriously after naming the store and efforts will be made to prevent recurrence.The store did not disclose the fact that it had been punished, and pretended that the reason for the closure was "due to the renovation of the store."Both President Kuwahara and Chairman Watanabe "will not disclose details" and the reason "cannot answer at all"[72].
  • 2011 (Heisei 23)/1/25
    Shizuoka Prefecture Eastern Health Center is a restaurant in Otemachi, Numazu City on the 25th."Charcoal-grilled Dainingu Wataminya" Numazu storeIt was announced that a total of 2 people in 18 groups who had dinner at the restaurant complained of symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and fever, and were diagnosed with food poisoning due to norovirus.The health center has banned the store from the 25th for the time being.According to the health center, norovirus was detected in the stools of patients and employees.The patients were groups of 22 and 6 respectively, who ate on January 1 and had symptoms from the night of the following 15th.[73][PR 14].
  • December 2012th to 24th, 12
    Watami Food Service operates the Chiyoda Public Health Center, Health and Welfare Department, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.Watamin family"Suidobashi West Exit Tokyo Dome ExitAnnounced on December 2012, 12 that mass food poisoning due to norovirus occurred in[74]..From the same day, the health center ordered the store to improve its facilities and their handling, and banned operations until the hygiene hazards were removed and safety was confirmed.[74]..The onset was confirmed in four groups consisting of male and female college students and office workers aged 12 to 5 who ate the meal provided by the store from December 6th to 21th.[75]..According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the total number of passengers on both days was about 400.[75]..Watami Food Service admitted that it had received administrative sanctions from Chiyoda Ward due to food poisoning symptoms and poor physical condition caused by norovirus at the store.[PR 15], "Suidobashi West Exit Tokyo Dome Exit Store" has a sentence "Temporarily closed due to circumstances" on the store page.[PR 16], Refrained from business from 10th of the same month[PR 15].
  • 2015 (Heisei 27)/10/17
    Izakaya in Fuchinobe, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture"Watami" Fuchinobe North Exit Ekimae Store Sagamihara City Health Center announced on October 2015, 10 that mass food poisoning due to norovirus occurred in Japan.[76].. Eighteen customers who ate and drank on October 10 complained of poor physical condition such as diarrhea and vomiting.[76]..The store was suspended for two days from October 2 because positive norovirus reactions were detected in some customers and two employees during on-site inspections and hospital inspections at the Sagamihara City Health Center.[76].

"Watami's long-term care" resident fatal accident

87-year-old male resident died, improper long-term care

A resident male (87 years old at the time) died in 2006 (Heisei 18) due to a sudden change in his condition at the nursing home "Rest Villa Motosumiyoshi" operated by (old) "Watami Nursing".[23]..At the meeting between Watami and his family, which was set up at Watami's headquarters just before the death of the man, Watanabe announced to the man's family, "Do you want 1 million?"[23]..After the death of the man, the bereaved family sued Watami[23]..The Yokohama District Court has issued a ruling ordering the "Watami Nursing Care" side to pay about 2160 million yen.[23][77]..The Yokohama District Court found that the cause of the death of the man was bacterial infection and sepsis due to inappropriate care on the part of the facility.[77]..The bereaved family said that Watanabe's statement, "Do you want 1 million?"[23].

74-year-old female resident drowned / concealed, investigated by Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

On the afternoon of February 2012, 24, "" in Itabashi-ku, TokyoWatami careAt "Rest Villa Akatsuka"Parkinson's diseaseA woman (74 years old at the time) who was suffering from illness died while taking a bath[25][78][79]..The woman was found in the bathtub with her nose and bottom submerged after being left in the bathroom for more than an hour and a half, despite being physically handicapped due to Parkinson's disease.[78][80].Metropolitan Police DepartmentTakashimadaira Police Station TheBusiness negligenceStarted investigation on suspicion[78][80].Judicial dissectionAs a result, the cause of death was drowning.[80]..The woman was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2009 and entered the facility at the end of 2010.[78].. Since around January 2012, he has been repeatedly falling in the facility due to physical disability due to Parkinson's disease.[78]..However, the staff never confirmed the appearance of the woman while taking a bath.[80]..At the beginning of the accident, the facility explained to the bereaved family, "I had a cardiopulmonary arrest while I took my eyes off for 10 minutes. There is a high possibility of illness."[78]..However, when the police investigation revealed that the explanation on the facility side was false, the facility side turned around and explained that "there were other bathers and I couldn't handle it."[78]..The eldest daughter of the woman pointed out the poor care system on the part of the facility and expressed sorrow and regret about her decision to have her mother admitted to such a facility.[78].

On February 2016, 28 (Heisei 2), the Metropolitan Police Department's Investigation Division 26 sent documents to a total of four people, including the former facility manager, for negligent fatalities in business, alleging that they had neglected the obligation to supervise when taking a bath.[25][81][82].

One person died of mass food poisoning due to Watami's long-term care

From February 2015th to 27th, 2, "Watami careGroup at "Rest Villa Higashiyamato", a nursing home for the elderly operated byFood poisoningAnd 16 residents suffered from food poisoning due to norovirus[83][84]..One 84-year-old man from food poisoning died at 1:15 am on the 5th of the same month.[84]..The cause of death was suffocation due to vomit.[84]..Norovirus was detected in a cooking employee at the facility, and the health center ordered the facility to stop serving meals for three days.[84].

Fatal accident in "Watami's home meal"

The (former) home-cooking business subsidiary "Watami Takushoku" (currently directly managed by Watami) provides a home delivery service based on handing over by "Magokoro staff".In addition, if you make a contract in advance, if there is something wrong with the delivery of the lunch box, you can promptly send it to your family.Medical institutionWe provide a safety confirmation service to contact such people.

However, in August 2013, when a lunch box delivery person rang a chime at the entrance to deliver a lunch box to a woman (8 years old at that time) in Konan Ward, Yokohama City, who lived alone, there was no response and a blue delivery box informing her of her absence. Even though it was not issued, I neglected to confirm the safety and left the site as it was[85][86]..The next day, a dead woman was found[85]..The cause of death was due to heart failure, but it is said that it may have collapsed during the time the courier visited due to circumstances.[85].

After this accident, the bereaved family of a woman who died asked Watami Takushoku to hand over and explain the safety confirmation service.Until the next dayIf the lunch box is not touched, it will be treated as an incident. "[85]..In February 2014, the bereaved family filed a civil suit with the Yokohama District Court for damages totaling 2 million yen against Watami Takushoku, the founder Miki Watanabe, and a female courier (the contractual relationship with Watami Takushoku is unknown). bottom[85].

After filing the proceedings, a sentence was added to the Watami Takushoku website, stating, "This is a free service, and our Yamagokoro staff are not obligated or responsible for the implementation of the service."Machiko WashioThe image photos that have appeared have also been renewed.[PR 17][87].

The first oral argument was held at the Yokohama District Court on April 2014, 26.[86]..According to the statement of opinion of the bereaved family, regarding the implementation of the "safety confirmation service", the catalog of Watami Takushoku etc. "does not have any obligations or responsibilities", which was not stated before the civil suit.[86]..The bereaved family said, "The cautionary note was written in small letters that the elderly with presbyopia could not read. I filed a lawsuit to fight for my mother so that the same accident as my mother would not be repeated again."[86]..In response, Watami Takushoku demanded that the claim be dismissed.[86].

Working style of "Watami's home meal"

Road transport lawArticle 78 stipulates that private cars must not be used for transportation for a fee except in certain cases.[88]..Therefore, Watami's home-cooking business is subject to the condition of using a private car or renting an electric bicycle.ConsignmentHave a contract[89]..In other words, an outsider who outsourced the businessDoor-to-door salesIt is said that it is not a transportation business by taking the form of[89]..In this case, you have to bear the expenses such as gasoline fee and communication fee for business by yourself, and if an accident occurs, it is the responsibility of the person who contracted the work, so you need to take out insurance for business use separately. It becomes a problem on the contractor side[90][91]..Some Magokoro staff are paid an allowance of 1 to 3 yen in the name of "leader fee", and they are doing work that is not in the outsourcing contract, such as receiving a phone call from the sales office on behalf of the employee. There is also an indication ofCamouflage contractThere was suspicion that it might be[92]..The remuneration is a complete volume system, and the minimum wage may be interrupted if the time required for operations other than delivery, such as sales, collection, collection, and tidying up, and various expenses paid by oneself are subtracted.[93].

Leakage of personal information of "Watami's home meal", election violation

Personal information has been leaked several times, and when Miki Watanabe ran for the House of Councilors election in 2013 (Heisei 25),Public office election lawDeliver greeting cards prohibited by Article 147-2 as a pre-exercise,Personal Information Protection LawFor example, if the personal information specified in is used for purposes other than the intended purpose, it will be sent.Election violationThere was an incident[94][PR 18][PR 19][PR 20][PR 21][PR 22].

Trouble with other companies

"Fishermen" vs "Wamin" signboard dispute

2003 (15)May 12,Monte RosaHas announced to Watami Food Service the false fact that "Uomin" intentionally uses a store name similar to "Watami" and a signboard with a similar design ", 3000 million. Appeal for yen compensationTokyo District CourtI woke up.

On the other hand, Watami also filed a counter-suit against him for being hurt. Although they argued with each other that "the method of confusing the stores is obvious" (Watami) and "The white sign on the red background is the common property of the food service industry" (Monte Rosa), the following yearMay 12, At the Tokyo District CourtsettlementIs established. Monterosa Inc. acknowledges that the "Wamin" side recognizes that "Fishers" are not obliged to stop using the signRestitution for DamagesThe condition is that the bill should be withdrawn and both parties will not slander each other in the future.

As a result, "fish people" and "Japanese people" coexisted.

However, Watami's president, Miki Watanabe, later wrote in 2007, "I don't rely on the country anymore. 』In the name" ○ people "and write that" if there is a hit predecessor called Watami, there will be a person who imitates and makes everything look like. "Monte Rosa accused Watami and Watanabe of the corporation for compensation of 1 million yen, saying that this was contrary to the content of the settlement.On November 2009, 11, the Tokyo District Court granted only Watanabe's personal responsibility and ordered compensation of 16 million yen.

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    • Watami Food Service Singapore Pte. Ltd.
    • Delis Watami Cambodia Co. Ltd.
  • Other businesses
    • Watami Energy Co., Ltd.
    • Alete Co., Ltd.



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