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📢 | The 35th Toyo University "Hundred People Isshu of Contemporary Students" Announced 100 Winning Works and 10 Elementary School Students Winning Works


Announced 35 winning works of the 100th Toyo University "Hundred People Isshu of Contemporary Students" and 10 winning works of elementary school students

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In the situation where telework and online lessons continued, we received songs that carefully expressed casual interactions with family members and vividly cut out everyday scenes.

January 2022, 1 Toyo University Looking back on the sensibilities of young people 15 <Supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology> The 2021th Toyo University "... → Continue reading

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Distance learning

Distance learning(Encounter,British: distance education, distance learning, teleteaching, on-line education, etc.) Means that the teacher does not provide the student or student face-to-face (physically), but provides it from a remote location.EducationThat.Remote education,Online lessonAlso called.


Commuting to schoolIt is done for reasons such as to deliver education to students who have difficulty in school, and to provide education to those who are working during the day and cannot attend the classroom.

インターネットWas introduced in the 1990s, until the early 2000sPCIt was mainly done using, but in the 2000s and 2010sTabletKinds have become relatively inexpensive to distribute and have become easier to use.


1858/ToUniversity of LondonAn educational program named "External Program" was prepared (as an auxiliary educational program).

Distance education first became popularAustraliaIs.The need was high because the population was small compared to the vast land and the proportion of people living away from school was high.1911/ToQueensland UniversityEstablished Department of Correspondence Studies[1]..The expression distance education was originallyAustraliaIt was used to support learning when children are too far from school.

Currently, in addition to being able to receive education from remote areas, I feel that I can study at my convenience even if I am busy, and I feel that I can use my time effectively because I do not have to go to school The number of cases is increasing.


Originally in JapanDistance learningIt was accepted, but not only the report of learning by mail, but also taking classes using TV and radio.NHK Academy-OUJ AcademyOr a university that uses the internet (Internet university) Etc. have appeared, and the names have become unsuitable for the actual situation, so the names in this section have come out.CurrentlyCram schoolHave also introduced distance education.2020/ OfNew coronavirus epidemicThen,primary school-Junior high school-high schoolAll at onceClosed schoolAs it became difficult to go to school, distance learning (online lessons) using the Internet was carried out.

Penetration rate in Japan and each country


Types of distance education

  • Recording type

 The recording type is an online lesson in which pre-recorded videos are distributed.Students watch the video from websites where the video is uploaded.

Since it is not a live stream, it is possible to repeatedly listen to the missed part or pause when taking notes.Also, basically, unless the video is deleted or made private, it is on the website, so you can watch it at your own timing.

  • Live delivery type

 The live distribution type is an online lesson in which it is distributed in real time using a video distribution tool or the like.Since it is delivered in real time, it will start at a fixed time.

It seems that the number of educational institutions that provide online lessons by live distribution is increasing because it is easy to do.

  • Bidirectional type

 The interactive type is an online lesson in which the lesson progresses in real time in the same way as live distribution. Applications such as "ZOOM" and "Skype" are often used.

The difference from live streaming is that you can see each other's faces and students can ask questions by chatting.Since the instructor and students can communicate with each other, it will feel as if they are actually taking classes face-to-face.[2]


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