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📊 | Ryoichi Kakui explains! What is the reason why "net supermarkets should have a smaller trade area than physical stores and should be aimed at existing customers"?


Commentary by Ryoichi Kakui! What is the reason why "net supermarkets should have a smaller trade area than physical stores and should be aimed at existing customers"?

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Major companies such as Amazon Japan (Tokyo) are actively investing, and new players are also entering the market one after another.

With the spread of new coronavirus (corona) infection, the competitive environment for online supermarkets has changed drastically as food becomes more EC. → Continue reading

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Amazon.com > Amazon.co.jp

Amazon.co.jp(Amazon Dot Cio Dot JP)The United States of America"Amazon.com, Inc."ofJapan OfLocal corporationAmazon Japan GKA major company operated by (Amazon Japan GK)EC site.

Amazon.com on November 2000, 11JapaneseSince it opened as a version site "Amazon.co.jp", it is virtually the largest EC site in Japan for electronic commerce offered exclusively by one company.

When first openedBookWas only handled[8]However, the number of items handled is increasing[9].


  • Established "Amazon Japan Co., Ltd." in September 1998[1]..At that time, Amazon.com was still in the red and was in the stage of expanding into Japan as an investment to expand its scale.
  • Opened on November 2000, 11 as the Japanese version of Amazon.com, "Amazon.co.jp"[8]..When the site opensCEOThe presidentJunichi Hasegawa[10].
  • 2001 year 1 month,HokkaidoSapporoOpened Customer Service Center[11].
  • In April 2001, Jasper Chan went to Amazon JapanCEOBecame president.Jasper Chan is the University of Hong Kong IndustryFaculty of EngineeringAfter graduating in 1986Cathay Pasific AirlinesIn 1987Procter & Gamble(P & G) Joined the company. In 1995, he was appointed Finance Manager of P & G's Northeast Asia Health, Beauty and Food and Beverage Division, and was assigned to Japan. A person who joined Amazon Japan as a finance director in December 2000.[12].
  • May 2001, 5, "Amazon Associate Program" started. The associate program is a performance-basedaffiliateIs[13].
  • Introduced "Amazon Marketplace" on November 2002, 11. Marketplace is a place provided by Amazon for sale and purchase by third-party sellers and buyers.[14].
  • On November 2005, 11, the new distribution center "Amazon Ichikawa FC"ChibaIchikawa CityOpened in. Approximately 4 times that of the old distribution center[15].
  • June 2006, 6 "Amazon e-commerce service" started[16].. The e-consignment service provides consignment sales on Amazon to publishers and manufacturers with sales rights (mostly small publishers and indie labels are the main customers).Is required, and the purchase rate is basically determined for each product category, and is 60% or 63% uniform.[17].
  • April 2007, 4, "Merchant@amazon.co.jp" started. Merchant @amazon.co.jp is a service for corporations, which is a mechanism for companies to sell products using Amazon's platform. There are features such as having a company's own dedicated website in Amazon.co.jp and setting unique shipping fee and return policy[18].
  • In October 2007, the new distribution center "Amazon Yachiyo FC" was opened in Chiba Prefecture.YachiyoOpened in[19].
  • On April 2008, 4, we started a test to renew the site design since it opened. The layout was changed after testing in Japan and Europe.
  • April 2008, 4, "Fulfillment by Amazon" started[20]. Fulfillment by Amazon is a service that stores and manages the products of companies using merchant @amazon.co.jp in the Amazon warehouse, and when they receive orders from customers, they are packed and shipped directly like Amazon products. is there. When using Fulfillment by Amazon, there will be a storage fee for storage and a delivery agency fee for shipping.[21].
  • Opened "Javari.jp", a site dealing with shoes and bags on November 2008, 11[22].
  • On July 2009, 7, Amazon.com International Sales said, "Some of the headquarters functions are in Japan (US-Japan tax treatyDetermined byPermanent facilityThere is an equivalent in Japan)"Tokyo National Taxation BureauWas reported to have been subject to additional taxation of approximately 140 billion yen. On the Amazon sideThe United States of AmericaTax is paid toJapanese GovernmentとUnited States GovernmentApply for bilateral talks with. Amazon Japan also said that "taxation is inappropriate" and Japan (National Tax Agency) Is not obligated to pay tax[23].
  • In August 2009, the new distribution center "Amazon Sakai FC"OsakaSakai CityOpened in. Delivery time to West Japan will be shortened, depending on product availability[24][25].. The first product after the opening was shipped to Tokyo.[26].
  • October 2009, 10, "FBA multi-channel service" started[27].. The FBA multi-channel service is a service that stores and distributes inventory products for sellers that are not listed on Amazon.
  • September 2010, 6, ``AmazonVine(Vine) Pre-emption program started[28].. Amazon Vine is a review by the best reviewers invited and registered by Amazon.co.jp using sample products.
  • On July 2010, 7, the new distribution center "Amazon Kawagoe FC"SaitamaKawagoe-shiOpened in[29].
  • On November 2010, 11, normal shipping charges for all products sold and shipped by Amazon.co.jp are complete.Free(Incidentally, the regular shipping fee was free from January campaign). However, except when the seller ships on Amazon Marketplace, or when it is not normal delivery / convenience store receipt[30].
  • On November 2010, 11, the new distribution center "Amazon Daito FC" was opened in Osaka Prefecture.Daito CityOpened in[31].
  • August 2010, 11,DRMFreeMusic distributionservice"Amazon MP3 DownloadStart[32] .
  • April 2011, 4, the new distribution center "Amazon Tokoname FC"AichiTokonameOpened in[33].
  • Opened "PC Software Download Store" on August 2011, 8[34].
  • On September 2011, 9, a new distribution center “Amazon Yoshinodai FC” opened in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture.
  • 2011: Opened new distribution center "Amazon Sayama FC" and "Amazon Kawashima FC"[35].
  • August 2012, 2,MiyagiSendai cityOpened Customer Service Center[36].
  • Headquarters moved to on April 2012, 4.
  • May 2012, 5, new distribution center "Amazon Tosu FC" (SagaTosu City) Is in full operation[37][38].
  • In fall 2012, the site design was renewed. In particular, the enlarged display part of the product image has changed significantly.
  • October 2012, 10, e-book service "Kindle Store" opened[39].
  • November 2012, 11, "Amazon Cloud Player" is now available[40].. "Amazon Cloud Player" is a service that allows you to play music purchased from Amazon's "MP3 store" on various terminals.
  • In November 2012, the new distribution center "Amazon Tajimi FC"GifuTajimi CityOpened in[41][42].
  • In November 2012, "Buying program" started[43].. Due to the introduction of the "Buying program", it is no longer possible to purchase low-priced products from Amazon as a single item[44].
  • 2013, new distribution center "Amazon Odawara FC" (KanagawaOdawara city) Is open[45].
  • In 2013, the distribution centers "Amazon Tokoname FC" and "Amazon Yoshinodai FC" were closed.
  • July 2013th, 7, Osaka branch officeOsakaKitaNakanoshimaOpened in[46].
  • August 2013, 8, Kindle Owner Library started. Amazon Prime subscribers with Kindle devices can use one eligible e-book every month for free[47].
  • On September 2013, 9, the distribution center "Amazon Odawara FC" started full-scale operation[48].
  • November 2013, 11, video distribution service "Amazon Instant Video" started[49].
  • February 2014, 2: Launched “Amazon Lending,” a loan service for corporate sellers[50].
  • On April 2014, 4, Amazon.co.jp established "Amazon FB Japan",liqueurStarted handling[51].. Acquired for direct sales of alcoholic beveragesLiquor licenseFrom a corporate liquor store that was already operating in Saitama prefectureKokubuIt was reported that it was acquired by the intermediary of[52].
  • In June 2014, fashion mail order "javari.jp" was completed. Renewal within amazon.co.jp[53].
  • November 2014, 11, for Amazon.co.jp productsLawsonStarted over-the-counter order and back-order service[54].
  • August 2015, 1,WindowsE-book browsing software forKindle for PCLaunched the app[55].
  • August 2015, 2,MacE-book browsing software forKindle for MacLaunched the app[56].
  • August 2015, 5,Account・Launched "Amazon Login & Payment Service," a payment function cooperation service[57]. You can use your Amazon account to log in and make payments at the site you have introduced.
  • June 2015, 6, "Amazon book purchase service" started[58]. Purchase price is paid with Amazon gift certificate. In the purchase service that has been implemented since May 2012, 5, T-BTY Inc. assessed and purchased it.[59], Amazon.com Int'l Sales, Inc. (old license number:Aichi Prefectural Public Safety Commission (No. 542521400700)[60]Was changed to directly assess and purchase[61].
  • On September 2015, 9, "Prime Video" was launched. At the start, there were 24 registered prime videos.[62], 7% are Japanese works[63].
  • New distribution center "Amazon Ota FC" (Ota-ku, Tokyo) opened in October 2015[64].
  • On November 2015, 11, "Prime Now" started, delivering within 19 hour or 1 hours after ordering[65][66].
  • On April 2016, 4, the first work of "Amazon Original", the Japanese version of "Amazon ORIGINAL" in "Prime Video"Kamen Rider AmazonsStarted to be distributed[67]. From then on, the content unique to Japanese corporations will be expanded.
  • On April 2016, 4, normal free shipping service was terminated. Non-prime members announced the revision of the charge so that if the order amount of the product is less than 6 yen, a shipping charge of 2,000 yen will be incurred[68].
  • On May 2016, 5, Amazon Japan and Amazon Japan Logistics merged,Ltd.To a limited liability company[69][70].
  • August 2016, 8 "Kindle Unlimited", an e-book flat-rate all-you-can-read service, started[71].
  • In August 2016, the new distribution center "Amazon Kawasaki FC" (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture) opened.[64].
  • New distribution center "Amazon Nishinomiya FC" (Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture) opened in September 2016[64].
  • 2017 year 5 month,HTTPからHTTPSComplete transition to. Along with that,TLSUnsupportedWeb browserThen it became impossible to browse.
  • In October 2017, the new distribution center "Amazon Fujiidera FC" (Fujiidera City, Osaka Prefecture) opened.[72].
  • TV TOKYO animation that began broadcasting from January 2018, 1 ``Invented Pikachin Kit] Full cooperation. The parcel at the head office is used as a prop in the work.
  • Membership program ``Amazon Prime on April 2019, 4[Note 3]The membership fee has been revised[73].

Sales and gross value

amount of sales

Amazonの日本における売上高は、2010年50.25億ドル、2011年65.76億ドル、2012年78億ドル、2013年76.39億ドル、2014年79.12億ドル、2015年82.64億ドル[74]Therefore, the year-on-year growth rate in 2015 will be about 20% when the exchange rate is taken into consideration. Amazon's sales are based on Amazon direct sales and marketplace (Cyber ​​mall) This is the sum of the seller's Amazon fees.

Total amount of distribution

Although Amazon's total domestic distribution is not disclosed, it can be estimated from the year-on-year growth rate and the ratio of domestic sales to global sales. In 2015, the annual total sales amount in Japan was 1 billion yen by the editorial department of the forum for online shops.[75], Mail order newspapers cost about 1 trillion yen[76]It reports.

  • From January to June 2015, the year-on-year growth rate increased by 1% in sales, but Amazon.co.jp itself said that the year-on-year growth rate in Amazon's total domestic distribution was up 6%.[77].
  • Amazon global sales in 2015 were about 1,070 billion dollars, so the total sales amount is about 2,256 billion dollars, which is estimated by a consumer consultancy company (ChannelAdviser).[78].

ChannelAdviser says that the actual global distribution amount of sales is based on the statement of “The total sales amount sold on the marketplace was about 40%, but it is about 20% in terms of sales”. It is estimated to be about 2.1 times. Since the domestic total sales and the domestic sales are similar to those in the world, it can be estimated that the domestic sales in 2015 were about 82 billion dollars and the total domestic sales was 172 billion dollars.

Sales of Kindle books

At the 2013th International Electronic Publishing EXPO held on July 7, 4, Kindle books (E-book) Sales status was reported. According to Amazon Japan director Yusuke Tomoda,

  • ShueishaThe manga "Ad AstraThe volume 3 Kindle edition was released 92 days after the paper edition, and the volume 4 was released simultaneously with the paper edition and Kindle edition. Volume is 3 for paper, 100 for Kindle[79].

Also, at the "Manufacturing/Distribution/Sales Cooperation Council General Meeting/Forum" held on July 2013, 7, the sales status of Kindle books was reported. According to Amazon Japan President Jasper Chan,

  • KodanshaThe manga "Grazeni』第8巻の紙版(590円)は2012å¹´11月22日に発売されたが、Kindle版(525円)の発売は43日後の1月4日だった。電子版発売により、紙の売上が落ちるカニバリゼーション(共食い)が起こることを懸念しての措置であったが、発売後7日間の紙版の売上100に対しKindle版の売上(販売冊数)比が23であったことから、「グラゼニ」第9巻では紙版(590円)とKindle版(525円)を2013å¹´2月22日に同時発売したところ、発売後7日間における売上は第8巻を100とした場合、第9巻の紙版は112、Kindle版は106となり、合計で第8巻の1.8倍も売れたという[80].

In both cases, Kindle book prices are set by the publisher, not Amazon.



Warehouse/delivery base

As of December 2016, the Amazon distribution centerFulfillment center(FC) 13 locations, Prime Now dedicated warehouse (Prime Now FC) 5 locations[64].

Press release dated September 2013, 9[48]At the time, Odawara FC was the ninth place. Before the opening of Odawara FC in March 9, there were 2013 locations including shared warehouses with other companies, but some media reported 3 locations excluding shared warehouses with other companies.[82].

Dedicated warehouse (own warehouse)

support Center

Bases for which closures, relocations and plans have been cancelled

  • office
  • Warehouse/delivery base
    • Amazon Ichikawa FC (old)-Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture1-9-2 Shiohama Closed in 2005 due to the opening of Amazon Ichikawa FC (new distribution center)
    • Amazon Tokoname FC-Tokoname City, Aichi PrefectureCentrair 4-11-3 Closed in 2013 with the opening of Amazon Odawara FC
    • Amazon Natori FC-Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture Due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, it was no longer possible to build at the planned construction site in Minato, so the plan was canceled
    • Amazon Yoshinodai FC-Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture3-5-1 Yoshinodai Closed in 2013 with the opening of Amazon Odawara FC
    • Amazon Okayama FC- OkayamaGeneral corporation Closed in August 2021 due to review of logistics system in western Japan[87].
  • Kenko.comFulfillment service contract with
    Some health foods and pharmaceuticals sold by Amazon were supplied by Kenko.com (concluded on November 2005, 17)[88], Canceled on January 2013, 25[89]).
  • NissenWithlogisticsCooperation on
    Some of the large products that Amazon sellsNissen HDInventory management in collaboration with[90][91][92].

Features of Amazon.co.jp


The characteristics of Amazon arePortal siteTo conduct commercial transactions through. Is the engine of that portal siteA9.com(Eine dot com)To be strongRecommendation functionThere is also a feature of Amazon. Recommendations are based on the purchase history of customers' hobbies/preferences, in some cases ideological beliefs/sexual preferences, etc. It means a function that automatically conducts sales and advertising activities, such as recommending by direct mail. This function is basically the same as the service provided by Amazon.com, so please refer to the Amazon.com section for details.Recommendation functionSee section.

Customer service, support

Amazon.co.jp accepts inquiries 24 hours a day[93]. Until the addition of the function described below, the contact information for Amazon.co.jp was written only in a very complicated place or on the receipt, so it was difficult to make an inquiry by telephone and was unpopular. Since the latter half of 2006, a new function called "contact by phone" has been created. If you enter the "phone number" and "call timing" (when you want to call) on the screen that is displayed by clicking the "call by phone" link on each help page etc., The function is to call back from Amazon. The "e-mail inquiry" as usual is still left. In addition, since the latter half of 2011, "inquiry by chat" that allows you to have a real-time conversation with the support staff in text has been added.[93].

Seller of goods

The seller of products handled by Amazon.co.jp is Amazon Japan GK[94][Note 4][Note 5]Is. In addition, distributors such as digital videoAmazon.com Int'l Sales, Inc.(Amazon.com International Sales Inc., (headquartered in the United StatesState of WashingtonSeattleCity), Kindle (electronic books) and other distributorsAmazon Services International, Inc.(The head office location is the same as the above company)[94]And so on. However, the marketplace,Merchants @ amazon.co.jpFor e-books (also called store-based listings) and some publishers, the sellers are not limited to these, and the sellers are displayed on the product page and when confirming the order.

Stocking of books

Traditionally, in Japanese book distribution,Publication agencyCompanyInfomationとbookstoreIt has played the role of connecting. Since 2017, Amazon Japan has expanded transactions that do not go through this publication agency. 『Nihon Keizai ShimbunAccording to the report, there are about 2018 publishers that deal directly with Amazon Japan as of January 1. Amazon.co.jp aims to "deliver all books within 300 days" and is introducing direct delivery from printing companies to their own warehouse.[95].


Amazon Japan prints, binds, and ships custom books, books written by individual authors, and out of printOn-demand printingProvides the service "Print on Demand (POD)"[96].

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon MarketplaceIs a location provided by Amazon for sale and purchase by third-party sellers and buyers[14]. Even if the products that Amazon sells are out of stock, corporations and individuals other than Amazon Japan may sell in the marketplace. However, because the seller can set the price almost freely, the amount of circulation is large or the condition is bad.secondhand bookMay be sold for 1 yen, or may be sold at a higher price than when it was released due to scarcity, first edition, conditions such as author signature.[97]. Other popular shortagesGame software,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euEtc.Suggested retail priceIt may be sold at a higher price. Including other online sales and physical stores that handle second-hand goods, various products that have been manufactured or sold newOut of printIt is common for books to be bought and sold higher than they were for sale. Although the suggested retail price is displayed in the reference price column in the marketplace, not only those who want to temporarily obtain a short product shortly but also buyers who do not know the appropriate price are so-calledResellerSometimes buy it at a high price.

From listing on Amazon Marketplace to depositing

Register your credit card to list on the Amazon Marketplace[98]Or phone identification[99]Is mandatory. When an item for sale is purchased, the purchaser pays by Amazon payment. After that, the price after deducting the fee from Amazon will be paid to the seller (the payment date is set every 14 days)[98]) It is a mechanism.

Customer Reviews レ ビ ュ ー

Customer reviews are those that give a 1-5 star rating or comment on a purchased product. Customers can vote whether the review was helpful or not, and the ranking of the best reviewers is displayed based on the vote. Review of pre-release products is not possible except for some anime DVDs, BDs, etc. (For issues related to customer reviewsAmazon.co.jp # Customer Review IssuesSee section). The review was displayed as ``○ out of ○ people thought this was helpful'', and I was able to know the percentage of people who thought it was useful, but in March 2016 the denominator of the review was hidden and `` ○I think that this was helpful to some customers." When you click on an individual review title, the denominator is displayed on the detail page, which is a double standard state. It is said to be the purpose of containing customers who perform anti-assessment systematically, but the convenience of ordinary customers is also impaired.[100].

Amazon Vine is a service that allows customers with excellent reviews to use sample products for review. Originally it was a service limited to Amazon.com, but from June 2010, the service was started on Amazon.co.jp in Japan.
Buyer's name
The name of the purchaser posted during the customer review can be changed. By default, the first and last name entered during new registration is displayed as is.
Select "Create/Edit Profile" in "Service Settings" of "Account Services" and select "Edit Profile" in the upper right corner. In the screen that appears after this, the "public name" near the bottom left is the name displayed with the customer review. When the public name is changed, the name field of past reviews is also changed.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a paid membership program that started in June 2007 in Japan.[101]. If you apply for Amazon Prime Free Trial, you will be automatically registered as a paid member automatically after the trial period unless you stop automatic switching to a paid member, and you will be charged an annual fee or monthly fee depending on the plan you experienced.[102]. The first membership fee revision since the service started on April 2019, 4[73].

Amazon Prime shipping benefits are available for Amazon shipping, handling, and courier services without additional charges, and delivery dates are not guaranteed.[103]. In addition, even if the scheduled delivery date is delayed, there is no delay contact service to the recipient.

Amazon Student
Amazon Student is a paid membership program for students[104]. There are benefits such as 10% of the book purchase amount being returned as Amazon points. The Japan Publishers Association (Publisher's Association) is rewarding points for this book.Resale contractIn August 2013, the member company issued a request form to Amazon,Daily sales,OsakayaSent the request form to[105][106]. In April 2014, several publisher members decided to stop shipping to Amazon[107][108][109]Decided to extend the suspension of shipping measures in November[110].
Amazon family
Amazon Family is a paid membership program for families with children. Target products have benefits such as price discounts on "Amazon regular discount flights"[111].
Service for Amazon Prime members
Delivery benefits
Amazon Prime eligible products "Express Delivery"/"Delivery Scheduled Delivery" and handling charges for "special handling products" such as beverages are not required (all products are eligible. Do not mean)[112].
Kindle Owner Library
Service started on August 2013, 8. Amazon Prime members with Kindle devices can use one of the eligible e-books every month[47].
Prime member limited advance time sale
Service started on July 2015, 7. You can order the products for the pre-time sale limited to prime members 29 minutes earlier than the regular time sale.[113].
Amazon Pantry
Service started on September 2015, 9. You can use "Amazon Pantry" where you can purchase food and daily necessities in any quantity[114].
Prime video
Service started on September 2015, 9. A flat-rate video distribution service for Amazon Prime members. Unlimited viewing of "Prime Video" works in "Amazon Video" at no additional charge to the annual fee of Amazon Prime. Dramas and movies including proprietary programs produced in-house are provided[62][63].Midnight animeaboutFuji Television Network, Inc"Noitamina"andMBS"Anime ism] Each work was exclusively distributed until the period ending January 2019[115].
Prime Music
Service started on November 2015, 11. A flat-rate music distribution service for Amazon Prime members. You can listen to songs for "Prime Music" without additional charge to the annual fee of Amazon Prime[116].
Prime Now
Service started on November 2015, 11. It is a service that uses an exclusive app to deliver an order within 19 hour or 1 hours after the order is placed.[65]. 1 hour flight is mainly by motorcycle, 2 hour flight is delivered by car[117].
Prime photo
Service started on January 2016, 1. You can save photos with unlimited capacity at Amazon Prime annual fee without additional charge[118].

When the contract is concluded

Buying and sellingAgreementThe definition of "at the time of establishment" is different from the usual social belief. The time when a sales contract for products sold by Amazon.co.jp (other than downloaded products) is concluded isShipping email(Not a confirmation email)電子 メ ー ルIf it is sent at, there is a description in the "Contract establishment" item of the terms of use[4]. In addition, the confirmation e-mail sent after the order contains a note that "this e-mail only confirms that our site has received your order".

With this method, when the ordering work is completed on the official website, the contract has not been concluded yet, and the contract is only applied. If Amazon cannot arrange the item, it can cancel the customer's order (disapprove of the application). On the other hand, even before the shipping procedure, customers can cancel the order free of charge.

Book a product

On Amazon, for example,Harry Potter SeriesIs one of theHarry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixWhen it was released, it was appealing that it promised delivery in the morning on the release date.[119]On the other hand, Amazon Help states that it will be canceled due to availability.[120].

Also, even if I believe that it is OK if I order from Amazon, I ridicule that it will not be shipped easily,amazon OKUpside down "konozama(This is this)Net slang[121]とAscii artIs born.

Purchase restrictions

In case of music CD, if DVD is attached,Resale price maintenance systemBecause it is not covered, it is discounted from the manufacturer's suggested retail price except for some parts, so the number of orders per customer may be limited[122].

Regular advantageous flights

A system that automatically delivers daily items that you purchase regularly at regular intervals (1 to 6 months). Started in September 2010[123][124]. It's 10% cheaper than a regular purchase. However, payment and delivery methods are limited, and marketplace products are not eligible. You are free to cancel before preparing for the next shipment (it is also possible to use it for a one-time order). Also, if you want the same product immediately, you can advance the schedule.

Bulk buying program

In November 2012, the "Buying program" was started. Items that can be purchased at the same time can be ordered only when the total price of the items shipped by Amazon, including the target items, is 11 yen or more. After that, it was revised to more than 2,500 yen in March 2016.[44].

Designation of delivery method and delivery company

home deliveryIf the items are shipped in, the shipping time will be delayed (due to difficulty in securing products), and if there is no overlap during long-term absence, adjustment can be made by using the redelivery service of the carrier.Mail service,Yu-MailWhen delivered by mail, in principle, the mail will be sent to a mailbox or newspaper. If you can't enter them, Amazon's help says handing[125]. There is also an analysis that the shipping cost per bag is about 1 yen[126].

standard postage

In normal delivery, the delivery method, delivery company, scheduled delivery date and time cannot be explicitly specified by the customer[127]. "Send as many items as possible" for items shipped by Amazon (former name: batch shipping)[128]If you order by Amazon, it will be shipped when the items are available, or when Amazon determines that it will take time to secure the remaining items with some items[129].

Store receipt

Lawson products shipped by AmazonFamilyMart-MINI STOP,Yamato TransportIt is a service that can be received at the sales office[130][131]. From October 2012, 10 at FamilyMart stores[132], From November 2014, 11 Ministop storefront[133]Has started to handle the service. In addition, from November 2014, 11, it will be a service that can be received at the Yamato Transport Sales Office, and it was renamed as store receipt[134].

Express delivery, express delivery on the day

When you order an in-stock item to be shipped by Amazon, you can set the delivery date of the item by paying an additional shipping fee.[135]. Express delivery is available on the day of order, and express delivery is available from the next day to 3 days after the order is placed.[136]. However, depending on the delivery destination, ordering time zone, and product, only either express delivery or express delivery is displayed on the day, and the customer cannot specify.

Express delivery is only available on the day in the region where the distribution center is located. Further, even if the courier service is used, it may happen that the delivery does not arrive on the promised delivery date due to various reasons. In that case, the express shipping fee will be fully refunded.

Delivery date designation flight

It is a service that you can specify the delivery date and time of the product by paying a certain fee when you order the product in stock that Amazon ships[137]. Note that the designated delivery date and time will not be delivered by email.[138].

Delivery company

Below are the shipping carriers as of January 2017, 1[139][140][141].

"Normal delivery" (courier/mail service)
Yamato Transport,Sagawa Express,Japan Post Co., Ltd.,Cattleweck(Only in Chiba prefecture),Settsu Warehouse, TMG (only part of western Japan and part of Tokyo), Faiz (delivery provider),SBS immediate delivery support(Delivery provider),Sapporo Transport(Delivery Provider), Japan Quick Service (Delivery Provider)
"Receipt at store" (formerly "receipt at convenience store")
Lawson Ministop: Japan Post Co., Ltd.
Familymart Yamato Transport Office: Yamato Transport
"On-the-spot courier service" and "Express delivery service" (courier service/mail service)
Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express, Japan Post Co., Katolec (only in Chiba Prefecture), Settsu Warehouse (only part of Kinki area), TMG (only part of western Japan and part of Tokyo), Faiz (delivery provider), SBS immediate delivery support (delivery provider), Sapporo Express (delivery provider), Japan Quick Service (delivery provider)
"Delivery date designation flight"
Yamato Transport, Japan Post, Faiz
"Special delivery products"
SG moving,Yamato Home Convenience
"Overseas delivery"

Refund method

Until late November 2012, refunds were generally made only within Amazon, such as Amazon gift certificates, except for payment by credit card, regardless of the reason for defective or wrong products. Currently, it is possible to refund products paid by convenience store payment or cash on delivery by bank transfer.[142].

Operability of portal site

It has the same interface as the international site (Amazon overseas).

There is a function that automatically personalizes based on purchase history and product evaluation and recommends products that are considered to match reading tendency, hobbies, beliefs, sexual preferences, etc. It's likely that you'll find an intriguing product (see the Amazon.com Recommendations section in the Amazon.com section for more information).

1-Click order

Amazon's 1-Click ordering is a function that you can order with just one click of a button, even in JapanPatentIs recognized[143]. In the one-click order, the order confirmation screen was omitted, so the screen display became a problem.[144].

Sign out

Until the site design change described below, the method of signing out (signing out) was more difficult to understand than other membership sites. To end the session on a regular membership site, you can log out or press a specific link with a similar name or a button to end the session.[Note 6]. Currently, you can sign out with Amazon by clicking "Sign out" that appears when you hover over the name display area on the upper right of the site, or by clicking "Sign out" on the right side of the account service screen.[145]. Before the site design renewal in 2012, you could sign out by opening the link in the display "If you are not the person here" or by accessing Help and clicking Sign Out on the right side of the page.[146].

Problems and criticism

Counterfeit issues

It has been pointed out that there is a lack of countermeasures against illegal products such as imitations, and there are cases where pirated editions are marked with a recommendation to purchase (Amazon's Choice).[147].

Amazon is against counterfeit goodsIntellectual property rightAccording to the owner's declaration, etc.[148][149]. Intellectual property owner sold in marketplaceCounterfeit goodsRegardingCriminal charges,Civil actionThere are cases where[150]. In addition, marketplace participation agreement[98]According to Amazon, Amazon has the discretion to terminate contractual relationships and listings under the terms of the seller, including international sites.

Some companies withdraw due to rampant pirated editions and switch to their own EC sites[151].

Customer review issues

Review of pre-release products

Before the revision of the guideline on July 2009, 7, which will be described later, Amazon.co.jp was able to write a review on the pre-release product and add up to the evaluation score.For this reason, many purchaser reviews were written before the product was released, including beliefs and expectations, excessive lifting of products of a particular manufacturer, and humor. Due to this, appropriate purchaser reviews, which were evaluated by touching the product after purchase, were buried, which was regarded as a problem.[Source required]One of the many problems that occurred was the popular game software Dragon Quest series.Dragon Quest IX Guardian of the Starry SkyIt is a problem that more than 300 pre-launch product reviews were written, such as criticism of postponement of the release of the product and unrelated comments. As a result, customers began to say that Amazon's reviews were unreliable, and later the reviews were deleted all at once.[152]. The guidelines were revised on July 2009, 7, and as a general rule, posting of reviews on products before the release was prohibited except for some products.[153]. However, products that are subject to Amazon Vine are an exception.

Neutrality issues, slander review

Customer reviews can be freely written by anyone other than the purchaser, and one person can register multiple anonymous accounts,Self-madeIs also possible. Checking by Amazon before the post is actually posted may not work usefully, and if the popular product receives controversial evaluationBurningIs likely to occur. Furthermore, from around 2011, there have been cases where criticisms of specific companies are flooded with reviews of products that are not directly related.[154].. otherStealth marketingThere are many cases in which[155]. Therefore, as a countermeasure, if you introduce an authentication function and purchase on Amazon, the purchaser mark will be attached[154]. Un-purchased reviews are limited to 1 per week[156].

There are also slanderous and false reviews on Amazon. A case in which the sale was actually stopped due to a false review, or the side that wrote the slander review filed a lawsuit against Amazon to disclose the sender's sender information, and the judgment ordering the poster's sender information disclosure was confirmed Exists[155][157].

The problem of invitation to five stars

For products purchased mainly on the marketplace, there are cases where a card calling for posting XNUMX stars in the review is enclosed.2020 eraIt has become one after another.It is said that the purpose is to unreasonably raise the evaluation of the review, and if you respond, it is prohibited by the terms of use of Amazon.co.jp "YaraseAttention is being called because it corresponds to "posting"[158].

Wishlist and privacy issues

Amazon's privacy concerns have long been pointed out in the U.S.[159](The default setting of "wish list" on sites for other countries is "private", which is not a big problem), and criticisms have been raised on the "wish list" problem on sites for Japan as well. ..

Amazon Wish List (Renamed from Wish List on March 2008, 3)[160])” is available. If you do not change the default settings when creating a "wish list",personal informationHas become a specification to be released, and became a topic[161]. The information to be disclosed is the account name (the character entered in the field labeled "Name" when registering a customer becomes the account name. Due to the characteristics of shopping sites, many customers register with their real name) , An email address, an address (only when an address is registered in the list), a product registered in the list, a product purchased from the list, and the like.

On the "wish list" page, you can search for customers in the "wish list" by entering their name or email address. This search function makes it easy to find the customer's real name when searching for an email address (when registered with the real name).Site ownerAnd famousBloggerThere was a problem that the account name of was written in here and there (In addition, there are cases where it is denied that the published account name is the real name.[162], It is not always possible to conclude that the account name found and the real name of the owner of the email address are the same).

In addition, many customers use the “wish list” as a bookmark and do not know that their personal information such as their real name is disclosed outside.[163]. If the "wish list" reflects hobbies and tastes that you do not want to disclose, health problems you have, political thought, religious thought, etc., problems may occur in the lives of the customers.

An Amazon spokesman said, "I always put the explanation that it will be public in a place where it can be seen. It is possible to change the setting," but in fact, "The initial setting of this list is set. Is open to the public.PoliciesPlease be assured that the telephone number and street number will not be displayed for the protection of.", but there was a case where the risk that the account name etc. was disclosed was not displayed.

Even if you don't remember creating a wish list, you can click the "Add to wish list" button on the product screen once and the personal information will be automatically published It is designed to be created. If you create a "wish list" from the product screen, no privacy warning will be displayed.

There's also a feature called "Inform your friends about your wishlist." This is a function that sends your name, e-mail address, and wish list to the specified email address, but if you visit a website containing malicious code due to a system defect, it will be malicious. My name, email address, and wish list will be sent to the email address specified by a customerSecurity holeIt was discovered that there was. If you are still signed in to Amazon, even if you close your browser, you may suffer such damage just by clicking on it.

On March 2008, 3, Amazon stopped the search function of the "wish list" due to the survey based on the customer's indication (browsing etc. is possible)[164]. On March 2008, 3, the search function was revived, but the setting that it is exposed to the outside by default remains the same. If there is a list to be published, a note such as "Account name is published" is now posted on the wish list page, but if you create a new wish list from the product screen, etc. , It is a specification that warnings are not displayed as before.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions[4]And the privacy policy can be viewed from the "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy" links at the bottom line of the Amazon.co.jp page. Also, the page displayed after selecting "Help" item at the top of the amazon.jp page and selecting "Security/Terms"[165]You can read by selecting an item. "How to file a claim for infringement of intellectual property rights and the procedure"[149]Or,LegalBased on"[94]Also, a link is displayed in this item.

Response to incorrect price display

From August 2008th to 8th, 8, "Kagome vegetable life 9 morning vegetables 100g (930 pieces)" was sold for 12 yen, so it turned out that it was significantly cheaper than the market price and the order was placed. Flooded. Amazon has responded to this matter as follows.

  • Cancel all orders and send apology email
  • Send a 300 yen Amazon Gift Certificate only to customers who have further complaints

In addition, terms of use[4]In the "Product price" item, it is clearly stated that the following price adjustments will be made for incorrect display of prices of products sold by Amazon.

The correct price is compared to the price displayed on the site

  1. LowIf "Bill at a lower price"
  2. highIf so, at the site's discretion "Notify me the correct price and ask for shipping instructions" or "Cancel order"

A similar example was Amazon.co.uk in March 2008.iPAQThere is a case in which the price of is mistakenly displayed for £10 or less (about 2,000 yen) and the customer has been criticized for canceling the order using this mistake.[166]. Amazon.co.uk was forced to temporarily shut down the UK site until it corrected the mistake.

Risk of loss

Amazon Help until around August 2011 stated that it may be hung on the doorknob or placed at the front door. In addition, terms of use[4]In the item of "Risk of loss", it was stated that the risk of loss will be transferred to the customer at the time of shipping, and it was clearly stated that the recipient is responsible.

Tax evasion

世界There are discussions about tax payments in each country.

Escape from corporate tax payment in Japan

The seller of Amazon.co.jp products is not a "Japanese corporation" but a Washington corporation in the United StatesAmazon.com Int'l Sales, Inc.The company does not have a branch office in Japan. From this, the company isCorporate taxI didn't pay all and entered the United States.

In July 2009, the Tokyo National Taxation Bureau placed some of the functions of a US corporation in its Amazon distribution center.Corporate tax lawAnd from 2003 to 2005 as a permanent facility under the US-Japan Tax Treaty[167]A tax of 140 billion yen was levied[168]. On the other hand, 1 million on Amazon.com sideU.S. dollarWas deposited at the bank[167].

However, after discussions were held between the US and Japanese authorities, a tentative agreement was reached in June 2010 and a final agreement was reached in September 6. Tax penalties have been significantly reduced and the National Tax Agency has released most of the bank deposits[167]. However, regarding "Amazon corporate tax collection",France-Germany・Japan (2006-2009)・Luxembourg-United KingdomIt has been pointed out that tax inspection is ongoing or may be carried out[167].

Regarding this matter, Jasper Chan, the representative of Amazon Japan,Weekly Toyo Keizai"Amazon has recorded its sales in Japan as a US controlling company and is not paying corporate income tax in Japan. According to an annual report, the National Tax Agency was ordered to pay a large additional tax. "We are not in a position to comment on this because the US headquarters are responding to it," said the interviewer.[169].

In December 2019, Amazon.com decided that foreign corporations have many restrictions on business development when contracting, and it is better to pay tax appropriately to expand Japanese business, so sales amount in Japan is locally Converted to a policy of accounting for sales of corporations (Amazon.co.jp). A total of 12 billion yen of corporate tax for 2017 and 2018 was paid to the National Tax Agency[170].

Taxation on consumption tax

For domestic products in Japanconsumption taxIs taxed[171]. However, distribute digital data outside JapanserverE-book with[172][173]There was no consumption tax on the market fees and market fees, but the National Tax Agency announced that consumption tax will be levied after October 2015, 10.[174].

Delete Catalog

Amazon.co.jp isGoverning lawIs the Japanese domestic law[4]. However, in Japan, catalogs of products that are not illegal may be unilaterally deleted and reported. In addition, the catalog of products that are legally prohibited from being sold has been reported without being deleted.

Delete whale meat catalog

February 2012 on Amazon.co.jpWhale meatAsk seller to cancel listing of marine mammals including[Note 7], Then deleted the catalog. In addition, whale meat has been added to the prohibited items listed in the listing rules.[175]. It has been pointed out that the ban on the listing of whale meat is blamed by the animal welfare group "Human Society International".[176].

Criticism of deleting catalogs for adult products

On Amazon.co.jp, the catalog of contents including sexual contents such as adult products may be deleted.[177]. For example, in TokyoYouth Sound Upbringing OrdinanceSpecified byUnhealthy booksIs prohibited by Amazon's terms and conditions.[178], Books designated as unhealthy books are removed from the store[179]..In addition, the unhealthy designation itself does not completely prohibit sales, it only regulates sales to young people under the age of 18, so sales are continuing as adult products on mail order sites other than Amazon. In many cases.The titles of the designated books can be found on the Tokyo website.List of unhealthy designated documentsYou can check it at. In addition, there are the following cases where adult content etc. were deleted without explanation from Amazon.

March 2012, adult comic magazine "Comic erohThe catalog for the April 2012 issue has been deleted[180].

In August 2013, a large amount of e-book version adult comics were deleted from Amazon without explanation at the Kindle store[181].

In March 2015,Adult cartoonis not"Innocent paradise, Etc. were deleted without explanation from Amazon.[182]. Besides "innocent paradise"LolitaIt has been confirmed that several manga works of the series have been deleted, but these works do not conflict with Japanese domestic law, and they are sold without problems at other mail-order sites or general bookstores.[182].

Providing a place to sell child pornography

2015 year 1 month,Child pornographyRegarding the listing in the marketplace of, due to the lack of check system for the listing of products,Aichi Prefectural PoliceTo Amazon Headquarters and Ichikawa FCChild Prostitution/Porn Prohibition LawIt was reported that he entered a house search on suspicion of helping the violation.[183].

Labor and employment issues

2014 year 5 month,International Union of Trade UnionsElected Amazon founder Jeff Bezos as the world's worst manager because of the labor and business environment where employees are treated like robots and the avoidance of tax payments.[184]. For the harsh situation of workers in logistics bases,Yokota MasuoDescribes the report that infiltrated the Amazon distribution center, and there are multiple reports abroad. As a matter of fact, there is a point that it is not suitable for the Japanese style employment form due to lack of operational development of users and employees in the work in the warehouse and fluctuation of the order quantity at the time of day.

Employment contract

Amazon JapanJob huntingOf journalists who interviewedTakuya FurukawabyInvestigation reportAccording to Amazon JapanuseThe person in charge isinterviewInsideUnofficial offer10 days before joining the company without clearly indicating the employment conditionsemployment agreementI handed the plan, "I can not consider taking back the contract," "Notice that I will not cancel the offer unless I sign here,"Basic salary70 hours a monthovertimeThe bill is already included,BonusThe restricted stock that replaces the stock will not be paid in full without four years of service.TransferIt effectively enforced consent to an employment contract that included disadvantageous conditions, such as not including the promise when interviewing "None". Furukawa criticizes the recruitment activity of Amazon Japan as "a reluctant recruitment method".[185].

In October 2015, an Amazon Japan employee was reported to have claimed that he was "practically forced to leave."[186]. In November 2015, full-time employees of Amazon JapanUnionWas formed,Business improvement planReportedly called for the abolition of retirement recommendations by[187].

Monk dispatch

Since December 2015 at Amazon Japan,FuneralThe company introduction siteMinrebiProvided byMonkStarted handling the dispatch service "". It is a service that provides transparency to monks for a fixed amount of 3 yen, which is more transparent than the fee system where traditional funeral services were not clear. On the contraryAll Japan Buddhist ChurchDecided to apply to Amazon.com in the United States to stop the site because it has commercialized religious acts.[188].ReligiousBy commercializing the act,Religious corporationThis is because the Buddhist church is concerned that the grounds for tax incentives for the[189].. In April 2016, it was reported that Amazon responded "I will not respond to the suspension of the monk flight".[190].

Suspicion and verification of antitrust violation

2016 year 8 month,Fair Trade CommissionIs binding a trader to sell at a lower price than other sitesAct on Prohibition of Private Monopoly and Ensuring Fair TradeIt was reported that he had entered an on-site inspection because he suspected that it was an unfair trading method prohibited by the Antimonopoly Act.[191][192].. Under investigation in Europe[193].

As of 2020, it has always been a problem, but the above-mentioned price aspect is not the only abuse of superiority. There is a widespread fact that forced returns are accepted and sales money is refunded without permission.On the store side, it is reported that more than 8% of stores are damaged due to such content, and I am dissatisfied. It is said to be felt.

One's own trading position is superior to the other party It is said that one party used the position to the other party of the transaction and unfairly penalized in the light of normal business practice. ..

Since such acts may hinder fair competition, they are regulated by the Antimonopoly Act as abuse of a superior position, which is one of the unfair trading methods.

Although not visible from the outside, the content of the agreement contains a statement that justifies the return of goods to the store.

Delete Kindle Unlimited Books

In August 2016, we started “Kindle Unlimited”, which is an e-book flat-rate all-you-can-read, but stopped unilaterally popular works due to unexpected use.[194][195].. In response to this, publishers protested[196][197].

Pause of Pay-easy in internet banking and mobile banking

Payment at "convenience store/ATM/net banking payment" started on April 2006, 4[198]About fraudulentlyLogin Was doneInternet bankingからPay-easySince many Amazon gift certificates are illegally purchased and redeemed for cash using storage, Japan Multi-Payment Network Management Organization, the operator of Pay-easyMobile bankingDue to notification to each financial institution that the storage service (payment of payment) addressed to "Amazon" using Pay-easy by will be sent to each financial institution, from 2016:12 on December 30, 11 In the meantime, all payments for Amazon.co.jp in Internet banking / mobile banking using Pay-easy have been suspended and are no longer available[Note 8].. For customersconvenience store,Electronic money,TMJPayment by[199][200]Calling for a transition to.Currently available[201][202][203][204][205][206].

Marketplace fraud issues

In the spring of 2017, a large-scale fraud occurred in the "Marketplace" service, which can be sold by companies and individuals other than Amazon. There were many reports that when I bought a product that was listed for half price, a few hundred yen, or a few yen in extreme cases, the product did not arrive. It is believed that the seller aims at the purchaser's crying and getting personal information.NetoraboAccording to the report, reports of "abnormally cheap products have begun to appear" have been made available in April. There are similar reports in the exhibitor forum, and there are damages such as the manufacturer's sales decreasing sharply and the manufacturer receiving complaints instead of the fraudulent seller. The suspicious seller has been reported by other sellers, etc., but it is in a state of weasel pretending that another suspicious seller will appear. There are also reports that similar problems occur with Amazon overseas. The seller in question is often new from overseas, but there are also accounts with domestic addresses, and there are cases where accounts that have not been listed recently or accounts with sales records are hijacked and used. .. There are also cases where the seller is suspended because the legitimate vendor is too expensive because the item is being sold at an abnormally low price.[207][208][209].

Inadequate management of fraudulent products

Women on Amazon's siteentertainerDisgrace orObsceneThe fact that many fraudulent products such as images are being sold2021/6It turned out in some newspaper reports. If Amazon's fraudulent product management system is inadequate and Amazon itself recognizes these products and leaves them unattended, Amazon itself willLibel charges,Business interruptionIt has been pointed out that it may become the main body of[210].

Offer program



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