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📢 | Double performance at Shinjuku Theater Tops!Amayadori 20th Anniversary Performance XNUMXnd "Water" / "Blue Post ...


Double performance at Shinjuku Theater Tops!Amayadori 20th Anniversary Performance XNUMXnd "Water" / "Blue Post ...

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Focusing on the original drama by Junichi Hirota, the two wheels are "a play language that can be transformed freely" that deals with modern colloquialism and prose poetry, and "free physicality" that incorporates musical and dance elements such as clapping and group dance. Acting as.

The second performance of the 20th anniversary of Amayadori "Wed" / "Blue Post" will be released from December 2021th (Thursday) to December 12th (...), 16. → Continue reading


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Prose poem

Prose poem (Prose poetry, French: Poème en prose, English: Prose poetry)literatureupperGenreone of.A modern French poet said, "Gaspard at night』Created in, laterボ ー ド レ ー ルIs said to have been completed in "Small Prose Poetry" ("The Melancholy of Paris").in JapanSakutaro HagiwaraIs known as an important early prose poet.

Meaning as a genre

"Poetry」は通常、規則的な、詩法に基づいたProsodyBecause it is a literary genre with, it means a sentence that does not have a fixed form.proseThe word "prose poetry" combined with "" is essentially a contradiction in terms of meaning, which is what makes prose poetry unique.for exampleFrenchSince prose poetry is written as Poème en prose, it can be understood as "prose written in prose."In other words, since this is "poetry," it should be essentially strictly distinguished from the generally accepted "poetic prose."

However, the boundaries are very vague, and it is unclear what "prose poetry" is, and it is difficult to define it exactly.Characterized by relatively short prose, a leap of logic and poetry found in poetryrhetoricOften regarded as prose poetry, such as those using.But for exampleKajii Motojiro,Yasunari Kawabataof"Palm novelThere is also the question of whether "" should be called prose poetry.It is almost impossible to distinguish between a very short story and prose poetry.On the contrary, this question may be related to the question "What is a novel?"

Prose poetry is always at the boundary between prose and poetry.If it is a verse, the question is whether it is an excellent "poetry" immediately, and why prose can be poetry (whether poetry can be poetry), or poetry and prose.identity, It can be said that it is a very important genre when considering those boundaries.An important poet in France, who has a history of being established as a privileged genre, isボ ー ド レ ー ル,Malarmé,RamboAnd thenLautreamonStarting fromSurrealistIt continues to our genealogy.

Main prose poetry

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