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🎗 | Support for household goods and tools for Ukrainian refugees Kanagawa Welfare Business Association and others


Support for household goods and tools for Ukrainian refugees Kanagawa Welfare Business Association and others

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There are currently 30 refugees from Ukraine in the prefecture, of which no one lives in the housing provided by the prefecture so far.

As the movement for humanitarian assistance to Ukraine spreads, welfare business groups are home to support the lives of refugees in Kanagawa Prefecture. → Continue reading

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It is a TV station, tvk (TV Kanagawa) in Kanagawa prefecture.We will inform you of news such as incidents and accidents in Kanagawa prefecture, administrative information of prefectures and 33 municipalities, seasonal topics, etc. as soon as possible.

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    refugees(Nanmin,British: refugee) Is external戦 争,PeopleConflict,Racediscrimination,ReligiousPersecution,thoughtRepression,PoliticsPersecution,EconomyOfPoverty,Natural disasters,hunger,EpidemicFor some reason,国境People who fled to foreign countries in search of asylum.Home countryRefers to people who have left or were forced to leave[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][Annotation 1].

    Many of themlandRoad,Road,RiverEscape abroad on the road and seek the asylum and help of another country.Statistically, if a refugee is recognized as a refugee in a country richer than the home country such as a developed country, there is a tendency that even if the home country starts a ceasefire or reconstruction, it does not want to return to the home country.Request only a short-term residence permit and wish to return home at the start of reconstruction in your home countryRefugeesDifferent from (evacuees)[11].. Japan alsoSecond World WarUntil around 1960, until the later border security was fully restoredKorean PeninsulaTo JapanSmuggling・ The refusal to return or repatriate those who came to Japan on their own initiative became a problem.[11][12][13][14][15].

    CurrentInternational lawThen, in a narrow sense, "Political refugees (Seiji Nanmin, Political Refugee) "refugeesThe international community is obliged to provide relief and support to those who have become refugees due to crackdowns and persecution.

    United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR) May 2022, 5, asylum-seekersInternally displaced personsThe total number including2022 Russia's invasion of UkraineAnnounced that it exceeded 1 million people for the first time due to the increase due to[16].. As of the end of 2020, the number of people displaced from their hometowns was about 8240 million.It is said that 77% of the world's population of 1 billion people, and 1% of all human beings have been forced to evacuate due to conflict, persecution, violence, etc.[17].



    Latin "refugium"=

    re: back fugere: escape ium: place for

    1685/,Edict of NantesAfter the endEmigrationFranceHuguenotAs a word to indicateOld french Of refugié use. Meaning of "exile" etc.[18].

    In Japan, "people who cannot or do not want the protection of their home country and seek to live in a foreign country" are referred to as "refugees" and "exiles."Therefore, refugees and asylum seekers are sometimes used interchangeably, but people who have relatively few political reasons for fleeing abroad tend to be called refugees, and those who seek asylum for political reasons tend to be called asylum seekers.[19].

    Refugee Convention and Definition of Refugees

    1951/7/28,Switzerland OfGeneva"Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees" (Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees) at the United Nations Plenipotentiary Conference on Refugees and Stateless PersonsRefugee Convention)[Annotation 2]Was adopted.

    Definition of refugees, administrative measures for refugee protection,Non-refoulement principle(Principle of Non-refoulement)[Annotation 3]The treaty, which stipulates, is the refugee law "Magna CartaIt is called and respected.

    As a supervisory body for refugee support activities in December 1950 prior to the enactment of the 12 ConventionUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR)[Annotation 4]Has been established.

    However, the area covered by the treaty isEuropeAnd because the target audience was limited to refugees who occurred before January 1951, 1, when UNHCR began its activities.1967/1/31,United Nations"Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees" (Refugee Protocol[Annotation 5]As a result, the limitation of the target area was canceled in principle, and the time limit of the target refugees was abolished.Usually, "Refugee Convention" and "Refugee Protocol" are integrated into "Refugee Convention".Refugee ConventionCalled[Annotation 6].

    Includes Refugee Protocol "Refugee ConventionThe refugee defined byMinistry of Foreign Affairs of JapanPamphlet issued[8]Said as follows.

    Those who are outside the country of nationality to have a well-founded fear of being persecuted because of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion. Those who cannot receive the protection of their nationality or who do not wish to receive the protection of their nationality because of such fear, and those who have habitual residence as a result of these incidents. Non-national persons outside the country who cannot return to the country where they had their habitual residence or who do not want to return to the country where they had their habitual residence because of such fear. (Excerpt from Article 1A (2) of the XNUMX Convention)

    This is in a narrow sensePolitical refugeesIt hits.However, refugees were not originally limited to political reasons,Natural disasters,hunger,EpidemicSuch asDisaster refugees[Annotation 7]In addition,ReligiousExpulsion and inside and outside the regionConflictThose who have been forced to live in order to escape fromRefugees)[Annotation 8]Was the majority.

    Also, refugees fleeing abroad from economic povertyEconomic refugeesCalled (Economic Refugee), it is becoming more difficult to distinguish from political refugees.In principle, humanitarian assistance was not available without passing the refugee status of UNHCR and the first asylum country, but in recent years, human rights have been taken into consideration.Asylum applicant[Annotation 9],Internally displaced persons[Annotation 10]Emergency assistance is now available under a position outside the refugee's meaning, such as (refugees in the region).

    Incidentally,Coup d'etatAnd people's uprising to escape abroad "exileThe word "" gives the impression of leaving the country voluntarily, but the legal interpretation is synonymous with refugees, and whether or not it applies to the principle of non-delivery of political criminals depends on the country of arrival.

    Refugee images and labels

    "" Refugee "is not an innate attribute such as" Japanese "or" woman ", but a categorization given by society and does not represent the identity of the person. "WhenTokyo UniversityA graduate researcherEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euInConflict-violenceThemed movie "The man who repairs a woman』Screening / Talk Show" How We Deal with Our (Non) Interest "(Co-sponsored by the Refugee Assistance Association)[23].

    Oxford University"Refugee Research Journal"[24]As R. Zetter states in "One of the Most Powerful Labels", the effectiveness of the "Refugee" label isHumanitarian assistanceWhile strongly appealing to the world for the need for the label, it has been pointed out that practitioners who used the label will participate in the human rights business.The enormous amount of relief supplies and activity costs gained from the label's effectivenessAnthropologyPerson BE Harrell-Bond[25]It leads to what is called "Imposing Aid", and on the contrary, it reduces the refugees' willingness to work and their ability to maintain their livelihoods.Refugee campIt just makes the inside "request grouping"[26].

    Refugee outbreak areas and figures

    According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) listed below2021/6/18Published "Global Trends FORCED DISPLACEMENT IN 2020"[27]In the statistics of2020/12/31At the time in the worldrefugeesAsylum applicantThe total number of people is about 2,479 million.

    By regionMiddle EastIncludingAsiaIs the largest refugee (47.2%)[Annotation 11]And thenAfricaThe order is (34.2%) and Europe (14.5%).

    On the other hand, asylum applicantsNorth America(26.7%) was the most, followed bySouth AmericaThe order is (24.3%) and Europe (18.9%).

    Internally displaced personsno nationalityAfrica (40.2%) has the highest total number of people, followed by Africa (XNUMX%).AsiaThe order is (32.1%) and South America (18.1%).In the case of South America, sheltered abroadベネズエラThe influence of people is great.

    2020 Global Trends: Refugees, Returnees, Internally Displaced Persons and Stateless Persons and Venezuelans Evacuated Overseas
    Area nameRefugees (A)Equivalent to refugees
    Those who are in a situation (B)
    A + BAsylum applicantReturnees
    Internally displaced personsReturnees
    (Internally displaced persons)
    StatelessMore informationsEvacuation abroad
    South America19103010010857-2373053681,661
    North America45-45110---4,18640617174
    Total number2,036282,065413254,8553184178303859,192
    • Note 1: Refugees: People who have been forced to leave their country due to conflict or persecution.hereUNRWAWho is the target of supportEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euApproximately 570 million refugees are not included, but are included in total.
    • Note 2: Asylum-seekers: People who have fled their country of origin and are waiting for refugee status while receiving international protection.
    • Note 3: Internally displaced persons: People who have been forced to move within their own country. The largest of the three groups.
    • Note 4: Internally displaced persons include those placed in similar situations.
    • Note 5: The number of stateless persons is the number as of the end of 94 based on the totals of governments and other organizations in 2020 countries around the world.However, the actual numbers are estimated to be even higher, as there are no data on stateless persons in many countries.
    • Note 5: The total number is refugee + internally displaced persons + stateless persons + others + displaced Venezuelan- (refugees and internally displaced persons returnees) + Palestinian refugees
    • Source: Global Trends FORCED DISPLACEMENT IN 2020 [27], Refugee situation in numbers (2020)[28]

    According to "Global Trends FORCED DISPLACEMENT IN 2020", the following facts are important points regarding refugees.[29][28].

    1. New coronavirus infectious disease epidemicDespite the movement restrictions due to, it has increased by about 4% from the previous year.
    2. The total number of refugees has doubled from 4,000, when it was less than 2011 million.
    3. About 95 in 1 people are affected by displacement, accounting for more than 1% of all humankind.The number of refugees who have returned is decreasing year by year.
    4. The number of refugees who were able to return to their hometowns and settle in a third country was the lowest in the last 3 years.This is due to the decline in resettlement acceptance and the impact of the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection.In addition, only 20 people were able to settle in third countries throughout 3.
    5. More than 10 (9%) of 86 refugees have fled to developing countries, most of them in neighboring countries.Nearly three-quarters (about 4%) of Venezuelan refugees have fled to neighboring countries.
    6. More than two-thirds of refugees' home countries are concentrated in five countries (Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Myanmar).
    7. It is estimated that minor refugees under the age of 18 make up about 42% of all refugees.

    Next, by country, the countries of origin of the most refugees as of the end of 2020 are(I.e.(668 people).Thenベネズエラ(385 people), the third isアフガニスタン(259), the fourth is南 ス ー ダ ダ(218 people), the third isMyanmar(110 people).The top three countries account for about 3,298%, and when South Sudan and Myanmar are included, it is about 3%.[27].

    In terms of total number including internally displaced persons and stateless persons, the country with the largest number is(I.e.(1,361 people).Thenコロンビア(975 people), followed byEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu(763 people), the third isベネズエラ(599 people), 1,088thアフガニスタン(580 people) There were.The top three countries account for about 9,701%, and when Afghanistan and Venezuela are included, it is about 3%.Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Afghanistan have more internally displaced persons.[27].

    Looking at the countries of origin and destinations of refugees evacuated abroad by country, the largest number at the end of 2020 was 364 people evacuating from Syria to Turkey. Nearly one in three was supported by UNHCR.This was followed by 1,370 people from Venezuela to Colombia, about two in seven people supported by UNHCR.Next was Afghanistan to Pakistan, with 3 people, all of whom were supported.In addition, refugees from around the world (the number of refugees and those who are placed on the same level as refugees excluding asylum-seekers) and refugees from Venezuela (not only refugees from Venezuela but also refugees)exileIn total, the total number including applicants) was 2020 in 2,519, of which about 5,714% (57.1) was supported by UNHCR.[30].

    Top 10 refugee countries and evacuation destinations[30]
    Country of origin of refugeesEvacuation destination countryNumber of refugees (as of the end of 2020)Number of refugees supported by UNHCR
    Syrian flag (I.e.Turkish flag Turkey3,641,3701,213,790
    Venezuelan flag ベネズエラColombia flag コロンビア1,749,895483,607
    Afghanistan flag アフガニスタンPakistan flag Pakistan1,438,4321,438,432
    Venezuelan flag ベネズエラPeru flag Peru1,049,970205,612
    South Sudan flag 南 ス ー ダ ダUganda flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu887,452887,452
    Myanmar flag MyanmarBangladesh flag バングラデシュ866,518866,518
    Syrian flag (I.e.Lebanese flag Lebanon865,300865,300
    Afghanistan flag アフガニスタンIran flag (I.e.780,000780,000
    South Sudan flag 南 ス ー ダ ダSudan flag スーダン736,685483,686
    Syrian flag (I.e.Jordan flag Jordan662,790662,790
    • The number of refugees is the number of refugees and those who are placed on par with refugees, excluding those who wish to asylum.
    • The number of refugees from Venezuela in this table includes not only Venezuelan refugees but also refugees and asylum seekers.

    Types of refugees

    As mentioned above, there are various forms of refugees, and there are differences in the views of refugees perceived by UN agencies, national authorities, and international NGOs, making it difficult to understand refugees through each organization.In the following, various types of refugees are shown in binary opposition, but there are also people who are placed between the binary oppositions and people who are very similar to refugees but cannot be included in the types.

    • "True Refugee (Bona Fide Refugee)" and "Fake Refugee (Mala Fide Refugee)"
    • "Traditional Refugee"[Annotation 12]And "New Refugee"[Annotation 13]
    • "Displaced Person (DP)" and "Internally Displaced Person (IDP)"
    • "Convention Refugee" and "Non-convention Refugee"
    • "Voluntary Refugee" and "Involuntary Refugee"
    • "Political Refugee" and "Economic Refugee"
    • "Statutory Refugee" and "Mandate Refugee"[Annotation 14]
    • "Boat People" and "Air People"
    • "Asylum Seeker" and "Support Target (POC:) People of Concern) "
    • "Forced Migrant" and "Voluntary Migrant"[26]
    • "Anticipatory Refugee Movement" and "Acute Refugee Movement"[31]

    Refugee / camouflaged refugee issues to Japan


    Refugees from Baekje

    Korean PeninsulaInBaekjeThere is a record that many Baekje people moved to Japan, which was a friendly country as a de facto refugee when[32][33]. 

    Refugees from the Dutch Republic

    With a few exceptions, it had cut off trade with foreign countriesEdo Period OfIsolationEven in the systemDejima OfDutch trading houseWas inHendrik DoeffEtc. of the homelandFederal Republic of( Netherlands)ButFranceBeing destroyed by Japan, he became a kind of refugee and was left behind in Japan.

    Asylum seekers to Japan during the Russian Revolution (white Russians)

    TaishoEven in the age ofRussian RevolutionWith the communism (redness) of the homeland byRussiaWas chasedWhite Russian,TatarsThere are also cases where some of them have been exiled to Japan via Manchuria or Sakhalin.[34]..Of a professional baseball playerStarffin, The businessmanFyodor Dmitrievich Morozov,Valentin Fedorovich Morozov, ConfectionerMakarov GoncharoffAnd so on.

    Jewish refugees wishing to go through Japan

    ShowaIn the period,GermanyToNazi regimeWas born and a large amountJewWhen refugees occur, JapanMinistry of Foreign Affairs TheMainland Japan,Mainland ChinaJapan-controlled areaManchuriaViaThe United States of AmericaAsylum in countries such as "Rules governing the treatment of Jews"Or"Remaining measures measures] Etc. were enacted. When Jewish refugees flooded Harbin Station in Manchuria on March 1938, 3, Harbin's Secretary-GeneralKiichiro Higuchi(From August 1942, 8, the day after the start of the Pacific War (Greater East Asia War)HokkaidoSapporoThe commander of the Northern Army, which has a headquarters in Japan, arranged a rescue train at his own discretion as a humanitarian issue and ordered the issuance of visas.This Jewish refugee escape route was later called the "Higuchi route," and it is said that the number of Jewish refugees rescued reached 2.Two years later, in 2リトアニアWas the Japanese ambassadorChiune SugiharaIs issuing a "Visa for Life".They emigrated to each desired place of residence, mainly in the United States, via Japan.[35].

    After the war

    1979/8IsVietnamAs the first refugeeLou Finn ChauCame to Japan and was widely reported.Chau later made her singer debut in her Japan.20st century,Indochina refugeesThe need for international contributions to1981/10/3ToJapanIs in the "Refugee Convention"1982/1/1Is a member of the "Refugee Protocol"1982/1/1Both treaties and protocols have been issued.And the previous "Immigration Control Ordinance'[Annotation 15]The enactment was significantly revised and revised based on "Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act"(Hereafter, Immigration Refugee Law)Refugee recognition procedureIt stipulates the system (the Foreign Resident Registration Law is abolished).Immigration controlThe authorities' accreditation work was private and harsh from the beginning,the 1980sIn the second halfVietnamfromDisguised refugeesWhen a large amount of water was introduced, a screening system was introduced and the certification criteria were further raised.Since then, the refugee recognition procedure in Japan has been considered complicated for asylum-seekers who are foreigners.Minister of Justiceas well as the [Annotation 16]To sayMinistry of JusticeWhen the international community criticized the fact that only officials have the authority to recognize refugees as lacking humanitarian consideration, the Ministry of Justice responded to this.2002/6Held a specialized subcommittee on refugee issues[38],2005/5Amend the Immigration Refugee Law to involve outside experts and people with practical experience in the refugee recognition procedure.Refugee Examination CounselorIn addition to introducing the "system," the Immigration Bureau has abolished the so-called "60-day rule," which states that if a refugee application is not filed within 60 days after entering Japan, the party will be deported as an illegal stay.Japan TheUnited NationsIt provides a large amount of funds every year, and the contribution amount from 2017 to 2019 is the third largest in the world.[39]..However, they are cautious about accepting refugees in Japan, and the number of refugee recognition is significantly lower than in other countries.[40][41]..In recent years, the number of people seeking refugee status has increased rapidly in Japan.2005/In Japan, there were 384 people seeking refugee status.2013/3260 people,2014/There were 5000 people in.However, in Japan, the criteria for recognizing refugees are strict, and of these 5000 applicants, 11 were recognized as refugees.[42].2009/In July, the Japanese governmentMyanmar refugees OfResettlementAnnounce acceptance and next2010/9More than 3 yearsThailandWesternMae La CampEvacuating toKarenWe started accepting 30 refugees, 90 refugees each, as a pilot case to promote international contribution.[Annotation 17]..However, when accepting Myanmar refugees in Japan, there is a lack of understanding of misjudgment regarding democratization and ethnic issues.[46]And there are no refugees who want to move to Japan[47]And Japanese social maladaptation[48]There is a problem such as.SeveralHigher educationIs an institutionUniversityHas established an admission recommendation system for refugees.Meiji University[49],Aoyama Gakuin University[50],Kwansei Gakuin University[51]IsUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesWe have signed an agreement with (UNHCR) to enroll refugee children.2017/The number of refugee status applications increased by 80% from the previous year to 1.Applicant'sCitizenshipHas 82 countries and the main nationalities areフィリピン,Vietnam,Sri Lanka,Indonesia,ネ パ ー ル..As a result of the refugee recognition procedure, 65 people were granted residence.[52].. In 2018, the number of refugee recognition applications was 1, 493 refugee recognition, and 42 including those who were granted residence.[53].

    Disguised refugee problem

    You can apply for the refugee recognition system in Japan as many times as you like.During the application, you will not be deported to your home country and you can work if you have a status of residence.Migrant"I came to Japan for the purposeDisguised refugeesAlso exists[42].2010/From now on, you can get a uniform job 6 months after applying for refugee status.[54]..It has been pointed out that this "camouflaged refugee" is one of the causes of the rapid increase in applications for refugee status in Japan in recent years.[55]..Supporting refugees in JapanLawyerGroups andNongovernmental organizationWhile recognizing the existence and problems of "disguised refugees," the government should prioritize improving the accreditation system over measures against abuse of the system before tackling the "disguised refugee" problem.Ministry of JusticeIs discussing raising the standards for extremely low refugee status to international standards.[56].. April 2015,Ministry of JusticeDecided to admit "a new form of persecution" in the refugee recognition system and to incorporate the opinions of "refugee examination counselors" by outside experts in the recognition.[57]..Suppose that he accepted the refugee examination counselor because he wanted to actually increase the number of people accepted.Tadamasa FukiuraAccording to the report, it has not been submitted that one of the 100 or more people in charge should be recognized as a refugee.[58].2010/If you apply for refugee status, you will be able to work full-time from 6 months after the application, but as a result, in JapanThe laborIt is said that there are many cases in which those who wish to apply as "refugees" apply.as a result,Ministry of JusticeThe refugee reception office was punctured, and it took a lot of time to apply.Waiting for results is convenient for disguised refugees because they can work for a long time until the results are obtained, but for the original refugees, they have to wait for a long time.Kiyohiko Toyama(at that timeKomeitoA member of the Diet) said that this deregulation was "Democratic Party"The administration's hidden big mismanagement" is criticized.[59]..Due to these problems, the Ministry of Justice has changed the operation of refugee recognition, and the reason for becoming a refugee is debt, reapplicants without a justifiable reason, etc. Became[60][61].

    Border crisis caused by refugees and illegal immigrants in the United States

    The United States of AmericaThe acceptance of foreigners distinguishes between refugees and immigrants, and there is an upper limit on the number of refugees accepted annually (for American immigrants).Immigration to the United StatesSee section).However, those who wish to immigrate from Latin America (Illegal immigration(Applicants) ・ It is difficult to distinguish refugees, and they are in a border crisis with Mexico. Until 2016Barack ObamaAt the end of the administration, an annual refugee allowance of 11 was set.However, it was launched in 2017Donald TrumpThe administration has taken an intolerant attitude toward accepting foreigners regardless of refugees or immigrants, so the number of quotas has been gradually reduced, and by 2020 it was reduced to 1.[62].. Inaugurated in 2021Joe BidenUnder the administration, the number of applicants from Central and South America via Mexico has increased nearly nine times, and the area along the Mexican border has become a refugee camp.[63][64]..However, regarding immigration policy, it has announced that it will take over the Trump administration and limit the annual number of people to 1.Therefore, on May 5000, the same year, following criticism from the left wing of the Democratic Party, he announced that he would increase the number of people accepted to 5.He has indicated that he will continue to withdraw from the next year and beyond.[65]..Then, in September of the same year, Haiti deported alleged refugees as illegal immigrants.[66].Kamala HarrisVice President in Guatemala, his first destinationAlejandro GiammateiAt a joint press conference after the meeting with the president, immigrant refugee applicants were in a border crisis, so they told immigrant applicants to the United States, "Don't come (to the United States). Don't come. The United States He urged the United States not to enter the United States illegally, saying, "We will continue to enforce the law and keep the border." "If we come to our border, we will be driven back."There are opinions that ridicule the fact that they did not show measures to immigrants and refugee applicants.[67][68].

    Enlightenment activities

    World Refugee Day

    6/20OriginallyOAU(Organization of African Unity) "" to commemorate the entry into force of the XNUMX Convention[69][Annotation 18]Was,2000/12/4 OfUnited Nations General AssemblyAt2001/More yearly6/20ToWorld Refugee DayIt was resolved to say.

    Since then, June 6th of each year will be a day to raise global interest in refugee protection and assistance, and to deepen understanding and support for the activities of UNHCR and other UN agencies and NGOs (non-governmental organizations). "World Refugee Day Event" in various places[71][72]Is being held.

    Refugee team

    2016 Summer OlympicsFor the first timeRefugee teamAppeared and attracted attention.

    A total of 10 men and women, 2 of whom are from the host countryBrazilResidentland-水 泳-judoParticipated in various eyes[73].

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    注 釈

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