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📢 | European Wellness conducts medical tourism to Malaysia for the 2020 Dubai International Exposition ...


European Wellness conducts medical tourism to Malaysia for the 2020 Dubai International Exposition ...

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The EW Group also owns and operates a growing network of internationally accredited hospitals and medical centers specializing in regenerative medicine and luxury wellness centers worldwide.

EW Group and AK International signed MOU with Ismail Sabri Yaako in Malaysia ... → Continue reading

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Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine(Sometimes,British: regenerative medicine) Is the human body組織When the body is deficient, it successfully draws out the self-healing power of the body and restores its function.Medical scienceIs a field[1][2]..In this fieldMedicalAs an actRegenerative medicineIt is also called (Saisei Ryo).

PetIt is also being applied to (pet animals)[3]But in this articleHuman capitalDescribe the application to.


As a method of performing regenerative medicinecloneManufacture,Organculture,Pluripotent stem cells(ES cell,iPS cells[4]) Use, research, etc.In the futureGenetic manipulationDidDream PorkA method of culturing human organs in the body is also considered.For self-organization,細胞It is thought that tissue regeneration will be possible by skillfully combining the differentiation or inducing factor (signal molecule) and the scaffold.Restoration of function with conventional materials (based on engineering technology)Artificial organ) Has many difficulties and limitations,Organ transplantationRegenerative medicine has great expectations because medical treatment has difficulties such as transplant compatibility.

To create embryonic stem cells (ES cells)Fertilized eggSuch as usingethicsBecause there are also problemsInstitute for Frontier Medical Sciences, Kyoto University OfShinya YamanakaThe results of research on induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) by professorsNobel Prize in Physiology or MedicineIt is attracting attention from all over the world because it won the award.For long-term storage of cells and cell medicinesLiquid nitrogenA large-scale fully automatic cryopreservation system that utilizes the above is also attracting attention.[5].

Legal definition

JapanInPharmaceuticals and medical devices lawIn Article 9 of the above, among those intended to be used for "reconstruction, repair or formation of body structure or function", "treatment or prevention of diseases", "cultured in human or animal cells, etc." "Processed products" and "Products intended to be used for the treatment of diseases that contain genes that are introduced into human or animal cells and expressed in the body" Is defined as a product such as regenerative medicine.

"Law about ensuring safety such as regenerative medicineIs defined as follows.

"Regenerative medicine, etc."Medical care performed using technology such as regenerative medicine(Excluding those applicable to clinical trials.) (Article 2)

"Technology such as regenerative medicine"Is listed belowThe purpose is to be used in medical treatmentIs said to bemedical technologyAnd, Use cell processed productsAmong those (excluding those that use only regenerative medicine products as cell processed products in accordance with the content of the approval)Those specified by Cabinet Order as necessary to take measures related to ensuring safety and other measures specified by this lawTo say. (Article 2)

Reconstruction, restoration or formation of the structure or function of a person's body

Treatment or prevention of two illnesses

実 例

Burn OfSkin graftfor,皮膚When you want to culture the epidermal cells ofcancerThe drug was administered to stop the growthNIH3T3Based on cells,FibroblastIt is possible to suppress the expulsion of epidermal cells by and proliferate only epidermal cells.[Note 1]..Using this methodThe United States of AmericaMIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Dr. Green et al.stampIt has succeeded in multiplying the size of tissue by 3000 times.However, in the current skin cultureHair follicles (pores),Sweat glandsRegeneration is inadequate, and research is underway with the aim of more complete skin regeneration.Skin,cartilageCulturing is progressing in practical use.

In addition, dog, In experiments with pigs, etc., it has been confirmed that complete teeth are regenerated from the cells of the jaw bone ().By Minoru Ueda et al.Nagoya University HospitalThere is actually a regenerative dentistry outpatient clinic.Saitama Medical University General Medical CenterCardiovascular surgery for a male patientBone marrow cellsThetransplantHas succeeded in regenerative medicine.

OcularcorneaAs a treatment for patients suffering from illness, it is provided by donors, but there are few donor donors.RejectionTherefore, treatment with regenerated cornea using autologous cells has been attempted.If you have one eye, you can collect a part of the cornea of ​​the other eye, culture it, and transplant it. If you have both eyes, you can collect cells from the oral mucosa (which contains a lot of stem cells). Research is underway, such as a method of culturing and transplanting.In JapanTohoku University OfKoji NishidaRatoTokyo Women's Medical University OfTeruo Okano-Masayuki YamatoGroup andKeio University OfK. TsubotaGroup,Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine OfShigeru KinoshitaThese groups are famous.

in recent years,Bone marrowMesenchymal system insideStem cellsThere are adhesive cells called,Petri dishIf you do a special culture onOsteoblasts-Fat cells-ChondrocytesIt was reported that it could be done.In addition, research is being conducted to obtain somatic stem cells from various tissues other than bone marrow.One example is the preservation of pulp, which is established by a private company.[6].

English translation

"Tissue engineering" and "regenerative medicine" are often used as English translations of regenerative medicine.The former isTissue engineeringBut in Japanese組織Has the meaning of "organization" and causes confusion.Living bodyJapanese translations such as tissue engineering and tissue regeneration engineering may be used.It may also be translated as regenerative medicine or regenerative medicine engineering, but on the other hand it is related to some.LearningThere is also the idea that regenerative medicine is a general term for, and "tissue engineering" is one of the fields.The latter "regenerative medicine" is literally translatedRegenerative medicineIs[Source required]..It is common to confuse regenerative medicine with regenerative medicine, but from the perspective of Japanese, regenerative medicine is a discipline, and the results are put to good use in the field.MedicalIs regenerative medicine (for example)ES cellResearch on regenerative medicine using is being conducted, but regenerative medicine has not yet been realized).There is no established English translation that applies to regenerative medicine in this way, and each researcher and research institution uses it in their own interpretation.

The boundary between tissue engineering and regenerative medicine as a discipline is not always clear, and in English-speaking countries, it is often written together with "Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine" (TERM).Conventionally, those that regenerate organs / tissues outside the body tissue engineering, What causes healing that does not normally occur in the body regenerative medicine Call.


The term "Regenerative medicine" was first used in 1992 in an article by Leland Kaiser on Hospital Administration called "The future of multihospital systems."

An example of regenerative transplantation using induced pluripotent stem cells in Japan

  • In 2014, at RIKEN, we changed retinal pigment epithelial cells for age-related macular degeneration.
  • 2018, Kyoto University, for Parkinson's disease, changing nerve cells
  • In 2019, at Osaka University, changing corneal epithelial cells for corneal epithelial stem cell exhaustion
  • In 2020, at Osaka University, changing cardiomyocytes for severe heart failure of ischemic heart disease
  • In 2020, at Kyoto University, for aplastic anemia, changing platelets

It was done.Please note that

  • At Keio University, changing nerve cells for spinal cord injury
  • At Kyoto University, changing cartilage for knee joint cartilage injury

I have a plan for a transplant.


Since regenerative medicine is an unestablished medical technology, sufficient explanation is required for its implementation.

As an example, complaining of numbness,TokyoShibuyaSo I got a medical examinationHyogoThe woman in the room said, "(English editionThe woman received an intravenous drip of the drug that was dispensed from, but the symptoms worsened.Women ask for compensation, etc.Tokyo District CourtSued.20155/15The district court paid 184 million yen to the directors of the clinic, saying that "there was not enough explanation about regenerative medicine, which is an unestablished treatment technology, and it violated the right to decide the treatment method." Ordered[7].


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注 釈

  1. ^ 1990, as an example of how cultured skin saved livesExtensive burnsIncurredConstantineToSapporo Medical UniversityThe case of transplant treatment at the attached hospital is famous.


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