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📢 | Customize the space according to changes in the family A large space without partitions that realizes a “happy home”


Customize the space according to changes in the family A large space without partitions that realizes a "happy home"

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Mr. and Mrs. F are thinking about using it as a second living room or home theater when it is no longer used as a space for children.

January 2022, 1 Sekisui House Co., Ltd. Living is a place for various purposes other than a family gathering space. → Continue reading

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Home theater

Home theater(Rice: home theater,British: home cinema) Is家庭 Big screen on (home)tv setAnd multi-channelspeakerEtc. are installed, it is like a smallMovie theater It is to build the equipment as if it were a (theater).In JapanFujitsu general 1963/"Home theater" has been registered as a trademark since (Showa 38),1999/It was opened free of charge in (11).Compared to movie theaters that are built with a large budget, home theaters have strict budget constraints, so they are installed in ordinary houses with low sound insulation, and the quality of video and audio data that can be used is inferior (Blu-ray DiscSuch asLossy compressionData is the limit),speakerIt is also simple (generally a speaker that fits in the palm of your hand), so it is inferior in power.Due to such hardware differences, surround sound standards are also distinguished between professional and home use.

Dissemination and equipment

In the past, devices that could realize large screens for home theatersProjectorIt was low brightness at the time of releaseRear projection tvWas limited to.With the advent of laser discs in video equipment and the advent of Dolby Surround and Dolby Pro Logic in audio equipment, it has become possible to perform multi-channel playback with rear speakers placed behind from stereo playback.However, the hurdles for installing speakers were high, and other expensive and large-scale equipment was required, so it was an entertainment that was out of reach of the general public.

In the mid-1990sDVDAppears. DVD is for home useVTRImages with less deterioration due to digital recording, which is not available inDolby DigitalBy front left and right, rear left and right, center,SubwooferIt was possible to play 5.1ch sound.Higher sound quality than Dolby DigitalDTSThere is also a format called.Since it is a later standard than Dolby, some early devices do not support it.Therefore, at present, DVDBDAudio of both standards is often recorded in.

The situation changed completely when the PlayStation 2000 was released in 2.Around the same time, a set product of the 5.1ch system came on sale, and there was a large screen.Plasma tvWas developed,liquid crystal televisionDue to the increase in size and price reduction, it has become possible to build an environment where movies can be enjoyed more inexpensively with large screens, high-quality images and realistic sounds.

With the digitization of television, HDMI will appear, and BD will appear. In BDHigh-definition videoHas been realized, and the audio standard has been expanded to support high resolution.Along with that, the number of surround speakers has also increased.Since it takes time to install, the workaround is often to use the virtual surround function built into the TV or add a sound bar.It has gradually spread to the general public since this time, but since it is not particularly necessary in daily life, full-scale introduction is limited to some households who are highly interested in appreciating the work.

In addition, various video and audio equipment are built into these facilities, and there are multiple accessories.リ モ コ ンJust handling it makes the user feel uncomfortable.for that reason,Learning remoteSome consumers devise ways to operate them centrally with a device called.Some devices can control all equipment that accepts remote control operations such as air conditioning and lighting.However, in the end, it may be necessary to get the help of a specialist to set up so that many devices can be operated.

Especially in commercial systems, one button can be used to "open and close blackout curtains," "adjust lighting," "start up audio and video equipment," "shift to the screening state of lighting," and "play video sources from the screening standby state." In addition to "Start", there are other buttons that can automatically control a series of operations such as "Control of lighting and curtains after the screening" and "Power off of equipment" in order to control all equipment and indoor environment. , Use a specially designed control box.this iselectronic workA one-of-a-kind control box manufactured in the above category is incorporated in the system.Following this business system, there are cases where the control box is made or ordered and used in the home system.

In recent years, the application has been installed on smartphones and tablet terminals to save the trouble of introducing the system, and the voice recognition function has been introduced to simplify and unify the operation.

Equipment for building a home theater

Video equipment

From the devicescreenNon-direct-view type that projects onto. You can also enjoy a large screen of 60 inches to 120 inches or more at home.However, because it is a projection type, it is necessary to secure a place for installation and to shield the room from light so that it cannot cross the front.Prices vary widely from cheap ones in the tens of thousands of yen range to expensive ones in excess of one million yen.Transmissive liquid crystalLCOS(Reflective liquid crystal),DLPThere are various types such as projectors and 3-tube type, and the projection method of the device has a great influence on the image.Currently, devices equipped with an HDMI input terminal are the mainstream.I enjoy making the room dark to some extent, soMovie theaterIt feels like.Not suitable for viewing while living in daily life.
Liquid crystal display
It used to be synonymous with small displays, but large ones over 50 inches have been commercialized.Many have a non-glossy treatment on the surface.Although it is one step inferior to plasma displays in terms of response speed (32-inch and above models also have double-speed display), it is easy to use and versatile.By changing the backlight to LED, the brightness of the liquid crystal display, which was said to be a drawback, has improved, and it is the best-selling thin monitor.In Japan, the low-priced 26V type and 32V type are the best-selling due to housing conditions, but now4KThe display has become the main product.sharpHas also started selling a display with 4K pixels, which is nearly four times as large as 4K, for general use.
Plasma display
37-60 inch class thin and large screen display. From around 2005, it has been said to be "1 yen per inch". Around 1, there are models of 2011 to 42 inches that cost less than 50 yen per inch. 1V to 5000V types have good cost performance in terms of size and price.It has a fast response speed and a wide viewing angle, making it an ideal display for playing movies in the light of everyday life.The disadvantage is that it has a shorter life than LCD TVs (some recent plasma displays have a panel life of 37 hours, which exceeds the backlight life of LCD displays).There are many glossy surface treatments, and likes and dislikes are divided.Pushed by the price reduction of LCD TVs,pioneer-PanasonicAs a result of manufacturers withdrawing from production one after another, the 2013 model finally disappeared from the general market.
Rear projection tv
ProjectorIs built into the inside of the TV and the image is projected on the screen.At the time of its release, it was touted as a large screen, but its extremely low brightness was unpopular, leaving only a bad impression in Japan.The market is small in Japan, but it is widespread in the United States and China.Plasma tv,liquid crystal televisionAlthough it is a little thicker than, it is considerably cheaper.Nippon Victor,EPSONThe rear-projection TV developed by Sony has been attracting attention as a third flat-screen TV that reproduces high brightness and high definition, but Sony withdrew, JVC reviewed at the same time as the development of the next generation machine, and Epson also finished production of all models. It was.For this reason, it has disappeared from the general market in Japan.
OLED display
Although there are small products, it refers to a thin, large-screen display called OLED, which is 55 inches or larger.Since it excels in expressing black and is suitable for viewing while living in daily life, many users use it instead of the liquid crystal display.There are many products with high prices in general.

Playback equipment

DVD player
DVD-VideoEquipment for playback.Especially important because 5.1ch can be played in home theaters.Can record TV programsDVD recorder, DVD-Audio orSACDCan be playedUniversal playerEtc. can also be selected (PlayStation 2,Xbox,Xbox 360 such asHome game consoleHowever, it can be substituted, but there are differences from the dedicated models in the same price range in terms of function and performance).In the low price rangeprogressiveReproduction possible, in the middle price rangeHDMIThere are differences depending on the model, such as the presence or absence of output.Currently, many overseas players for around several thousand yen are on sale.
BD player
Blu-ray DiscA device that plays (BD). Approximately four times as high pixel video as DVD, and 4ch audio with lossy / lossless compression or lossy compression is recorded.BD recorder,PlayStation 3,PlayStation 4,PlayStation 5,Xbox One,Xbox Series XCan also be selected. HDMI output is essential, and due to improvements in hardware performance, these game consoles that can play both video and games are often used in place of dedicated players.In particular, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X have performance that surpasses even dedicated high-end BD players in terms of image quality and sound quality.
UHD BD player
A device that plays Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc (UHD BD). High-pixel video equivalent to 4K, which is about four times that of BD, and lossy / lossless compression or lossy compression multi-channel audio are recorded. UHD BD recorder, Xbox One s, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X can also be selected.Important for large screen home theaters.
Amazon Fire TV[1]

Audio equipment

AV amplifier
An amplifier that has an audio / video signal selector function that is the core of a home theater. The design is different from the audio amplifier, such as distributing, amplifying and sending 5.1ch or 6.1ch output audio signals to each of 6 to 10 speakers. Also called an AV receiver.A total of 5 combinations of 1 speakers, center speaker, front R speaker, front L speaker, rear R speaker, and rear L speaker, and 6 speaker dedicated to bass reproduction is called 5.1ch. 6.1ch has one back surround, and 1ch has two back surround. Two more side speakers will be added in 7.1ch.There is a wide range of products from cheap to expensive, and like speakers, each manufacturer's individuality is easy to come out.Some functions as a control amplifier that pre-outs audio, radio reception,THXSome models have additional features such as support, network audio player, wireless speaker connection, and detailed control of each speaker.
There is a wide range of cheap set items that sell for tens of thousands of yen for 5.1ch, and high-end speakers that are sold separately for each unit.Luxury speakers have no price limit.Since the center speaker mainly reproduces conversation, it is designed to take advantage of its characteristics.Surround speakers, enabled speakers, etc. have less reproduction components than the main speakers, so it is said that smaller speakers may be used.However, since the characteristics of the speaker also change slightly, it is said that the same speaker is good if it can be economically afforded.However, since surround speakers have a high installation threshold due to the wiring of cables on the rear side, wireless transmission that does not require speaker cables is desirable, and some products support wireless transmission. ..In fact, if you have an AV amplifier, Bluetooth transmitter, and Bluetooth speaker whose surround terminal supports pre-out, you can wirelessly transmit the surround speaker. Like AV amplifiers, products that conform to the THX standard are relatively expensive.
Home theater system (home theater in a box)
Mainly in Europe and the United States, a mechanical part that integrates a DVD player and an AV amplifier, and a set of several speakers and a subwoofer are gaining popularity.This is commonly referred to as a "home theater system."They are also called "home theater in a box" because they are sold in one box in the United States.A set that allows you to easily enjoy a home theater at home.There are products that correct the sound field by correcting the delay of the sound emitted from a large number of speakers to enhance the sense of presence, and products that try to realize the surround effect with only the front speakers.
A miniaturized and simplified version of the above-mentioned home theater system.It is possible to play sound for 2.1ch to 3.1ch just by putting the speaker and amplifier together in a horizontally long housing and installing it under the TV.[2]..Although it is inferior in acoustics to the home theater system, the installation work is greatly simplified and the installation space is also minimized.[2]..There are products that can be expanded to bass enhancement and real 5.1ch systems by connecting subwoofers and surround speakers, but wireless transmission is adopted for ease of installation.[2]..Entry models that emphasize ease of use are the main focus, but high-performance models that are not inferior to home theater systems have also appeared due to high-power amplifiers and virtual 5.1ch functions using digital sound field processing.[2].



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