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📢 | A completely new and innovative cacao sweets is born!Blanc of chocolate venture "CACAOLOGY" ...


A completely new and innovative cacao sweets is born!Blanc of chocolate venture "CACAOLOGY" ...

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His main work includes craft beer "COEDO", matcha cafe "nana's green tea", Yamasa soy sauce "freshness life" "maru raw pon vinegar", skin care "Uskin", Hakata "Kego Shrine".

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Yamasa soy sauce

Yamasa Soy Sauce Co., Ltd.(Yamasa soy sauce)ChibaChoshiIt is inSoy sauceCentered onseasoningManufacturer.Seventh generation ownerHamaguchi GoryoHe has contributed to various social projects including medicine, and is still used for diagnosis.MedicineAnd also sells pharmaceuticals such as antibody reagents[1]..Headquartered in Chiba prefecture, the same company as the company in the soy sauce industryKikkomanNext to the second largest share in Japan.


  • 1645 (2nd year of Shoho) --The first generationGoryo HamaguchiMoved from Kishu to Choshi and founded as Hiroya Gibei Shoten[2].. "Yamakasa ni Ki"GoodwillThink aboutKishu Tokugawa familySince it was the same as the ship's seal, it was Yamasa because it could be read as "sa" when the ki was turned sideways.Since then, the head of the family has been going back and forth between Choshi and Kishu.
  • 1854 (First year of Ansei) --The XNUMXth head of the familyHamaguchi Goryo Ansei Nankai EarthquakeSaved the villagers from the tsunami invasion, and then "Rice Village FireIntroduced as[3].
  • 1864 (First year of Genji)- Edo ShogunateAs a soy sauce with better qualityBest soy sauceIt is the origin of "above" in the upper right corner of the trademark.
  • 1885 (Meiji 18) --Domesticソ ー スThe firstMikado sauceDeveloped,New taste soy sauceRegistered as a trademark
  • 1899 (32th year of Meiji)- Soy sauceOpened a research institute
  • 1928 (Showa 3) June- Hamaguchi Goryo Shoten,Ltd.With the reorganization into an organization, the currentYamasa Soy Sauce Co., Ltd.Company name changed to
  • 1950 (25) --Soy sauceOfficial priceAs one of the best manufacturing companies with the abolition ofKikkoman,Higeta soy sauce,Marukin Soy SauceAnd set a self-restraint price[4].
  • 1957 (Showa 32) --Invented a seasoning manufacturing method by ribonucleic acid decomposition method
  • 1970 (Showa 45) --Obtained a pharmaceutical manufacturing license
  • 1986 (61) --Started manufacturing and sales of diagnostic agents
  • 1992 (4) --Established YAMASA CORPORATION USA.
  • 1993 (5)- Sorivudine phytotoxicity caseOutbreak
  • 1994 (6) July --American factory (Oregon)Complete
  • 1999 (11) --Completion of a new factory for special orders (currently Yamasa ORM Co., Ltd.).
  • 2000 (12)- ISO 9001Certified
  • 2002 (14) --Renewal of soy sauce factory equipment (addition of super stainless steel tank).
  • 2004 (16) --Acquired SAN-J INTERNATIONAL, Inc.
  • 2005 (17)- St. Gilles Brewing(MieKuwana City) Business transfer
  • 2008 (20)- Kingdom of ThailandEstablished a local subsidiary in
  • 2011 (23) September 9-Narita factory operation
  • 2015 (27) --Established Yamasa Europe BV
  • 2016 (28) --Established YAMASA ASIA OCEANIA CO., LTD.Soy Sauce Taste Experience Center opens.

Hamaguchi family

In addition, even after the second generation, he often calls himself Gibei for generations.

Higeta soy sauceThe Hamaguchi family, who joined the company, is a family member of the Hamaguchi family, the owner of Yamasa soy sauce.


Main office
Branch office
Sales Office


  • Headquarters / Factory: 3500 Fairview Industrial Drive Southeast, Salem, Oregon 97302-1154, USA
  • Los Angeles Office: 3655 Torrance Boulevard, Suite 240, Torrance, California 90503-5808, USA
  • New York Office: 2337 Lemoine Avenue, Suite 217, Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024, USA

Factory tour

The Choshi Factory (First Factory) accepts free factory tours and is gaining popularity among tourists visiting Choshi City.The tour time is 50 minutes, and after watching the movie "How to make soy sauce", the course is to tour the brewery in the factory and see the preserved exhibits.Tabletop soy sauce is distributed to visitors as a souvenir (advance reservation required. However, on weekends and holidays and other factory holidays, only movie screenings are available.New Year's HolidayIs also closed for movie screenings).In addition, it is the oldest existing factory in Japan on the premises of the factory.Diesel locomotive(Commonly known as "Otto locomotive") is preserved.1920 Around (Taisho 9) in GermanyOtto Do It'sManufactured in.For Yamasa soy sauce1957 Entered the line (Showa 32) andIsogo StationWas laid between the factoriesLeased linetruckUsed for towing.1964 (Showa 39)Scrapped carIt was left unattended after that, but its value was recognized.1977 It was preserved after maintenance in (52) and is exhibited in the above factory tour course.The leased line has already been removed. (To the factory tour centerIsogo StationA 7-minute walk east along the railroad tracks.Choshi Electric Railway LineNakanocho StationCross the railroad crossing and walk south for 5 minutes)


In recent years, it is known for producing ponzu vinegar with kelp soup stock.

Soy sauce
  • Yamasa soy sauce (book brewing)
  • Selected soy sauce from Yamasa organic whole soybeans (honjo)
  • Yamasa Maru Soy Sauce (honjo)
  • Yamasa Low Salt Soy Sauce (honjo brewing)
  • Yamasa Sashimi Soy Sauce
  • Yamasa ――We succeeded in making the package eco-friendly by using the capillary phenomenon.
Tsuyu /Dashi
Umami seasoning
  • Flave
  • Nitto taste spirit





CM song

  • "Konkon konbu soup(Lyrics: Suitengu, Composition / Arrangement:Hiro Nagasawa
    • Kombu soupCommercial song..A CD (coupling of the single "Oiri") sung by Gannosuke Ashiya is on sale.It is also included in some compilation albums of CM songs.
  • "Konbu Tsuyu Ondo" Song: Akiko Kanazawa (June 2005-)

Past sponsored programs


Jiuqu fungus theft damage

Korea's oldest seasoning maker, KoreaKanjangWith a market share of more than 50%, it continues to maintain its undisputed number one position, and has established "Kanjan (seasoning fermented soybeans. Soy sauce in Korea)" on Korean dining tables. It is a company and is called "Korean Kanjang synonym"Sempio Foods[6]Determines the taste of soybean fermentation in the production of miso and soy sauceNeisseria gonorrhoeaeHas been stolen. In 1986, what the Korean fermented food company Sempio Foods wanted to know most was what kind of aspergillus Yamasa was using.Oh Kyung-hwan of Sempyo was only allowed to visit after being refused by Yamasa 6 to 7 times.When I entered Yamasa's Jiuqu room, I put spores, which are the seeds of Jiuqu bacteria floating in the air, into my nose, and as soon as I went out of the Jiuqu room, I took out the tissue from my pocket and blew my nose.Then, he brought the tissue to South Korea and analyzed it, and found out what kind of aspergillus was used by Yamasa.The product that used Yamasa's aspergillus spores that had been attached to the tissue was a big hit.In an interview, Oh, who became the managing director of the production headquarters, said that the product made from aspergillus stolen from Yamasa is the best-selling product of Sempio Foods and the most attached product.for that reason,itmediaIs complaining to Japanese companies about a sense of crisis against South Korea[7][8]..Sempio started exporting overseas in 1999 and is sold by Sempio Foods Jean and Sauce in 72 countries around the world.[6].

Use of specialty products

Related Companies

"YamasaThere are companies all over the country that bear the name of "", even for food-related products (Fish paste products(Kamaboko / Chikuwa) Manufacturer'sYamasa Kamaboko(HyogoHimeji) AndYamasa Chikuwa(AichiToyohashi),misoSeasoning maker (official name Mashiko Miso. Headquarters ・TochigiTochigi City)) Etc. have a reasonable degree of name recognition, but they have nothing to do with each of these companies.


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