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📊 | Village Vanguard / Opened a new concept store that handles outlets in Mie Prefecture


Village Vanguard / Opened a new concept store in Mie Prefecture that handles outlets, etc.

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Village Vanguard will participate in the form of a franchise (FC) contract with Nexus Enterprise.

Village Vanguard Corporation will open on December 12th at Hinaga Kayo Shopping Center (Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture ...) → Continue reading

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Village Vanguard

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Village Vanguard (Village Vanguard)The United States of AmericaNew York Cityマ ン ハ ッ タ ンAreaGreenwich VillageLocated injazzclub.The first owner is Max Gordon.addressFifth Avenue Address 178.

1935/When it first opened inAvant-garde artIt was the base for the announcement of the house,1940 eraFrom the latter half of the year, he began to perform live jazz and became known as a prestigious club in the jazz world.1957/May 11,Sonny RollinsIs hereVillage Vanguard Night』Recorded, after thatBill Evans,John ColtraneMany well-known jazz artists have made excellent live recordings.

1989/After Max passed away, his wife, Lorraine Gordon, took over the management.


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