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📢 | Takaoka Laquer Ware for the next generation!"Raden glass" that utilizes traditional craft techniques is a crowdfunding project ...


Takaoka lacquer ware to the next generation!"Raden glass" that utilizes traditional craft techniques is a crowdfunding project ...

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This is an original product of Amano lacquer ware, which is finished with lacquer by incorporating the Raden technique, which is a characteristic of Takaoka lacquer ware, into the "glass material" that has a sense of transparency and hard beauty.

Amano Laquer Ware Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Takahisa Amano), which manufactures and sells lacquer ware in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, is a [Raden glass] gold cup ... → Continue reading


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Beautiful glass material

Takaoka lacquerware

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Takaoka lacquer wareImage providedplease.(March 2017

Takaoka lacquerware(Takaoka) isToyamaTakaokaIs produced inlacquerware.1975/(Showa50 years)May 9,Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and IndustrySpecified in.


Edo PeriodEarlyKeichoYearKaga DomainmainMaeda ToshinagaWhen he built Takaoka Castle, he used armor and chests of drawers.[1][2], It is said that it started with making everyday items such as sets.MeiwaTsujiya Tanji imitates Chinese lacquer ware every year[3]Manufactured by techniques such as Magnitude and Magnitude[4]Later, techniques such as sekishu and sekikuro were introduced from China, and techniques were adopted that produced various techniques such as sculpture painting, rust painting, Raden, and surviving stars that express a three-dimensional effect using various colored lacquer. As a result, the range of styles has expanded and it has been widely used for traditional daily necessities in the Takaoka region.[1]..These techniques were gathered at Mikurumayama, a festival in Takaoka, and took root in the culture of the townspeople and developed.[1].ShowaWhen it comes to organizing a union[5], USA, UK, France, India, China,Western Pacific Islands, Ethiopia[6]Was exported to.[7]

Every yearMay 5Opened toTakaoka Mitsuyama FestivalTakaoka Mt.Important Tangible Folk Cultural PropertyThese lacquering techniques are also used.

Currently in Takaoka cityprimary school,Junior high schoolThere is an attempt to invite craftsmen to experience making lacquer ware for children and students.In addition, there are several museums related to Takaoka lacquer ware.At the Takaoka Regional Local Industry Center, lacquer wareTakaoka copperwareWill be sold.

The Takaoka Laquer Ware Cooperative is an organization formed and affiliated with the Takaoka Laquer Ware Production Company.


It was a bitter product that was treated as an antique, but Raden and rust paintings are also used.[6]

Main products

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Takaoka Regional Local Industry Center

Located in Kaihotsuhonmachi, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture.National Route 8There is a building alongside.It introduces industries in the Takaoka area and sells products.1983/Established.

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