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📢 | The 5th popular performance, which is based on gathering masters to perform famous songs, and the past performances are sold out and full thanks continue! …


The 5th popular performance, which is based on gathering masterpieces and performing, and past performances are sold out and packed with thanks! …

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■ Cast
Fumishi Takeda / Kiyokazu Kanze / Mansai Nomura / Tsuneyoshi Mori / Yoshiteru Takeda / Shomaru Sekine / Yukio Ishida / Shintaro Sugi / Yotaro Uzawa / Hirotada Kamei / Soemon Konparu / Munekazu Takeda / Yasuhide Kanze / Chitoshi Matsuki / Ototaka Sakai / Ryuichi Onodera / Kyosuke Tanabe / Hirokazu Kakihara / Noriyoshi Okawa / Hisahiro Oka / Hiroharu Fukada / Taichiro Nomura / Munenori Takeda / Masashi Nomura / Shintaro Saka / Tomoshi Takeda / Yoshiya Shimizu / Fumiyoshi Asai / Kanze Saburo / Shifusa Takeda / Yasuyuki Shirasaka (replacement of Takashi Kakihara)
■ Timetable
December 12th (Sat) 18:13 Start
Around 15: 30 ~ Noh "Motomezuka"
* Opening is 60 minutes before the start of the performance
* Performance time: Approximately two and a half hours
■ Ticket fee
SS seats: 17,000 yen, S seats: 13,000 yen, A seats: 10,000 yen
B seat 8,000 yen, C seat 7,000 yen
(All seats designation tax included)
■ Group overview
A recital performance held once a year by Noh performer Fumishi Takeda (Kanze school of Shitekata).

The 5th "Bun no Kai" will be held on Saturday, December 2021, 12 at the 18th Kanze Sakon Memorial Kanze Noh Theater (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) ... → Continue reading


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