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📢 | Hanazono Kintetsu Liners 2021-2022 Season Retired Players / Staff  


Hanazono Kintetsu Liners 2021-2022 Season Retired Players / Staff  

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We would like to inform you about the 2021-2022 season retired players and staff of Hanazono Kintetsu Liners as follows.

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Hanazono Kintetsu Liners

Hanazono Kintetsu Liners(Hanazo no Kintetsu Liners,British: Hanazono Kintetsu Liners) IsOsakaHigashi Osaka CityAs a host areaJAPAN RUGBY LEAGUE ONEBelong torugbyIt's a team.


It is a prestigious team of adult rugby with one of the best history and achievements in Japan.Home groundHigashiosaka Hanazono Rugby Field(OldKintetsu Hanazono Rugby Stadium).Nicknamed "Liners"Kintetsu Limited Express"Urban linerIt expresses the sense of speed and strength in rugby.The team mascotKintetsu Limited Express"Urban liner nextThe logo emblem was renewed with the change of name to "Hanazono Kintetsu Liners", and the team mascot was also the Kintetsu Limited Express "Hanazono Kintetsu Liners".HinoriWas replaced by "LINER MAN" with the motif of "LINER MAN"[1].



1927/,Osaka Electric Orbit(Commonly known as Ogai) Volunteers of employees gatherKoan FactoryI practiced rugby on the premises (at this time, I was called the Kintetsu Group General Manager)Saeki IsamuAlso participates).With this practice as a trigger, we recruited members in earnest and formed a team.afterwards,Hanazono Rugby FieldWas established1929/It was officially established as the Osaka Electric Orbital Rugby Club.

There was no organized national tournament before and during the war,1936/(Showa 11) Started winning the Osaka Business Group Tournament in March, and boasts three runner-ups in the tournament.However, as the war deepened, members were convened one after another, and it became difficult to play games and practice.The Hanazono Rugby Stadium, which is the home ground, has also become a farm and a military training ground.It should be noted that1941/(Showa 16) On March 3th, Daigai and its affiliated company,Sangukyu Electric RailwayMerged to become Kansai Express Railway (Kankyu), and further1944/(Showa 19) June 6st with KankyuNankai RailwayWas merged and the Kinki Nippon Railway (Kintetsu) was established.

Golden period

1947/(Showa 22) 2ndNational Athletic MeetHe won the Kansai qualifying round and participated in the 2nd National Athletic Meet held in Kanazawa.It was a great honor to be able to participate in the national polity, which had a high status at that time.In addition, although there were many difficulties such as material shortages, food shortages, and financial shortages during the expedition in the era just after the end of the war, I was able to participate with the cooperation of alumni and employees.

1948/1st degreeNational Adult Rugby Football Tournament(eachRegional leagueParticipated in a tournament by a high-ranking team, hereinafter referred to as the National Adult Tournament).However, in the final, he lost to Kyushu with 3-57 and ended up in second place.Since thenYawata SteelWith the rise of such things, although they had the power to compete for victory, they did not reach the top.in addition1952/Regarding the degree, I also missed the participation in the national adult competition.The first Kintetsu player to make a comebackRepresentation from JapanBecame a playerYoshinobu NakajimaWhen he retired from active duty for the same year, he was appointed as a coach from the following season.

It was worth it, and in 1953Kyushu Electric PowerAnd both teams won the first victory.Despite the fact that his nemesis, Yawata Iron & Steel, lost to Kyushu Electric Power in the district qualifying and missed the participation, he achieved the long-sought "No. 5 in Japan".After that, when Nakajima was the coach, Kintetsu won the tournament five times.

In 1956, he defeated Kyushu Electric Power in the final and has continued since the first tournament.KyusyuThe consecutive championships of the forces were cut off.Since then, by the 27th tournament, he has won 8 times and 9 runners-up.In particular, he played against Yawata Iron & Steel 1951 times from 1968 to 12 at the National Adult Tournament.In the final match, he met eight times and reigned for a long time as one of the two strongest members of the working team.Kintetsu's record was 8 wins and 2 losses (10 win and 1 losses in the final), which was very poor. In addition, in the final in 7 and the semi-final in 1958, they lost to Yawata and were prevented from winning the tournament for the third consecutive time.

1956/In the 9th tournament, he won all four games from the first round to the final without any goals and was said to be a "complete shut-out victory".This record has never been lined up since then.It is also famous for having achieved 1 out of 4 appearances and 55 consecutive appearances in the competition.

1958/Opened every timeKansai Adult LeagueFounding members[Note 1]However, he has won 1 consecutive victories since the first tournament, a total of 11 times (Top westI haven't counted the victory in.)

1961/In degreesJapan ChampionshipParticipated in the NHK Trophy, the predecessor of, and won the runner-up.

1966/degree,1967/degree,1974/He also won the Japan Championship.

Incidentally,1969/Degree (January 1970) won the national adult tournament and got the right to participate in the 1th Japan Championship, but declined to participate.This year's Japan ChampionshipBangkok(Thailand) 2ndAsian ChampionshipThe schedule was duplicated.The Kansai member A-League, which had produced a large number of Japanese national team players, was named by the managers of all seven teams in advance.Japan AssociationI had requested to change the schedule of the Japan Championships.However, it is also the time for the university exam, and the Japan Association has not changed the schedule.Toyota self-construction, Best 4Mitsubishi Heavy Industries KyotoThey abstained as the consensus of the Kansai forces.Therefore, the Japan Association is another team of the best four.Fuji Iron Kamaishi(Later Nippon Steel Kamaishi) was asked to participate, and Fuji Iron Kamaishi accepted this and participated in the Japan Championships.

Stagnation period

After winning the 1974 Japan Championship,Yoshihiro Sakata(CurrentKansai Rugby Football AssociationChairman),Hiroshi Ogasawara(OriginalworldPlayers with experience of representing Japan such as (Director) have retired, and after the 1976 seasonRyozo Imazato(OriginalRepresentation from JapanDirector, former Kintetsu Liners manager)Susumu(Later professional wrestler,Ashura Hara) Is also retired.After that, I tried to rejuvenate, but the strengthening did not go as expected.

Although he won the Kansai Adult A-League in 1977 and 1988, and remained in the A-League after that, he continued to break the record of consecutive appearances in the national adult tournament, but he did not show any outstanding results.

National Adult Tournamentには、第1回(1948年度)から最後の大会となる第55回(2002年度)までの間に、実に53回(歴代1位)の出場を果たした。この間、優勝8回(歴代4位)、準優勝9回(歴代2位)、通算137試合(歴代2位)、通算82勝(歴代2位)、50大会連続出場(1953年度-2002年度、歴代1位)という輝かしい記録を残した。

After the start of the top league

Opened in 2003Japan Rugby Top LeagueAt the same time,Kintetsu LinersThe team name was decided. In the 2003 league match, he finished in 3th place out of 8 teams with 12 wins and 10 losses, and went into a qualification match.Kyushu Electric PowerHe won 47-24 and escaped relegation.

However, in 2004, he finished 2th out of 9 teams with 12 wins and 11 losses, and according to the tournament regulations.Top westAutomatic demotion to A-League has been decided.The team has been run as part of club activities aimed at corporate welfare, but from 2005, the operating budget has been increased with the policy of renewing it into an independent organization as a symbol sport of the company.Also, as the person in charge of the OBRyozo Imazato(Former Japan National Team, Former Kintetsu Coach, Former Japan National Team Coach) was selected.

In 2005Top westWon the A-League with all 7 wins and challenge match (Top east,Top west,Top kyushuAdvance to the ranking battle) by the representatives of the three regions.From the following year 3Top leagueWill be expanded to 14 teams, so if you reach the 3nd place out of 2 teams, you will be able to return by automatic promotion.IBM Japan Big BlueTo 0-39,Coca-Cola West JapanLost 12-15 in a row and lost all in the top league in a qualification matchFukuoka Sanix BluesHe lost 20-46 and couldn't make a comeback.

In 2006Top westWin the A-League for the second time in a row and try the challenge match again.Automatic promotionMitsubishi Heavy Industries SagamiharaIn the final match with, he lost by a narrow margin of 31-32 and missed the automatic promotion.In addition, he was caught up with a tie (29-29) just before the end of the qualification match with IBM.In this case, according to the tournament regulationsTop leagueKintetsu was unable to return to the top league for the second year in a row due to the remaining team.

Of 2007Top westIn A, there is a top 3 playoff system, and if you are in the 3rd place, you can participate in the playoff for the challenge match.I have been demoted from the top leagueWorld fighting bullWhen,Honda heatAlthough he lost to the playoffs, he barely decided to advance to the playoffs in 3rd place.In the playoffs, he defeated Honda and World to win the Top West for the third time in a row and qualify for Challenge Match 3.In a challenge matchPine Doubles SomersとYokogawaHe won the championship and decided to return to the top league in 1st place.For the first time in 33 yearsJapan ChampionshipIn the first roundKeio UniversityDefeated, but continuedToyotaThe battle was defeated at the end of a close battle (43-53).

In 2008Peter sloaneInvited to the head coach,Top leagueAlthough he was a promoted team, he won the opening two consecutive games, and although he could not beat the top team, he fought well and got bonus points.He definitely won the lower team and avoided automatic demotion with two games left.In addition, 2th place or higher was decided without waiting for the final round, avoiding the qualification match and confirming the remaining.The final ranking was 2th out of 10 teams, but it was a good result for the first year of his return.

Aiming for further step-up in fiscal 2009Shotaro Onishi-Tadanobu Ko-Tashin Ito・ Reinforce talented people from Kansai.furtherLeon MacDonaldAlthough there was a reinforcement of the big name, due to the injured and lack of combination, he finished in 11th place and went to a qualification match.But in a qualification matchYokogawaWinTop leagueI decided to stay.

Rico Gear joined in 2010.Also, the combination improved and I couldn't win for a while.Kobe Steel,ToyotaI mentioned Venus to break.The final ranking isTop leagueIt was the 9th place in Thailand.With the expiration of the contract of coach Peter Sloane, coach Ryusuke Maeda will be appointed as coach from 2011.

In 2011, it was a good advance such as the opening three consecutive wins, and as a teamTop leagueI broke into the highest 5th place.The following year, in 2012, there were many omissions in the match against the middle team, and it ended in 7th place.

In March 2016, Akira Tsuboi became the director following the retirement of director Ryusuke Maeda.However, in 3, it was ranked 2017th (lowest) in the final ranking.Top challenge leagueWas automatically demoted.

In 2018, he was appointed as the head coach of the former 15-person women's national team coach.Top challenge leagueAlthough he passed the 1st stage with all wins, he stalled in the 2nd stage and finished 3rd.I participated in a qualification match,Hino Red DolphinsLost to, did not get promoted in one season[2].

In 2019, the attack will be renewed with Sean Hedger as the backs coach.Top league cupFinished the pool game with 4 wins and 1 loss,Kobe SteelDue to the defeat in the battle, he missed the final tournament.

July 2021, 7, New LeagueJAPAN RUGBY LEAGUE ONEWill be distributed to the second division league[3]..On the same day, Kintetsu Liners announced that it will change its name to "Hanazono Kintetsu Liners", which includes Hanazono Rugby Stadium in the team name in the new league that will start in January 2022.[4].


National convention

Top league

Lower league


League record

Before the establishment of the Top League

年度League LeagueDiv.RankingmatchvictoryDrawdefeatscoreGoalProfit/lossRemarks
1958Kansai Adult LeaguePeriod 1Win4400631746
1959Kansai Adult LeaguePeriod 1Win55001122488
1960Kansai Adult LeaguePeriod 1Win660015726131
1961Kansai Adult LeaguePeriod 1Win550015717140
1962Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 1Win3300511734
1963Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 1Win33001063103
1964Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 1Win3210381226
1965Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 1Win44001199110
1966Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 1Win550019033157
1967Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 1Win65011646797Same rate victory
1968Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 1Win65011565898
1969Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 14 bit63031185167
1970Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 13 bit64021425488Same rate
1971Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 1Win650120365138
1972Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 1Win660028056224
1973Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 1Win660021832186
1974Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 1Win660017758119
1975Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 13 bit64021527775
1976Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 12 bit650122072148
1977Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 1Win650120489115Same rate victory
1978Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 14 bit630318711968Same rate
1979Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 15 bit6204122152-30
1980Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 12 bit750221012981
1981Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 16 bit7205114156-42
1982Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 15 bit730413011515
1983Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 14 bit740321195116
1984Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 13 bit74121446282Same rate
1985Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 12 bit750219379114Same rate
1986Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 13 bit740320013367
1987Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 13 bit750218610086
1988Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 1Win76011739677
1989Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 14 bit74031171089
1990Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 15 bit730418114734
1991Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 13 bit740316115011
1992Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 14 bit7403203242-39
1993Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 17 bit7205149192-43
1994Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 15 bit7313200170304th place at the same rate.Ranking is by lottery
1995Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 15 bit7304137252-1154th in Trilemma.The ranking depends on the difference between the teams
1996Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 15 bit7214222334-112
1997Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 14 bit7304295257384th in Trilemma.Ranking depends on the number of tries between the teams
1998Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 15 bit7304138224-86
1999Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 15 bit7304184268-84
2000Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 14 bit7313193210-17
2001Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 14 bit7403195236-41
2002Kansai Adult League A LeaguePeriod 15 bit7304227280-53

Since the establishment of the Top League

SeasonLeague LeagueDiv.RankingmatchvictoryDrawdefeatscoreGoalProfit/lossPointsResultCup matchJapan Championship
2003-2004Top leaguePeriod 110 bit11308292510-21818League match: 10th place
Relegation: Remaining
2004-2005Top leaguePeriod 111 bit11209261514-25313League match: 11th place
Automatically demoted to top waist
2005-2006Top West APeriod 2Win        League match: 1th place
Top Challenge 1 + qualification match: Remaining
2006-2007Top West APeriod 2Win        League match: 1th place
Top Challenge 1 + qualification match: Remaining
2007-2008Top West APeriod 2Win        League match: 1th place
Top Challenge 1: Automatic promotion to Top League
 Best 8
2008-2009Top leaguePeriod 19 bit13508319348-2928League match: 9th place  
2009-2010Top leaguePeriod 111 bit13418218348-13023League match: 11th place
Relegation: Remaining
2010-2011Top leaguePeriod 19 bit13607277344-6731League match: 9th place  
2011-2012Top leaguePeriod 15 bit138053413113039League match: 5th place  
2012-2013Top leaguePeriod 17 bit136073563084833League match: 7th place  
2013-2014Top leaguePeriod 110 bit7205139167-2813League match: 1st stage pool B, 6th place  
75021871582927League match: 2nd stage, group B, 2nd place
2014-2015Top leaguePeriod 112 bit7403182178422League match: 1st stage pool B, 5th place  
7403167168-125League match: 2nd stage, group B, 4nd place
2015-2016Top leaguePeriod 17 bit7502189193-423League match: Pool A, 3rd place
Ranking Tournament: 7th
Pre-season league:7 bit 
2016-2017Top leaguePeriod 113 bit153012268417-14918League match: 13th place
Relegation: Remaining
2017-2018Top leaguePeriod 116 bit13409213365-15217League match: Red Conference 8th
Overall ranking tournament: 16th
Automatically demoted to Top Challenge League
2018-2019Top challenge leaguePeriod 23 bit77003018621534League match: 1st stage, 1st place  
31028250328League match: 2nd stage, 3rd place
Relegation: Remaining
2019-2020Top challenge leaguePeriod 2Win770039510728834League match: 1th place
Relegation: Tournament canceled[5]
Top League Cup:Pool defeat 
2020-2021Top challenge leaguePeriod 22 bit 3 3 0 0 158 59 99 15League match A group: 1st placeTop League Playoffs: Eliminated the second round  

2022 squad

Of 2022SquadIs as follows[6].TaiziIs a new player from this year.

  • captain

Shohei Nonaka

Past players

  • (FW)
  • (FW, former director)
  • (TB)
  • (FW / TB)
  • (SH)
  • (TB, former director)
  • (SH)
  • Yoshinobu Nakajima(HO, former Japan national team, former coach)
  • (SH, former Japan national team, former coach)
  • (PR, former representative from Japan)
  • (SO, former representative from Japan)
  • (LO)
  • Hiroshi Fukuda(SH, former director)
  • (WTB, former representative from Japan)
  • (HO, former representative from Japan)
  • (WTB)
  • (FB / WTB, former representative from Japan)
  • (PR, former representative from Japan)
  • Yoshinori Okubo(SH, former Japan national team, former coach)
  • Takashi Jinno(PR, former representative from Japan)
  • Koji Ishizuka(NO.8, former representative from Japan)
  • Yoshihiro Sakata(WTB, former representative from Japan)
  • Katsumi Kamata(LO, former representative from Japan)
  • Hiroshi Ogasawara(LO, former representative from Japan)
  • (CTB / SO, former representative from Japan)
  • Ryozo Imazato(SH, former Japan national team, former coach)
  • Susumu(FR / LO / NO.8, former representative from Japan)[Note 6]
  • (PR / HO, former representative from Japan)
  • (CTB ,, former representative from Japan)
  • (LO / NO.8)
  • (PR / LO / NO.8, former representative from Japan)
  • (CTB, former representative from Japan)
  • (LO, former director)
  • (PR, former representative from Japan)
  • (WTB / NO.8, former representative from Japan)
  • (FL, former director)
  • (CTB, former director)
  • (HO, former head coach)
  • Hamabe Kazu(PR, former representative from Japan)
  • (LO, former representative from Japan)
  • (SH, former director)
  • (FL, former director)
  • Yutaka Tsujimoto(HO, former representative from Japan)
  • Atsushi Oyabu (CTB)
  • Taichi Yoshimura(SO / FB)
  • Daiki Ishida(PR)
  • Shunji Hashimoto (SH)
  • Ryuta Kakizaki(WTB)
  • Tukurua Rokotsui(LO)


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注 釈

  1. ^ Besides, Kyoto City HallOsaka Prefectural Police・ Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Osaka Railway Bureau.
  2. ^ From 1960 to 1962, the NHK Trophy competition rugby tournament (NHK Cup) was held, which was the predecessor of the Japan Rugby Football Union (Japan Championship).
  3. ^ Kyushu Electric Power and both teams won
  4. ^ Kyoto City Hall and both teams won
  5. ^ Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. and both teams win
  6. ^ Later professional wrestler Ashura Hara


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