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📢 | Sekisui House Selected for "2022 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index" for 2 consecutive years


Sekisui House Selected for "2022 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index" for 2 consecutive years

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Sekisui House will continue to pursue a "happy home" in the age of 100 years of life, based on the global vision of "making" my home "the happiest place in the world."

Gender information disclosure and efforts for gender equality are evaluated January 2022, 1 Sekisui House Co., Ltd. Sekisui… → Continue reading

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The happiest in the world

Sekisui House

Sekisui House Co., Ltd.(Sekisui House)OsakaOsakaKitaHeadquartered inJapan Of住宅The manufacturer. 1960/ToSekisui Chemical IndustrySekisui House Sangyo Co., Ltd. was established with a capital of 8 million yen in August of the same year, with the House Division as the parent company.1963/To the current company nameSekisui HouseChanged the trade name to a joint-stock company[5].Nikkei Stock AverageandTOPIX Large 70,JPX Nikkei Index 400One of the constituent stocks of[6][7][8].


The number of units sold in 2012 was 4, which was the first in Japan (breakdown:Steel frame1 units,wooden4246 units,housing complex2 units), with sales of 8907 billion yenDaiwa House IndustryCo., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to asYamato House) Is the second largest.Transportation costsHokkaidoBecause it is more expensive thanOkinawaNot for sale.subsidiaryToSekiwa House Real Estate Tokyo(Former Sekiwa Real Estate)Sekisui House Remodelingand so on.

CorporationPrefabricated building associationJoin.Midori-kai-SansuikaiIs a member company ofSanwa GroupBelongs to[9][10]At the same timeOwakaiIs a member company of[11].

As of May 2021, the company's corporate message is "SLOW & SMART Advanced technology for living slowly(However, the reading provided by TV Asahi is "SLOW & SMART, Sekisui HouseRead).Also, in the advertisement, "When you get home, Sekisui House.Is also used.

2001/As a more "" planNative speciesAs of April 2013, the cumulative number of plants planted has exceeded 4 million.Sekisui House's exterior business has sales of 900 billion yen (fiscal year ending January 587), making it the largest landscaping company in Japan.[12][13][14].

In 2008, we established the International Business Department and entered the overseas business. Starting with the entry into the housing business in Australia in 2009, the company has also entered the residential real estate business in the United States through the "Cinco Ranch" project.In 2012, a steel-framed housing production plant was completed in Shenyang, China, and started operations.This is the first time that a full-scale industrialized housing production plant in Japan has entered China.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayMinistry of the Environment Eco firstCertified as a company.To reduce carbon dioxide emissions during daily life from all newly built detached houses for sale by 1990% compared to 6, and to promote energy-saving remodeling of about 50 houses constructed before the next-generation energy-saving standards. It was promised to promote carbon dioxide-free housing by introducing solar power generation and fuel cells.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayGrand Front OsakaOpened SUMUFUMU LAB in "Knowledge Capital".at the same timeDialogue in the DarkEstablished a co-creation program "House with Dialogue".

Headquartered on June 2014, 6Umeda Sky BuildingCentered onShin Umeda City Prime Minister AwardAwarded.thisPrime Minister AwardIs the highest rank of the "Green City Award" sponsored by the Urban Greening Organization.[15].

On March 2016, 3, Sekisui House built the "Yamazaki Family and Usui Family Villa (Sekisui House Type A)" in 11.Prefabricated houseFor the first time asRegistered tangible cultural propertyRegistered in[16].

Main products

MajorPlasticIs a manufacturerSekisui Chemical IndustrySekisui House, which is based on Sekisui House, completed the house in 1963 using plastic as a material.Although abandoned all-plastic housing due to its fragility and enormous cost, this experience builds on the new steel and plastic housing.Prefabricated houseCompleted "A type".

Regarding the sales system, the agency sales method used by Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd., which was the parent company when the "A type" was first released, was followed, but Japan's first housing exhibition hall was opened in Suehirocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Shifted to a direct sales method, such as letting them sell.

Sekisui House sells both steel-framed prefabricated houses and wood-based prefabricated houses[17]..On the other hand, it is a housing brand of Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.Sekisui HeimIt is,Steel rigid frame structureThe box-type unit is produced at the factory and assembled at the construction site.

Minister of Land, Infrastructure and TransportCertifiedDamping structureDeveloped the seismic energy absorption system "" (SHEQAS: Sekisui House Earth-Quake Absorbed System).Although the skeleton itself is not damaged in conventional general seismic systems, the interior is severely damaged, so a structure that suppresses shaking as much as possible has been required.By the way, according to the company's own research, even with the structure so far,Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeThen, the brace stretched a few centimeters to absorb the shaking, and there was almost no damage to itself (* announced by our own research).

In addition, it is also engaged in new development of residential land for sale, which intensively manufactures and sells its own housing, and urban development centered on reclaimed land and construction of new buildings in the city center.One of the characteristics of the company is the development of condominiums in hilly and mountainous areas where housing development was not carried out due to steep slopes even though it was located in the suburbs of a metropolis.New townConstruction) will be actively promoted as a means of transportation.Inclined elevator(Komoashiotsu) AndSky rail(Skyrail Town Midorizaka), The point is to introduce a unique transportation system.

Steel construction method

  • IS series
  • Be series

Wooden construction method (Sherwood)

SxL (currently Yamada SxL Home)It is influenced by the wooden panel integrated construction method.These construction methods were adopted after the patents such as the in-wall ventilation system, which was owned by SxL, expired.

  • Gravis series
  • Personal made-to-order series

3,4 story house

  • Vienna (steel construction method)
  • Maxio (wooden construction method)

Zero energy housing

  • Green First Zero Series


  • Grand Maison

Rental housing

  • Shamaison

Long time agoTwo-by-four methodI was also working onSekisui Chemical IndustryUnfoldsSekisui two you home(CurrentSekisui Heim),Mitsui HomeStruggling with rivals such as the 1990s (Bubble burstAfter that)Two-by-four methodWithdrew from.

Major development areas for sale

Residential area



  • Sotoasahikawa Subdivision-Akita City, Akita Prefecture
  • Common Hills Goshono-Akita City, Akita Prefecture


  • Furukawa New Town Keyakidaira --- Koga City, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Common Stage Hitachino Park in Park-Hitachinonishi, Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Common Stage Hitachino Parque del Sol-Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Common Stage Hitachinohigashi-Ushiku City, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Tsukuba Kenkyugakuen New City-Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • In front of Toyosatonomori Sakura Park in Tsukuba-Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Miraidaira Yokodai-Tsukubamirai City, Ibaraki Prefecture, near TX Miraidaira Station, joint sale
  • Common Garden Ami Hongo-Ami Town, Inashiki District, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Common Avenue Mohno-Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture
  • Common City Higashi Haruno (Higashiomiya) --Minuma Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
  • Common Garden Hongo no Mori-Kita-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
  • Common Life Iwatsuki Minamihirano-Iwatsuki Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
  • Common Stage Higashi Hatogaya Art Garden Sakura Tree Hill --Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture
  • Common Garden Soka-Soka City, Saitama Prefecture
  • Common Stage Sakado Nissai Rokuhana Unjakuno --Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture
  • Kasumigaoka housing complex --Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture.A project to build a detached condominium by Daikyo's large condominiums and Sekisui House is underway in the former housing complex area.
  • Kamifukuoka on Common Stage-Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture
  • Sakura Someino-Someino, Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture
  • Kazusanomori Chiharadai-Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture
  • Common Stage Oyumino FIRST HILLS --Oyumino, Midori-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture
  • Common Stage Oyuminominami-Oyuminominami, Midori-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture
  • Common Square Minami Osawa --Hachioji, Tokyo
  • Green Town Takao-Hachioji, Tokyo
  • Common Stage Musashi Fuchu City of Toki-Fuchu City, Tokyo
  • Common Hills Minamino "East Wing" -Hachioji, Tokyo
  • "Chiffon Hill" (Hachioji Minamino City) --Hachioji City, Tokyo
  • Common Garden Nakamachidai-Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Common Hills Center North "Nurturing Hill" -Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Class Hill Haruhino-Asao Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Central part

  • Komoashiotsu --Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture. Sekisui House opened in 1987Shiotsu StationCreate the north side
  • Yada RiverThe Scene Johoku (Sekisui House apartments with skyscrapers)
  • Common Hills Kitayama-Gifu City
  • Greenland Nakakarayama-Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture
  • Gifu Green Land-Hinominami, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, 1989
  • Common Stage Jimokuji-Jimokuji, Ama City, Aichi Prefecture



  • Kirari Town Maiko Omi-Minamikomatsu, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture
  • Greenpia Sano-Sano-cho, Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture
  • Takatsuki Hiyoshidai 4bancho Residential Land Development --Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture
  • oldShigura ShrineSite-Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture.Residential land development by Sekisui House
  • Fujiidera for-sale land "Kasugaoka, Fujiidera City"
  • Common City Hoshida --Katano City, Osaka Prefecture.Osaka prefectureHousing supply corporationDevelopment was promoted by Sekisui House.
  • Common Stage Tawaradai-Shijonawate City, Osaka Prefecture
  • Sayama stationResidential area on the west side "Nankai Sayama Harmony Town" (sekisui house for sale) --Osakasayama City, Osaka Prefecture
  • Cape Refre Nozomizaka-Misaki Town, Osaka Prefecture
  • Shinwadai --Tarumi Ward, Kobe CityMyodanichoA residential area created by Sekisui House in a part of the Nakayama district.
  • Wakayama University Fujitodai-Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, Gakuen Castle City.


  • SanDisk Yang Minamidai-Kuya-cho, Matsue City
  • Skyrail service --Aki Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture.Development of residential area "Skyrail Town Midorizaka", Sekisui House andAoki Asunaro Construction(At that time, Aoki Construction) and others.
  • Vercolina Yamaguchi-Ogori, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture



  • Flannel Iki-Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture.The operator is Fukuoka Prefecture Housing Supply Corporation.
  • Grand Maison-Chuo-ku and Sawara-ku, Fukuoka City.Seaside mochiThe site of the Saibu Gas Museum.With a 24-story elderly home by Saibu Gas Life Support
  • Common Life Osayuki, View City Yoshidanirenokizaka-Both are in Kokuraminami-ku, Kitakyushu.CurrentURA residential complex created with the development of the Tokurikidanchi.Common Life Osayuki is a Sekisui House independent business in the Showa period, but Naokizaka is a joint business with other businesses in the Heisei period.
  • Hillside Avenue Hanari-Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu
  • Orio Satsukidai-Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu
  • Common Life Shinguhama-Shingu-cho, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture.The basic planner isMiyawaki TanArchitectural laboratory.
  • Common City Sumiyoshinomori-Nagasaki City
  • Noda Town Condominium Residential Area-Kumamoto City
  • Sun Avenue Izumigaoka --Koshi City
  • Common Garden City Sakuraji-Koshi City
  • Common Hills Ikimekokoromachi-Miyazaki City

Development results

Urban development

  • Rokko Island City ――On a 131ha artificial island off the coast of Kobe City, with the theme of "a city you want to go to and a city you want to live in," you can approach work, live in multiple generations, and create a city that aims to be an international city.
  • Shin Umeda City ――Umeda Sky Building is the center of urban development aimed at international exchange and coexistence with local communities. We celebrated the 2013th anniversary of 20.
  • Seaside mochi ――Complex development of condominiums, detached houses, and commercial facilities that realize a lush living environment, such as reclaiming the waterfront of Fukuoka City and reproducing sandy beaches and pine forests.
  • --Town development of condominiums and detached houses on the artificial island Nishinomiyahama in Nishinomiya City.There is Shin Nishinomiya Yacht Harbor.
  • Fukuoka Island City --Creating a town in harmony with parks and roads on an artificial island in Hakata Bay through public-private collaboration.Supply condominiums and detached houses.
  • --A complex development project for commercial facilities, detached houses, and apartments that creates a sense of unity with the adjacent park.


  • —— An office building that incorporates the idea of ​​“aging beautification” as a redevelopment project in central Tokyo.
  • Tokyo Midtown --A large-scale redevelopment project by 6 JVs that actively incorporate greenery into the site of the former Defense Agency and also has museums and halls.
  • ――Office building in the coastal subcenter.
  • Hommachi Garden City ――A skyscraper of about 130m that takes into consideration the scenery under the application of "Urban Regeneration Special Zone".The upper floors are The St. Regis Osaka.
  • Honmachi Minami Garden City -OldKonoike setRedevelopment of the site of the head office building
  • --Redevelopment project for the former Sony headquarters.Build environment-friendly office buildings and rental condominiums.
  • Grand Front Osaka --JV by 12 companies in "Umekita", which is said to be the last prime location in Osaka.Consists of offices, commercial facilities, hotel / serviced apartments, condominiums, and knowledge capital.
  • Garden City Kokura - Kokura StationParticipated in the urban redevelopment project on the east side of Kokura Castle Exit as a participating union member.The residential area on the upper floors is sold as "Grand Maison Garden City Kokura".


Foreign Operation

  • - America'sTexasExpand with.
  • - America'sVirginiaExpand with.
  • - AustralianSydneyExpand with.
  • - SingaporeExpand with.
  • --Deployed in Singapore.
  • --Deployed in Singapore.
  • - ChugokuExpand with.


  • 1960/
    • 3 --House Division established at Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
    • 4 --Sekisui House A type released
    • September-TokyoChiyoda OfSuehirocho StationOpened the first model house nearby
    • 8 --Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd. Established Sekisui House Sangyo Co., Ltd. with capital of 1 million yen, based on the House Division, and became President Jiroo Ueno.
    • 12 --Constructor registration (Construction Minister registration (G) No. 5286)
  • 1961/
    • Registration as a real estate agent (Registration by the Governor of Osaka Prefecture (1) No. 6714)
    • Sekisui House B type released
    • Meter module adopted
    • Aluminum sashuse
  • 1962/
    • 7 --Sekisui House Cabin C released
    • 12 --Sekisui House 2B type released
  • 1963/
    • June-Masaru Tanabe appointed as President and CEO
    • October-Changed company name to Sekisui House Co., Ltd.
    • Japan's first comprehensiveHousing exhibition hall(Nagoya cityExhibited at (for a limited time)
  • 1965/
    • July --Sekisui House E type released
    • August --Sekisui House F type released
  • 1968/
  • 1969/
    • January --Sekisui House H type released
    • January --Sekisui House HA type released
    • March-Real Estate Broker License (Minister of Construction License (3) No. 1)
  • 1970/
    • August-Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges
    • August-Ibaraki PrefectureSarushima-gunSowa Town(CurrentFurukawa) Established Kanto factory
  • 1971/
    • March --Sekisui House K type released
    • June-Redesignated shares to Part 6 of the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges
    • August-StockADRIssued (S-12 style) in the United StatesSecurities and Exchange Commission Register with (SEC)
  • 1975/
    • Designated as a credit issue in Part 1 of the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya Stock Exchanges
    • Headquartered in 6-2-27 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, OsakaNakanoshima Center BuildingMoved to
  • 1976/
    • November --Sekisui House BW / BKW type released
  • 1977/
    • Established Pro-Renta Haus-u. Wohnungsvermietung, s GmbH
    • March-West Germany stocks in the form of GBC ()Frankfurt stock exchangeListed on
    • November --Sekisui House W type released
  • 1978/
    • January --Sekisui House BK-V released
  • 1979/
    • September --Sekisui House BO type released
  • 1980/
  • 1981/
    • August-Listed on EDR (European Depositary Receipt) format
    • October --Sekisui House BK-10 type released
  • 1982/
    • October --Sekisui House BK-4 type released
  • 1983/
    • April --Sekisui House B-4 released
    • April --Sekisui House BKW-4 released
  • 1984/
    • Development of original outer wall material "Dyne Concrete"
    • concreteLaunched "IS Flat" housing
    • Steel frameReleased the detached house "Clefort"
  • 1987/
    • DalianTogen Sanso (foreigner's residential area) construction contract signed (Dalian, China)
    • 米 国State of WashingtonEstablished a subsidiary Sekisui House America, Inc.
    • Acquired wood processing company West Coast Forest Products, Inc. (Washington, USA)
  • 1989/
    • Started using the logo mark that is still used today.
    • Toyodo Construction Co., Ltd. changed its trade name to Sekisui House Wooden Co., Ltd.
  • 1993/
    • In Kita-ku, OsakaUmeda Sky BuildingCompletion, at the same time move the head office to the same building
  • 1995/
  • 2000/
    • Unified brand name for low-rise rental housing as "Shamaison"
  • 2001/
    • Cumulative number of buildings reached 150 million
  • 2002/
    • Opened "Dream Factory" at Shiga Factory
    • Declared full-scale development of universal design in housing
  • 2003/
  • 2004/
    • Established "Tohoku Living Dream Factory" at Tohoku Factory
  • 2005/
    • Made 6 Sekiwa Real Estate companies wholly owned subsidiaries
    • The remodeling business was split and succeeded to Sekisui House Remodeling Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 2006/
    • Moved Tokyo branch office to
  • 2007/
  • 2008/
    • Isami Wada appointed Chairman and CEO
    • Toshinori Abe appointed as President and COO
  • 2009/
    • AustraliaAnnouncement of federal housing business
  • 2010/
    • Sekisui House Group Announcement of Medium-Term Management Plan for 2010
    • Cumulative number of buildings reached 200 million
    • National movement to prevent global warming "Challenge 25 CampaignParticipated as a starting member
  • 2011/
    • Detached housing equipped with a solar power generation system
    • Established "Tohoku Great Kanto Earthquake Countermeasures Headquarters"
    • Shenyang,SuzhouStarted a large-scale urban development project at
  • 2012/
    • A new production line for the ceramic plate outer wall "Belburn" for the wooden house "Sherwood" starts operation at the Shizuoka factory.
    • Completion of the steel-framed housing production plant in Shenyang, the first production base in China
    • Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryTokyo Stock ExchangeSelected as a "Nadeshiko Brand" announced jointly with
  • 2014/
  • 2016/
    • Konoike Construction Co., Ltd., the parent company of Konoike Construction Co., Ltd., will be an affiliate accounted for by the equity method.
    • Selected as a "Nadeshiko Brand". He has been elected four times in total since he was elected in 2012 (not elected in 4), and has been elected for three consecutive years.
  • 2017/
  • 2020/
    • Changed the company name of 6 Sekiwa Real Estate companies to "Sekisui House Real Estate".

License registration

Construction permit
  • Construction work business Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism permission (Special-22) No. 5295
  • Civil Engineering Business Permit by Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Special-22) No. 5295
  • Interior finishing work licensed by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Special-22) No. 5295
  • Painter Business Permit by Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Special-22) No. 5295
  • Waterproofing business Permit by Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Special-22) No. 5295
  • Electrician business licensed by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Special-25) No. 5295
  • Landscaping Business Permit by Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (General-22) No. 5295
  • Tobi / Earthwork Business Permit by Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (General-22) No. 5295
  • Tile / brick / block construction business Permitted by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (General-22) No. 5295
Residential land building trader
  • Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism License (13) No. 540
First-class architect office registration
  • Governor of Osaka Registration (Nu) No. 3208, etc.
  • Type conformity certification
  • Residential type performance certification
  • Manufacturer certification for model members, etc.
  • Manufacturer certification for model housing parts, etc.


  • In the past, a symbol mark with a face was used to imitate a house.
  • The current logo mark has been used since March 1989. (See above) The current logo mark isTakahisa KamijouIt is a work.The color and shape on the right symbolize "house," "people," and "life," and the color and shape on the left symbolize "sky," "hope," and "truth." Is included.[20]

Major affiliated companies

Consolidated subsidiary

・ Sekisui House Real Estate Partners Co., Ltd.

  • Sekiwa Grand Mast Co., Ltd.
  • Sekisui House RemodelingLtd.
  • Sekisui House Financial Service Co., Ltd.
  • Sekisui House Investment Adviser Co., Ltd.
  • Sekisui House Asset Management Co., Ltd.
  • Sekisui House Umeda Operation Co., Ltd.
  • Sekiwa Wood Co., Ltd.
  • Sekiwa Construction Group 19 companies
  • Sekisui House Neue Co., Ltd.
  • Skyrail serviceLtd.
  • Living Library Co., Ltd.

Equity method affiliate

Advertising activity


  • 1970 eraBroadcast on (According to Sekisui House's 50-year history, the first broadcast was from 1970 to 1971.Eleven of red blood), And later recorded on the omnibus CD, "Sekisui House Song (Lyrics :, Composition:)Aya Kobayashi) ”Is arranged several times. From the mid-1990s to December 2009, only the melody played the last part of the chorus (music box-like tone, initially).B flat major[Annotation 1]But in the 2000s (the exact time is unknown)A majorChanged to (a pitch that looks like the key is down a semitone). 2010-Only around March 2011, in some commercialsSumiko YamagataSangIn G majorVersion has been broadcast[Annotation 2]).Therefore, many people tend to think of "Sekisui House Song" as the company's sound logo.Also, in 2006, "All Japan University Ekiden" and "Sekisui House Drama Special" Triple kitchenThere was a 60-second commercial that introduced the group companies in the broadcast, but hereYoshitaka MinamiWas singing.
  • 2010 is the 50th anniversaryYuki Murakami"Sekisui House no Uta-50th Anniversary Version" with changed lyrics by singingHiroshi Ichikura) Started broadcasting.Currently in addition to the Murakami versionKeiichi Sokabe(There is also a duet version with Murakami)AlchemistA singing version of is also being played.
  • As a special caseKanagawaIseharaCommunity FM broadcasting stationIsehara FM Broadcasting(Opened in 2000 and closed on March 2006, 3), there was a full chorus playing at a frequency of about 31 hour head.
    • Some of the commercials that were once broadcast used a combination of product-specific commercial songs and "Sekisui House no Uta" (such as the "Meter Module" commercial).
  • For a long time as a CM narratorLeo MorimotoWas appointed.In the past, Sekisui House could be imagined as Morimoto's voice.
  • CM is rare in the construction industry and is one of the firstHigh definitionShooting is adopted.
  • Since 1999, as an image character of "Housing Visit Day"BarbapapaWe are hiring a family. 1989-until 1998Kimihiko Tsukuda"Heart-warming family" was adopted as an image character.The voice isTea wind forest(As Barbapapa),Banko(As Baba Mama),Chiyako Shibahara(As Barbamoja),Kaoru Fujimoto(As Barba Picari)Yoko Matsuoka(As Barbazu),Kumai Motoko(As Barbapapa Bravo),Akemi Shinohara(As Barbarib),Megumi Toyoguchi(As Barbara La),Yumi Takada(The role of Barbabel) was appointed.
  • 2007/Or later,Tokyo DomeAdvertisement is displayed at.Initially, only the company name "Sekisui House" was listed, but in 2010, "200 years to thank 50 million units" was added to the left side of "Sekisui House", and from 2011 to "200 million units". The part of "..." has been replaced with the logo mark, and it continues to the present day.

CM performer



CM song

Current sponsoring show

After October 2021 (Fuji month 10 is after April 19), some may be suspended or treated as PT.

tv set

90 seconds (30 seconds x 3) or more
"Sekisui House Special" that will be broadcast irregularly in October 2016[Annotation 3]Except for ", the 90-second commercial stopped playing.
60 seconds (30 seconds x 2)
30 秒

* New from the reorganization in October 2021 (until then)Thursday mysteryMove 60 seconds from 30 seconds. ).

* New from the October 2021 reorganization (similarly, the remaining 10 seconds have been moved from the previous Thursday Mystery 60 seconds).

Past sponsoring programs

tv set

90 seconds (30 seconds x 3) or more
60 秒
30 秒
  • Your story!Snow, Moon and Flowers TV (CBC TVDeparture / TBS system Wednesday 13:50 --13:55) * April 2011, 4 --Every Wednesday (national online program from CBC since the end of "Enari Kazuki / Sora Navi!") --The program ends on March 6, 2016.
  • Mino Monta morning bang!(TBS system)
  • Drama 30 → Hirudora(CBC TV, MBS TV alternate production, TBS system)
  • Mezamashi TV(Fuji TV) --Provided locally in Kanto every Monday and Friday 6:20 --Around 6:46

Social contribution activities


Customer complaint case

Worked for the company on July 2006, 18Koreans living in JapanEmployees accused of receiving discriminatory remarks based on race, and appealed to the company's customers for a compensation of 300 million yen and an apology advertisement.Osaka District CourtI raised it to.In addition, the company bears the legal costs of the case, and this employeetrialIt has stated that it will fully support the proceedings, such as considering the time to attend the proceedings as working hours.On the other hand, the customer side claims that the cause of the incident was an unfair claim concealing the company's defective construction (reverse slope construction of drainage).[22].

The court proposed a settlement in April 2007.The customer did not accept the settlement proposed by Sekisui House, but a Japanese man apologized to a Korean employee in Japan for damaging the plaintiff's honorary feelings by remarks, and a settlement fee instead of a consolation fee. A settlement was reached on August 4 by paying 30 yen.[23].

Korean Mindan in Japan (Mindan)According to the newspaper, the Korean employee in Japan who filed the proceedings was removed from the after-maintenance work shortly after the trial began, so he requested the company to return to his former job after receiving a settlement.[Source required]However, the company has not reached a conclusion (September 2007, 9).[Source required]

Business suspension case

August 2007, 8,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismKinki Regional Development BureauIt is,ApartmentMandatory for new constructionSupervising engineerGifu prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture, Aichi prefecture, Mie prefecture because I did not putTokai prefectureSo, I ordered Sekisui House to suspend some operations for 15 days.[24].As a result, the company has refrained from commercials for the following TV and radio programs from September 9th to September 11th.[Source required]

Furthermore, on September 9, the same year, Miyagi Prefecture told Sekisui House about public works ordered by the prefecture for five months.Nomination suspensionDecided.横 浜 市・ Shizuoka prefecture ・ Mie prefecture ・ Osaka prefecture ・ Nagano prefecture ・ Shiga prefecture ・ Kagawa prefecture ・Fukuoka City・ Kumamoto Prefecture has also suspended the company.[Source required]

Proceedings for damages against a house under construction

August 2007, 9,Nagoya District CourtIt is,Nagoya cityIn a trial in which the men ordered the house and the garage that Sekisui House had ordered were defective, and asked Sekisui House to remove the building that had already been paid and the building under construction. Accepted and decided to order the removal of the building under construction with a payment of 400 million yen[25].

Forgery of structural statement

August 2007, 10,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIt is,横 浜 市Announced that the forgery of the structural statement of the condominium planned by Sekisui House was discovered through the investigation.Subsequent investigations revealed that it had been forged by an architect at a design office that had subcontracted structural design.[Source required]

Apartment construction without receiving building confirmation

The companyHiroshima cityAsanami WardStarted construction inApartmentabout,Building confirmationIt was found in July that it was displaying a false confirmation number without receiving it (in each newspaper report on September 7, 2008).[26]..The city of Hiroshima issued an order to the company to cancel the construction, and the company had to remove the problematic building in the middle of construction and start over.

Temporary staff sues over employment issues

I have been working at the company's "Osaka Minami Customer Center" since 2004.Temporary workerA woman in her thirties retired at the end of August 30 when her boss told her that she would be rehired in December, but in October of the same year, she said, "There is a problem with rehiring temporary staff who worked for three years." I was told not to rehire.On the other hand, this woman joined the company on March 2008, 8.Temporary staffing company・ ""Recruitment stuffing』To deal with two companies, confirmation of employment contractPalimonyAsking for payment of 100 million yen,Osaka District CourtFiled a complaint with[27].

Besides, this woman is on paperOA equipmentIt was said that the operation work (there is no limit on the employment period), but the actual work is limited to one year (the dispatch period is limited).Worker dispatch law(According to the provisions ofTelBecause it was a reception etc.Disguised dispatchIt also claims that it is an illegal dispatch disguised as a business.[Source required]

Missing corporate tax return

The companyOsaka National Taxation Bureauの税務調査により、2005年1月期~2009年1月期までの4年間に亘り約4億円の申告漏れを指摘されていたことが、2010年3月に判明した。追徴税額は約1億3000万円[28].

Illegal electrical work

According to a report from the company dated October 2011, 10,Electrician Business LawSome of the employees who did the electrical work in violation of the provisions of Article 3 of the Electrician Law and that the employees of the company who did not report the electrician business did the electrical work in violation of the provisions ofElectrical workerIt became clear that he did not have the qualification of, and as of October 23, 10,Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryNuclear Safety and Safety AgencyReceived strict caution from[29].

Passive smoking proceedings

The companyShigaMany of the male employees who worked at the factory do not use the smoking room in the factory, but female employees workミ シ ンBecause I kept smoking in the roomPassive smokingStated, due to cigarette smoke in July 2009Chemical hypersensitivity(Sick house syndrome) Was diagnosed.A female employee talked to her boss, but she couldn't respond, and in December 2011, she filed a lawsuit against the company for compensation.Osaka District CourtCaused to[30]..The Osaka District Court in the first instance dismissed the plaintiff's proceedings, but the second instanceOsaka High CourtOn May 2016, 5, a settlement was reached with Sekisui House paying the plaintiff about 31 million yen.[31].

Fraud damage by ground master

("Sekisui House ground master fraud caseSee also. )

August 2017, 4,TokyoShinagawa OfGotanda Station3 minutes walk fromJapanese innConcluded a sales contract with a woman who claims to be the owner E of "Kaikikan" to purchase an inn site of about 600 tsubo for 70 billion yen. "IKUTA HOLDINGS Co., Ltd." which became the window for buying and selling on June 6 (ChiyodaNagata Town) Of transfer of ownershipTemporary registrationOn the same day, the transfer request right was provisionally registered at Sekisui House, and on the same day, 63 billion yen of the trading value was paid and immediately applied for ownership transfer registration.

But on June 6thLegal Affairs BureauAs the owner's documents are not genuineReal estate registrationThe application was rejected and on June 6thinheritanceDue to this, the transfer of ownership was registered for two men who are the younger brothers of owner E.To the owner E, who is called the main criminal man "K in Ikebukuro"SpoofingCentered around the womanGround masterIt was discovered that he was deceived by the group.

Sekisui House on September 9thMetropolitan Police DepartmentFiled a complaint with.The location of IKUTA's head office is registered as a former member of the House of Representatives.Kobayashi KokiAlthough it is an office of, the office side says, "For registration, it was just an office."[32][33].

After the inheritance registration, it became impossible to contact "K of Ikebukuro" and others, and out of 63 billion yen, the deposit of 7.5 million yen from the woman was offset, but the rest is expected to be uncollectible, so an extraordinary loss of 55.5 billion yen was made. Accounted.In the form of taking responsibility for the case, Chairman Isami Wada and President Toshinori Abe (both at that time) announced a disposition to reduce salary by 2% and other directors by 20% for two months.[34]..Wada's chairmanship was later dismissed, and with Abe, who took office as his successor.General meeting of shareholdersConflict inHouse riotIt also contributed to[35].

On October 2018, 10, the Metropolitan Police Department's Second Investigation Division arrested two members of the "Ground Master" group on suspicion of attempting to falsely record the original electromagnetic notarial act and exercising a forged private document.Other members have announced that they will be arrested in the future.[36].

The real owner of the land learned this information in May 2017 and pointed out to Sekisui House that it was counterfeit.Content proof mailWas sent multiple times, but it was regarded as a transaction obstruction and ignored without investigation.Counterfeit passportIt has become clear that there was a sloppy response, such as just confirming the identity.[37].

In addition, this ground master group is September 2014SuginamiImpersonate the owner's man for about 400 square meters of landTokyo Legal Affairs BureauArrested in June 2019 on suspicion of attempting to register false ownership transfer by submitting a forged mandate etc.[38].. Also in 2015Minato-kuShinbashiArrested on March 160, 2020 on suspicion of attempting to sell approximately 3 square meters of land[39]..Furthermore, December 2016ShibuyaNishiharaArrested on February 250, 2020 on suspicion of pretending to be the owner of about 2 square meters of residential land and registering the transfer using forged documents.[40].

The site of the "Kaikikan" that was the stage of the incident was laterAsahi KaseiOf seriesAsahi Kasei Real Estate ResidenceIs officially acquired.Tokyo NewspaperIn response to the interview, the company started demolition work of buildings etc. from March 2020, and after temporarily vacating the landApartmentAnswered that they are planning to construct[41].


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