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💴 | Stay overnight!Unzen Onsen and the entire Goto Islands Nagasaki Prefecture can now be traveled with hometown tax


Stay overnight!Unzen Onsen and the entire Goto Islands Nagasaki Prefecture can now be traveled with hometown tax

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I-mobile Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Tetsuya Noguchi, TSE Prime Market) operates ... → Continue reading

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Press release

Press release(English: press release,French: Press releasee) isNews agencyProvision of information, announcement, and announcement for "news release News Release""Press release"[1]. In English"press pressIs (originally)News (Chinese)"Or"Newspaper company(Also used in the nuance of "press")release “Release” means “announcement”, “publication”, and “release”.


Press release announcementfacsimileSend, mail[2], Direct distribution (throwing) of documents,Press conferenceEtc. are used (in the last 20 years or so)電子 メ ー ルOr with emailインターネットIn-houseWebsiteIncreasingly, the percentage of information that is combined with is also increasing.

CompanyThen in generalpublic relationsPerson in charge of the department ("Public Relations (person)"),IRIn many cases, the person in charge of the department, the person in charge of the marketing department, etc. release the product.政府For example, a public relations personSpokesmanAnd so on.

Some companies outsource the work of creating press release documents and delivering them to the press.[2].

Press releases and press choices
Most press releases aren't actually articles[2]. Even in what is considered to be "important information" within the publishing organization, it is "not worth the article" (for example, "no news", "not worth publishing", " It is not an article if it is determined that "the consumer is not interested".MediaThe space available for posting is limited, and it is also possible to select whether information is "worthy to deliver" or "not worth delivering" to readers and viewers at their own discretion.News agencyIs an important job of.
Whether to make an article or not is a decision of the news agency/telecom side. From the news media's point of view, we receive a lot of press releases every day, and we select only the ones we want to make articles aboutCoverageTo go记事To Unselected press releases are saved and many remain untouched, although in some cases they may be featured later.
Press releases and investments
InvestorFor a press release, a press releaseStock certificateBuying and selling of theGovernment bond, Local bonds, etc.) and become an important source of information in making decisions about buying and selling currency.
For listed companies,Stock exchangeBy the rules ofFinancial Results SummaryIn addition to the function of (directly) information disclosure to investors, this financial report also has the function of press release and also the function of information disclosure to the media.

Various methods

First, in order not to cause misunderstanding, the numerical method, which is the most used method in practice, will be described.

Send fax, send email

This is the most popular press release method in the world.

For “ordinary” or common cases, such as an announcement of a company's (often common) new product or new service,Personnel change In the case of etc.facsimile-電子 メ ー ル-letterAnd send it to the press. The press generally has a fax number or email address for press releases, so there is a way to look it up and send it individually.PRIt is also possible to send public relations materials using the distribution service of the company.

"Throwing" in the press room

In the case of government offices or public corporations,Press club(Press room), there is a method of "announcement" by distributing the press release document on the desk or shelf of each reporter in the press room. In companies, there is a method of only posting materials (except for large companies that are expected to attend many reporters).

In the case of a private company that does not have a press club in-house, it can be a member company of a press club of an industry group/economic group depending on the type of industry, and a press room is established.Prefectural officeAnd city hall,Stock exchangeThere is also a method of making a presentation by going to a press club such as.

"Throwing" is done with documents printed on paper, but after the general use of the Internet is explained below, it is easy for reporters to use character data, graph data, etc. when creating articles on websites. Documents are becoming more useful.

Link with web page

Recently, the exact same materials distributed by the press club have beenWebsiteThere are many government agencies and companies listed in. There is a press release section on the website,Web pageTheWeb browserIn many cases, users can easily access the site by making it available for viewing.

Before distributing materials at the press club,DisclosureSince it is premised that it has not been done, publication on the website will be done at the same time as or after the material distribution in the press club.

From the announcement side,tv setIn mass media such as and newspapers, press releases are not always reported, and even when they are reported, they may be only a part of the whole. In addition, there may be reports that are not intended by the announcement side. By publishing on the Internet, you can publish the text as it is without being partly cut or cut.

From the side of receiving information, it is a great merit that you can read the press releases from companies and local governments in the original text. In the past, it was a great deal of work even if only the media people could get it, or even if it could get it, it took a lot of work, but if you have the Internet, you can always get the latest information in its original text. As mentioned in the previous section, the general public can now know what was previously said to be a “trash bin” due to the “one-sided choice” of the mass media.

As a means of distributing press releases on the InternetHTML,PDF,StreamingThere are video and audio distribution by.

The retention period of past press releases on the website varies from companies that delete in a few months to companies that store them for more than 10 years.

Press conference

Hold a “press conference” when a large organization or governmental organization makes a presentation about something that is significantly important to society or that is considered to have a great social impact. To be clear, there are only a few press conferences out of all the press releases. (If you think that a press conference is the main method of press release, people who are watching TV etc. just have a strong impression of this and it is just an illusion.)

In the case of government offices and public corporations,Press club(Press room), so do it there. In addition, even in the case of private companies, if there is a particularly large social issue or concern (the reporters of each news organization are more likely to stick to it voluntarily), the press club will meet. In some cases, we make a request for the event and place a long table and chairs in the large conference room and auditorium of the head office to provide a meeting place for quick preparation.

If there is little relevance between the content of the presentation and the presentation, such as the announcement of economic indicators, statistics, and (large) industrial products that cannot be brought in, camera shooting is not performed, and the atmosphere is calm.

In the case of product announcements that attract a lot of attention from the public side, the atmosphere will be gorgeous.

ScandalThere has occurredapologyIn case of an interview,flash,照明While taking a bath, it will be a tense atmosphere. A tough question will also come out from the reporter.

Both the presenter and the questioner need to be careful about what they say, and if they make inaccurate and careless statements, they can be irreversible.

Also, if an incident occurs during a press conference, the content of the essential press release itself may not be in the media, and only other topics may be reported. [3].


  1. ^ The terms “press release” and “press conference” are not synonymous with “press release” but refer to a specific method in a press release, (to bother) to make an announcement or a press conference.
  2. ^ a b c Ashiro Noro "Press Release is Love Letter: Strategic PR Techniques to Completely Capture TV" (Manraisha, released on October 2009, 10,ISBN 9784901221382[Page number required]
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    Sudden death of the editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen Jump (2003)
    An animated film, "January 2003, 1," was held on board a ship in Tokyo Bay.ONE PIECE THE MOVIE Dead End AdventureWas the editor-in-chief of the magazine at the time of the press conference.Toshimasa Takahashi Subarachnoid hemorrhageA situation occurred in which he suddenly fell ill and died as it was. The editor-in-chief of a popular manga magazine suddenly arose when a lot of people involved in the media gathered.Sudden deathIt became a social topic because it was.
    Press conference by Takuhachirou
    August 2003, 7,Nagano prefectural officeExpression Dojo (at that timeGovernor of Nagano PrefecturewasYasuo Tanaka OfKisha Club DeclarationByPress clubWas open to free reporters).TakuhachiroParticipated, Yasuo Tanaka relentlessly demanded to apologize for the contents serialized in the magazine in the past, and when Tanaka refused this, the house yelled and protested violently and the atmosphere inside the place was strange. Wrapped. The whole story was taken up by media such as TV and magazines and became a topic. By the way, at this timeFreelanceWas participating in the conference as.


  • Ashiro Noro "Press Release is a Love Letter: Strategic PR Techniques to Completely Capture TV"

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