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📊 | Inageya / Kokubunji Higashikoigakubo store opened in Kokubunji, Tokyo


Inageya / Opened "Kokubunji Higashikoigakubo Store" in Kokubunji, Tokyo

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Grocery actively develops seasonal products, new products and trendy products to create a richer lifestyle.

Inageya will open "Inageya Kokubunji Higashikoigakubo Store" in Kokubunji, Tokyo on December 12th.There are 16 stores in Kokubunji City ... → Continue reading

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Grocery(Grocery), Or, what is a grocery store or a grocery store?Half boardSubjectGroceries・ Household goods ・Daily necessitiesIt is a general term for such things, and in turn, it is a grocery store. Translated as food miscellaneous goods, food miscellaneous goods, etc.JapanIt ’s an unfamiliar concept,English-speaking countriesIs used on a daily basis. JapanesedistributionIn the industry etc., to groceryFresh produceIs not included. Foods that require refrigeration (Daily food) Is called "chilled grocery", and foods (general foods) and miscellaneous goods that do not require refrigeration are sometimes called "dry grocery". When simply referred to as "grocery", it often refers to dry grocery.

LithuanianTo bakalėja There is a word, this isEnglishThen. Grocery May be translated as[1]But strictly speakingtea,sugar,coffee,Wheat flourSuch as powder,Dried fruitIt is a general term for foods that need to be cooked before consumption.[2].RussianAlso grocery(Latin transcription: bakaleja), which refers to almost the same concept as the Lithuanian language, is clearly found in the same family, but its etymology isTurkish[Note 1]Or go back furtherArabic[Note 2]Required for the word that represents <grocery trader>[3].

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