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📊 | Lawson, sales of in-store kitchen "Machikado Kitchen" increased by 4%, March-April

Photo "Seafood Kakiage Don", which is popular among people in their 40s and 50s, has been renewed and released by reviewing the composition of raw materials.

Lawson, sales of in-store kitchen "Machikado Kitchen" increased by 4%, March-April

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Based on the results of a questionnaire survey of Lawson users, we reviewed the composition of raw materials to reduce the oiliness of kakiage and create a fluffy texture.

Sales of products such as bento boxes cooked in Lawson's in-store kitchen "Machikado Kitchen" have been strong.New Coronau ... → Continue reading

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    Texture(Shokan) is when you eat or drink foodfive sensesOut oftooth,tongueincludingOral cavity内 のSkin sensationRefers to. Specifically, this includes chewy texture, texture, and throat feel.tasteTogether with other sensations, it occupies an important element in composing "deliciousness".


    Of the human bodysenseIs a somatic sensation,taste-Sense of smell-Visual-HearingThe somatosensory sensation is further classified into a cutaneous sensation (surface sensation) consisting of tactile sensation, pain sensation, and temperature sensation and a deep sensation consisting of position, movement, and weight sensations. Of these, the texture is perceived as a somatic sensation. It is a chemical stimulus such as taste and smellflavorOn the other hand, hardness, viscosity and adhesivenessテ ク ス チ ャAlso called.noodlesWaist in,Rice crackers,Biscuit,Chewing gumChewy texture is an important factor that greatly affects the product value.

    Feeding process and texture

    • Before putting it into mouth-The visual appearance is the main factor.
    • The moment you put it in your mouth-temperature, texture, firmness/brittleness, viscosity, water absorption. It is also related to taste and smell.
    • Early mastication-chewy, adhesive, recoverable. It is also related to hearing such as masticatory sounds.
    • Late mastication-Destruction of food, changes in water and oil content.
    • Eating bolus-how it spreads in the mouth and how easily it forms.
    • Swallowing-easy to swallow and swallow.
    • After swallowing-Residual feeling in the mouth and throat.

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