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📢 | Donate learning computers to children all over the country!6 facilities in total ・ This time to the Tokai area SDGs “Quality…


Donate learning computers to children all over the country!6 facilities in total ・ This time to the Tokai area SDGs “Quality…

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We support the setting and troubleshooting of PCs and IT equipment nationwide and XNUMX hours a day, XNUMX days a week.

Japan PC Service Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Ieki ... → Continue reading


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Information equipment

Information equipmentWhat is (johokiki)?情报ToDirections and Parkingin order tomachine-machine(For informationhardwareEtc.).


In a broad sense, all devices that can touch information are information devices, and in a narrow sense,communicationA device that has the function of. Those that have the function of communication are especiallyInformation terminalSometimes called (johotanmatsu). Of information equipment,家庭Used inInformation appliances(See below), what is used in companies, etc.OA equipmentSometimes it is (Oei Kiki). What is OA?Office AutomationIs an abbreviation for In many cases, information devices for corporations are distributed by the sales companies as.

Information equipment,情报,データTo handle itRecordKeepInformation mediaHave a close relationship with.

When we talk about information equipment,Computer,In particularPersonal computer (PC) orMobile phone-PDAIs often referred to. Besides this,Fixed-line phone,facsimileAlso included. Also,communicationDoes not have the function ofCopier(Copier)CD playerEtc. can be included in a broadly defined information device.

household use

general家庭However, these devices are becoming popular. They areHousehold electrical machineryAs a kind of (home appliances),Information appliancesNoDigital home appliances(→Digital home appliances), it is a little cheaper for home use with limited functions.Cheap editionHowever, there is a tendency to spread.

Also in recent yearsEntertainmentHome appliances for use inEntertainment home appliancesIn theInformation processing technologyYou can also see things that apply, including themEntertainment home appliancesNoInformation entertainment home appliances,Digital entertainment home appliancesIt is called.

List of information equipment

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24 hours a day, XNUMX days a week

CommercialIn 24 hours a day, XNUMX days a week(24 Jikan Nenju Mukyu) can be used at any time of the year without any holidays.ServicesRefers to[1]..in English,24 × 7,24/7It is written as.

Do not open (operate) at midnight, instead on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays,New Year's HolidayBut I don't rest, I have a fixed time every day (Core time) Is simply called "open all year round".

An example

Business for general consumers

An example of a 24/XNUMX service issupermarket,convenience store, TMJ ,Automatic online assistant,gas station,Restaurants,Concierge service, Staff are residentData center,hospital,Taxi,Security serviceand so on.In urban areasConstruction workerMay be open all year round.

Emergency service and transportation

As an example of a profession that needs to be up and running 24 hours a dayEmergency services,Policemen,Fire,Emergency phone number (110,119), Etc., respond to incidents, accidents, and disasters that cannot be predicted whenPublic securityThere is.

空港,Airlines, Transportation services such as ferry services, and in some cases trains and buses provide 24-hour services (Overnight driving) Also. An example of a public transport service that operates 24 hours a day, XNUMX days a weekNew York City Subway, PATCO ,Copenhagen Metro,Chicago LThere are two routes. SEPTATwo lines of the system,London Underground,Barcelona metro,Istanbul MetroSome public transport, including some routes, operates 24 hours a day only on Friday and Saturday nights.

Industrial and utility services

Industrial and manufacturing facilities, especially those operating near marginal utilization, or processes that are expensive to suspend (Production lineFacilities that depend on (such as) may provide services 24 hours a day, 24 days a week.Similarly, utilities typically need to provide multiple XNUMXxXNUMX services.For examplePower companyProcesses power outage reports 24 hours a day, XNUMX days a week and dispatches emergency repair technicians.In addition, it monitors the electrical infrastructure and constantly generates electricity.The same applies to telecommunications and Internet service providers.

Non-profit and charitable services

With many crisis centersCrisis hotlineOffers a 24/XNUMX service.


Continuous operation

Many 24/XNUMX service is completeShift workIt is continuously operated by a shift system with a system in place.

Geographical shift system

Call centerSuch asVirtual officeIn the 24/XNUMX service that can be used, a shift system may be set up for each time zone and a person in charge may be hired in each area.

Personal effort

Providing essential servicesExpertCorrespondence by.

Service interruption

In some cases, 24/XNUMX service may be temporarily unavailable under certain circumstances.For thisRegular maintenance,upgradeorRefurbishment,Emergency repair,andBusiness suspension due to injunctionAnd so on.With a 24-hour, XNUMX/XNUMX service that requires employees to be dispatched to specific locations,Abnormal weather,Crime notice,Natural disasters, ま た はForced evacuationIt may be interrupted even if the minimum number of employees required to continue the service cannot be present due to such reasons.

Some 24/XNUMX services are major such as New Year holidaysHolidays / holidaysOr may be closed on holidays designated by the service provider.

Redundancy and strengthening of system

With 24/XNUMX service, you may need to build a complex scheme that guarantees resistance to potential disruptions, resilience in the event of disruptions, and minimum standards of overall reliability.

The important infrastructure isFailoversystem,Generator,andsatelliteCommunication may be used to strengthen the system.In the event of a catastrophic disaster, some 24/XNUMX services may have fully redundant parallel infrastructure elsewhere.


In the workplace of a private company that operates 24 hours a day, 24 days a week, employees are placed in a situation where their choice and freedom of private life are restricted.Therefore, there are calls for regaining humanity in the workplace XNUMX hours a day, XNUMX days a week.[2].

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