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📊 | “Digitalization and the Future of Retail” # 16 How will the traditional business practices of wholesale and retail change as D2C progresses?


"Digitalization and the Future of Retail" # 16 How will the traditional business practices of wholesale and retail change as D2C progresses?

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He has appeared and contributed to media such as "J-WAVE" and "Toyo Keizai Online", including "Tomoyuki Mochizuki Innovators Cross" who is a navigator on Nippon Broadcasting System.

In my last article, I touched on the need for hands-on stores in the D2C context.However, in the future D by the manufacturer ... → Continue reading

 DCS online

The Diamond Chain Store Online is the first to publish news information regarding management and sales promotion in the retail and distribution industries. For those who work in the retail / distribution industry, please see the comprehensive information news site.

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Toyo Keizai Inc.

Toyo Keizai Inc.(Toyo Keizai,British: TOYO KEIZAI INC.) IsAdvance Your CareerCalligraphyEconomyJapanese who specializes in issuing calligraphyInfomation.東洋 経 済 オ ン ラ イ ンIt also manages WEB media such as.


"Weekly Toyo Keizai"


"Weekly Toyo Keizai" isEconomy OfSpecialized magazines.1895/(Meiji28) Launched as "Toyo Keizai Shimpo"[3].. SuccessiveMaster(President and Editor-in-Chief)Tadaharu Machida,Tamano Amano, Uematsu,Mitaro Keitaro,Ishibashi Tozan,Takahashi KamekichiSuch. Initially published as "Toyo Keizai Shimpo"Eiichi Shibusawa-Ryohei ToyokawaWith the support ofFree economy-Party politicsWas in favor of.

TaishoDuring the periodGeneral electionSupported by Miura and his successor IshibashiManchuriaDue to abandonment, etc.Small JapaneseismStarted21 articles from China-Siberian troops-Gold ban-Manchurian IncidentEtc. was severely criticized. In particular, with regard to the lifting of the ban on gold, we have taken the initiative in "removing the new parities" and "re-banning gold exports" after the ban.Management currency systemIt is well known that it led the claims such as "introduction."1933/(ShowaIn 8 years, the attitude changed to accept the Manchurian Incident.1919/(Taisho8 years)May 10Weekly from issue.1921/(Taisho 10) May,Ltd.Reorganized intoMitaro KeitaroThe chief is appointed as the representative director.

1961/Renamed to the current magazine name in (Showa 36)[4].

Present situation

Currently issuedweekly magazineIs the oldest in Japan, but the number one in terms of sales is "Nikkei Business, 2nd placeWeekly diamond], followed by 3rd place.

"Company Shikiho"

InvestorCorporate information magazine for. Since it is published quarterly,Four seasons report"It is called. All listed companies are covered, and company data such as business forecasts are posted. First issue1936/(11)May 6. afterwards,1979/ToNihon Keizai ShimbunPublished "Nikkei Company Information" with similar content to this magazine, and although it was about to cut down the market of this magazine, its stronghold was unwavering.2017/On the contrary, "company information" was forced to withdraw.The utilization rate of securities companies and online securities is also extremely high.The earnings forecast of "Company Information" was based on the company forecast, but the earnings forecast of "Shikiho" is the original forecast of the editorial department.

In October 2016, the Abe Cabinet advisory body "Future Investment Council" discussed in the financial results brief that the quarterly company forecast would disappear, and there was concern about sales if the magazine's earnings forecast disappeared. However, there has been no major impact due to the lack of progress in subsequent discussions.

"Four Seasons Report"

StudentEmployment information magazine for. Although it calls itself the "Four Seasons Report," it is published once a year.There are also female version, excellent mid-sized company version, internship version, and website.

"Toyo Keizai Online"

One of the largest business news sites in Japan.Monthly page views are about 1 million PV[5]As a Japanese business magazine website, it ranks first in both PV and unique users.Information for business people such as business, economic information, market information, employment information, etc. is posted. An app version for smartphones compatible with iOS and Android is also available.

Other publications/databases

  • Weekly Toyo Keizai
  • (First published in June 1956, suspended in October 6[6]
  • -Quarterly
  • Four seasons reportSeries
    • Company's four seasons report (normal version, desk version, CD-ROM version)
    • Company Shikiho Pro 500
    • Company Shikiho unlisted version (normal version/CD-ROM version)
    • English company Shikiho
    • US company four seasons report
    • Employment Four Seasons Report (Comprehensive version, Women's version, Excellent mid-sized company version, Internship version)
    • Stock Chart CD-ROM
    • Industry map
    • (Suspended)
  • Database products
    • Financial data
    • Performance forecast data
    • Segment data
    • Listed company basic data
    • Company quarterly report data
    • ESG online
    • Other data (foreign-affiliated company data, overseas company data, CSR data, etc.)

Major publications (books)

  • Competitive strategy as a story
  • logical thinking
  • Reading technique
  • Stiglitz Macroeconomics
  • Stiglitz microeconomics

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