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📢 | C & W, "New Role of Logistics Real Estate in Asia / Japan-Consideration from Global Supply Chain-" ...


C & W, "New Role of Logistics Real Estate in Asia and Japan-Consideration from Global Supply Chain-" ...

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The future facility should be designed according to customer demand, business requirements, required processes, flows, layouts, automation, etc., rather than designing the facility first.

Logistics report published in Japanese Cushman & Wakefield, a global real estate comprehensive service company ... → Continue reading

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automation(British: Automation) Is自动化That.

For the general purpose and outline of "automation"自動See.


  • (Build automation)-Automation of make tool at program generation
  • Business process automation (Business process automation)-Using technology to automate complex business processes
  • Document automation(Document automation)-Software that supports automatic document creation
  • Office automation (Office automation)-Software that helps employees perform their duties
  • (OLE automation)-Manipulating and automating shared application objects in other software
  • Robotic process automation (Robotic process automation)-Automates tasks using GUI on backend and frontend systems
  • Support automation (Support automation)-Solutions to prevent and solve problems
  • Test automation (Test automation)-To automate tests by imitating user operations

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