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💹 | Nintendo to stock split As of the end of September this year, 9 share to 1 shares

Photo Nintendo Headquarters (Kyoto City)

Nintendo to stock split As of the end of September this year, 9 share to 1 shares

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The idea is to further expand the number of investors.

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Investor(Toshika,(British: investor) IsinvestmentIssued in the market for the purpose ofFinancial instruments(stock,BondSuch),currency,Real estate,CommoditiesThose who own[1].


InvestorInvestment targets include financial products such as stocks and bonds, real estate, commodities, etc., but there are various purposes of holding (investment purposes).[1]..For example, in the case of stocks, the purpose may be economic profit (profit from dividends or price increases), or it may be participation in the management of the company.[1]..Aiming for profits from short-term price movements "SpeculatorIt may also mean a position that expects a long-term price increase from "traders".

TypicallybankEven if you have a deposit in, you don't call it an investor, but it's an investmentsavingsIs perceived as a conflicting concept.[1]..However, economically, holding a deposit is a money consumption deposit contract between the depositor and the bank, which is essentially the same as investing in corporate bonds issued by banks, etc.[1].

For those who make investments, "Individual investor"Or"Institutional investorThere is.

Those who invest in foreign stocks and real estate are called "foreign investors" by the country in which they invest, and sometimes their existence is highlighted more than the investors in that country.For example, in Japan, the trading share of foreign investors in the stock market exceeds 5%, so attention is always being paid to this trend.Some investors are blessed with ingenuity and opportunity to build huge wealth, and the world'sChoreographerSome people are listed in.

The laborIn a society where is a virtueCapital gainInvestors who benefit from investments aimed at may be targeted for attack.But because investors are "highly probable" buyersLiquidityIt contributes to the improvement of the economy as a whole by improving the mobility, efficiency, and scale of economic activities by increasing the amount of funds raised by companies (increasing capital and disposing of surplus real estate).On the contrary, if you want to acquire stocks or real estate, you will be a seller who "exists with high probability", so you can do the same.LiquidityWill contribute to the improvement of the economy as a whole.[Annotation 1].


Investors have existed for a long time regardless of the east or west of the oceanHowever, the financial technology that leads to the present age was from the 18th century to the 20th century.Amsterdam,UK,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クAnd has been developed in Chicago.The rice market in Kitahama is well known in Japan, and advanced financial technology was used during the Edo period.[2],Candlestick chartMarket analysis such as was developed.

About modern investors.Stock tradingTaking the example, the form of transactions conducted by individual investors isSecurities companyFrom the form of buying and selling stocks through the window and sales of the company (face-to-face transaction), you can use a personal computer orMobile phoneConnect to the internetOnline tradeIs becoming popular.Even minors and unemployed people can open accounts, and the minimum amount and fees required for investment are declining, so the hurdles for becoming an investor are lower than before.In the past, investors had the image of being a "millionaire."Nomura Research InstituteAccording to the survey, 8% of individual investors now have an annual income of less than 1,000 million yen.

As an institutional investorFinancial institutionIn some cases, such companies make large-scale investment systematically.In recent years, it is managed by institutional investorsInvestment trustEven in the market where the inflow of funds into (funds) is progressing, the trends of various funds are becoming a scale that cannot be ignored.


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  1. ^ LiquidityIf it declines, it will take time to find a buyer when raising funds and negotiate with the seller when acquiring assets, resulting in loss of opportunity and unexpected expenses.These risks are anaerobic, and investment motivation declines, corporate management efficiency declines, and in some cases, management plans cannot be achieved due to delays in fund procurement, resulting in bankruptcy, which has a major impact on the economy as a whole. It will be.


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