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💴 | Introducing "THE TIME," which supports Tonga by utilizing "hometown tax payment"


Introducing "THE TIME," which supports Tonga by utilizing "hometown tax payment"

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Maritime Self-Defense Force transport ships also depart with rear cars and high-pressure washers.

Miyota Town, Nagano Prefecture has been talking about Tonga support for the first time in a surprising way.Taking advantage of hometown tax payment, submarine volcano eruption ... → Continue reading

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High-pressure washing machine

High-pressure washing machine(Kouatsu Senjoki) isElectricalExpressions andgasoline engineIn the formulaHigh pressure OfWedWashing machine that injects.There are cold water and hot water.

For household use, mainly for cleaning outdoor equipmentcar washSuch ascleaningUsed for.It may also be used to water flowers.The sale of high-pressure washers for home use has made it easier to clean without resorting to a contractor.ShekouDirectly fromhoseThere is also a model that claims that the amount of discharged water can be saved compared to the case of connecting.


1950/Developed and obtained a patent for the first "high temperature and high pressure washer" in EuropeKarcherCompany (Germany)[1].

In addition, 1927/Jenny Products (USA) was developing "high-pressure Jenny"[2][3].


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