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📊 | Nissan and Toppan, etc., "Virtual shopping street" demonstration experiment, Aeon Namie store also participated

Photo You can purchase products while watching the actual store sales floor video in real time.

Demonstration experiment of "virtual shopping street" such as Nissan and Toppan, Aeon Namie store also participated

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It is a mixed cargo-passenger service that carries not only people but also luggage.

NoMA Lab (Minamisoma City, Fukushima Prefecture), which works with Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Toppan Printing, and regional revitalization, will live in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture on January 1th. → Continue reading

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Mixed passengers

Mixed passengersWhat is (Kakyaku Konsai)?cargoとpassenger Of輸送, A form of operation together.Train,Transit Bus,Taxi,airplane,ferryIt is done in such as.In many cases, the space where passengers stay and the space where cargo is loaded are clearly separated.The opposite language isPassenger currency separation.Yamato TransportAnd so onMixed passenger currencyIt is expressed as (Kyakuka Konsai)[1]..Sometimes called simultaneous transportation of cargo and passengers[2]..In English, mixed cargo and passenger specificationsTransport equipmentAnd operation are called "combination".

Introduction of mixed cargo and passenger loading


In Switzerland and the United Kingdom, postal collection and delivery vehicles also carry passengers.Post busHas been introduced[2].


In Switzerland, postbuses originating from mail coaches cover the entire land including mountainous areas, and some of them are tourist routes.[2]..The telegraph and telephone business was privatized in Switzerland, but since then it has been under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications regarding the postal business and postbus.[2].

United Kingdom

In the UK, when deregulation of the bus business was carried out, there was a risk that bus operators would withdraw from the deficit routes in depopulated areas. A subsidy bidding system was introduced in which the company that offered the lowest price bids.[2]..Public companies can also participate in subsidy bidding, and there are many cases where Royal Mail, which operates postal collection and delivery vehicles, makes a successful bid, and passenger transportation by postal collection and delivery vehicles is carried out.[2].


In Japan, passenger currency separation (eg, for the purpose of efficient large-scale transportation and high-frequency transportation)Mixed train,Luggage train,Postal car(Abolition, etc.) has been promoted.However, in the 21st century,Reduction of carbon dioxide emissionsSuch asEnvironment issuesDue to population decline measures that have begun to progress in rural areas and the shortage of truck drivers, it has become difficult to separate passengers.

2010/, To verify the effects of reducing the environmental load and eliminating traffic congestion in the city, etc.SapporoAnd the Urban New Logistics System Study Group jointly conducted a demonstration experiment of inter-base transportation of courier services using the subway.Municipal Subway Tozai LineConducted in[3][4].. Note thatSapporo City Transportation BureauThen in 2017TramWe are conducting a demonstration experiment using[5]. 2011/, Yamato TransportEnvironmental loadFor the purpose of reducingKeifuku Electric Railway(Randen,Kyoto) Was usedhome deliveryStart transportation.2015/In June, Yamato Transport aims to make up for the shortage of truck driversIwate Kita Motor(Iwate) For courier transportation at the prefectural capitalMoriokaとSanriku region OfMiyako CityStarted in between.Against this background, it was held in December of the same year.Transportation Policy CouncilとSocial Capital Development CouncilThen,Depopulated area OflogisticsIn order to maintain the network, it is necessary to proceed with the consideration of mixed cargo-passenger loading utilizing the transportation capacity of buses and railroads.He also pointed out that freight transportation utilizing passenger transportation capacity should be considered from the viewpoint of measures against the shortage of truck drivers in urban logistics.[6]..Since then, Yamato TransportMiyazaki Transportation(Miyazaki),Sagawa Express Hokuetsu Express(Niigata) Is expanding, and the delivery companies jointlyTokyo Metro(Tokyo) Is also used to transport luggage.[7].

2017 years,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism TheDepopulated areaAnd so on, freight cars (Light van,Touring wagonEtc.), and deregulation to abolish the weight limit (up to 350 kg) for freight transportation by shared buses (route buses) that existed in the past was implemented from September 9st.[8][9].

August 2017, 11,Asahikawa OfAsahikawa Central HigherIn collaboration with Sagawa Express,Shared taxiStarted a door-to-door delivery business using[10].

February 2018, 30-First in JapanYamato TransportFreight and passenger mixed trains byNagara RailwayOminami LineSeki Station - Minamikariyasu StationStart of operation between[11]

April 2019, 4, Sagawa ExpressJR HokkaidoIn collaboration with Teshio HireSoya Main Line OfWakkanai - HoronobeThe company announced that it will start a mixed cargo-passenger business using railroads and taxis on the 18th of the same month.Load the luggage on the train at Wakkanai Station, and the driver of Teshio Hire unloads the luggage at Horonobe Station.Horonobe TownDeliver to each home in.This is the first nationwide mixed cargo-passenger business conducted by a courier company by combining different delivery methods such as railroads and taxis.[12].

August 2020, 3,West America village busStarted transportation of courier services of both companies in collaboration with Yamato Transport and Sagawa Express.This is the first joint cargo-passenger mixed loading business of both Yamato Transport and Sagawa Express in Japan.

In 2020New CoronavirusDue to the influence of the above, the number of railway users has decreased sharply, and each railway operator is now carrying out luggage transportation using vacant seats such as the Shinkansen to make up for the decrease in income.[13].

In fields other than courierExpress BusYou can see parcel transportation using the underfloor trunk.

Freight and passenger mixed loadingNational railwayThe so-called that existed in the timesLuggage carIt's a different concept because it's much smaller than.

Luggage trainOut ofEast Japan Railway(JR East)Tokai passenger railway(JR Central) ・Nagoya RailwayIt is a concept similar to the newspaper transport trains that such companies are doing.


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